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                          Creating Wealth and Achieving a Better Future with English!
                                        THE SUPERMARKET
                                                 GE1 / P12
**Materials needed:
-photocopies of written exercise
Supermarket, cart, push, bump into, careful, shopping list, milk, butter, egg, dozen, cookie, pack, rice,
brand, sugar, flour, vanilla, recipe, aisle, bottom shelf, cheese, raisin, mustard, sushi roll, tuna fish, fruit
juice, beer, coconut, strawberry, can, carton, checkout counter, receipt, paper napkin, celebrate, guest,
Hide and Seek, Simon Says, Tag, Treasure Hunt, knickknack.
b.      Opposites
Call out a word and have students identify its opposite
To sell        --- To buy
Expensive      --- Cheap
First     --- Last
Love           --- Hate
Like      --- Dislike
Can you hold this bag while I get the cart?
We need to get some milk, some butter…
No, we still have some.
Yes, we could get some.
Don’t bump into anyone.
I hate doing that!
Because we already have some at home.
Look! We are not going to argue about this!
No, we don’t want this brand.
That’s what we want. Thank you, Jamie.
Let’s see if you can find the sugar, now!
Never mind. We’ll get it later.
It’s in the next aisle.
There are the same bags on the bottom shelf.
Let me get six cartons of fruit juice and some beer.
We have to get everything out of the cart now.
Your cart’s in the way!
How stupid of me!

                      Creating Wealth and Achieving a Better Future with English!
.Naturally Speaking
                  Finding a Shop                                      Opening Hours
  Questions                                             Questions

        Can you recommend a good toy/clothes                 What time do you open, please?
         shop?                                                What time do you close, please?
        Is there a chemists/supermarket in the               What are your opening hours?
         area?                                                Are you open all day?
        Where can I get toothpaste/pet food?                 Are you open on Sundays?
        Where's the nearest shopping centre?
                                                              We're open 24/7. (24 hours a day / 7
        There's a really good bookshop just                   days a week)
         around the corner.                                   We're closed at lunchtime, between 12
        You can buy that here in the hotel.                   and 2pm.
        The best toy shop is in the shopping                 We're open from 9am till 6pm, Monday
         centre.                                               to Friday.
        The nearest one is a few miles away.

              Shopping for Clothes                                        Paying
  Questions                                             Questions

        Could you help me, please?                       Do you take credit cards?
        Could you tell me where the ................     Do you give credit?
         department is?                                   Do you have a loyalty card?
        Excuse me, I'm looking for a .......... .        Does it have a warranty?
        Is there somewhere I can try this on,            Can I pay by cheque?
         please?                                          Do you offer a cash discount?
        Does it suit me?                                 Could I have a VAT receipt, please?
        Do you have this in a (larger/smaller size)      Could I leave my bags here and pick
         (different colour), please?                        them up later?
        Do you do alterations?
        Do you have a refund policy?                 Answers/Comments
        Is this in the sale?
                                                              We take all the major credit cards.
  Answers/Comments                                            We only accept cheques with a cheque
        It's too long / short.                               We are offering 6 months free credit
        It's too tight / loose.                               with no deposit.
        The ladies / gents changing rooms are                Sorry, no.
         over there.                                          Yes, certainly.
        You can bring it back and exchange it or
         get a refund within 2 weeks if you keep
         the receipt.


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