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									               Your	card	will	expire	after	twelve	months.    •	     as	a	debit	card	or	at	ATMs
                                                                    There	is	no	PIN	number.	The	card	cannot	be	used	     •	
        before	authorizing	which	may	result	in	a	decline.
        Restaurants	purchases	automatically	add	20%	         •	    make	Internet	or	phone	purchases	with	your	card.
                                                                   is	required	on	all	in-person	purchases	and	you	can	
     amount	within	your	balance.                                   Even	though	the	card	says	“DEBIT”,	your	signature	    •	
     may	result	in	a	decline.	Go	inside	and	authorize	an	
     amount	that	may	be	greater	than	your	balance.	This	          the	back	and	you	are	ready	to	enjoy.
     Pay-at-the	pump	will	automatically	authorize	an	        •	   the	provided	activation	code.		Once	complete	sign	
                                                                  1-888-621-1397	and	enter	in	your	card	number	and	.                                    to	use	it.	Visti	or	call	
        Your	access	code	for	on-line	balance	is	“4444”	at	   •	   Your	must	activate	your	card	before	your	are	able	     •	
              Important Things You Need To Know About Your Prepaid Visa Card
                       Prepaid Visa® Card Information
                                                                  Are there any other merchants where a
Can I use my Prepaid Visa Card at “pay at the                     transaction may be declined?
pump” gasoline stations?                                          Merchants whose customers normally “tip” will often
Yes, but a minimum amount will be automatically                   obtain an authorization for the amount of the bill plus
authorized and this may result in “transaction declined”          a percentage for tip prior to bringing the receipt to you
if your balance is below this amount. The card terminal           for your signature. For authorization, ask the waiter to
in the “pay at the pump” stations automatically checks            authorize an amount that is within the remaining balance
with the Bank to see if your Card has enough money                of your card.
left to pay for an average purchase of gas, which varies
among merchants. If your Card does not have enough                What should I do if my Prepaid Visa Card is lost or
money to pay for this amount, your attempt to pay at              stolen?
the pump will be declined. If this occurs, you can go             Immediately notify the issuer on-line on this web site or
inside and ask the cashier to authorize an amount that            call toll free to 1-888-621-1397, 24 hours a day, 7 days a
                                                                  week, or write to: Cardholder Services, P.O. Box 550160,
is within the remaining balance of your card.
                                                                  Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33355-0160. Customer service
                                                                  representatives to handle this occurrence are available 24
                                                                  hours a day, 7 days a week. For a copy of the Terms and
                                                                  Conditions governing your card, ask your provider or write
                                                                  or call us at the address and number listed on your card.
                            Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Prepaid Visa Card work?                          What do I do if the card is declined?
Cardholders can use the card just like a regular Visa         This means that the amount authorized by the merchant
card up to the value of the card. Just sign the receipt for   is above the remaining balance on the card. Be sure the
purchases. Or use on-line or with 800 purchases.              merchant is only authorizing an amount that is equal to
                                                              or less than the current balance.
What makes the Prepaid Visa Card different from
other gift cards or certificates?                             How long can I use the Prepaid Visa Card?
Your Prepaid Visa Card can be used anywhere this Visa         You can use your card until the balance is zero or the
card is accepted – at more than 25 million merchants          card has expired. What happens when I spend all the
worldwide.                                                    funds on my card? Your card will no longer be accepted
                                                              as a form of payment. We recommend you destroy your
Is a Prepaid Visa Card a credit card?                         Card after the balance is zero or the card expires.
No, the Card is a prepaid Visa card. However, when
presented at a merchant for payment you must provide          Do I need a PIN number to use my card?
your signature on the receipt similar to a credit card        No. This is a signature card and no PIN is issued. It
transaction.                                                  cannot be used at ATMs.

How can I check the balance on my card?                       Are any fees charged to my balance for using the
You can check your balance 24 hours a day, 7 days a           card?
week at or call 1-888-621-1397.          A lost or stolen card replacement fee is charged if the
Key in your card number and card access code and three        card is replaced. See the Card Holder Agreement Terms
digit security code on the back of the card.                  and Conditions provided with the card for the fee
Can I make a purchase for more than the amount
remaining on the card?
Yes, you can pay the difference between the purchase
price and the remaining value of the Prepaid Visa Card
with cash, check, a credit card or a Check Card. This is
subject to the merchant’s procedures.                         (continued on back)

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