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									Cavendish Group International is delighted to product Oil and Gas Technology, an official journal for the Chinese
Oil and Gas sector.

China is the world’s fastest growing oil consumer and is now the number two global user of petroleum,
accounting for one third of the growth in worldwide oil consumption. As a result, this traditionally off limits sector
is rapidly opening up to large scale foreign participation particularly where advanced technologies are seen as
the panacea to old and inefficient production practices.

Exclusive Publishing License
Oil and Gas Technology is the only journal in its field legally sending information into China. The magazine has
been granted the Economic Information Agency’s (EIA) unique and official “Kan Hao” license which allows us to
operate a subscription service in China.

Published in both Chinese and English in a format that combines attractive design with the very highest
production standards, Oil and Gas Technology, is an official journal of the Chinese Oil and Gas industry.

As the only Government endorsed journal in this sector, Oil and Gas Technology, is
poised to unlock new opportunities for your company throughout China.
The China Petroleum and Chemical Association (CPCIA)
A national consultancy organisation allied to The State Administration of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry. Its function is to co-ordinate the
relationships between more than 200 separate associations, research societies and institutions and in so doing, advise government on policy and
industrial planning, advance industrial operations, promote technical advancement and develop international cooperation.

China Petroleum & Petro-chemical Equipment Industry Association (CPEIA)
As a bridge between government and enterprises, the CPEIA promotes the horizontal connection between the member units and promotes the
development of technological progress and the economy of the whole industry. The body advises policy and offers information for the government and
enterprises, launches the domestic, international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation. The CPEIA launches international
technology activities, and also holds the domestic and international exhibition of this industry.

The publication is also supported by:-
National Development for Reform and Commission (NDRC)
Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources
The China Gas Association
The China Energy Research Society (CERS)
The Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development
Exclusive interviews and features will look at every aspect of the Oil and
Gas industry in China. CEOs, Government Ministers, VPs, Policy Makers,
Project Heads and many other industry experts will share their knowledge
and insights with readers of Oil and Gas Technology.

Case studies and articles cover topical developments in the industry and
insight into the latest technologies. From Development of Oil and Natural
Gas resources through to meeting China’s energy demands, Oil and Gas
gives readers invaluable advice on bringing greater productivity and
efficiency to their industry.
Oil & Gas Technology-China showcases the latest technologies and
innovations that are
continuing to change the oil and gas industry. Our exclusive and
coverage is maintained each quarter by in-depth articles and case studies
on the following core areas:-

Core Contents

- Environment & Sustainability
- Exploration and Production
- Refining & Processing
- Automation, Instrumentation & Control
- Transportation & Logistics
- Pipeline Technology
- Consultancy, Training and Services
- Health, Safety and Environment

From a readership survey conducted in January 2009:

64% subscribed to keep up to date with industry developments and
source suppliers
60% spent over 45 minutes reading each publication
73% regularly referred back to previous issues
75% thought the technical level of the articles was just right
86% thought that the length of the articles was just right
                                                                                                Readers include key decision makers from:-
Oil & Gas Technology-China is distributed on a quarterly subscription basis to named                                   CNPC and PetroChina
and job titled, senior decision makers and technical personnel driving and implementing                                               Sinopec
change in the Chinese Oil and Gas Industry.                                                                                        Sinochem
                                                                                                                State Planning Commission
        From a readership survey conducted in January 2009:
                                                                                                              Ministry of Energy Resources
66% had been influenced by an advertisement in the publication                               National Development and Reform Commission
20% had bought as a direct result of seeing an advertisement in the magazine                               China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau
53% shared their copy with 4 or more people                                                                        CNOOC Gas & Power Ltd
78% had personal internet access at both home and at work                                                Fushun Petrochemical Co. (CNPC)
                                                                                              Maoming Refining and Chemical Co. (Sinopec)
As a result of our findings, Oil & Gas Technology-China will be reaching a projected
readership of over 60,000 readers per country, per quarter, and will be produced in the                  Lanzhou Refinery Co. (PetroChina)
form of both printed publications as well as e-copies to our database of “opt-in”                  China Offshore Oil Bohai Corp. (CNOOC)
subscribers. In addition, we will distribute at all major tradeshows, conferences and                   Daqing Oilfield Co. Ltd (PetroChina)
seminars.                                                                                                  Shengli Oilfield Co. Ltd (Sinopec)
                                                                                                    Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Co Ltd
Government Personnel                                Operations Directors
CEO/GM/President                                    Project Managers                                                 Guangzhou LNG Co Ltd
Heads of E&P/Drilling                               Chief Engineers                                     CNPC Services and Engineering Ltd
Plant Supervisors                                   Health & Safety Supervisors                                             COOEC (CNOOC)
Geophysicists                                       Supply Chain Managers                 China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp
Senior Process Engineers/Technicians                Asset Managers
                                                                                            BP, Shell, BASF, Kerr McGee, Husky Energy etc.
Trade Associations:-

“Communication has always been a very difficult thing in Chinese Oil and Gas industry. Oil and Gas Technology has introduced a lot of most recent
technology. It opens our eyes for the world newest industry technology. It is a very quality and useful publication”.
Mr. HongZhi Gao - Director of Members Department China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association.

“Oil and Gas Technology introduces a lot of quality foreign companies to China. Chinese Oil and Gas Industry readers always get the most recent industry
information from Oil and Gas Technology. It is absolutely a very good platform for Chinese to cooperate with foreign companies”.
Mr. YangChun Yu- Chinese National Committee for World Petroleum Congress


"Working with Cavendish was the most satisfying experience: enough time to work on your ad, very friendly people and always a friendly reminder.
Merchant China Oil and Gas has proven for us to be a valuable means in order to promote the company and the products in the Chinese upstream and
downstream market."
 Ms. Claudia Proeger- Global Marketing Manager Sulzer Pumps Ltd

“I can see Oil and Gas Technology is a very good publication. The articles are always been related to the most focused topics. The contents always introduce
the leading technology. If I have to leave a comment on Oil and Gas Technology it is: It is good enough!”
Miss Li Liu- Sales Engineer of Alfa Laval
We will be attending a number of major industry events
throughout 2009, in which we will be distributing extra copies of
the respective issues and helping to increase the exposure of our
advertisers. Here are a list of already confirmed events;

CIPE 2009

CIOOE 2009

COS 2009

CIPPE 2009
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Back Cover                                                     GBP 11,950
Inner Front/Back                                               GBP 8,950
Double Page                                                    GBP 8,950
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Sponsorships                              POA

Discounts are available for serial bookings at the following rates:
2 Issues: 10%          3 Issues: 12.5%             4 Issues: 15%
For further information, please contact

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Tel: +44 207 758 3057
Mob: +44 7748 785 914
Email: a.mistry@cavendishgroup.co.uk

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Published by Cavendish Group International Ltd

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