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Women are very particular about how they look. Today’s age of fashion has made it mandatory
for every woman to always look nothing but the perfect. Women not only need perfect dresses
but also need perfect shoes for different occasions. However, it is difficult to find shoes that are
up to the latest fashion. Thus, women should keep themselves knowledgeable about the latest
trend in fashion of shoes.

Big shoes companies of today are busy in making shoes for women as per the latest trends. You
can get stylish shoes for any occasions. You have to choose a pair carefully. We'll provide you
brief account of formal shoes and jeans that are popular today:

Flats: Days of plain flat shoes have long gone. Flat shoes of today are often stuffed with designs
and embellishments. Black, silver, golden and red ballerina flats look good on various occasions.
These shoes have become talk of the town.

Pumps with geometric touch and vivid colors: Shoes that have geometric design, bright colors
and high heels are also very in nowadays. They are available in all types of flashy colors. You will
also look great if you pair these with any of your nice dresses.

Gladiators: Some things that would probably never go out of fashion are gladiators. But they
have also undergone some changes with time. If you look for gladiators, you will see that there
are many variations of these shoes in the market. These shoes are preferred by ladies who want
to look cool and trendy. These designs look great with tight fit denim or short skirts.

Different animal prints: Shoes that have animal prints are also extremely popular in today's
times. These shoes offer unique look and feel. If you are looking for making an impact with your
shoes, you must try zebra, leopard or python patterned formal shoes. People will definitely give
you nice compliments for these shoes. They will give best results with jeans.

Ladies Wedges: Wedges for women have completely replaced the thin-heeled stilettos because
of their ease of wearing. These shoes are very stylish and provide great comfort to the wearer.
Wedges have more designs on its wide surfaces. The thick and firm base distributes the weight
of your body evenly on the shoes. You can look for something that you find the best for you.
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The above mentioned list gives you an idea about today's fashion in shoes. You can go for
anything that you like. These trendy shoes add that glamour to your personality which can
make you really popular and presentable as per the latest trends. If you want to add height,
then wedges are best for you. If you want unique look, then animal prints could be best for you.
You can make your most basic outfits look great by wearing your stylish shoes. These hot trends
will never disappoint you with your looks. You can try these and express your very own style
statement to the world.

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