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									                                 Tigard Animal Hospital
                               13599-SW Pacific Hwy Ste C
                                    Tigard, OR 97223

February 2008
                                  Happy Valentine’s Day!

                    February is “National Pet Dental Health Care Month”

                            Welcome Dr. Candie and Dr. Bridget!

We are happy to announce the addition of two new veterinarians to our staff!

Dr. Candie Corriher is a 1995 graduate of N.C. State University’s College of Veterinary
Medicine. She was an equine veterinarian for five years before making the switch to small animal
private practice. She has seven years of experience at various small animal veterinary clinics in
Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. She has a special interest in internal medicine, ultrasound,
pediatric spay/neuter surgery, and pocket pets.

Dr. Bridget Duroche recently moved to the Portland area from the Midwest. She earned her DVM
at Auburn University in Alabama. Along with working as an associate at multi-doctor practices,
she has been very active in rescue and shelter medicine in the Midwest. Dr. Duroche plans to
continue her efforts to aid in caring for homeless pets in our area.

                                  Annual Holiday Drawings

 BIG CONGRATULATIONS! to the following pets for being selected as our Annual Holiday
                            Drawing winners!

                                        Pet of the Year:

“Heidi” Bartlett-Dotson, who is owned by Jack Bartlett and Kimberley Dotson, will receive
         a $1,108.80 credit in her account for all the services provided for 2007!

Grand Prize - $250 in preventative care: “Tami” Reichard-Engelen, who is owned by Bob
Reichard and Beverly Engelen, will receive a $250 credit in her account to be used for
preventative care!
First Prize - $150 in preventative care: “Snitch” Smith, who is owned by Erin and Marvin
Smith, will receive a $150 credit in her account to be used for preventative care!
Second Prize – One year’s worth of heartworm preventative: “Blaze” Hartman, who is owned
by David and Jo Hartman, will receive a year’s worth of heartworm preventative!
Pet of the Month for December 2007: “Thor” Alexander, who is owned by Rebecca Alexander,
received a credit in his account for $210.79, for services performed on December 8, 2007!
                                    Pet Food Club Drawing

Congratulations to “Tommy” Veronda, for being named our Pet Food Club pet of the year!
“Tommy” is owned by Janet Veronda. As the grand prize, the staff will provide a year’s worth of
food (or up to six large bags) to “Tommy.” Congratulations and happy munching “Tommy”!


                                        Pet of the Month

Congratulations “Sophie” Erie for being named Pet of the Month for January. “Sophie” is owned
by Debi Erie. As the winner, the care provided for “Sophie”, totaling $162.91 on January 19, was
donated as the Grand Prize by the staff. The Pet of the Month winner is randomly chosen from
all the clients who were in during the past month. All winners are automatically entered into our
Pet of the Year drawing (see above). The Pet of the Year will be awarded with a credit in their
account for all the services provided for the year. Food is excluded from this drawing, but
members of the Pet Food Club are eligible for the Grand Prize of up to six large bags of food or
feeding for a year.

                            National Pet Dental Health Care Month

We believe preventative medicine can keep your pets healthy for as long as possible. Dental
disease is now recognized as the number one medical problem in dogs and cats. Knowing that,
preventive dental care is one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy. Best of all, it only takes
one minute or less of your time with your pet once a week to add two to five years to their life.
Those additional years of enjoyment for both you and your pet are because of what we have
learned about the bacteria in your pet’s mouth and how they can be harmful.
Please take a moment to do this one-minute evaluation of your pet’s mouth.
   Look at your pet’s teeth and smell their breath. If you see a brown or yellow build-up on the
  teeth, inflamed gums, broken teeth or smell a bad odor, it is time for your pet to have a dental
     evaluation and/or cleaning. Call 503-684-3132 to set up an appointment or just stop by.

 Advances in anesthesiology allow us to perform most dental procedures on an outpatient basis,
           and the time frame from arrival to departure can be as short as one hour.

                                      Things to Remember

    •   Vaccine clinic will be on held on February 16th, from 7:30 AM- 2 PM.
    •   Chocolate is very toxic to dogs and cats.
    •   Check your pet for lumps and bumps each week when you brush their teeth. Cancer
        grows very rapidly in pets.
    •   Tuesday is Super Human Senior Day. We will provide 15% off services.
    •   We now offer full service grooming.
    •   Check out our website at

Ken Genova, DVM

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