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									Halle Berry Diabetes: Cure For Type 1 Diabetes
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Halle Berry Diabetes: Cure For Type 1 Diabetes
Is there a cure for type 1 Diabetes? According to Halle Berry diabetes
type 1 does have a cure. Halle Berry was diagonosed with Diabetes in 1989.
In 2005 she stated that she was cured for type 1 diabetes. Halle Berry no
longer takes insulin due to her change in diet. She now has type 2 diabetes.
But is this really possible?

Halle Berry Diabetes

Halle Berry Diabetes type 1 cure raised many questions. According to the
medical community diabetes type 1 cannot be cured. Eating healthy does
help to manage type 1 diabetes but it doesn’t regrow the pancreas and
produce insulin.

For this reason many experts believe that “Halle Berry Diabetes” Type 1
disgnosis must have been incorrect.

But what is more powerful? Theory or empirical evidence? More and
more people are claiming that there is a cure for type 1 diabetes through
diet. Here is my blog post of a 40 year old woman who has been following
the raw vegan 80 10 10 diet which many believe is a cure for Type 1
Diabetes. Could Halle Berry Diabetes cure claim be true?

I would say yes due to the empirical evidence we see. I don’t know what the
Halle Berry Diabetes Cure Diet is but a Raw Vegan 80 10 10 can lead to a
cure for type 1 diabetes. For following such a diet it is possible for the
pancreas to start producing insulin.


The thing is many “miracles” are possible if we live in the way that nature
has designed us. Many experts including Dr. Douglas Graham state that
we are not designed for cooked food. It’s very hard t accept this in the
society we live today but if you look into this you will be surprised on how
much healthier you can become.

What’s your opinion concern Halle Berry Diabetes claim? Please comment

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Halle Berry Diabetes

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