KCCI Membership Form Filling Instructions by mariarobert18


									Instructions for Filing Karachi Chamber of Commerce and
Industry Membership Form

1. Application form be duly filled in all columns and typed neatly.

2. Application form should be proposed and seconded by the authorized representatives
of their companies having valid membership of the Karachi Chamber and duly stamped.

3. One Photograph of the Authorized representative.

4. Memorandum & Article of Association along with Certificate of incorporation of
limited companies and Partnership deed should be attested by notary Public/Office
bearers of the Karachi Chamber.

5. Attestation of the specimen signature cards by Partner. Directors, is not necessary but
must bear Rubber Stamp on front side below. Other Partners/ directors must sign in the
space provided on the card. In case of Proprietor concern, the Proprietor will represent

6. List of Directors/Partners duly signed be provided.

7. Application form must bear Rubber Stamps of the Company.

8. Physical address of the Company is required on the form as given in the NTN.

9. Latest original NTN/Assessment orders and Bank Certificate along with their copies be
provided. The original documents will be returned after attestation.

10. Copy to Sales Tax return. (If applicable)

11. Fees structure:

(a)    Form Charges                   Rs. 25/-
(b)    Admission fee                  Rs. 500/-
(c)    Annual Subscription            Rs. 1,200/-
(d)    Research fee                   Rs. 100/-
(e)    Economic Horizon               Rs. 300/-
(f)    Hospital                       Rs. 200/-
(g)    PCLC                           Rs. 300/-

       Total                          Rs. 2,625/-

12. Payment is made through Pay Order in favor of KARACHI CHAMBER OF
13. Original + Photostat copy of National Identity Card of representative.

14. For Chamber’s Identity Card Rs. 50/- to be deposited in the Accounts Department and
one passport size color photo along with photo copy of the National Identity Card be
submitted. ID card will be issue upon confirmation of the Membership.

15. April to March is the financial year of the Karachi Chamber and its membership
will expire on 31st March, each year.

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