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									Network Marketing Success Tips
                                         Network Marketing Success Tips! –by
                                         Pedro de Lemos
                                          Network Marketing Success Tips - This week
                                          I participated in a teleconference. The topic
                                          was "Making Decisions & Commit." One of my
                                          resolutions for 2013 is to invest 20 to 30
                                          minutes daily in my personal development. As
                                          you know, success in network marketing,
                                          doesn´t come over night... For this, I read
                                          books, participate in webinars and
                                          teleconferences same. During this conference
                                          was discussed that a person should make a
                                          decision and then also commit ourselves to
                                          the rest of the year, consistently and
persistently implement what we decided. If you can implement this in your everyday
life, you're already light years ahead of many other people who want a lot, but are not
willing to make decisions for their network marketing success.

Network Marketing Success Tips - Make a Decision...

If you want to earn more money, reach the next level in your compensation plan, and
have the lifestyle that you always dream about, then this is the right way. Make a
decision and commit yourself to it. Apply what you have decided consistently in your
daily life. Every day... No more excuses!

I also found the following network marketing success tip from Eric Worre...

"If you don't have a simple "Daily Method Of Operation", it will be very difficult to build
a large and successful organization. A DMO usually consists of one to three things
that everyone... in your group commits to do every day. Up to three things that will
take your team in the direction of their dreams. Up to three things that will help
involve more customers and add more distributors. If you can't name those one, two
or three things, I can guess your income and it won't be very large. If you don't have
a DMO, start one today. If you do, make sure EVERY person on your team is
committed to it, starting with YOU!" That is the way to have success in network

No matter what time of the year you are reading this article, no matter in which point
of your network marketing career you are now... the next days, with this & other
network marketing success tips, start your success in network marketing and NEVER
give up your dreams.
Your Friend & Partner
Pedro de Lemos

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