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									Empower Network Co Op, Shows You How You Can Start Making Dependable
Income From Home

26-JAN-2913 - Empower Network Co Op and Joshua Drake, team leader, are
pleased to announce that home-based income can be achieved that is
dependable. When moving from a time-clock job to one where different
standards apply, it is important to find a type of work that allows the
worker to be less stressed about both the amount and regularity of
household income.

Speaking in a recent interview, Joshua Drake stated, "I like to think of
achieving and maintaining a dependable income from home as a mountain. By
working with other climbers trying to master the climb up the mountain,
you can make it to the top. It's not easy to do. I offer something which
I've put together to help with the techniques of climbing and of working
as a team member."

Proven success stories are presented on the web pages and access
information can be seen on the YouTube video which sets out the
principles for how to create the framework of financial success. From the
main website, members of the network co op are directed to a private
page. Here there is a description of a step-by-step approach for success.
The founders of the program went from homeless with zero income to over
four million in sales in less than four months. The techniques are as
simple as learning three tricks.

The team leader, Joshua Drake, provides various helpful solutions. There
is branding for the team that can be applied as logos for Facebook. Blog
content creation is available in WordPress. Members of the team have
access to more than 30 videos which can be utilized to empower the work
of the other members of the unit.

Learn more about Empower Network Co Op and how it can help home based
workers to achieve the success that is desired by visiting the web pages
found at http://www.joshuadrake.com/aiop today. Members of the press and
others who have additional questions about the techniques and methods
incorporated within the co op principles can contact Joshua Drake at the
location specified below.

Contact Person Name: Joshua Drake, Team Leader

Company Name: Empower Network Co Op

Email: info@joshuadrake.com

Website: http://www.joshuadrake.com/aiop

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