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Richard Paul - Bully Prevention Bio


									                  The Elite Speaker’s Bureau, Inc., PO Box 3777, Dana Point, CA 92629

                         RICHARD PAUL

                         Bully Prevention Bio

                         Richard is a high energy, value driven, school assembly and educational conference
                         presenter. He shares his passion for bully prevention education to audiences in both
                         the United States and Canada. More than 600,000 students, teachers, counselors and
                         administrators have heard his message. Each of his bully prevention and safe school
                         programs offer an exceptionally creative and content rich presentation on self-esteem,
                         character building, anti-bullying, cyber bullying, success skills and positive behavior
                         support. His school assemblies and educational conference programs offer tools
                         teachers, administrators, parents and students can implement to prevent and reduce
                         bullying issues.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oakland University in Communications and Marketing,
he is an award winning educational speaker and author. He has been featured in The Wall Street
Journal, The Detroit News, Fox News and was part of a national bully prevention expert panel on
Voice America.

Born with a birth defect (his right arm is missing three fingers and shorter than his left), he has never
let this so-called disability prevent him from living his dreams.

At age 11, Richard taught himself ventriloquism and at 12, he began to sharpen his business and
presentation skills by producing and marketing a weekly show in his parent’s garage. He would charge
10 cents to get in and 25 cents to get out.

In his early years Richard worked at Sears as a credit authorizer and performed ventriloquist shows
and puppet shows throughout Michigan. When he decided to leave the so called “real job” and start his
own entertainment company, his boss told him that “he would be back,” but he was wrong.
Throughout the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Richard’s company grew and so did his conference keynote
speaking engagements and ventriloquist shows.

At a teacher’s conference in Lansing, Michigan, a teacher suggested that Richard start speaking at
schools presenting self-esteem and diversity awareness programs. Soon after he produced his first
bully prevention program, “I Feel Good,” a program that promotes self-esteem, self-respect and
understanding and couple years later he added a conflict resolution, anger management program.

In the early 1990’s several teachers requested that he produce a school bullying program that would be
funny but still explain what bullying is and what a student can do if they are being bullied. Richard
knew what he wanted to say, but didn’t know how he could make it funny and still be educational.
After a couple years of research and several re-writes, Richard’s No Bully Club program was born. It
continues to be hit at middle school assemblies and elementary school assemblies throughout the
United States and Canada. He now even has clients from Japan, England, Germany, Scotland and
Australia interested in bringing him into their schools to present this hilarious, powerful, education

Over the last three years he has added on cyber bullying programs, authored a Duck Sense Bully
Prevention curriculum and speaks at many anti-bullying, bully prevention, girl bullying and principal,
teacher, youth and counselor “no bullying” conferences throughout the United States and Canada.
After an educational conference, keynote speech or school assembly program, many teachers, parents
and students have followed Richard Paul on Twitter, joined the No Bully Club on Facebook or joined in
on the No Bullying Blog to share their success stories. Days after Richard’s elementary school
assemblies,’ students have sent pictures and letters discussing how they plan to end bullying, improve
self-esteem and reduce conflict. At the end of many of Richard’s middle school assembly programs
                 The Elite Speaker’s Bureau, Inc., PO Box 3777, Dana Point, CA 92629

students have shared how his program has motivated them to be better students and inspired them to
want to set goals and look forward to their future.

He is a published author and member of International Bully Prevention Association, Association for
Conflict Resolution, National Self Esteem Association, Michigan PTA, Michigan Education
Association, National Speakers Association and Charter member and former President of the Central
Macomb Optimist Club.

Richard’s mission is to change the world “one duck at a time.” By motivating students to appreciate
and respect each other, inspiring teachers, school staff and counselors to want to continually offer a
daily bully prevention message, promote parental bully prevention involvement and give students the
tools needed to get involved, speak up and put an end to this international crisis.

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