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           •   Vision                                2
           •   Mission                               3
           •   Profile                              4
           •   Business segments                     6
           •   Business Principles                   7
           •   Organizational Structure              8

           The Companies                            10

           • Trade
           - Droguerie Tamer                        12
           - Noni Liban                             16
           - Tamer Consumer Products      (EDDCO)   20

           • Industry
           - Tamer Industries   (SLEE)              30

           • International Development
           - Montaigne Parfum et Beauté             33
           - Tamer Overseas (OFFSHORE)              34
           - Tamer Levant Ltd                       35
           - Tamer Med A.S.                         36
           - 3i Mena                                37

           • Fawzi Tamer Foundation                 38

           • Address                                40


                                  We aim to be recognized as the market leader
                                  in each of our trade and industry activities,
                                  in Lebanon and the Middle East.

          We strive to provide technically
          and commercially excellent
          service to exceed customers’
          and suppliers’ expectations and
          to enrich consumers’ lives by
          providing them with the finest
          and best value products.

                              Gergi Tamer • The Founder      Fawzi, Fouad & Philippe Tamer         Fawzi Gergi Tamer


                              Our journey began in 1908 as the third
                              registered company in Beirut. At that time,
                              three sons of the Tamer family joined forces
                              to form a trade and industry business. The
                              trade division initially imported dental
                              products and supplies, while the industry
                              division was involved in manufacturing
                              vegetable oil, paints and detergent products.
                              Since then, our growth has been steady,
                              with the introduction of new brands and
                              products to our import portfolio, the
                              broadening of our distribution market, and
                              revamping of production operations to
                              include manufacturing of our own
                              proprietary cosmetics labels.

                              Souk el Jamil Offices (1908)                                   Tamer Industries (1927)
Gaby Fawzi Tamer

Today, three generations later, Tamer Holding is the
leader in the dental, paramedical, and toys segments
and we are major players in the distribution of cosmetics
and luxury products in the markets we serve. Each of our
departments is constantly developing to include new
products, ideas, and opportunities. Our Toys Department
now includes electronic games while our
Parapharmaceutical and Stationery Divisions have grown

We are continually expanding, with a recent outreach
into Turkey, Iraq and Dubai, opening up new markets and
opportunities for us.

Through the Tamer Foundation, we take active
commitments to preserve nature, remain ecologically
responsible, and set the example for respecting the

In all our business activities, we remain dedicated to our
commitment to provide premium products that respond
to consumers’ requirements and strive to guarantee our
partners’ success. Our entire team is devoted to delivering
our core value: Bank on tradition while investing in

             Business Segments

                                       The activities of the companies owned by G. Tamer
                                       Holding are centered on two business segments:

                         1• Trade      We partner with leading companies in the following

                                       -      Dental & Paramedical
                                       -      Parapharmaceutical
                                       -      Toys and Bicycles
                                       -      Leisure and Entertainment
                                       -      Skin Care, Cosmetics, and Fragrances
                                       -      Stationery
                                       -      Wines and Spirits

                         2• Industry   We produce a variety of skin care, cosmetics, fragrances
                                       and household products, available under our own
                                       brand and for private labels.
Business Principles

                         We are committed to:

                      • Develop strong relationships with our
                         customers by listening to their needs and
                         delivering a level of service that stands out
                         above the competiton.

                      • Represent brands committed to excellence
                         and leadership in their respective markets.

                      • Grow the market share of both our suppliers
                         and customers in the markets we serve by
                         continuously improving our processes,
                         methods, and standards in all our operations.

                      • Attract, develop and retain knowledgeable
                         professionals in each field to ensure high
                         levels of performance.

                      • Embrace the latest technology and information
                         systems to maintain our competitive edge.

               Organizational Structure

                                                                              Management Team

                         From left to right: Diaa Khreish • Michel Awad • Mimi Tamer • Tarek Skaff • Gaby Tamer (CEO) • Fady Cherfane
                         • Elie Abdelnour • Fawzi Tamer • Roula Aad • Michel Bassil • Mike Abi Kanaan • Fady Bejjani
                           SIM Real Estate

        TRADE                                  INDUSTRY         INTERNATIONAL

      Noni Liban                             Tamer Industries    Tamer Overseas

• Toys                                   • Cosmetics
• Bicycles                               • Perfumes
• Leisure & Entertainment                • Household products   Tamer Levant Ltd
                                         • Personal care              (Iraq)

  Droguerie Tamer

• Dental                                                        Tamer Med (Turkey)
• Paramedical

  Tamer Consumer
   Products (EDDCO)                                                  3i Mena
• Skin Care, Cosmetics & Fragrances
- Beauty & Care
- Perfumes
                                                                Montaigne Parfum
• Parapharmaceutical                                            et Beauté - Paris
- Dental care products
- Children care products
• Stationery
• Wine & Spirits
• Playing Cards & Accessories

                           The Companies
                  TRADE                                   •

                  • Droguerie Tamer
                  • Noni Liban
                  • Tamer Consumer Products (Eddco)
                          - Beauty & Care
                          - Parapharma
                          - Wine & Spirits
                          - Stationery
                          - Playing Cards & Accessories

                      INDUSTRY                            •

                  • Tamer Industries (SLEE)

                      INTERNATIONAL                       •

                  •   Montaigne Parfum et Beauté
                  •   Tamer Overseas
                  •   Tamer Levant ltd
                  •   Tamer Med A.S.
                  •   3i Mena

M E D - A . S .

                           Droguerie Tamer

                             • Dental Products   For over a century, we have been supplying
                                                 the dental industry in Lebanon and the
                                                 region with state of the art dental products
                                                 and equipment. Today, this is still our core
                                                 activity, with Droguerie Tamer being the
                                                 undisputed leader in sales, holding the
                                                 largest market share in the countries we
                                                 operate in. As a full-service dental supplies
                                                 company, we pride ourselves in the quality
                                                 of our products, offering a comprehensive
                                                 line of consumable dental products, dental
                                                 instruments and clinical laboratory equip-
                                                 ment, from the most trusted names in the
                                                 dental industry and backed by value-added
                                                 services and support.

                                                 Our company is divided into 5 distinct divisions

                                                 • Consumable dental products
                                                 • Dental implants and accessories
                                                 • Laboratory consumables and equipment
                                                 • Technical sales and maintenance services
                                                 • Paramedical
Product range
and brands

• A-dec
• Bego
• Biomet 3i
• Coltene Whaledent
• Diatech
• Discus Dental
• Durr
• FAG dentaire
• Frasaco
• Hygenic
• Ivoclar Vivadent
• Kerr
• Nordent
• Roeko
• Septodont
• Sunstar-Gum
• Tecno-Gaz
• Waterpik
• Unident

                      Distribution channels

                      Products are sold throughout the
                      country by our team of direct sales
                      representatives who assist
                      customers in making an informed
                      purchase or in our showroom
                      where the full range of products
                      and equipment are on display.
                      We reach diredtly on a personal
                      basis, every dental office, lab and

                           Droguerie Tamer

                                 Customer base   Our strong customer base includes:

                                                 Dentists and dental surgeons: We are
                                                 actively involved with the Lebanese dental
                                                 community, providing them with the most
                                                 modern technology.

                                                 Schools of dentistry: We have equipped the
                                                 major dental faculties in Lebanon, namely
                                                 the American University of Beirut,
                                                 Université St Joseph, and the Lebanese

                                                 Dental laboratories: We serve leading
                                                 dental laboratories, providing them with
                                                 equipment, consumables and after-sales

                                                 Healthcare facilities: We have been
                                                 entrusted by major local and international
                                                 organizations to serve their dental equip-
                                                 ment needs. These include the Lebanese
                                                 Army, the Security Forces, the Red Cross,
                                                 the “Give a Child a Toy” organization,
                                                 Caritas, the Order of Malta and Arc en Ciel.
                                      A service-dedicated company

                                      An integral part of our services is to offer:

                                      • training and workshop sessions for dental technicians on the
                                        use of materials and new techniques.

                                      • a fully equipped training room that provides “hands-on”
                                        facilities for dentists.

                                      • a showroom displaying the latest instruments and equipment.

                                      • fully trained sales representatives and technicians to provide

                                      • An active support and sponsorship of major projetcs and
                                        initiatives held by the Lebanese Dental Association as well
                                        as regional organizations and Universities.

Our difference

With a business legacy of experience and commitment to the industry for over 100 years, our
unique insight into the markets we serve and our vast worldwide network of contacts within the
field of dentistry makes us stand apart.

                                 NONI Liban

                   • Toys, Leisure and Bicycles   Noni Liban has a long and successful
                                                  history as a distributor of toys,
                                                  games and bicycles in Lebanon
                                                  and the Middle East. Noni Liban is
                                                  a key player in this field distributing
                                                  most of the world-famous brands,
                                                  having developed a relationship
                                                  with them over many years.

                                                  Customers are now familiar with the below label,
                                                  which encourages them to contribute to the
                                                  Childrens’ Cancer Center by purchasing our toys.
Product range and brands
Our wide range of toy products includes games, gadgets, construction sets,
bicycles, outdoor play, educational toys, electronics, painting materials, cuddly
toys, dolls, stationery, and puzzles.

We are the sole agent of the following brands:

• Lego
• Nintendo
• Playmobil
• Ravensburger
• Smoby
• Zapf Creation
• Little likes
• Lexibook
• Nikko
• Silverlit
• Goliath
• Majorette
• Bigben
• Ecoiffier
• Oregon scientific
• Wild Planet
• Joustra
• Berchet                                   In the bicycle range, we provide mountain bikes, road
• Bo-jeux                                   bikes, kids and family bikes, as well as spare parts and
                                            accessories under the following brands:

                              NONI Liban

                           Distribution channels   We have pioneered an extensive
                                                   local and international distribution
                                                   network that now includes:
                                                   Toys special shops, malls, hyper-
                                                   markets, sports shops, bike shops,
                                                   electronics’ shops, gift shops,
                                                   airlines, duty free shops,
                                                   pharmacies, stationery and book
Stores and Showrooms

In addition to our distribution channels, we have a
state-of-the-art toys showroom where we conduct
regular demonstrations to our retailers.

In the bicycle segment, we operate from “La
Bicyclette”, the largest bicycle store and showroom in
Lebanon, where we act as a distributor and a retailer.
There, we offer both retailers and end-users a
complete service, including expert advice on the various
bike types and specifications; bike preparation and
after-sales maintenance; safe and functional bikes,
for maximum riding pleasure.

Our toys showroom has a Training Center where our
customer sales force get familiarized with our toys
and receive special training on a variety of issues,
including window decoration, merchandising, new
product launches, marketing, and selling tips and
promotion handling.

  Tamer Consumer Products (EDDCO)

                           • Beauty and Care   Our importing and distribution of skin care
                                               products began back in the 1930’s and has
                                               been built into a rich and consistent product
                                               portfolio comprising the finest European
                                               brands,mainly from France, Switzerland and
                                               Monaco. Continual innovations in the area of
                                               beauty and spa products form the focus of
                                               our efforts. We are proud to be the leader in
                                               the spa segment in Lebanon.

                                               We strive for agility and flexibility through
                                               consulting, advising and servicing the
                                               beauty and care industry, setting us apart
                                               from the competition.

                                               As part of our continuing effort to educate
                                               the beauty professionals about our products
                                               and keep them up to date with the latest
                                               techniques in the ever-changing beauty
                                               industry, we maintain a Training Center for
                                               practicing professionals in face, body and
                                               nail treatments, as well as a Nailzone
                                               Center for beauty services and treatments.
Marketing and Distribution

Our Beauty'n Care Team is formed
of the best professional beauticians
who are always kept up dated to
new trends and novelties of the
world of beauty. They are trained
periodically to new makeup and
spa techniques, and connected to
the discoveries of the science of
dermatology and of cosmetics.

Our distribution network covers
mainly pharmacies, professional
beauty salons and the most
notorious spas of the country,
where our beauty consultants are
always ready to provide the best
advices and share their beauty
experience with our clients.

Product line                           Product range and brands
Our product line includes the
                                       • Lancaster
following:                             • Lierac
                                       • Mavala
• Skin care                            • Phytomer
• Sun care                             • Leonard
• Nail care                            • Vie Collection
• Make-up                              • Nail Zone
• Perfume                              • Fleur’s

  Tamer Consumer Products (EDDCO)

                           • Parapharma   The Pharma Division regroups several para-
                                          pharmaceuticals brands both imported and
                                          locally manufactured. This new Business
                                          unit at Tamer Consumer products-EDDCO is
                                          mainly engaged in the development of the
                                          Pharmacies’ channel of distribution.
                                          Regrouping highly reputed International and
                                          local Brands, ranging from G.U.M to Akira -
                                          Paris, Dali le Maquillage, Procare, Segura
                                          and CEP Kids Perfumes, Water pick and
                                          others. The Pharma Team covers through
                                          daily Market visits besides Pharmacies,
                                          Dental Clinics, Wholesalers and selective
Product range
and brands

• Akira- Paris
• Dali le Maquillage
• Procare
• CEP (Companie Européenne
  des Parfums)
  Segura Perfumes

                             Distribution channels   The brands are distributed through:

                                                     • Pharmacies

                                                     • Chain stores and superstores

                                                     • Dental clinic

  Tamer Consumer Products (EDDCO)

                           • Wine & Spirits   The Tamer family has been in wine
                                              and spirit trade since 1930. We
                                              started this activity with the vision
                                              to specialize in the import of prime
                                              products from prestigious, family-
                                              owned wineries and distilleries.

                                              Today, we take pride in the quality
                                              of our portfolio that includes a
                                              selection of wines and spirits from
                                              two of the most universally
                                              acclaimed vineyards and distilleries,
                                              namely De Ladoucette and G.E
Product range and brands

• Vins de Ladoucette (Baron de L)
• Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac
• Champagne Comtesse Lafond
• Spiritueux G.E Massenez
• Vins Château Los Boldos
• Vins Regnard

Distribution channels

Our products are sold at selective
sales points including fine retailers,
duty free shops, wine and liquor
stores throughout Lebanon. They
are also served in elegant
restaurants and on airlines

  Tamer Consumer Products (EDDCO)

                      • Stationery   Product range and brands

                                     The stationery department holds a wide variety of writing
                                     instruments, paintings, leather organizers, calculators,
                                     meteorology instruments, electronic translators and
                                     dictionaries since 1982.

                                     We are the exclusive agent of the following brands in Lebanon
                                     and the Levant.

                                     • Stabilo                  • Styb
                                     • Lexibook                 • Vans
                                     • Filofax                  • Paul Frank
                                     • Pebeo                    • O’Neil
                                     • Converse                 • Le coq sportif
                                     • Esprit                   • Ecko Unltd
Distribution channels

Our distribution department covers
all Lebanon through the stationery
sales team, wholesalers, cash vans.
Distribution covers: bookshops,
malls, hypermarkets, electronic
shops, luxury shops, Duty Free and

The marketing team is dedicated to
support our brands through the
organization of promotions and
events such as the drawing
competition that covers major
schools and art universities, the
sponsorship of winter and summer
games, as well as university
exhibitions. The team assures the
media coverage for all the events.


The stationery showroom exhibits a
large range of products in addition
to the newest articles displayed in a
demonstration area.

  Tamer Consumer Products (EDDCO)

                      • Playing cards and games   We are the distributors of Naipes
                                                  Heraclio Fournier products, for more
                                                  than 35 years and the distributors
                                                  for the United States Playing Cards
                                                  Company as well, who supply most
                                                  of the renown casinos of the world,
                                                  mainly Las Vegas.

                                                  Fournier, the worldwide known
                                                  brand for its premium quality playing
                                                  cards is the leader on the Lebanese
                                                  market, supplying supermarkets,
                                                  speciality stores and exclusively:

                                                  • Middle East Airlines : with their
                                                  customized MEA Fournier 777

                                                  • Casino Du Liban with their
                                                  customized CDL Fournier playing
                                                  • Duty Free Shop -
                                                  Beirut International Airport

                                                  We sponsor the Casino du Liban
                                                  Tournaments as well as the
                                                  Lebanese Bridge Tournament,
                                                  organized by the Lebanese Bridge
Fournier range                        USPC range

• 777                                 • Kem
• 888                                 • World poker tour WPT
• Special Club                        • Bicycle
• European Poker tour EPT             • Bee playing cards
• World Series of poker WSOP          • Bicycle shuffler machine
• 100% plastic & washable range       • Poker chips set
• Poker Vision (Texas Holdem)         • Poker accessories
• Social games : chess, dama etc...   • 100% plastic washable American
                                        style playing card range

                           Tamer Industries (SLEE)

• Cosmetics, Fragrances, Personal Care                  Tamer Industries (SLEE) is an innovative
                                                        company with an industrial potential that
                            and Household Products      has been growing since 1927. Our dedication
                                                        to providing good quality and innovative
                                                        products has helped us become a major
                                                        player in Lebanon and the MENA region.
                                                        The company is especially proud of being
                                                        one of the first in Lebanon to obtain ISO

                                                        SLEE is primarily involved in the research
                                                        and development, manufacturing and
                                                        marketing of top quality cosmetics, perfumes,
                                                        personal care and household products. We
                                                        produce a variety of skin care, cosmetics,
                                                        and fragrances products, that we provide
                                                        under our own label, or that may be labeled
                                                        for third parties, with the same excellent

                                                        Our products are developed by highly-
                                                        skilled professionals using a state-of-the-
                                                        art laboratory and a keen sense of research,
                                                        giving us and our customers unlimited
                                                        possibilities in the field of cosmetics and
                                                        skin care products.
Brand names
• Akira:      Cosmetics and Make-up
              Fragrances and Personal Care
• Dali:       Cosmetics and Fragrances
• Saga:       Cosmetics
• Yumi:       Cosmetics
• Aviator:    Fragrances
• Procare:    Personal Care
• Vida:       Household Products


                           Tamer Industries (SLEE)

                                           • Dali    It all started out with lipstick and
                                                     nail polish 30 years ago and pro-
                                                     gressively expanded into a brand
                                                     with an impressive line of makeup
                                                     products that include eyeliner, lip
                                                     liner, powders, blush, eye shadow,
                                                     nail polish and care, compact
                                                     foundation, mascara, eye pencil,
                                                     lipsticks and concealer.

                                                     Dali is a local brand that is famous
                                                     for being young, popular and
                                                     colorful thanks to its wide palette
                                                     of color, remarkable textures,
                                                     good quality and affordable prices.

                                                     As the leader in the fields of lip
                                                     and eyeliners, Dali is also known
                                                     for its innovative products.
     • Montaigne    Established in Paris in 1994,
                    Société Montaigne Parfums et
Parfums et Beauté   Beauté is dedicated to the
            Akira   research and development of the
                    Akira family of products, namely
                    Akira Make-up, Akira Fragrances,
                    Aviator and Star Lady.

                    Its aim is to produce and introduce
                    new luxury products and items
                    (cosmetics, perfumes, ties,
                    scarves, dress jewellery and
                    leather products) to the European,
                    Middle Eastern and African

                International Development

                                              Since 1925, we have pioneered in
                                              expanding our business activities
                                              to the surrounding Arab countries.
                                              Today, in the age of globalization,
                                              our regional presence is stronger
                                              and more efficient than ever.

                                              Our international division - Tamer
                                              Overseas - operates regional
                                              headquarters staffed with product
                                              managers who are supporting
                                              local distributors to market and
                                              sell our range of dental, cosmetics
                                              and toys products in the Mena

Tamer levant (Iraq)                       Tamer Levant ltd has been operating
                                          from Erbil since 2008 and has
                                          several branches and distributors        Mossul
                                          throughout Iraqi cities. As a market
                                          with strong long-term economic
                                          potential, Iraq provided G. Tamer
                                          Holding with the opportunity to
                                          become the market leader in
                                          trade and industry activities in
                                          Iraq. The company strives to provide
                                          technically and commercially
                                          exceptional service, exceed cus-
                                          tomers and suppliers’ expectations
                                          and enrich consumers’ lives by
                                          offering the finest and best value
    • Tamer Levant Headquarters - Erbil

 Business Segment & Products’ Portfolio

 Our trade activities covers the four following sectors:

 • Dental                                 • Medical Turnkey                • Toys, Leisure
                                          Projects                        and Cosmetics
 Since 2006, we have been
 supplying the dental                     We cater for the Iraqi          We distribute high quality
 professional community                   growing healthcare              products that answer the
 in Iraq with the most                    market, by providing            needs of the market.
 trusted names in the                     Medical Equipments,             We also put our know-
 industry backed by value-                consumable and full             how at the disposal of
 added services & support.                scope Turnkey Project.          international brands.
 Our main suppliers are
 A-DEC dental chairs,
 imaging, Biomet 3i,
 Tecnogaz, MGF com-
 pressors, NSK, Nordent.

                International Development

                           TAMER MED A.S. (Turkey)                                    Tamer MED A.S. has been operating
                                                                                      from Istanbul since August 2009
                                                                                      with representatives in Ankara,
                                                                                      Konya, Kayseri and Samsun. With
                                                                                      big potential and many well-known
                                                                                      companies dealing with dental
                                                                                      implants, Turkey as a developed
                                                   Samsun                             market of more than 70 million
                                                                                      consumers, offers Tamer Med a
                                          Ankara                                      great opportunity to grow.

        Izmir                                              Kayseri                    Tamer Med A.S., aims to become
                                                                                      the market leader by differentiating
                                                                                      itself with its educational seminars
                            Antalya                                                   for dental professionals including
                                                                                      surgical, comprehensive treatment
                                                                                      and university programs.

                                                                                      We are supplying the dental
                                                                                      professional community in Turkey
                                                                                      with the most trusted name in
                                                                                      Dental implant backed by value
                                                                                      added services and support. Our
                                                                                      main supplier is Biomet 3i.

                                                                                      Biomet 3i offers one of implant
                                                                                      dentistry’s most comprehensive
                                                                                      lines of implants and abutments,
                                                                                      augmented by a growing line of
                                                                                      site preparation and regenerative
                                                                                      products. We are bringing an
                                                                                      experience in the region to make a
                                                                                      difference in the Turkish dental
                                                                                      market and establish ourselves as
                           • Tamer Med Headquarters - World Trade Center - Istanbul
                                                                                      a key players.
3i MENA   3i MENA, our offshore company, is the exclusive partner for Biomet
          3i, USA, one of the world leading dental implants suppliers in the
          Middle East, Turkey and North Africa region.

          Since 2003, 3i MENA has been expanding in the region and has
          acquired a large share in each prospected market: Saudi Arabia,
          UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey, with more coun-
          tries to be added in the near future.

          Our network of marketing managers is actively promoting our
          products in leading Dental Schools, Private and Public Universities,
          Government Institutions, Private Centers and Dentists. We have
          partnered with many leading teaching institutions in the area and
          we offer through them full and comprehensive continuing educa-
          tion programs, mainly in Boston university Dubai.

          We have also developed through the years a group of the best
          implant mentors, who are continuously lecturing in the main
          regional and local events in our private courses and seminars, as
          well as the courses, we organize with the most renowned opinion
          leaders in the world.

                 Fawzi Tamer Foundation

                                          Presided over by Mr. Gaby Tamer, the
                                          Fawzi Tamer Foundation is committed to
                                          creating and maximizing positive social
                                          change through every endeavor of its
                                          foundation, ranging from educational
                                          grants, scientific support, cultural
                                          promotion, and environmental programs.
As part of the numerous activities
that it undergoes, the Foundation
grants scholarships to the children
of its personnel, as well as
subsidies to all employees seeking
post-graduate university studies.

The Foundation also inaugurated
the “Fawzi Tamer Space for Dental     Through its “Go Green” initiative,
and Video Transmission” at the        the Fawzi Tamer Foundation has
Saint Joseph University’s Faculty     planted 400 Cedrus Libani trees in
of Dentistry, as well as the          Lebanon, in an effort to contribute
“Espace Fawzi Tamer” at the           to offsetting the company’s carbon
headquarters of “Ordre des            footprint. The initiative also instituted
Prothésistes du Liban.”               a recycling program in all Tamer
                                      Holding offices.

                                      The foundation continuously aims
                                      to promote Lebanese culture
                                      through its patronage of the arts
                                      and the acquisition of paintings,
                                      sculptures, and other art pieces.

                                      With more work to be done the
                                      foundation is working harder than
• Hassan Jouni
                                      ever towards achieving positive
                                      social change.

• Mona Sehnaoui


      HEADQUARTERS                               TAMER LEVANT

      • Dekwaneh                                 • Nawroz Post - P.O.Box 50
      • Tamer Building                           • Italian City, Villa 570
      • P.O.Box 11-49 Beirut - Lebanon           • Erbil - Iraq
      • Phone     961.1.694 000                  • Int’l Mobile +964 770 670 01 31
      • Fax       961.1.694 777                  • Mobile         +964 750 740 13 75
      • E-mail   • E-mail
      • Website

                                                 TAMER MED

                                                 • Tamer Med Dis Imp. Ith, Ihr. A.S.

                                                 • Istanbul Dunya Ticaret Merkezi

                                                 • A-2 Blok Nº 420 - Yesilkoy

                                                 • Istanbul 34149 - Istanbul

                                                 • Mobile         +960 212 465 33 42

                                                 • E-mail

                                                 MONTAIGNE PARFUMS ET BEAUTÉ

                                                 • 42, Avenue Montaigne

                                                 • 75008 Paris, France

                                                 • Tel            +33 1 43 21 43 43

                                                 • Fax            +33 1 43 21 43 37

                                                 • E-mail

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