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Can Diabetes Be Cured? Cure For Type 1 Diabetes
Is diabetes curable? Really? Can diabetes be cured? This is a question
that many people ask. When I refer to a cure I mean a way to cure diabetes
naturally. Last week I met a person with type 1 diabetes but I didn’t get the
chance to speak on this topic.

Can Diabetes Be
Below is a video by a 40 year
old mother with diabetes type
1. She has been diabetic
since her early 20s. Can
diabetes be cured? According
to her the answer is yes. It’s
a definite cure for type 1

She started Dr. Douglas Graham’s Raw Vegan 80 10 10 Diet and noticed
amazing results. She came across the 80 10 10 Diet via the 30 day Raw

Initially her doctor advised her not to change her diet but she was
determined to look further into this. She found a new doctor that
supported her.

Her HbA1c levels improved within such a short time and as a result she is
much more happier. To understand this natural cure for type 1 diabetes
further, Amie went to a number of Seminars by Ellen Livingston and Dr.
Douglas Graham.

Amie realised that she had to do this raw vegan 80 10 10 Diet.
       There is a high likelihood that she could get off insulin
       completely. Her pancreas may still be able to produce insulin.

Her goal is to contact other people who are also asking the question, can
diabetes be cured, and give them the support they need to change their

       Being a raw vegan in social situations can be difficult. There is
       also the risk of eating due to just emotional reasons.

Even with these challenges its worth changing your diet if you are seriously
asking the question of “can diabetes be cured”.

Amie has three children who also follow the raw vegan 80 10 10 diet. They
feel much more healthier. Still not believe that this can be a cure for type 1

Check out the short video below:

What’s your opinion? Can diabetes be cured? Please comment below if you
have an opinion on this topic.

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