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									January 26th, 2013                                                                                     Published by:

Need a hot new source
of free traffic? Learn why
you should get Pinterest
                                                                    videos to ‘pin boards’ on particular topics of interest chosen by
Need a hot new source of free                                       the user.
traffic? Learn why you should                                       It could be a collection of images from a holiday to an array of
get Pinterest TODAY                                                 different household items that would match a playroom with
                                                                    a green color theme.
                                                                    The images or videos can be uploaded from a users computer
                                                                    or pinned from virtually any website on the internet.

In today’s hot internet marketing tip for a life of freedom, I am
going to introduce you to Pinterest, the relatively new social
I will give you the low down on why you NEED to be using it
in your business and hot to set it up.
As usual our aim is to help you grow your home based business
so you can finally generate the money you deserve and live a
life of FREEDOM.                                                    Everyone on Pinterest has their own profile page like most
                                                                    other social networks and on here they display their different
So what is Pinterest?                                               pin boards that they have created.
In the words of the company, Pinterest is designed to…              Users can follow and comment other peoples pin boards and
                                                                    also ‘repin’ particular images or videos they like to their own
  “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’               pin board. Everyone is encourage to share each others content
  they find interesting”                                            on Facebook, Twitter and via email.

                                                                    How is this relevant to my
                                                                    home based business I hear
                                                                    you say?
                                                                    Read this very carefully, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing
                                                                    social networks around right now with monthly growth of up
                                                                    to 150%. This means that people are joining in the tens of
                                                                    thousands each and every day.

Pinterest is relatively new only a few years old, it’s a social
network with a difference, where people ‘pin’ images and

January 26th, 2013                                                                                   Published by:

                                                                    And you are going to love it
Generate traffic…
                                                                    So follow these three simple steps below:
Where there is a large flow of people there is a large flow of
internet traffic, as with the aim of all internet marketing, your   1] – Click on this link
business could benefit from tapping into this huge potential        2] – Input your email address and click submit
traffic source!
                                                                    3] – Watch the video and decide to take action!
Traffic generates…
Links to your content each time you or someone else ‘pins’ your
content to Pinterest.
As all content on Pinterest is focused around social sharing,
this in turn could lead to more traffic from other sources as
users share your content.
More importantly this new traffic to your website could
generate new leads for your business and we all know the
benefit of that.

5 minute how to guide to set
up Pinterest for your home based
Now that your Pinterest account is set up, you need to learn
how to use Pinterest to market your home based business
Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will go into details
of this… In the mean time familiarize yourself with using
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