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   Telecommunications Systems
       Request For Proposal

          September 2011

             SUSAN WAY


             ALVIN BAILEY
1         Statement of Purpose
    1.1      _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ will purchase and install a tightly
             integrated telecommunications network for [NUMBER OF LOCATIONS] of their
             locations in REGION. The largest and primary system will be located at
             ADDDRESS with appropriately sized systems at YYY locations in
             TERRITORY. Benefits that _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ would
             like to realize in using this network include:
          1.1.1   Summarize anticipated or desired benefits (top 5-10 for example)
          1.1.2   E.g. call integration among regional locations,
          1.1.3   E.g. one centralized voice mail platform for all locations,
          1.1.4   E.g. an integrated dialling plan among regional locations,
          1.1.5   E.g. All _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ sites will be networked
                  together for voice and data transmission.
          1.1.6   Other...
    1.2      Maintenance and support of the Telephone Systems is to be provided on an 8x5
             basis with the following maximum response times: remote maintenance call back of
             xxx hours, remote diagnostic dial in support of yyy hours, on site response for
             critical failure of zzz hours, next day response for non-critical failure and hardware
             repairs within qqq business day(s).
    1.3      _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ requires an extremely high level of
             service for the telephone system network at all locations. There is little tolerance
             for down time of primary call processing (incoming and outgoing calls to and from
             all office extensions). Resilience and availability of the network shall be specified
             by each responding vendor based on specifications in this document.
    1.4      Functionality, reliability and scalability as well as high quality maintenance and
             service are critical concerns to _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________.
    1.5      As _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ centralizes certain functions for
             efficiency, communications from any _____CITY OF DENISON,
             TEXAS_________ site to a central location must be seamless. _____CITY OF
             DENISON, TEXAS_________’ goal is to have a communications network that
             integrates all company locations in the region and provides virtual staff functions
             (staff that can be located anywhere in the _____CITY OF DENISON,
             TEXAS_________ site footprint but can function as a group of people located at one
             central site).

2         Project Correspondence and Questions
    2.1      All project correspondence and questions shall be directed to:
                 Name, Address, Contact info

3         Schedule
    3.1      Two copies of the vendor’s proposal must be received by Date & Time
_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                        Date of issue
                                                 Page: 2
    3.2     Provide further specific instructions as required.
    3.3     Installation of the selected Telecommunications Systems will be: give dates and
            high level plan.

4         Instructions to Responding Vendors (Goodwill bidding requirements)
    4.1     Vendors shall use the numbering convention in this RFP when formatting their
            response. The vendor's response must be explained in detail and shall indicate how
            the vendor proposes to satisfy each requirement where necessary. At the very least
            the vendor must indicate compliance, non-compliance or exception for each line
    4.2     Vendors must cite specific paragraph terms and conditions to which the vendor
            takes exception. The vendor shall state the exact requirement to which exception is
            taken. Any cost impact associated with an exception must be identified and
            included in the pricing section.
    4.3     Vendors shall provide a profile of the company that will be selling and providing
            maintenance for the Telephone systems.
    4.4     Vendors shall provide documentation of the systems technical and functional
    4.5     Vendors shall provide a list of customer references.

5         Authorized Negotiator
    5.1     The proposal shall be signed by the person authorized to legally bind the proposal.
    5.2     The proposal shall designate an authorized negotiator who will be empowered to
            make binding commitments.

6         Responding Vendors Responsibility
    6.1     It is the responsibility of the responding vendors to review, evaluate and request
            clarification prior to submittal of a proposal.
    6.2     Responding vendors shall take all responsibility for any errors or omissions in their

7         Responding Vendors Responsibility for Proposal Costs
    7.1     The respondent shall be fully responsible for all proposal development and
            submittal costs. _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ assumes no
            contractual or financial obligation as a result of issuance of this RFP.

8         Compliance with Laws, Permits, Rules
    8.1     The successful vendor shall comply with all rules, regulations, ordinances, codes
            and laws relating to the work or the conduct thereof and shall secure and pay for any
            permits and licenses necessary for the execution of the work.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                       Date of issue
                                                Page: 3
9          Liability Insurance
     9.1      The successful vendor shall agree to maintain General Liability Insurance, Worker’s
              Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance, where applicable, to cover all its
              personnel engaged in the performance of the services herein described as well as
              damages arising as a result of the performance of such services. Vendor further
              agrees to require its subcontractor(s), if any, to maintain General Liability
              Insurance, Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability Insurance, where
              applicable. The amounts of such coverage shall be as reasonably determined by

10         _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________             to Provide
     10.1     _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ shall provide appropriate
              environmental conditions, necessary commercial power facilities for the systems,
              backup power generation, access to the premises, access to and from the common
              carrier network, a secure equipment storage area, and suitable conditions for the
              Vendor's workers.

11         Manufacturer's Authorized Representative
     11.1     To be considered, any person, firm or corporation responding to this RFP must be
              the manufacturer's authorized representative with manufacturer certified technicians
              capable of installing and maintaining the hardware and software proposed.
     11.2     A manufacturer letter indicating the respondent’s authorization must be provided.

12         Manufacturer’s Support
     12.1     Simultaneously with the delivery of the proposal, vendor shall submit a
              manufacturer’s letter supporting the proposal and the dealer for the proposed
              Telephone systems. The letter will be for the sole benefit of _____CITY OF
              DENISON, TEXAS_________ and _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________.
              The guaranty shall provide for the following:
           12.1.1 Guarantee of all installation, warranty service, and maintenance obligations in
                  accordance with the awarded contract; and
           12.1.2 Manufacturer shall provide warranty for 5 years, including lightning protection.
           12.1.3 For a seven (7) year period from the date of the Telephone systems acceptance,
                  the availability of parts supply and/or repair services at prevailing rates or in
                  accordance with any than existing maintenance agreement between vendor and
                  _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                        Date of issue
                                                  Page: 4
13      Pricing
     13.1   Vendor shall provide separate pricing for each of the locations.
     13.2   Vendor shall itemize hardware, software and installation costs.
     13.3   Description and cost (if applicable) for basic warranties and warranty renewals shall
            be provided as a separate line item.
     13.4   The cost for maintenance for the one year period following warranty shall be
            provided as a separate line item.
     13.5   Vendor shall provide available multi-year maintenance options.
     13.6   Vendor shall provide the price of future major and minor upgrades.
     13.7   Vendor shall itemize annual hardware and software maintenance.
     13.8   Vendor shall provide investment protection if the purchased telephony equipment or
            applications do not meet _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________’
     13.9   The wiring price including materials and installation costs shall be identified as a
            separate line item.
     13.10 Description and cost of the extraneous requests (i.e. certain optional features) as
           indicated in this RFP shall be provided as separate line items.
     13.11 Vendor shall provide a separate price for project management and implementation.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                        Date of issue
                                                Page: 5
Rider A - New Telephone System Requirements and site

14      New Phone, Port and Circuit Card Requirements per Site
     14.1   Address and site name
        14.1.1 Consoles – Qty (Vendor shall provide console options that are available. The
               preference is for PC based consoles with capability to function if the PC fails.)
        14.1.2 Phones (Vendor shall propose two options – one utilizing digital phones, one
               utilizing VoIP phones)
          Digital/VoIP Phones
            8 feature button speakerphones with display –
            Digital Station Ports to support the above digital phones
          Analog phones –
          High quality conference room speakerphones
        14.1.3 Analog Station Ports –
        14.1.4 ISDN PRI Card for DID service –
        14.1.5 Analog CO Trunk Ports (Loop/Ground start combination) –
        14.1.6 Power Failure Cut-Through on x analog trunks.
        14.1.7 2 hour back-up UPS
     14.2   Site 2
     14.3   Site 3
     14.4   Site 4
     14.5   If multiple sites are on a template, document the template.

15      Telephone Station Requirements
     15.1   All phones shall be VoIP unless specified as an analog or TDM phone.
     15.2   Vendor shall list and price all available VoIP phone options. Vendor shall provide a
            per phone price.
     15.3   All VoIP phones shall be speakerphones.
     15.4   All VoIP phones shall have a built in display.
     15.5   All phones shall have message waiting lights.
     15.6   All VoIP telephones shall have multi-function buttons (combination of hard and
            soft) that are capable of programming: features, CO line appearances, BLF, and
_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                       Date of issue
                                                 Page: 6
     15.7   Analog power fail phones shall be plugged in but non-functional unless the power
            fail cut-through switch detects loss of telephone system power in which case the
            power fail phone will be directly connected to an analog CO trunk. All power fail
            phones shall be labeled with the CO trunk telephone number and with the words
            “For Power Failure Use Only.”
     15.8   Existing faxes, modems and credit card boxes will utilize the proposed analog
            station ports.
     15.9   Wireless Telephones
        Identify requirements

16      Specifications for Centralized or local Voice Mail System
     16.1   Vendor shall propose voice mail systems for the telephone system network. The
            voice mail system shall be centralized and tightly digitally integrated with the
            proposed telephone system network utilizing the VoIP trunking between locations.
            The voice mail system shall allow a user’s voice mail box to be the same number as
            their telephone system extension number.
     16.2   The voicemail will initially have a minimum of xxx users.
     16.3   The Voice Mail system shall light the message light at local and all remote phones.
     16.4   Automated Attendant capability shall be provided. The Automated Attendant shall
            have the capability to have multiple top level menus. The Automated Attendant
            shall allow single digit call routing as well as four digit extension routing. The
            proposed Automated Attendant shall have the capability for each site to have a
            unique main menu.
     16.5   Voice Mail shall accommodate multiple people have a personal VM box in addition
            to notification and access to a shared group box.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                     Date of issue
                                               Page: 7
17      Regional Integrated Telecommunications Network Requirements
     17.1   Vendor shall provide a telecommunications system that is integrated across the
            entire _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ network. Specific
            requirements are as follows:
     17.2   The proposed telephone system network shall support IP trunking and IP signaling
            between each system on the network via the IP based _____CITY OF DENISON,
            TEXAS_________ WAN.
     17.3   The proposed telephone system network shall support SIP trunking and signaling to
            SIP service providers for telephony.
     17.4   The networked telephone system that the vendor proposes shall be scalable.
            Additional systems and locations shall be easily added.
     17.5   Vendor shall provide a true non-blocking architecture in the WAN telephone system
     17.6   Call integration and intelligence between all regional locations with call intelligence
            (caller name and number, dialed number) on CO calls and calls that originated from
            a remote office and were sent to an answering point.
     17.7   Centralized switchboard capability. The switchboard shall provide the attendant
            with call intelligence (caller name and number, dialed number) on CO calls and
            calls that originated from a remote office and were sent to the central answering
     17.8   Call overflow between regional office locations.
     17.9   Call transfer to a regional office that can be pulled back or transferred back to an
            extension at the local office.
     17.10 Three party conference calling between _____CITY OF DENISON,
           TEXAS_________ network stations or the PSTN.
     17.11 Call forwarding from a person’s primary station to a temporary or secondary
     17.12 Network integrated Least Cost Routing (Automatic Route Selection).
     17.13 An Integrated Dialing Plan Among Regional Locations.
        17.13.1 A single extension number for every person across the system.
        17.13.2 Four digit dialing plan.
        17.13.3 The same telephone user interface across the system.
        17.13.4 Same telephone interface for people calling any location. The telephone system
                will feel and sound the same regardless of which location is called.
     17.14 Voice Mail Platform For All Locations shall light voicemail lights across the
     17.15 DSS / BLF across network between all systems on the WAN.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                        Date of issue
                                                Page: 8
     17.16 Efficiency Advantages
        17.16.1 Administration and Management of the telephone network shall be from a
                central switch location.
        17.16.2 Telephony standardization across the _____CITY OF DENISON,
                TEXAS_________ system.

18      Telephone System Requirements
     18.1   Vendor shall provide survivability in each telephone system on the network. Local
            CO calls shall have the capability to be locally answered even if the WAN
            connection is down.
     18.2   Vendor shall propose high reliability, tightly integrated telephone systems for the
            entire _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ network.
     18.3   The telephone system furnished shall be new, and be of the current standard
            production of the manufacturer at the time of the proposal.
     18.4   The vendor is required to supply the latest commercially released version of
            software, providing all the features listed in this RFP.
     18.5   Only fully tested and currently produced hardware and software shall be proposed.
     18.6   The proposed telephone systems shall be scalable so they can accommodate
            _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________’ growth.
     18.7   Level of Service: _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ requires an
            extremely high level of service for the primary telephone switches at all locations.
            There is little tolerance for down time of primary call processing (incoming and
            outgoing calls to and from all office extensions).
     18.8   Power Failure Cut-Through capability. Vendor shall provide devices that monitor
            the power of each telephone system and automatically switch predefined CO trunks
            to predefined analog power fail phones.
     18.9   Telephone system shall have BLF lights on a telephone at one site that can monitor
            extensions at another site.
     18.10 Vendor shall provide a music-on-hold and/or message-on-hold interface to all phone
           systems in the network. Vendor shall price and specify both a centralized and a
           decentralized option.
     18.11 Administrative Terminal for system administration and management reporting of
           the phone system, the voice mail system and any peripheral application systems
           shall be provided.
     18.12 Internal Dialing: The telephone system shall provide four digit dialing capability to
           all _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ locations that are part of the
           _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ telecommunications system network.
     18.13 Least Cost Routing / Automatic Route Selection will route a call to any trunk on the
           _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ network.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                       Date of issue
                                                Page: 9
     18.14 SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) capability shall be provided by the
           telephone system.
     18.15 The call accounting system shall collect all inbound and outbound call information
           whether station to station or PSTN.
        18.15.1 Vendor shall provide DID capability.
        18.15.2 Extension numbers shall match DID numbers.
     18.16 Intercom paging through speakerphones by zones.
     18.17 Capability to transfer calls outside the switch in any of the following conditions:
        18.17.1 At the end of a hunt group.
        18.17.2 Call forward (don’t answer, busy, and variable).
        18.17.3 Call forwarding from internal extension to outside PSTN number
     18.18 Each office shall have survivability in the event of a WAN failure (local telephone
           system extensions can place and receive calls on the local CO lines).
     18.19 Vendor shall provide Telecommuting options for work at home agents.
     18.20 Intercom calling between all sites with 4-digit dialing.

19      ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) Requirements ??????
     19.1   A Centralized ACD system that will support and route calls to agents at all
            _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ locations.
     19.2   Integrated with the new telephone system
     19.3   The ACD system shall be non-blocking.
     19.4   The ACD system shall initially accommodate 24 network agents and 4 supervisors.
     19.5   ACD shall include silent supervisory monitoring. Vendor shall provide an
            operational description of this feature.
     19.6   ACD shall have the ability to send callers to the appropriate group/split, queue calls
            and send overflow if necessary to covering departments, remote location agents or
            an answering service.
     19.7   Telephone sets shall have visual indication of type of call and have typical call
            center features (i.e. make busy, available, etc.)
     19.8   Easy ACD programming, including the ability to monitor or check the ACD
     19.9   Vendor shall provide a description of available ACD products, options and features
            that are available.
     19.10 Call intelligence needs to travel with the call and be displayed at the answering
           agent’s phone.
     19.11 Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                       Date of issue
                                                Page: 10
        19.11.1 Call intelligence needs to travel with the call and be displayed at the answering
                agent’s PC. Call intelligence includes: dialed number, originating _____CITY
                OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ site receiving the call (based on the dialed
                number), caller id, caller’s name, caller’s account number (based on match of
                caller id with the _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ database), and
                type of call (based on the dialed number).
        19.11.2 Vendor shall describe the CTI hooks that are available in their ACD software.
        19.11.3 Vendor shall describe the available API tool kit that is available in the ACD
        19.11.4 The hooks and interface program shall be compliant with DDE, OLE, and
        19.11.5 Vendor shall describe the OS that the CTI hooks can interface with.
     19.12 ACD call and queue statistics shall display on all agent phones and optionally to the
           agent PC’s.
     19.13 ACD shall play a minimum of 8 different, simultaneous, digitally recorded
           messages while waiting in queue.
     19.14 ACD shall have the following reporting capability
        19.14.1 Real time and historical reporting and statistics.
        19.14.2 Custom queries for reporting
        19.14.3 Reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis

20      Networking Equipment
     20.1   General Requirements for all WAN Networking Equipment, by location (table?).

21      Cabling Requirements by site
     21.1   Vendor shall re-use installed wire and cable where possible.
     21.2   Vendor shall document any cable upgrades that they believe are required to support
            their systems.
     21.3   Any new cable runs shall be CAT 6 certified.

22      Requirements for Connections to Peripheral Systems
     22.1   Vendor shall interface each telephone system to existing overhead paging
        22.1.1 Vendor shall indicate if their proposed telephone systems are not compatible
               with the _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ overhead paging
               systems in use.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                      Date of issue
                                                Page: 11
        22.1.2 The proposed telephone system shall accommodate multiple paging zones.
     22.2   Vendor shall provide a music and/or information on hold interface to all the

23      Maintenance and Support Specifications (to be customized for
        _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________)
     23.1   One year maintenance shall be included for all hardware and software for all
            systems supplied.
     23.2   All locations shall be covered under the maintenance contract.
     23.3   Vendor shall be a Manufacturers Authorized Representative.
     23.4   Vendor shall provide response by a technician who is technically certified for the
            proposed telephone system as follows.
        23.4.1 Vendor shall provide a 24 x 7 call window.
        23.4.2 Vendor shall provide a one (1) hour call back response.
        23.4.3 Vendor shall provide a two (2) hour remote diagnostic dial in response.
        23.4.4 Vendor shall provide a four (4) hour on site response for critical failures.
        23.4.5 Vendor shall provide next day on site response for non-critical failures.
        23.4.6 Vendor shall complete a hardware repair within a maximum one business day
     23.5   Vendor shall provide prices for year 2:
        23.5.1 8 to 5, M – F response
        23.5.2 24 x 7, 365 day response
     23.6   Vendor shall provide highly secure remote access for programming and diagnostics.
     23.7   Vendor shall furnish a chart which shows the escalation procedures to be followed
            to resolve problems.
     23.8   Vendor shall list the type and frequency of preventative maintenance procedures
            that will be provided under warranty and included in the Vendor’s maintenance
     23.9   Vendor shall itemize estimated annual hardware and software maintenance costs.
     23.10 Vendor shall provide a mechanism for reporting bugs and enhancement requests.
     23.11 Vendor will provide a response to the following:
        23.11.1 Where are Technicians dispatched from?
        23.11.2 Number of Technicians certified for proposed system.
        23.11.3 Description of RMAT capabilities, facilities and staffing.
        23.11.4 Description of RMAT staff, level of training and certification.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                       Date of issue
                                               Page: 12
        23.11.5 Availability of parts covered under maintenance contract.
        23.11.6 Inventory, on hand, of parts covered under maintenance contract.
     23.12 Vendor shall provide prices for two hour and four hour on-site response time by a
           technician who is technically certified for the purchased telephone system.
     23.13 Vendor shall provide pricing for year two (2) maintenance of all systems broken
           down as follows:
        23.13.1 Option 1: Including all hardware, all software operating systems and all
                software applications.
        23.13.2 Option 2: Including all hardware, all software operating systems and all
                software applications except telephone desk sets.
     23.14 Vendor shall specify the cost differential to have redundancy in the major
           components of the telephone systems.
     23.15 Vendor shall provide backup capability for all data, scripts, etc.

24      Hands on Training
     24.1   Within two (2) weeks prior to cut, vendor shall provide on-site, hands on, user
            training, ACD Agent training and separate Receptionist training. Maximum of 10
            people per class. Minimum of 1 hour sessions.
     24.2   Vendor shall provide training to phone support personnel on day to day
            maintenance/support functions.
     24.3   Vendor shall list the description, availability, cost and location of system
            administration training.
     24.4   Vendor shall list the description, availability, cost and location of ACD training.
     24.5   Vendor shall provide written user guides on the phone, voice mail, unified
            messaging, call accounting and ACD systems for all _____CITY OF DENISON,
            TEXAS_________ staff.

25      Warranty
     25.1   Vendor shall warranty (parts, software upgrades and labor) the Telephone Systems,
            Operating Systems and Applications for a one year period following _____CITY OF
            DENISON, TEXAS_________’ final acceptance of the system.

26      General Requirements
     26.1   Vendor shall provide a written project management and implementation plan.
     26.2   Vendor shall coordinate the System Installation and Cut-over from existing systems.
     26.3   Vendor shall provide a dialing plan encompassing all _____CITY OF DENISON,
            TEXAS_________ locations.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                        Date of issue
                                                Page: 13
     26.4   Software Programming. The vendor shall program all software and other features
            into the Telephone systems before delivery to the _____CITY OF DENISON,
            TEXAS_________ premises.
     26.5   Vendor shall provide a complete set of administration and technical manuals.
     26.6   Testing of the Installed systems. The systems shall, as a minimum, be tested as
            follows: The installed telephone systems must demonstrate their capability of
            providing the services enumerated in the final contract. Test equipment required for
            demonstration will be vendor provided. Vendor will also provide documented test
     26.7   Telephone System Cutover and Acceptance.
        26.7.1 Vendor shall agree to system cutover plan that will avoid downtime.
        26.7.2 The telephone system cutover shall occur after _____CITY OF DENISON,
               TEXAS_________' normal business hours.
        26.7.3 The cuts at all _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ locations shall be
               staggered to allow vendor trainers to be on site for one to three days following
               each cut based on the size of system.
        26.7.4 Vendor personnel shall be available at the CITY location for a minimum of
               three working days after telephone systems cutover and all other locations for a
               minimum of 1 working day after telephone systems cutover to clear any
               malfunctions which may develop.
        26.7.5 Final acceptance of the telephone systems as serviceable shall be concluded
               after 15 days of acceptable service to _____CITY OF DENISON,
               TEXAS_________’ satisfaction. Upon the event of a major system failure, the
               15 day clock shall be restarted at day one.
        26.7.6 Final payment of 30% shall be made 30 days after final acceptance by
               _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________.
     26.8   Vendor shall provide reliability statistics for proposed telephone systems, including
            but not limited to “Mean Time Between Failure.”

27      Evaluation and Selection Criteria
        Vendor proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
     27.1   Fulfillment of technical and functional specification requirements.
     27.2   Equipment Quality and Reliability.
     27.3   Maintenance and Technical Support Services offered.
     27.4   Integration with _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ network.
     27.5   Quality of work.
     27.6   Application solutions.
     27.7   Price.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                      Date of issue
                                               Page: 14
28      Rejection/Negotiation Rights
     28.1    _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ reserves the right to reject or to
             negotiate the terms of any and all proposal(s), if it is deemed to be in the best
             interest of _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ to do so.
     28.2    _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ reserves the right to accept or reject
             any or all proposals or parts of proposals and to waive any formalities and
     28.3    _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ reserves the right to stagger the
             implementation of the purchased systems.

                       _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ C.A.P., INC.

                                         VENDOR APPLICATION

        Company Name:      ___________________________________________________
        Address: ____________________________________________________________
        Telephone: ________________
        Officers: ________________________          _________________________

                  ________________________                      _________________________

        1.      Have you had a contract terminated by any Community Action Agency within
        the past year? _______ .

                If so, explain when, by whom and why _____________________________

        2.      Are you able to supply the service called for in Rider A of the Invitation to Bid?

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                          Date of issue
                                                 Page: 15
             Yes ____ No ____

      3.     Contractor Integrity

              a.       Have you ever been convicted of a bidding crime meaning any act
      prohibited by state or federal law committed in any jurisdiction involving fraud,
      conspiracy, collusion, perjury or material misrepresentation with respect to bidding on
      any public or private contract, and shall include violations of state antitrust laws, federal
      antitrust laws, the Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO), 18 US C.,
      S1961, et seq., and the Mail Fraud Act, 18 US C. S1341, et seq.? Yes ____ No ___

            If yes, explain

              b.      Have you ever been convicted of any offense indicating a lack of moral
      or ethical business integrity as may reasonably be perceived to relate to or reflect upon
      the business practices of the person? Yes ____ No ____

             c.       Have you ever been debarred by any state or federal agency for
      substantially any of the reasons listed in this section? Yes ____ No ____

             If Yes, explain ___________________________________________

              d.     Have you ever had a judgment entered against you in a civil action or are
      you currently involved in court proceedings involving fraud, deceit, theft, dishonesty,
      bankruptcy, antitrust violations or any other cause affecting a person’s responsibility as
      a contractor? Yes ____ No ____

      4.     Is your company minority/female owned and operated? Yes ____ No ____

      5.     Are you a small business (average annual receipts less than $12 million)? Yes
             No ___

      References (Please furnish the following information on previous clients for whom you
      have supplied comparable services. Do not include _____CITY OF DENISON,
      TEXAS_________ C.A.P., Inc.)

      Name 1. ________________ 2. ___________________                3. ___________________

      Address: ________________         ___________________            ___________________

       _______________________          ___________________            ___________________

      Tel. No. ________________         ___________________            ___________________
      Cont. Person: ____________        ___________________            ___________________

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                       Date of issue
                                              Page: 16
      Title:        ____________      ___________________            ___________________

      ____________                  __________________                    _________
      Date                          Official Signature                    Title

                              CERTIFICATE OF NON-COLLUSION

      I, ________________________________, of ____________________________, State
      of ______, do hereby depose and say that said company has not, either directly or
      indirectly, entered into any agreement, participated in any collusion, or otherwise taken
      any action in restraint of free competitive bidding in connection with the contract for
      providing telephone software and maintenance services to _____CITY OF DENISON,

      DATE __________                               BY ______________________________

      ________________                                  ______________
      Witness                                              Title

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                    Date of issue
                                             Page: 17

      _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ C.A.P., Inc. having its principal office at
      ADDRESS, and hereinafter referred to as “_____CITY OF DENISON,


                               Name of Contracting Firm

      having its principal office at ____________________________________ and
      hereinafter referred to as “The Contractor” hereby agree as follows:

      1.      Scope of Contractors Undertaking. The Contractor agrees to provide services in
      accordance with Rider A as contained within the “Request for Proposals” (RFP), which
      is hereby incorporated as part of this contract, to _____CITY OF DENISON,

      2.      Time of Delivery. Delivery of the services shall be in accordance with the time
      specifications contained within the RFP.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                   Date of issue
                                            Page: 18
      3.     Contract Price. _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ shall pay the
      contractor for services based upon the specifications described in Rider A.

      4.    Time for Payment. Payment for services rendered pursuant to this contract shall
      be made as specified in the RFP .

      5.      Contractor’s Breach. Failure of the Contractor to do the following shall
      constitute a breach of this contract:

             a)     Provide services conforming to this contract, as specified in the “Request
             for Proposals”;

             b.)     Deliver the services within the time schedule set forth in the RFP;

             c.)    Perform or remain in compliance with any term of this contract, or
             within any representation made by Contractor in the proposal, or otherwise. The
             RFP is hereby incorporated by reference into this contract.

      6.      Remedies for Contractor’s Breach. _____CITY OF DENISON,
      TEXAS_________ may in its discretion cancel this contract without liability if the
      contractor fails to substantially cure any breach within five days of receipt of written
      notice from _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ identifying the breach. This
      cancellation must be in writing.

      If _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ elects not to cancel this contract upon
      the occurrence of the breach, the contractor shall be liable for all actual damages
      flowing from the breach, including but not limited to consequential damages and
      incidental damages.
      _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ may without notice deduct damages due
      to the Contractor’s breach from any payment otherwise due the Contractor. Damages
      for diminution in value shall be determined by _____CITY OF DENISON,
      TEXAS_________, in good faith.

      7.     Time to be of the Essence; Nonwaiver from the price. All times specified in this
      contract for the performance of the obligations of the parties shall be deemed of the
      essence. The acceptance of a later performance shall not waive the right to claim
      damages for such breach and will not constitute a waiver of the requirement of timely
      performance of any obligations remaining to be performed by the delinquent party.

      8.      Compliance with Laws and Regulations; Government Regulations. The
      Contractor shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations which
      are now in effect or which may become effective during the course of performance of
      this contract.

      9.     Impossibility of Performance; Frustration of Purpose; Termination. The
      Contractor shall not be liable for delay in delivery of services caused by strikes, acts of

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                       Date of issue
                                              Page: 19
      God, fire or flood, war or hostilities, or in the Contractor’s good-faith compliance with
      government regulations. If the delay caused by any such event appears likely to
      frustrate the purpose of this contract or severely prejudice _____CITY OF DENISON,
      TEXAS_________. _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ may, in its
      discretion, cancel this contract without liability. If changes in federal or state law or
      regulations shall cause any remaining performance under this contract to be unlawful,
      _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ assumes no liability for suspending or
      terminating this contract for the sole reason that there has been a significant reduction in
      funds for _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________, _____CITY OF DENISON,
      TEXAS_________ agrees to notify the Contractor of any such reduction in funds no
      less than five working days prior to any suspension or termination of this contract.

              _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ may also suspend or terminate
      this contract for the Contractor’s filing voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy
      proceedings; assignment for the benefit of creditors; failure to pay subcontractors or
      employees; breach of any contract provision; failure to perform the work on time; or for
      the convenience of _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________. _____CITY OF
      DENISON, TEXAS_________ will pay for all services delivered at the time of such
      suspension or termination but not for lost anticipated profit. Any suspension or
      termination shall be made in writing.

      10.     Subcontractors and Assignments. The Contractor shall not subcontract or
      delegate to any person or company any of the work or duties required by this contract
      without prior written approval of _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________. The
      Contractor shall not assign any person or company his right to any payment called for
      by this contract without the written consent of _____CITY OF DENISON,
      TEXAS_________. Any subcontract, delegations, or assignments made without such
      prior written approval shall be null and void. No provision that the funds to be paid to
      the assignee thereunder are subordinate to any liens which may arise for services
      rendered or materials supplied in connection with the work called for in this contract.

      11.     Indemnification and Defense. The Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold
      harmless _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________, the State of Texas, the United
      States, and their respective officers, agents and employees, from and against any and all
      claims of loss, damage, sickness, injury, disease or death made by or on behalf of any
      person or company who may at any time in the future be injured or damaged by services
      furnished pursuant to this contract.

      12.    Independent Capacity of _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________. The
      Contractor agrees that _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ is acting in an
      independent capacity and not as the agent or instrumentality of the state or federal

      13.     Client Confidentiality. All information gained by Contractors concerning
      services under this contract shall be held strictly confidential. The Contractor may be
      held liable for any breach of this provision by anyone in its employ.

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                      Date of issue
                                              Page: 20
      14.     Covenant not to Discriminate. The Contractor agrees to provide all services
      funded through or affected by this contract without discrimination on the basis of race,
      color, religion, sex, national origin, age or handicap and to comply with all relevant
      sections of: Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
      Act of 1973, the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975; and
      to comply with all pertinent amendments to these acts now in effect or made during the
      term of this contract. The Contractor further agrees to comply with all pertinent parts of
      Federal regulations implementing these acts.

      15.     Access to Records and Worksheets. If the contract price exceeds $10,000, the
      State of Texas, Division of Community Services, the Department of Health and Human
      Services, the Comptroller General of the United States, and their duly authorized
      representatives shall have access to all books, documents, papers and records of the
      Contractor pertaining to costs incurred under this contract for the purpose of making
      audits, examinations, excerpts and transcriptions of same.

      16.    Survival of Representations. The Contractor acknowledges that the
      representations made by him in his price quotation or proposal were expressly relied
      upon by _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ in awarding this contract.
      These representations shall be deemed continuing, are hereby incorporated into this
      contract by reference and, if in writing, are attached hereto.

      17.    Integration Clause: Modification and Rescission. This contract constitutes the
      complete and final agreement of the parties. The terms of this contract may not be
      supplemented by, and shall prevail over, any inconsistent terms or additional conditions
      contained in any document furnished by the Contractor at any time in the past. This
      contract may not be modified or rescinded other than by in writing signed by the
      authorized representatives of the parties.

      18.     _____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Employees. The Contractor shall
      not hire nor employ, in any capacity, any employee working for _____CITY OF
      DENISON, TEXAS_________.

      19.    Term of Contract. This contract will be in effect as of the date of notification of
      award and will be communicated at that time to the successful proposer and will be
      incorporated into the contract as noted below.

      CONTRACTOR:                                          AGENCY:

      BY: __________________________                       BY: ________________________

      Position: ______________________                     Name, title

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP                     Date of issue
                                             Page: 21
      DATED: ______________________                  DATED _____________________

                                                     Name, title

                                                     DATED: ____________________

_____CITY OF DENISON, TEXAS_________ Communication Systems RFP         Date of issue
                                         Page: 22

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