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                       Annual General Meeting

Date: Saturday April 14th 2012               Time: 7:00PM
Venue: Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre

Chair: Br. Akber Mithani                     Secretary: Br. Ali-Reza Merali

                                  Agenda Items
   Item                                                                        Est. Time

   1) Recitation of Holy Quran                                                     5min

   2) Approval of Agenda                                                           5min

   3) Approval of Minutes of AGM (April 23rd 2011)                             10min

   4) Approval of Minutes of GM (Nov 20th 2011)                                10min

   5) Matters arising from AGM and/or GM                                       15min

   6) Approval of Full Membership Applications                                 15min

   7) President’s Report                                                       20min

          a. Update on Plot Next Door

   8) Director’s Reports                                                       60min

   9) Financial Update & Budget Approval                                       20min

   10) Special Resolution                                                      15min

   11) Election of Trustee(s)                                                  15min

   12) Any Other Business                                                      10min

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                        8580 NO 5 RD, RICHMOND B.C. V6Y2V4. TEL 604-274-7869



             Minutes of Annual General meeting held at Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre
                                      April 23rd, 2011

Chairman:     Dr. Akber Mithani
Secretary:    Br. Mohamedhussein Meghji
Treasurer:    Hasnain Dewji

Ordinary Members Present:
Br. Syed Hasan Jafri                                  Br. Mohamed Iqbal Meghjee
Br. Hasnain A Dewji                                   Br. Rizwan Hemraj
Br. Aarif Rashid                                      Br. Mohsin Kamani
Br. Akber Mithani                                     Br. Moahmed RN Dewji
Br. Haiderali Rahmtulla                               Br. Mohamedhussien Nathu
Br. Shabir Dewji                                      Br. Hassanli N Dewji
Br. Amirali Rashid                                    Br. Hasnain R Dewji
Br. Kurban Virji                                      Sr. Salma Jaffer
Br. Michael Symons                                    Br. Asad Abbas Zaidi
Br. Jaffer A Ladak                                    Br. Munawar Hasham
Br. Habib Rashid                                      Br. Ramzanali Walji
Br. Mehboob Khaku                                     Br. Alarakhia Kanani
Br. Shaeen Rashid                                     Br. Sikander Visram
Br. Mohamed A Dewji                                   Br. Zahir Rawji
Br. Minaz Fazal                                       Br. Zuheir Merali
Br. Hassanali Fazal                                   Br. Mohamed Walji
Br. Mohamedhussein Meghji                             Br. Akil Khaku
Br. Asger Ladak                                       Br. Azeem Moledina
Br. Shafiq Ladak                                      Br. Mahmood S Jaffer
Br. Mohamed RM Dewji                                  Br. Asger Virji
Br. Akber Manji                                       Br. Ali Shaikh (Shawji)
Br. Roshanali M Dewji                                 Br. Firoz Rashid
Br. Zaheer Ali Manki                                  Br. Hasnain A Mulla
Br. M. K. Merali                                      Br. Hussein Sheriff
Br. Munir Virji                                       Br. Andy Savory
Br. Hameed Jagani                                     Br. Najmul Jaffer
Br. Mahmood Merali                                    Br. Mahmood Rashid
Br. Anwar Nathu
Br. Firoz Jessa                                       Associate Members Present:
Br. Ebrahim Rehmtulla                                 Sr. Siddika Jessa

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Sr. Zehra Molidina

Observers Present:
Sr. Sajeda Virji
Sr. Minaz Bhatti
Sr. Sairoz Rashid
Sr. Mumtaz Hemraj
Sr. Fatema Rashid
Sr. Asiya Dewji
Sr. Shaista Ladak
Sr. Zahira Ladak
Sr. Mumtaz S Dewji
Sr. Nafisa Jaffer
Sr. Tahera Virji


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Annual General Meeting Minutes  

Agenda                    Details 
Til’awat of Holy Qu’ran        Recited by Akber Mithani at 10:20am 
Approval of Agenda             Agenda approved by the members 
Approval of Minutes of         • Proposed by Br. Amir Rashid 
previous General               • Seconded by Br. Kurban Virji 
                               • Approved with no changes 
Business Arising from          • Br. Kurban Virji asked about the issue of Khums that Br. Ali Reza has 
the minutes                         brought up.  This issue  has not been discussed by the EC since we 
                                    have not had an EC meeting 
Review of Membership           No questions regarding members: Sr. Salma Jaffer and Br. Ali Shaikh 
Applications                   President requested ballots for voting of Sis. Salma Jaffer and Br. Ali 
                          Sis. Salma Jaffer:  28 for, 7 against – Declared a full member.  Motion to 
                          destroy ballots proposed by Mohamed A. Dewji and second by Br. Munir Virji. 
                          Br. Ali Shaikh:  33 for, 1 against:  Declared a full member.  Motion to destroy 
                          ballots by Br. Hassanali Fazal and seconded by Br. Firoz Jessa. 
Director Reports          • The president articulated that it is important that the community 
                               supports the school.  Even though there may be concerns like in any 
                               community, we need to do it in a positive way and follow the processes 
                               that are currently in place.   
                          • Br. Ebrahim Rehmtulla asked the information regarding the strategic plan:  
                               Br. Hameed replied that there were several forums, including one open to 
                               the entire community in January.  Br. Rizwan Hemraj was vital in 
                               facilitating the process.  We are launching a new website and the strategic 
                               plan will be posted on the website and is available in the school. 
                          • Br. Hassanali Fazal asked how long the contract with the principal is:  
                               Hameed responded that all contracts are for 1 year and are categorized as 
                               rolling contracts.  More permanent employment options are currently 
                               being pursued.   
                          • Br. Anwar Nathu asked regarding the financials and how we are planning 
                               on recovering the deficit.  The government provided their funding in Feb. 
                               and at the end of the year.  We are fundraising to recover the rest.  
                               Financials are based on the year end and we have will have a balanced 

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          budget by end of July.  
    •     Br. Ebrahim Rehmtulla asked if the fundraising target is realistic and we 
          have already got about half.   
    •     Br. Munir Virji asked about how the school board members are chosen 
          and the length of the term:  They are currently educationalists and those 
          roles are posted and it goes to the Chairperson and school board.  Those 
          roles are 2 years.  Chairperson role is 3 years and this is an appointed 
          position by the school board.  Members at large position are 2 year term 
          and Director of Education is a 2 year term as well.  The terms overlap and 
          there is no maximum amount of terms that someone can stand for.  
    •     Capital expenditure  is $90,000 – Part of this expense is the purchase of a 
          school bus.  There would be fee for the service which will offset the 
          operational costs (gas, insurance etc).  The money will come from a 
          fundraising drive.  This will be classified as a community bus (seniors, 
          youths etc) 
    •     Br. Anwar Nathu asked about the cost/benefit analysis and this was last 
          done 2 years ago.   
    •     The president recommended that we approve the budget with the 
          condition that the EC approve the business case and can move forward.  
    •     The president pointed out that this purchase will affect the community’s 
          ability to fundraise for the center. 
    •     Br. Mohamed R.M. Dewji asked if the operating costs of the bus is 
          included in the budget and it is not included in the budget.  This should be 
          included in the business case. 
    •     The school will present the budget in September once the head count has 
          been completed. 
    •     Br. Mohamed R.M. Dewji requested that we investigate more into the 
          other school that will be opening up and how this will impact us. 
    •     Br. Iqbal suggested that we need a level of comfort regarding the 
          operational costs regarding the purchase of the bus.  
    •     The president suggested that you start fundraising for the purchase of the 
          bus, and see how much you are able to collect. 
    •     Br. Sikander suggested that we have to careful in not being too aggressive 
          and work within our means.  Currently our administrative costs are very 
          high, but Br. Hameed clarified that the $232,000 is from September to 
          December.  And the $600,000 is from September to the end of the year. 


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                •     Br. Akber Mithani pointed out that the purchase of a school bus will 
                      increase the student base which will help with our revenues.   

                •     Br. Hassanali Dewji suggested that we seek a khums ijaaza.  The president 
                      pointed out that we would have to go through World Federation and not 
                      go directly to Agha.    
                •     Bt. Mohamed A. Dewji pointed out that there is a difference between 
                      usage of khums and collection of khums.  We can go through different 
                      organizations and this can come back to us without actually having to get 
                      an ijazah for khums.   
                •     Br. Mohsin Kamani requested which types of khums you require for an 
                      ijaza.  The president clarified that you need an ijaza for both, but it 
                      depends on the organization.   
                •     Br. Najmul Jaffer asked about clarification regarding future funding from 
                      the government.  Br. Hameed Jagani responded that we are very involved 
                      with this and that we are keeping a close eye on the situation, but private 
                      schools are growing in number and not decreasing.  Realistically, if they 
                      did this, more schools would have to open to deal with this. 
                •     Approve the budget with the condition that the $90,000 is not approved, 
                      but a business case would be presented to the EC and be approved.  A full 
                      budget with operational costs of bus to be presented after September to 
                      the General when ready.   
                •     All in favor:  No one against. 
                •     Other Director Reports:  Upcoming Speakers:  Sayed Ammar Nakshawani 
                      – Ayyame Fatimiyah,  Muharram 2011 – Sayed Muhammed Rizwi, Ashra 
                      Zainabiya – Sheikh Safder Jaffer, Muharam 2012 – Father and Son 
                •     No other clarifications regarding other Director Reports: 
                •     Vedderview Update:  174 Title deeds have been received by the 
                      community.  May and November is when our installments are due and we 
                      receive more title deeds.   
Membership      •     Dr. Mithani gave a detailed presentation on the chronology of events 
Presentation          regarding membership issues and provided feedback from religious 
                      scholars to bring an Islamic context to this issue 
                •     A lengthy and passionate discussion followed with questions, feedback, 
                      comments and observations from members and observers 


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                     •     At the conclusion of the discussion, the following was approved 
                     1.     Withdraw the current Special Resolution 
                     2.    The new Executive Committee should: 
                     3.    Contact the office of Ay. Sistani and ask for a written response from his 
                           office regarding this matter 
                     4.    Develop very clear position descriptions for ALL EC positions and ask the 
                           Marja which positions would be Islamically acceptable to have a female to 
                     5.    Reconsider the options of the MCG and perhaps even develop new 
                           options based on the information received from our Marajae to ensure 
                           there is congruency with Islamic principles 
                     6.    Consider other administrative impacts to the Constitution (e.g % for 
                           quorum at GM and AGM, long term financial impact as per 2009 
                           Membership operational review etc) 
                     7.    Broad Consultation Process which includes ALL members of the 
                           community (male and female) 
Approval of other    •     Resolution #1 – Be it resolved that the Annual subscription for seniors be 
resolutions                raised by $50 – Proposed by Kurban Virji 
                     •     Br. Shaheen suggested that we add 2012. 
                     •     Br. Hadierali Rehmtulla said that some seniors have financial difficulties, 
                           and may not be able to afford it.  The president clarified that there is a 
                           process if anyone is not able to afford it. 
                     •     26 – for,18 – against., 1 abstained, and 1 spoiled. The motion passed with 
                           majority. Motion to destroy the ballots by Br. Mohsin Kamani and 
                           seconded by Hassanali Fazal. 
                     •     Resolution #2 – Be it resolved that the Annual Subscription for single 
                           men/women to $400 – Proposed by EC (with the exception of Br. 
                           Mehboob Khaku) – This was attached to the special resolution, therefore, 
                           it was withdrawn. 
                     •     Resolution #3 – Starting this year as of 2011, any person 65 or older who 
                           apply for a membership of SMCBC should be charged the full subscription 
                           of $500 and not the seniors rate for 3 years – Proposed by Br. Kurban Virji 
                               Clarification – this applies to only new members. 


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                               •    24 yes, 22 no. Motion approved by Majority. Motion to destroy 
                                    ballots by Mahmood S. Jaffer and Mohamed A. Dewji 

    Election of the Membership             Br Firoz Jessa: Proposed: Br Mehboob Khaku.
    Committee                              Seconded: Br Iqbal Meghji (15 votes)
                                           Br Mohamed R.M. Dewji: Proposed: Br Hassanali Fazal.
                                           Seconded: Br Jaffer Nathu (27 votes)
                                           Br Mahmood A. Jaffer: Proposed: Br Munir Virji
                                           Seconded: Br Mohamed A. Dewji (17 votes)
                                           Br. Mohamed Mulji, proposed Jaffer Nathu and seconded
                                           by Hassanali Dewji (5 votes)
                                           Mohsin Kamani, nominated by Akber Manji and seconded
                                           by Syed Jafri (14 votes)
                                           Munawer Hasham: Propsed by Kurban Virji and
                                           seconded by Hassanali Dewji (12 votes)

                                      Elected: Mohamed R.M. Dewji and Br. Mahmood A. Jaffer

                                      Proposed to destroy the ballots by Br. Hasnain R.M. Dewji
                                      and seconded by Br. Hassanali Dewji

    Election of Nominating               Br Hassanali Dewji: Proposed: Br Zuheir Merali
    Committee Members                    Seconded: Br Shabir Dewji
                                         Br Mohsin Kamani: Proposed by Munir Virji: Br .
                                         Seconded: Br Hassanali Dewji
                                      Elected by acclamation

    Election of President             Iqbal Meghjee (21 Votes)
                                      Proposed: Br Mehboob Khaku Seconded: Shabir Dewji

                                      Akber Mithani: Proposed by Asgar Ladak and Jaffer Ladak
                                      (25 votes)

                                      Dr. Akber Mithani elected as President

    Election of Vice- President          Br Mohamedhussein Meghjee elected by acclamation
                                      Proposed: Br Akber Mithani Seconded: Br Mohsin Kamani


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    Election of Treasurer                  Br Hasnain A. Dewji elected by acclamation
                                        Proposed: Br Akber Mithani Seconded: Br Jaffer Ladak

    Election of Director of                Br Asad Zaidi elected by Acclamation
    Programs                            Proposed: Br Syed Jafri Seconded: Br Asgar Ladak

    Election of Director of                  Br. Jaffer Nathu elected by acclamation
    Maintenance                              Proposed: Syed Jafri, seconded by Akil Khaku

    Election of Director of                Br. Mahmood Rashid elected by acclamation
    Internal and External Affairs       Proposed: Br Akber Mithani Seconded: Br Mohsin Kamani

    Position of Past- President             Br Hussein Bhojani 
                                        Our constitution permits the position of the past‐president as a 
                                        voting member of the E.C. 
    Director of Education                   Br Hameed Jagani elected by acclamation
                                        Proposed: Br. Seconded: Br Haiderali Rehmtulla

    Director of Public Relations           Br Michael Symons elected by acclamation
    and Communication                   Proposed: Br. Ali Shaikh Seconded: Br. Munir Virji

    Director of Operational                Br. Anwar Nathu elected by acclamation
    Transformation                      Proposed: Br. Akber Mithani. Seconded: Br Haider Rehmtulla

    Director of Religious and              Br Hussein Bhojani elected by acclamation.
    Cultural Affairs                    Proposed: Dr Akber Mithani. Seconded: Br Shabbir Dewji

                                        Verbal proxy only for this meeting and in the future only
                                        written proxies will be permitted.

    Appointment of Secretary by              To be appointed at a later date by the President
    the President

Budget of 2011 and            Br. Iqbal Meghjee inquired if our statements have been audited.  Br. Hasnain 
consideration of              A. Dewji clarified that we only have our statements reviewed and that the 
Financial Statements          current review is not finalized, however, we do have a draft.   
                              Br. Michael and Br. Andy proposed and seconded, all in favor. 
Any Other Business                 Vote of thanks to the last EC 

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       Br. Hassan Rashid would like to thank Br. Ali Shaikh for all the painting 
       that he does for the community. 
    Meeting adjourned at 4:34pm Br. Firoz Jessa, Br. Munir Virji 


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         Minutes of General meeting held at Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre
                            November 20th, 2011

Chairman: Dr. Akber Mithani
Secretary: Br. Ali-Reza Merali

Full Members Present                             18) Br. Moh'd Hussein Nathu
1) Br. Mohsin Kamani                             19) Br. Jaffer Nathu
2) Br. Hameed Jagani                             20) Br. Iqbal Meghjee
3) Br. Michael Symons                            21) Br. Ebrahim Rehmtulla
4) Br. Hassan Rashid                             22) Br. Mahmood Rashid
5) Br. Hasnain A Dewji                           23) Br. Amir Rashid
6) Br. Jaffer A Ladak                            24) Br. Munir Virji
7) Br. Hussein Bhojani                           25) Br. Hassanali Fazal
8) Br. Akber Mithani                             26) Br. Firoz Jessa
9) Br. Mahmood Jaffer                            27) Br. Moahmed K Merali
10) Br. Mohamed Ladak                            28) Br. Amir Meghji
11) Br. Hud                                      29) Br. Munawar Hasham
12) Br. Moahmed R. M. Dewji                      30) Br. Asad Zaidi
13) Br. Ali-Reza Merali                          31) Br. Firoz Rashid
14) Br. Habib Rashid
15) Br. Mahmood Merali                           Associate Members Present
16) Br. Anwar Nathu                              1) Br. Mohammed Bhalloo
17) Br. Zuheir Merali

Meeting Start Time: 10:25am
Members Present at Start: 21

   1) Quran by Br. Hassan Rashid

   2) Membership Applications- Br. Mohamed R M Dewji
        - Br. Mohamed Raza Merchant from Edmonton, application for full
          membership under the World Federation rule, well known active
          member in Edmonton Jamat
        - Br. Akber Mithani asked if any member wanted a secret ballot, Br.
          Iqbal Megjee requested for it
        - Prior to voting, Br. Hassan Rashid felt that it was not appropriate
          that the member being voted for is not present, Br Akber Mithani
          explained that it is not necessary for the person to be present,

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                8580 NO 5 RD, RICHMOND B.C. V6Y2V4. TEL 604-274-7869

          however this may be a procedure that needs to be reviewed in the
      -   The secret ballot votes were counted by Br. Hussein Bhojani and
          Br. Zuhier Merali,
      -   20 for, 1 against, 1 abstention

      -   Br Mohamed Raza Merchant approved for full membership my

3) Issue with Agenda raised from the floor
      - Br. Iqbal Megjee pointed out that financial statements need to be
         presented at each general meeting as per the constitution, he
         requested that it be added to the agenda, suggested it be inserted
         before the school budget
      - After consulting with the treasurer that a financial report could be
         generated, Br. Akber Mithani suggested that it be inserted before
         the capitals resolution, the majority of members were in favour of
         this option
      - Br. Ebrahim Rehmtulla voiced that there is no logic to discussing
         school budget before jamat financials, Br. Iqbal Mehgjee agreed.
      - Br. Akber Mithani suggested we move forward, Br. Iqbal Megjee
         objected saying that we need to adjourn the meeting if written
         financials are not available
      - Br. Mohamed R M Dewji suggested that we move on with verbal
      - Br. Akber Mithani agreed that it is an oversight that we do not have
         written financials, in future we will provide written financials even
         though not explicitly written in the constitution
      - Br. Akber Mithani formally apologized for the oversight of not
         having written financials, however made clear we are not going
         against the constitution

4) Plot Next Door- Br. Akber Mithani
      - Br. Akber Mithani explained how this property has come up multiple
         times in previous general meetings, a donor group owns it and in
         the past there have been issues with having it donated to the
      - Explained the process that has been taken, meetings with donor
         group, trustees, and executive committee
      - Emphasized that we need to make a strategic decision about our
         option considering the future of our community

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          8580 NO 5 RD, RICHMOND B.C. V6Y2V4. TEL 604-274-7869

-   Presented visions for a 2 storey building with a seniors centre,
    fitness centre, pool, conference/banquet hall, with potential for
    transformation in to a secondary school
-   Total cost would be around 5-6 million, community to come up with
    50% in commitments to be given over the next 5 years, need to
    have it by April 2012, if community does not decide to go forward,
    or the trustees unable to get commitments then donor group would
    be notified that the community cannot accept the donation
-   Br. Jaffer Ladak felt that timeline to get commitments is too short,
    Br. Akber Mithani explained this is the furthest the donor group was
    agreeable to wait
-   Br. Hameed Jagani explained how we have limitations for
    Madressa, 45 students on waitlist
-   Br. Mahmood Jaffer inquired if there is plans for a secondary
    school, Br. Mahmood Merali explained that there has been very
    informal preliminary discussions about expansion for the future
-   Br. Akber Mithani clarified that we are not necessarily looking to
    build a school, it is an option
-   Br. Mahmood Jaffer inquired about the potential for revenue
    generation, Br. Akber Mithani explained that it cannot be clear at
    this time exactly what the structure will have and its potentials
-   Br Habib Rashid inquired as to the market value of the property, Br
    Hameed Jagani estimated that it would be in excess of 2 million, Br.
    Akber Mithani suggested that it is closer to 3 million
-   Br. Ebrahim Rehmtulla felt that we need to have a better plan in
    place before we can solicit for funds, wanted clarification what we
    are trying to decide today
-   Br. Akber Mithani explained that if approved in principle, we would
    have more plans and drawings in place to solicit funds
-   Br Munir Virji inquired into options, suggested having some retail
-   Br. Mohsin Kamani inquired into how soon we need to collect the
    funds, Br. Akber Mithani responded that it would be over a 5 year
-   Br. Iqbal Meghjee summarized that we are voting to spend 10K and
    give trustees authority to solicit pledges
-   Br. Hud inquired about what happens if we cannot raise the funds,
    Br. Akber Mithani reiterated that we would have to notify the donor
    group that we cannot accept their donation
-   Br. Munawar Hasham expressed that he feels that general
    consensus is that we do not have adequate information to make a

                                                                 AGM 2012 Pkg Page 13
                    8580 NO 5 RD, RICHMOND B.C. V6Y2V4. TEL 604-274-7869

          -   Br. Mahmood Jaffer clarified that the trustees are wailing to take on
              task, and asked who will be spending the 10K
          -   Br. Akber Mithani explained that the 10K would be spent by EC to
              do feasibility study
          -   Br. Firoz Jessa asked if it is possible to come up with a plan and
              solicit funds using it, Br. Akber Mithani agreed.
          -   Unanimously approved.

Adjourn for salat 11:58am – 12:25pm

   5) Financials- Br Hasnain
         - Summary financials were displayed and presented verbally,
                 i. overall surplus right now of ~$73,000, Br. Hasnain explained
                    that it will be needed to account for expenses till end of year
         - there was an opportunity for questions, however none were raised
            from the floor

   6) School update and financials- Br. Mahmood & Br Hameed
         - Br. Mahmood Merali explained the composition of the school board
         - We have 20 Montessori students, 89 K-7 students
         - 10 full time staff, 4-5 part time staff
         - Explained how enrollment changes can make a big difference
         - Contributions to Jamat since March 2006, total $175,000 over the 5
         - Br. Mohamed RM Dewji asked about why donations are not part of
            the budget, Br. Mahmood Merali clarified that this is part of capital
         - Br. Hameed Jagani expanded that this is an operating budget, now
            that we have a better understanding of our finances, focusing on
            capital needs
         - Br. Hameed Jagani confirmed Br. Iqbal Meghjee’s inquiry that it
            appears that fundraising is not necessary for operational expenses
         - Br. Hassanali Fazal asked about % of students from members of
            our community, Br. Mahmood Merali estimated that its 30-35%,
            explained challenges
         - Br. Mohsin Kamani asked about capital grants from the
            government, Br. Mahmood Merali explained that we have received
            such in the past for certain projects, ie playground
         - Br. Munawar Hasam asked about any variability of government
            grant if people need subsidy, Br. Hameed Jagani explained the
            subsidy is internal.

                                                                           AGM 2012 Pkg Page 14
                 8580 NO 5 RD, RICHMOND B.C. V6Y2V4. TEL 604-274-7869

      -   Br. Hameed Jagani explained the purpose of the subsidy
          committee, members include principal, treasurer, trustee, social
          committee, there were no questions
      -   Br. Hussein Bhojani proposed to approve the budget, Br. Munawar
          Hasham seconded,
      -   The School Budget was unanimously approved

7) Capital Expenses Budget

   Budget of Capital Expenses*
     a. Exterior Painting                                               $25,000
     b. Interior Painting                                               $10,000
     c. Construction of Storage Area                                    $40,000
     d. Striping and Varnishing Exterior Doors                          $10,000
     e. Heating and AC Maintenance                                      $ 5,000
     f. IT Equipment Upgrade and e-information Board                    $10,000

   Grand Total                                                          $100,000

   * estimated amounts

      -   Br. Akber Mithani explained that since it has been 10 years for our
          centre now, we have pressures of capital expenses
      -   We plan to have a Capital funds drive for Muharram, instead of
          operational campaign
      -   We have donor commitment to match funds dollar for dollar up to
          $50,000, therefore we need to essentially raise $50,000
      -   The capital budget was tabled by the executive
      -   Br. Hassan Rashid inquired about roof repairs , Br. Akber Mithani
          clarified this is on current capitals budget
      -   Br. Munir Virji inquired about the storage and its high cost, Br.
          Jaffer Nathu explained this is for a permanent structure, however
          looking into cheaper options. Br. Hud suggested using alternative
          options such as using railway containers

      -   Capital budget put to vote, approved unanimously

8) Budget Resolution
      “Be it resolved that section 44(b) of the bylaws be amended to
                 include (iv) adoption of the budget”

                                                                        AGM 2012 Pkg Page 15
                  8580 NO 5 RD, RICHMOND B.C. V6Y2V4. TEL 604-274-7869

        -   Br. Ali-Reza Merali explained that this allows us to present budget
            to members earlier in the year
        -   Br. Mahmood Jaffer clarified that we can still present at the annual
            meeting, Br. Ali-Reza Merali confirmed
        -   Br. Munir Virji asked as to how far in advance of the meeting the
            budget will be presented, Br. Akber Mithani explained that this is
            not a constitutional issue, we will attempt to do this with adequate

        -   Resolution approved unanimously

  9) Membership Resolution
    “Be it resolved that a person who is a member of any jamat or similar
      religious organization in North America is not eligible to be a full
              member of the Shia Muslim Community of of BC”

        -   Br. Akber Mithani explained rationale behind resolution being
            perception of conflict, one could be president of both communities
        -   Br. Akber Mithani explained that this is a common practice amongst
            many other communities, locally and throughout North America
        -   Br. Hud inquired about if one could never become a full member if
            once a member of another community, Br. Akber Mithani explained
            that this is applicable to concurrent memberships
        -   Br. Munawar inquired that if someone moves from Toronto, then if
            they need to give up membership to become member in Toronto,
            Br. Akber Mithani explained that it only restricts for full
            memberships, no restriction for associate members
        -   Br. Amir Rashid asked about people who are currently members of
            two organizations, Br. Akber Mithani explained that it will be the
            responsibility of the membership committee to implement this
        -   Br. Mohsin Kamani asked if we could just not allow for office
            holdings, Br. Akber Mithani explained that voting members have the
            power to make enough changes to take over office

        -   The resolution was unanimously approved

  10) Any other Business
         - Br. Munir Virji suggested the AGM not be on Apr 15th, as this is the
            annual Sun Run in which many community members participate

Meeting Adjourn at 1:33pm

                                                                         AGM 2012 Pkg Page 16
                                     Executive Committee Meetings Attendance Record
                                                                        2011                                             2012
Position                     Name         May 3rd Jun 7th Jul 4th Aug 12th Sept 13th Oct 4th Nov 1st Dec 13th Feb 7th Mar 6th Apr 3rd
President                    Br. Akber
Vice President               Br. Mohamed                                                       X                        X
Secretary                    Br. Ali-Reza                                                                               X
Tresurer                     Br. Hasnain
Programs                     Br. Asad                                         X
Internal Affairs             Br. Mahmood
Public Relations             Br. Michael    X                                 X                                                 X
Education                    Br. Hameed     X                                 X                                         X
Operational Transformation   Br. Anwar
Maintenance                  Br. Jaffer                                                                                 X
Religious Affairs            Br. Hussein

Trustee                      Br. Amir                                                  X                                             X
Trustee                      Br. Jaffer              X       X                                 X                X                    X
Trustee                      Br. Hassanali                   X
Trustee                      Br. Zuhier
Trustee                      Br. Shabir      X               X                 X               X        X       X         N/A       N/A

x- indicates absence

                                                                                                                    AGM 2012 Pkg Page 17


                                           Director of Education Report 
                                                     Br. Hameed Jagani 
Az‐Zahraa Islamic Academy 
Major Achievements: 
        1. A joint fundraising event held on March 3rd, 2012 with Az‐Zahraa Islamic (AZIA) Academy & Child Aid International 
                  a. Over 530 adults and youths attended 
                  b. Over 80 children attended 
                  c. With tremendous support from the sponsors, donors, attendees, school staff, volunteers and many 
                      others that supported the event and the respective organizations, the net proceeds raised from the event 
                      was approximately $53,000. 
        2. The Academy is currently on track to meet its operating budget for the 2011 – 2012 school year. 
        3. Pre‐registration for the 2012‐2013 school indicates that we will Insha‐A____ have another strong year of 
             attendance at the school. 
        4. As part of the school’s mandate to attract and retain good teachers and staff, the school is embarking on 
             introducing an RRSP program for the staff commencing the 2012‐2013 school year. 
        5. The Academy’s website has been designed and is currently under development. The target timeline to launch the 
             website is late spring. 
Challenges & Recommendations 
    1. The academy’s target from the fundraiser was to raise $70,000. ($50k for capital costs and $20k for the 
        bursary/subsidy program); however the academy’s portion from the fundraiser is approximately $26,500. 
        • Recommendations: 
                  o Organize a community walk‐a‐thon in late spring 
                  o Approach prospective donors in an effort to generate donations towards the two specific needs. 
    2. The student base is spread throughout the Lower Mainland, not only Richmond; as a result, this is impeding the 
        school’s growth as it is becoming more and more difficult for families to drive their children to the school. 
        • Recommendations: 
                  o The school continues to research the feasibility of a bus that will serve the entire community and will help 
                      in increasing with the long‐term growth of the school by providing prospective students and their families 
                      with a viable transportation option.  
Director of Education Report – April 2012 
                                                                                                    AGM 2012 Pkg Page 18
Madrasah Az‐Zahraa 
Major Achievements: 
        1. Changes have been made in the Qur’an program to group children based on their recitation ability.  
                  • Children that require one‐on‐one teaching continue with the original program. 
                  • Students that are able to recite the Qur’an reasonably well are reciting in a classroom setting with one 
                       teach catering between 8‐15 students. 
        2. Textbooks have been designed by the Qur’an coordinators that focus on translation, Tafsir, discussions and 
        3. The Madrasah website has been designed and is currently under development. The target timeline to launch the 
             website is late spring / early summer of 2012. 
        4. A special program for teacher training was conducted starting off with a Pro‐D workshop focussed on classroom 
             management. Subsequently, professional teachers visited and assisted in classes as well as assisted teachers with 
             lesson preparation. Also, a follow‐up Pro‐D day was held focussing on activity based lesson planning to make the 
             lessons as interesting. 
Challenges & Recommendations: 
    1. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Br. Hussein Sheriff and Br. Hasnain R.M. Dewji have advised that they will not 
        be continuing as principal and vice principal respectively beyond this academic year. 
        • Recommendations: 
                  o Initiate a search for a new principal and a vice principal respectively 
                  o Request Br. Hussein and Br. Hasnain to continue to support the Madrasah not only until to assist with a 
                       smooth transition to the new leadership but also to continue to be involved with the operations of the 
                       Madrasah in the future. 
    2. Currently have 276 students enrolled. The madrasah is operating beyond capacity and is challenged with how to 
        manage future new enrollment and large class sizes. 
        • Recommendations: 
                  o Limit enrollment and class sizes. 
                  o Use other areas of our centre 
    3. The curriculum that we have been following is from The content language is based on UK 
        requirements and we need to modify it to meet our purposes. 
        • Recommendations: 
                  o Currently studying (Toronto West) curriculum and supporting notes to determine if 
                       this will be more suitable for our requirements. 
    4. We have an extensive resource centre; however we are limited in manpower and time to implement the ideas to 
        maximize the full potential and benefits of the resource centre. 
    5. The current leadership team of Madrasah met together with many of the past Madrasah principals and administrators 
        to brainstorm on succession planning as well as strategic planning.  
        • Recommendations: 
                  o Put together a team that will lead in the development of a multi‐year strategic plan for the Madrasah.  

Director of Education Report – April 2012 
                                                                                                    AGM 2012 Pkg Page 19
                     Director of Operational Transformation (DOT) 
                                                Br. Anwar Nathu 

Facility Rental. 

    •    Reviewed the Rental Process 
    •    Implemented Changes to improve and streamline the processes 
    •    Implement Rental Calender on the web  
    •    Improved collection Process. 
    •    Made sure that every group was treated fairly  
    •    Increased the use of the Facilities. There are more groups using the facilities. 

Web Site Development. 

    •    Worked with Mahmood to create our new Website 
    •    Involved our youths in the process. 
    •    Implemented the new Website 
    •    Created social media presence. 
             o Facebook 
             o Twitter 
    •    Currently training our youths to create banners and maintaining the site 

Information Technology Infrastructure 

•   With Mahmood Rashid created Information Technology Steering group.  
       o Recruited experienced IT professionals from within the community to be members of this group. 
        o Coordinating the efforts to implementing technology at centre and also working with sub groups 
           so that a standardized infrastructure is in place to serve the community for a long time to come. 
       o Projects Underway 
                    New website for the school 
                    New website for Madrasah 
                    Install a centralize server 
                    Install New wireless infrastructure 
                    IPhone App for the website 
                    Electronic bulletin boards 
                    New Internet connection and the structure to support School and Madrasa technology 
                    Member Portal 

Adjacent Plot 

•   Part of the team looking at the feasibility of building something on the adjacent plot. 

                                                                                               AGM 2012 Pkg Page 20
                                Director of Internal Affairs 
                                        Br. Mahmood Rashid 
Az‐Zahraa Youth Committee 

   With guidance from our resident Aalim, Shaykh Murtaza Bachoo, the Az‐Zahraa Youth Committee 
   has been successful in fostering a healthy, Islamic environment not only for the youth but for the 
   wider community as well. 

   Some of the accomplishments of the Az‐Zahraa Youth Committee over the past year: 

   •   The Ramadhan Games Night 
           o Initially, the main goal for the Az‐Zahraa Youth Committee was to unite all of the Shia 
               Muslim youths in the Lower Mainland. 
           o The youth participated in many fun filled activities and partook Sahri together and spent 
               the last portion of the night with the recitation of Salaat ul Layl. The program concluded 
               after Fajr Salaat. 
   •   Eid Flowers and Cards 
           o Az‐Zahraa Youth Committee managed to engage the youths of the community to have 
               them provide services that would benefit the entire community. 
           o An annual event carried out at the end of the month of Ramadhan and culminating on 
               the festive day of Eid‐ul‐Fitr. 
           o The Youth Committee organized the preparation and delivery of Eid Flowers and cards 
               that brought smiles to the faces of many on this joyous occasion. 
   •   The Al‐Ghadeer Program 
           o Successfully co‐organized the event with the AMYBC and AYA youth groups of the Lower 
           o Hosted at the Columbia Theatre in New Westminster, featuring heart‐warming speeches 
               and a delicious dinner, followed by Nasheeds and ending with a very fulfilling desert. 
           o This was a huge step in solidifying ties with the AMYBC and AYA youth committees. 
   •   The Muharram Poetry Slam 
           o In the spirit of commemoration of the events of the 10th of Muharram, the Az‐Zahraa 
               Youth Committee hosted a Muharram Poetry Slam; a poetry competition aimed at 
               uncovering the poetic talent found in the youth of the community and using it to create 
               works of art in the remembrance the supreme sacrifice meted out to Imam Husayn (a.s). 
           o The poetry contest was a huge success as it fostered the youths’ individual feelings and 
               emotions towards this tragic event. 
   •   A Journey into Islam 
           o By far the most ambitious event organized by the Az‐Zahraa Youth Committee, A 
               Journey into Islam was an exhibition of faith. 

                                                                                     AGM 2012 Pkg Page 21
            o   As part of this event, the doors of our centre were opened to non‐Muslim members of 
                the wider community, so that we could put our faith on display and to bridge the gap 
                between the various faiths. 
            o   Through this program, light was shed on our faith and its practices. 
            o   The event featured keynote speeches and a full dinner followed by an exhibition of 
                Islam and a tour of the centre. 
            o   The event was a sweeping success as a positive impression of the faith was given to the 

Web Site Development 

    •   Worked with Br. Anwar Nathu to revamp the Az‐Zahraa Website. 
    •   Involved our youths in the process. 
    •   Implemented the new Website. 
    •   Created social media presence. 
            o Facebook 
            o Twitter 
    •   Currently training our youths to create banners and maintaining the site. 
    •   Training various stakeholders to keep their respective areas current. 

Information Technology Infrastructure 

•   Collaborated with Br. Anwar Nathu to create the SMCBC Information Technology Steering group.  
        o Recruited experienced IT professionals from within the community to be members of this 
        o Coordinating the efforts to implementing technology at centre and also working with sub 
            groups so that a standardized infrastructure is in place to serve the community for a long 
            time to come. 
        o Projects Underway 
                    New website for the school 
                    New website for Madrasah 
                    Install a centralize server 
                    Install New wireless infrastructure 
                    IPhone App for the website 
                    Electronic bulletin boards 
                    New Internet connection and the structure to support School and Madrasa 
                    technology advancements 
                    Member Portal 

                                                                                      AGM 2012 Pkg Page 22
   Director’s Report – Director of Public Relations & Communications 
                                           Br. Michael Symons 
This past year has been a challenging time for Muslim communities in North America, with critical topics 
like war and terrorism, the Arab Spring, and the rights and responsibilities of Muslim Canadians playing a 
prominent role in our media.  The Az‐Zahraa community has been well‐represented when called for 
comment, including the following activities and initiatives: 

    •   Established relationships with local MPs following the May 2011 elections. 
    •   Supported NASIMCO and World Federation pressures on the Canadian government during 
        Shaykh Usama’s detention in Saudi Arabia. 
    •    Used government and media relationships to establish a voice for our community on subjects 
        important to our membership, including condemnation of the Bahraini regime and the 
        crackdown on Shi’as by the Malaysian government. 
    •   Represented our community at interfaith gatherings, including the joint Muslim / Christian 
        prayers held at the downtown library with our neighbours from Peace Mennonite. 
    •   Maintained links with other faith groups, including our neighbours along the Highway to 

In the year to come, the work of this office needs to re‐focus on tabligh, both internally and externally.  
It is very clear that the voice of Shi’a Muslims needs more support alongside our Sunni brothers and 
sisters, and we can achieve this by putting more effort into media relations (letter writing, blogging, 
social media, and other outreach), with a goal to communicate the faith and actions of the Shi’a here in 

If the office has offended or misrepresented you in any way during this past year, I take responsibility 
and sincerely pray for your forgiveness.  I look forward to serving the community with renewed energy 
in the year to come. 


Michael Symons 

Director of Public Relations and Communications 

                                                                                        AGM 2012 Pkg Page 23
         Director’s Report – Director of Religious & Cultural Affairs 
                                           Br. Hussein Bhojani 
In the past year, our office has coordinated various activities to serve the Az Zahraa Islamic Centre, 

    •   Continuing liaisons with Sh. Murtaza, Sh. Nasir Zaidi, and visiting scholars to coordinate religious 
    •   Representing Az Zahraa at events organized by our Sunni and Ismaili brothers and sisters. 
    •   Supporting our Director of Programs as a coordinator at regular and scheduled community 
    •   Continued support for the regular Subh prayer programs. 

If I have offended you in any way in the past year, I humbly ask for your forgiveness and look forward to 
the coming months and my continued service. 

With salaams and du’as, 

Hussein Bhojani 

Past President 


                                                                                        AGM 2012 Pkg Page 24
             Director on Maintenance Report 
                           Br. Jaffer Nathu 
                  Work carried out 2011­2012 
• Refinishing of minarets carried out (Oct‐Nov 2011) due to water 
• Major spring clean up carried out in June‐July 2011 – Big success, 
  good turnout. 
• Installation of glass cabinets for Zari (ladies & gents side) carried 
  out under Brother Asad Zaidi’s supervision. 
• Interior painting is being carried out‐ on going every Sunday as 
  necessary.  Carried out by Brother Shaji, at no cost to Jamat. He is 
  kind enough to do it at his own cost‐both materials and labor. 
• On going plumbing maintenance is carried out by Apple Plumbing 
  & HTG on cost basis when needed. 
• Repairs to the gym floor‐scrubbing machine carried out by Br. 
  Sadiq Dharamshi at no extra cost. 
• Gym floor is now cleaned every month professionally using our 
  own machine due to extensive gym rental usage. 
• Stripping and refinishing of the main exterior doors is almost now 
  complete.  The attached frame and molding will be completed on 
  site as weather improves. 
• Heating and A/C units‐ work is always in progress.  We have 22 
  rooftop units (each with it’s own problems).  10 units have 
  already been thoroughly serviced and tuned up. 
• Roof leak investigation is under progress. 5‐6 spots have been 
  identified as leak sources.  Repairs to be carried out as weather 
• Make up air unit in the ladies kitchen, which has never worked 
  has now been fixed and is running. 
• Health inspection for the school was successfully carried out and 
  passed as their requirement. 

                                                            AGM 2012 Pkg Page 25
                        Work to be Carried Out in 2012 
    1. Exterior painting for the complete centre is to begin in spring as 
       weather improves. 
    2. We have decided to purchase two storage containers, both the 
       color of green painted on the exterior to match the colors of the 
       centre. Br. Hamid Jagani is working on this with me and shall have 
       a quote soon. 
    3. The fountain pump will be replaced. It has already been ordered 
       and should be running soon. 
    4. Parking lot maintenance‐ markings to be repainted. 
    5. Mimbar construction or purchase for both ladies and gents sides 
       is being looked into. 
    6. External signage upgrade is also being looked into. 
    7. Our major spring clean up is coming up and as always, the 
       community always steps up to this great worthy cause of cleaning 
       Allah’s House. The centre is now approaching to be 10 years old 
       and hence, the challenge to maintain it is everyone’s duty, just as 
       we would maintain our own house. 
    8. A B.C Hydro audit has already been carried out to save us energy 
       costs by replacing the lighting and using motion sensors where 
       we have 24‐hour emergency lights on.  We are looking at saving 
       almost 30 % in our hydro bills. 
Jaffer Nathu 
Maintenance Director 

                                                               AGM 2012 Pkg Page 26
           2011 Actuals and 2012 Budget

                                        2011               2011             2012
General Revenue                        ACTUAL             BUDGET           BUDGET

 Subscription                            64,280.00         60,000.00        64,000.00
 General fund                            26,624.00         25,000.00        25,000.00
 Rentals - other                          1,352.00          2,000.00         2,000.00
 Gym rentals                             14,482.00         10,000.00        14,000.00
 Tuck shop                                5,000.00          6,000.00         6,000.00
 Interest                                 1,150.93          4,000.00         2,000.00
 Special Events                                -                 -          15,000.00
 Farm Sales                               3,643.75          4,000.00         3,500.00
 Fundraising                             10,000.00          6,000.00        25,000.00
Total General Revenue                   126,532.68        117,000.00       156,500.00

General & Admin. Expenses
 General                           -         252.00   -       200.00   -    200.00
 Accounting & legal                -       5,902.00   -     5,000.00   - 6,000.00
 Special Events                                 -                -     - 15,000.00
 Bank charges                      -         647.00   -       600.00   -    800.00
 Credit card charges               -       5,480.00   -     6,000.00   - 6,000.00
 Dues & subscription - NASIMCO     -       2,000.00   -     2,000.00   - 2,000.00
 Insurance                         -      29,284.00   -    30,000.00   - 30,000.00
 Office supplies                   -       1,737.00   -     1,200.00   - 2,000.00
 Property taxes                    -       5,339.00   -       500.00   - 5,500.00
 Telephone                         -       3,545.00   -     3,500.00   - 3,000.00
 Travel                                         -     -     3,000.00   - 3,000.00
Total G & A Expenses               -      54,186.00   -    52,000.00   - 73,500.00

 Net contribution/(requirement)    -      59,755.00   - 69,500.00 - 64,000.00           APPENDIX I

 Net contribution/(requirement)           28,748.00        48,000.00        50,000.00   APPENDIX I

 Net contribution/(requirement)    -    110,180.00    - 134,500.00 - 119,000.00         APPENDIX I

PR & Communication
 Net contribution/(requirement)    -       7,234.00   -     1,500.00 -       3,000.00   APPENDIX I

Religious & Cultural Affairs
 Net contribution/(requirement)                 -                -     -     6,000.00   APPENDIX I

Internal Affairs
  Net contribution/(requirement)           1,508.00   -     6,500.00 -       5,500.00   APPENDIX I

 Net contribution/(requirement)           80,000.00        80,000.00        65,000.00   School/ Madressa Budget

Operational Transformation
 Net contribution/(requirement)                       -     1,000.00 -        500.00    APPENDIX I

TOTAL SURPLUS/(DEFICIT)                    5,433.68   - 20,000.00                 -

                                                                                            AGM 2012 Pkg Page 27
                                                                                   APPENDIX I

2011 Actuals and 2012 Budget

                                      2011             2011             2012
                                     Actual           BUDGET           BUDGET
 General congregation                 13,243.00         8,000.00       10,000.00
 Muharram congregation                 3,555.00        25,000.00       30,000.00
 Ramadhan congregation                46,784.00        40,000.00       45,000.00
Total revenue                         63,582.00        73,000.00       85,000.00

 General congregation            -     7,423.00   -    11,000.00   -   10,000.00
 Muharram congregation           -    11,198.00   -     6,000.00   -   10,000.00
 Ramadhan congregation           -    16,213.00   -     8,000.00   -   15,000.00
Total expenses                   -    34,834.00   -    25,000.00   -   35,000.00

Net contribution/(requirement)        28,748.00        48,000.00       50,000.00


Farming Grant                          5,000.00

 Electricity                     -    24,878.00   -    28,000.00   - 26,000.00
 Gas                             -      ,
                                       9,179.00   -      ,
                                                        8,000.00        ,
                                                                   - 10,000.00
 Garbage                         -     4,067.00   -     4,000.00   -   4,000.00
 Janitorial supplies             -     1,680.00   -     2,000.00   -   2,000.00
 Maintenance services            -    13,638.00   -    15,000.00   - 15,000.00
 Facilities/Securities manager   -    23,542.00   -    37,000.00   - 25,000.00
 Repairs & supplies              -    14,497.00   -    10,000.00   - 12,000.00
 Farming                         -    14,635.00   -    20,000.00   - 15,000.00
 Security alarm                  -     2,502.00   -     3,500.00   -   3,000.00
 Water expense                   -     6,562.00   -     7,000.00   -   7,000.00
Total expenses                   -   115,180.00   -   134,500.00   - 119,000.00

Net contribution/(requirement)   -   110,180.00   -   134,500.00   - 119,000.00

                                                                         AGM 2012 Pkg Page 28
                                                                                      APPENDIX I


Total revenue                                   -

 Maintenance IT equipment                  7,234.00        1,500.00        3,000.00
 Website                                        -
Total expenses                             7,234.00        1,500.00        3,000.00
Net contribution/(requirement)       -     7,234.00   -    1,500.00   -    3,000.00

BUDGET - Religious and Cultural Affairs

Marriage Committee                              -               -     -    6,000.00

Total expenses                                  -               -     -    6,000.00

Net contribution/(requirement)                                        -    6,000.00


 Ladies committee                         13 455 00
                                          13,455.00       19 500 00
                                                          19,500.00       16,000.00
                                                                          16 000 00
 Youth committee                              35.00             -               -
 Seniors - Gents                           2,128.00        1,000.00        1,000.00
Total revenue                             15,618.00       20,500.00       17,000.00

 Ladies committee                    -    13,455.00   -   19,500.00   -   16,000.00
 Youth committee                     -       166.00   -    5,000.00   -    5,000.00
 Seniors - Gents                     -       489.00   -    2,500.00   -    1,500.00
Total expenses                       -    14,110.00   -   27,000.00   -   22,500.00

Net contribution/(requirement)             1,508.00   -    6,500.00   -    5,500.00

                                                                            AGM 2012 Pkg Page 29
                                                                                       APPENDIX I

BUDGET - Operational Transformation        2011             2011            2012
                                          Actual           BUDGET          BUDGET
Total revenue

 General Expenses                                  -   -    1,000.00   -     500.00
Total expenses

                                                   -   -    1,000.00   -     500.00

Net contribution/(requirement)                     -   -    1,000.00   -     500.00

BUDGET - President

 Aalim Grant                               7,593.00        10,000.00       10,000.00
 Nasimco Social fund                       9,000.00
Total revenue                             16,593.00        10,000.00       10,000.00

 Aalim Committee                      -   62,963.00    -   71,500.00   -   70,000.00
 Presidential Appointments                      -      -    2,000.00   -    1,000.00
 Contingency Fund                     -    2,742.00    -    6,000.00   -    3,000.00
 Social disbursements                 -   10,643.00              -               -

                                      -   76,348.00    -   79,500.00   -   74,000.00

Net contribution/(requirement)        -   59,755.00    -   69,500.00   -   64,000.00

                                                                             AGM 2012 Pkg Page 30
Aalim Committee Budget
2011 Actuals and 2012 Budget

                                      2011 Actual    2011 Budget 2012 Budget
Spiritual Consultants (contract)
      Contract Fees                     44,071.00      35,000.00   40,000.00
      Benefits                                -         1,500.00         -
                                              -              -           -

Visiting Aalims
       Muharram                           6,869.00     10,000.00   10,000.00
       Ramadhan                           5,413.00     10,000.00   10,000.00

Visiting Speakers and other Tabligh       6,610.00     15,000.00   10,000.00

Total                                   62,963.00      71,500.00   70,000.00

                                                                               AGM 2012 Pkg Page 31
                                     Ladies Committee - SMC of BC                     APPENDIX IV
                                      2011 Actuals and 2012 Budget

                                          2011         2011        2012
                                         Actual       Budget      Budget
   General Donations                      2,424.00     5,000.00      3,000.00
   Muharram Fund                          7,496.00     8,000.00      8,000.00
   Subscriptions                             50.00     3,000.00           -
   Ramadhan Az-Zahraa Fund                3,485.00                   5,000.00
   Miscellaneous                               -       3,500.00           -

    Total Revenue                        13,455.00    19,500.00   16,000.00


    Funds given to Men's Treasurer        6,976.00    10,000.00   10,000.00
    Congregation                          1,079.00     3,000.00    1,500.00
    Muharram                              5,400.00     2,500.00    3,500.00
    Zakira                                             2,000.00         -
    Miscellaneous                                 -    1,000.00         -
    Chairlady Contingency                              1,000.00    1,000.00
    Total Expenses                       13,455.00    19,500.00   16,000.00

Cash on Hand                                      -         -             -

LC - statement of Revenue and Expenses
                                                                                AGM 2012 Pkg Page 32
                                    2011 Actuals and 2012 Budget       APPENDIX V

   2011 Actuals and 2012 Budget

                         2011         2011      2012
                        Actual       Budget    Budget
   Youth                    35.00        -          -
   Seniors               2,128.00   1,000.00   1,000.00

   Total Revenue         2,163.00   1,000.00   1,000.00

   Youth                  166.00    5,000.00   5,000.00
   Seniors                489.00    2,500.00   1,500.00

   Total Expenses         655.00    7,500.00   6,500.00

                                                                   AGM 2012 Pkg Page 33
                           SHIA MUSLIM COMMUNITY OF BC
                                CASHFLOW ANALYSIS
                                     Dec 2011

Bank Balance                       $   567,356.00

WF - Balance                               840.00
Capital Fund                           194,705.94
Imam Ali Endowment                      53,665.62
Sadka Fund                              13,111.40
Funeral Fund                           144,050.29
Madressa Fund                           12,785.77
Contingency Reserve Fund                20,000.00
General Fund                           128,196.98
                                   $   567,356.00

                                                         AGM 2012 Pkg Page 34
Capital Expenditures 2011 and 2012 budget

                                               2011 Actual   2011 Budget   2012 Budget

          Beginning Balance                     64,483.16      64,483.16    194,705.94

          Capital Donation                      43,000.00      30,000.00           -
          From General Fund                     20,000.00      20,000.00           -
          Muharram Capital Campaign             99,544.78            -

          Total Additions                      162,544.78      50,000.00           -

          Gym Carpet Rolls and Equipment         8,000.00      10,000.00           -
          Stage                                  5,627.00       5,000.00           -
          IT Improvements                                       4,000.00           -
          Farming                               18,695.00      25,000.00     10,000.00
          Imambargha and Wall Décor                             8,000.00      8,000.00
          Spirituality through Islamic Art                      5,000.00      5,000.00
          Roof Maintenance and Repair                          10,000.00     10,000.00
          Furniture and Fixtures for tabligh                    4,000.00      4,000.00
          Signage for the centre                                4,000.00      4,000.00
          Exterior Painting                                                  25,000.00
          Interior Painting                                                  15,000.00
          Storage Area                                                       40,000.00
          Door repairs                                                       10,000.00
          Heating and AC Maintenance                                          5,000.00
          IT Equiptment and E-Information                                    10,000.00

          Total Capital Expenditures            32,322.00      75,000.00    146,000.00

          Capital Fund Balance                 194,705.94      39,483.16     48,705.94

                                                                                         AGM 2012 Pkg Page 35

Special Resolution (requires approval of at least 75% of voting members

Delete item 54 (c) from the Constitution and replace with the following:

The Past President will be invited as a guest to attend the first Executive
Committee meeting to provide a transition and thereafter maybe invited from time
to time at the discretion of the President

Proposed By: Dr. Akber Mithani
Seconded By: Br. Ali-Reza Merali

                                                                      AGM 2012 Pkg Page 36

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