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									                                                                                                                         NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                         US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                           FRANKLIN TN
                                                                                                                          PERMIT NO. 185

1549 Old Hillsboro Road
Franklin, TN 37069-9136

 You have been selected to receive these materials because we believe you have expressed an interest in helping our programs and services.
                                 If you would prefer not to receive our communications, please let us know.

                                                                       Phone Changes Made to Improve Service to You
     Fall/Winter ‘07 - ‘08                                             You may have noticed that a call to Saddle Up! is no longer a one-
                                                                     way ticket to voicemail land.
November                                                               Thanks to help from Ingram Entertainment telephone wizards
     10     New Volunteer Training 1:00 - 5:00 pm                    Mark Gilliam, Jim Crow and Jim Hendel and long-time Saddle Up!
14 - 17     NARHA National Conference, Anaheim, CA                   volunteer Art Napolitano, you will now reach a real, live person
     19     New Volunteer Training 9:00 am - 1:00 pm                 most of the time during regular hours.
21 - 24     Office Closed for Holiday NO LESSONS                       “You may get an automated voicemail sometimes when you call,
     29     Leader Clinic 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm                          but that will only happen if we don’t have someone available who
                                                                     can get to the phone,” said Executive Director Cheryl Scutt.
December                                                               The changes required changing extension numbers. The new numbers
      8     New Volunteer Training 1:00 - 5:00 pm                    are included in the staff directory on page 6 of this newsletter.
     10     Staff Holiday Party                                        Another change is the addition of the “Lesson Hotline,” which is
     15     Session II ends                                          extension 29. The hotline is monitored throughout the day and is a
     15     Horse Leader Clinic 2:00 - 4:30 pm                       good number to use if you can’t reach someone and want to be sure
16 - 31     NO LESSONS                                               a message goes through about not being able to get to a lesson,
     18     New Volunteer Training 11:00 am - 3:00 pm                whether as a rider or volunteer.
 24-26      Office Closed for Holiday                                  The Lesson Hotline is also updated daily, if needed, to alert
     31     Office Closed for Holiday                                families and volunteers if the program schedule is changed for that
                                                                     day. For example, if you have a question about bad weather affecting
January 2008                                                         lessons, just call the Lesson Hotline.
   5-11     Practice Lesson Week                                       Volunteers are needed for the front desk and phones. If you’re
     12     Lessons Resume                                           interested, please call Volunteer Coordinator Kim Kline at
           Please visit our website for updates                      794-1150 extension 23.
                           Saddle Up!                  newsletter
                                                                                                  Fall 2007             Accredited by
                                                                                                                North American Riding for the
                                                                                                                 Handicapped Association, Inc.

                            Nancy Swindell Chosen as NARHA Region V Instructor of the Year
                             Congratulations to Saddle Up! Instructor Nancy Swindell
                           who has been chosen as the Region V Instructor of the
                           Year by the North American Riding for the Handicapped
Our Mission
                           Association (NARHA), the national organization that
      to provide           sets the standards for therapeutic equine programs in
  children & youth         the United States.
   with disabilities         Nancy has been an instructor for 11 years and has
 the opportunity to        been a volunteer for 13 years at Saddle Up!. “We are
   grow & develop          delighted that Nancy has received this honor from
through recreational       NARHA,” said Executive Director Cheryl Scutt. “All
activities with horses     those who know her know that Nancy works from her
                           heart with Saddle Up! while also bringing professionalism
   Executive Board         as an Instructor and as a lifelong equestrian to our
       President           program. We’re fortunate to have her as one of our staff      Nancy with Taegan (left) and Nacho
     Sarah Ingram          team members.” (continued on page 3)                              at this year’s Ride-a-Thon
     Past President
      Cathy Brown
       Treasurer                                                 2007 Saddle Up! Award Winners
    Beverly Halfacre
                                                             On a brisk, beautiful day last month, Saddle Up! hosted its
                                                           Awards Presentation during our annual S.U.P.E.R. Show. The staff
Mary Ellen Clinton, MD
                                                           at Saddle Up! was pleased to present this year’s recipients for their
    Medical Advisor
                                                           dedication, loyalty and spirit shown to our program.
    Lisa Craft, MD
                                                                                        The Saddle Up! 2007 Companionship
Board Members at Large
    James Armstrong                                                                 Award winner was Will for his special bond
        Jim Batson                                                                  with King Bee, shown in photo at far left
         Jill Bosse                                                                 with NARHA instructor Lindsey Rizor Wood.
       Kathy Brim                                                                   Stephanie Hall, photo at left, received the
   Holly Dobberpuhl                                                                 Volunteer of the Year Award for strong work
     Teri Edmonson                                                                  ethics and great compassion for our horses.
       Kay Francis                                  N.S.                            Please see the complete list of award
       Joe Gallivan                                                                 recipients on page 3.
      Susan Gritton
      Cheryl Magli
      Anne Morgan
      Robbie Pinter
     Mike Shampain
        Amy Smith
    James Stadler, Jr.
      Joni Werthan
  Executive Director
     Cheryl Scutt
Newsletter Design/Editor
   Nancy Swindell
2007 TV Media Sponsor

                                        A Beautiful September Day for a Ride, Roll & Stroll
                                                 Please see page 2 for additional photos and full story.
What’s Been Happening?

                                                    Ride, Roll & Stroll
                                                    Benefit Concert &
                                                     Raised $14,947
                                                                                             Maura O’Connell with band members at
                                                                                             the recent Ride, Roll & Stroll Saddle Up!
                                                                                                  Benefit Concert at The Factory

  The weekend kicked off at The Factory, where more than 100 people gathered for the
benefit concert that featured Maura O’Connell and Rory Lee Feek, Joey Martin with
her band. The performers generously donated their time and talents for the concert.
  On Saturday morning, the fifth annual ride-a-thon took place at Duke It Out Farm.
Twenty-two outside riders, triple the number from 2006, and 18 Saddle Up! program
riders registered to raise money to ride on the private trails of the farm.
  Everyone enjoyed a beautiful day perfect for being outdoors. In addition to trail
rides, the event had games, a hayride and other activities.
         A special thanks to David and Sarah Ingram for opening the farm for the

2      event and to event chair Jill Bosse and committee for all their hard work.
       Thanks also to Allegra Print & Imaging, Blue Haven Pools, Chris Cagle Fan
    Club, Lipman Brothers, Bank of Nashville, Purina, Stoveworks, Wyndham, and
Ortale, Kelly, Herbert & Crawford for their support.                                            Joey Martin (second from left) with
  Work is already in progress to make the next events bigger and better!                      songwriter and husband Rory Feek and
                                                                                                band members Karen Pendley (left)
                                                                                                    and Mitchell Brown (right)

                                          Thanks for a Wonderful 2007!
   Throughout the pages of this newsletter are stories of heroes at   • Assisted an average of 10% of our riders with scholarships
work, most of them in quiet ways unlikely to draw coverage on the     • Saw record numbers for all three of our major fundraising events
6 o’clock news. The competitors in the S.U.P.E.R. Show, the award     – the Music Country Grand Prix (chaired by Sarah Ingram and Kay
winners honored during the show, donors who have chosen to            Francis), Chukkers for Charity (chaired by Valerie Levay and
support Saddle Up!, our awesome volunteers, and                                       Theresa Menefee with Cathy Brown as Honorary
our recently honored Saddle Up! staff are                                                  Chair) and the first Ride, Roll & Stroll week-
among the heroes who bring Saddle Up!’s                                                       end with the benefit concert and ride-a-thon
mission to life.                                                                               (chaired by Jill Bosse).
   Without them – without YOU – the                                                            • Grew its number of active volunteers,
dream envisioned by the founders in 1989                                                       who are at the heart of what we do, by an
would be just that, a dream. With you, 2007                                                  incredible 23% so far this year over 2006.
has been an amazing year in which Saddle Up!:                                            Day in and day out, in bone-chilling cold or
• Provided an estimated 4,200 recreational therapeutic                             human-drenching humid heat, everyone pulled together.
riding lessons                                                        The exact reasons why varies person to person, but the overarching
• Served 130 children and youth, ages 4 to 18, who daily deal with    reason is because we believe. We believe in this program “Where all
disabilities ranging from autism to vision loss                       children are equal in the saddle” and its power to make a positive
• Launched a pilot program in which nearly 70 of the 240 children     difference in so many lives, in so many ways.
on our waiting list had the chance to experience riding lessons and     Thanks to each of you for your belief and support. You are all
which resulted in the pilot becoming a year-round offering            heroes at Saddle Up!.
S.U.P.E.R. Show and Awards Presentation
                                                                                                      For More Information About
  A fantastic fall day and several individuals to appreciate made this year’s S.U.P.E.R. Show
                                                                                                      SU! Volunteer Opportunities
(Saddle Up! Phenomenal Equestrian Riders) a huge success. This year’s show was completed in
record time thanks to the many volunteers who made it all happen. Special awards presenters                   Kim Kline
this year included Janet Wilkins from the Chris Cagle Fan Club, Carrie and Blake Fohl from               Volunteer Coordinator
Tractor Supply Company and Marcy Rehse from the Junior League of Nashville. A special thank             794-1150 extension 23
you to our returning MC George Houk and the show judges Lisa Thomas, Greta Bacon and                   suvolcoord@bellsouth.net
Laura Gilmer. A resounding thank you goes out to The Men of St. Paul’s for firing up the grill
for lunches. Special guest show participants were riders from Maury Magic Riders, Silver Bullets,
Special Olympics of East Tennessee and S.T.A.R.. Congratulations to all our show participants
and wonderful horses. See you next year!

 7 year vests - Art Napolitano, our “IT” man           Family Volunteers of
           (left) with Cheryl Scutt,                   the Year - Carol and                           Connor walking unaided this
    NARHA Instructor Anne Craig (right)                  Catherine Byrd        Always thinking of
                                                                                                      year to receive his award for
                                                                              others, Tori received
                                                                                                      Ride-a-thon High Dollar with
                                                                               the Sportsmanship
                                                                                                             Tina Carpenter


              S.U.P.E.R. Show 2007
                                                                                                       Parent of the Year - Jill Bosse
                                                   An army of
                                              volunteers, a handful
                                              of horses, and smiles
                                                to last a lifetime.

                                                                   Thank you everyone
                                                                  for the best show ever.

(Region V Instructor continued from page 1)
  NARHA has more than 700 centers as members with more than 2,500 NARHA instructors. The
                                                                                                            Pony Pal Award -
nation is split into 11 regions and programs in each region nominate instructors for the award.
                                                                                                        Teresa Barry with Equine
Saddle Up! is part of Region V which includes six states – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi,
                                                                                                          Trainer Lisa Wysocky
Tennessee and Puerto Rico – that have nearly 300 NARHA certified instructors. Nancy was nominated
by parents of some of her students, volunteers and staff at Saddle Up!. She will be recognized as       Others not able to attend -
one of the regional winners at the NARHA national conference in November, when the national             Pennies for Ponies Highest
Instructor of the Year will be announced.                                                                  Collector - Anthony
  “I’m truly honored and humbled to be nominated for this award,” she said. “When I’ve had the
                                                                                                       Junior Volunteers of the Year -
opportunity to attend the NARHA conference, I’ve always been moved by the tributes to the
                                                                                                            Lindsey and Alex
instructors who were being honored because of the high standards they set and commitment they
gave. I never imagined that one day I would be blessed to be one of the honorees.”                            10 year jacket -
  This is the second consecutive year that Saddle Up! has had a NARHA regional winner. In 2006,               Ray McCauley
Saddle Up!’s remarkable equine, King Bee, was chosen as the Region V Therapy Horse of the Year.
  For More Information
About These Opportunities
      Tina Carpenter
                                            You Can Make it Happen
  Development Coordinator
   794-1150 extension 35
                                            Commodores in the Community
 sudevcoord@bellsouth.net                     Vanderbilt University requires incoming
                                            Freshmen to participate in the local community.
                                            On August 28th, Saddle Up! was visited by an
                                            eager group of students who showed that they
          Grants                            are not afraid to tackle some tough and dirty
                                            tasks. Mr. Bill had them collect all the large rocks
    If you know of an organization          out of the arena surfaces, level bumps in the
     that awards grants for which           arena and shovel all the arena sand away from
    Saddle Up! may quality, please
                                            the outside walls. Another group of students
      contact Tina Carpenter our
                                            helped clean out an area in the back barn. This
      Development Coordinator at
           794-1150 Ext. 35                 was during the really hot period of weather, so they all worked up a sweat. We thank this group
                                            of Vanderbilt commodores for their help and wish them good luck in their college careers.

                                                               HCA Community Day
                                                            On Wednesday, September 19th Saddle Up! was lucky to have 25 employees
                                                            from HCA come here for their annual HCA Community Day. These are very
                                                            hard working folks who rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to help. Mr. Bill
                                                            had several projects ready for them and by the time they had to get back on
                                                            their bus, they had finished everything on his list! Significantly pruning back
                                                            all the bushes and trees around the log cabin, they also painted some new fence
                                                            boards, removed a section of fence, pruned the bushes along the driveway,
                                            and created dozens of volunteer files and name tags. They are a great bunch of volunteers and
4                                           we look forward to having them help at Saddle Up! each year.

                                            Chestnet Bend Golf Tourney Benefits Saddle Up!
                                            The Chestnut Bend Home Owners Association (HOA) had a successful golf tournament at
                                            Legends golf course to benefit Saddle Up! and the Special Olympics. The tourney has been an
                                            annual event that was greatly expanded this year. Both organizations received $3,500 from the
                                            event. Pictured during presentation of the checks are, from left: Chestnut Bend HOA Treasurer
                                            Rocco Panaia, Special Olympian Matt Drumwright, Chestnut Bend HOA President Tim Repass,

                                            and Saddle Up! Executive Director Cheryl Scutt.

                Yes! I would like to make a donation to the Saddle Up! program with my contribution of:
                       t $2,000 t $1,000 t $500 t $200 t $100 t $50 t $25 t other
                         Please make checks payable to Saddle Up! or charge my Visa/Mastercard
#:                                                                                   Card Expires:
Print Name on Card:                                                                            Signature:
Donor’s Name:
Address:                                                                                       City:
State:                                        Zip:                                             Email:

                   You may direct your donation through United Way. Our United Way Number is 7193.

                              t I would like more information about becoming a volunteer!
     Your gift may be doubled if your employer has a matching gift program. Please see your Personnel Department today!

                 Saddle Up! is a nonprofit Section 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to help children and youth with disabilities
                 grow and develop through recreational activities with horses. Your donation is deductible to the full extent of the law.
                                                                                                                                          Wish List
You Made this Possible                                                                                                                         As always,
              Contributors from July 1 - September 30, 2007                                                                            donations are tax deductible
Ms. Dana Abernathy               Ms. Janet Lee Dixon              Ms. Barbara Laifer                Sandra Schatten Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Alexandrow        Ms. Holly Dobberpuhl             Mr. Billy Lampley                 Ms. Katherine Scott
                                                                                                                                               Student Needs
Ms. Stephanie Ament              Mr. & Mrs. John Dodd             Mr. Rick Lance                    Mr. Judson Shafer                • Small English saddles - 14” or 15”
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Anders     Mr. & Mrs. Randall Donaldson     Ms. Anne Lacey Lawrence           Mr. & Mrs. Shelby Shafer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Anderson   Mr. & Mrs. Rob P Dore
                                                   .              Ms. Ginger Ledbetter              Shafer Used Cars
                                                                                                                                     • 5” foam dice (more than one)
Mr. & Mrs. James Armstrong       Mr. & Mrs. John W. Dougherty     Mr. & Mrs. James D. Lesch         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shampain      • Donations to ridership fund
Mr. Jack Aufderbeck              Mr. Aaron S. Dugger              Ms. Colleen LeVert                Ms. Catherine Simpson
Ms. Christi Ayers                Mr. Gerald Dunn                  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Lewis        Ms. Laurie Simpson
Mr. David A. Baker               Ms. Marjorie Dunnivant           Ms. Kimberly R. List              Ms. Patricia Simpson
                                                                                                                                                 Equine Needs
Bank of Nashville                Duthie Associates, Inc.          Ms. Lydia Littley                 Ms. Amy Smith                    • Happy Mouth Snaffle bits, any size
Ms. Linda M. Barbrie             Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Eaton      Ms. Laurie Loughlin               Mr. & Mrs. Clint Smith
Ms. Teresa Barry                 Ms. Jennifer B. Ervin            Ms. Patricia Lynch                Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Spaar
                                                                                                                                     • Medium sized bell boots
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Baskin        Ms. Lisa Felts                   Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah MacLaren      Ms. Lynne Sparks                 • Fly spray
Mr. & Mrs. Norman B. Bates       Mr. & Mrs. Dale Fenton           Mr. & Mrs. Boyce Magli            Ms. Debbie Spencer
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Batson            Ms. Anita Field                  Mr. Alfred Martin                 Ms. Kim Srygley
                                                                                                                                     • Dressage pads
Ms. Elizabeth Beard              Fifth Third Bank                 Ms. Kristin Mason                 St. Agnes Academy/               • Waterproof winter turnout
Ms. Melissa Beasley              Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Fleming     Mrs. Jack Massey                      St. Dominic School
                                                                                                                                        blankets, any size
Ms. Nancy Beckloff               Mr. & Mrs. Scott Flora           Mr. & Mrs. Sidney McAlister       Mr. Bruce Stahlin
Ms. Helen Bell                   Fox Den Interiors & Gifts Inc.   Mr. & Mrs. W. Dane McCarder       Mr. & Mrs. William O. Stanfill   • Horse & pony english leather
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Bell       Mr. & Mrs. Quick Foy             McCauley Landscape                Ms. Anise E. Stanley                headstalls
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Beuerlein         Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Francis     Mr. & Mrs. Dan McDonald           Ms. DeAnn Stanley
Blue Haven Pools                 Ms. Patricia Franks              Mr. & Mrs. Scott McKean           Ms. Lucille Stanley              • Gift cards from Tack Trunk
Bob Kennedy Builders, LLC        Mr. & Mrs. Kent Freeman          Mr. & Mrs. Steven McKenzie        Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stanley             or Judy’s Tack
Mr. Brock Bodart                                     .
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F Gallivan     Mr. & Mrs. Brad McKinney          Ms. Emily T. Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bosse         Mr. & Mrs. Paul Galvin           Mr. Stephen McRedmond             Mrs. Nancy Swindell
Mr. & Mrs. Thom Bosse            Mr. & Mrs. Todd Garner           Ms. Vicki L. Mead                 Mr. Larry E. Tatum
                                                                                                                                                Facility Needs
Mr. Victor Bosse                 Ms. Gloria Gasser                Mr. & Mrs. Al Miller              Tennessee Equine Hospital        • Small bottles of water
Mrs. Letha Botts                 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Gay            Ms. Juliana Miracle               Mr. John H. Tetford
Ms. Penny Bowhall                Mr. & Mrs. Frank Genella         Mr. & Mrs. Jim Moore              Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie L. Tidwell
                                                                                                                                     • Storage cabinet with doors for
Ms. Michelle Bowman
Ms. Suzanne Bradford
Brentwood Camera Club
                                 Ms. Linda H. Genella
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Joe A. Gipson
                                 Mr. Richard Glassman
                                                                  Ms. Ashley Morgan
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Lee M. Moss
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Munday
                                                                                                    Wall Marketing
                                                                                                    Ms. Jessica Ward
                                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Warner
                                                                                                                                     • 30”W x 69”H x 18”D space to
                                                                                                                                        hold lesson toys, etc.
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Brim           Ms. Debi Granite                 Mr. Thomas W. Nabors              Ms. Karen Weaver                 • Heavy duty, 4-wheel utility cart
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Broadway      Ms. Susan Gritton                NARHA                             Mr. & Mrs. Ben Welch
                                                                                                                                     • Gift cards from Tractor Supply
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Brown       Ms. Marsha Groce                 Mr. & Mrs. David Newman           Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wenning
Mr. & Mrs. Martin S. Brown       Mr. J.B. Grone                   Mr. & Mrs. Brian Nock             Dr. & Mrs. James Wert               & Home Depot
Mrs. Paula Brown                 Ms. Beverly Halfacre             Ms. Joann Nunez                   Ms. Melissa Wert                 • Arena drop down ceiling
Ms. Barbara Browning             Mr. & Mrs. Melvin L. Harper      Ortale, Kelley, Herbert &         Ms. Joni Werthan
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Bryant     Harpeth Pediatrics, PLLC         Crawford                          Mr. & Mrs. John W. White
                                                                                                                                        projection screen
Ms. Burnie Buckalew              Mr. & Mrs. Bart Harrison         Ms. Patricia Oswald               Ms. Valerie White                • Brooms & muck buckets
Mr. & Mrs. Scot Burton           Ms. Hannah J. Harrison           Ms. Denise Page                   Wilker's Custom Products
Dr. & Mrs. Brian Busch           Ms. Patricia Hart                Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Parker        Ms. Janet S. Wilkins
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Campbell        Mr. & Mrs. James O. Hastings     Ms. Mary-Jo Patterson             Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams
                                                                                                                                                  Office Needs
Capital Financial Group          Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hauck          Ms. Tiffany Patterson             Ms. Faye Williamson              • 3-hole punch paper for copies
Mr. & Mrs. Dane Carder           Mr. & Mrs. Samuel N. Hazen       Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Peek             Mr. & Mrs. Alan Wilson
                                                                                                                                        and printing
Ms. Ellen Carlson                Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Healy         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Peek            Ms. Barbara J. Wilson
Ms. Raine Carr                   Ms. Suzy Heer                    Ms. Betty Phillippi               Ms. Dorothy Winfrey              • Mini-DV videocamera to record
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Carroll       Mr. & Mrs. James Hendel          Mr. & Mrs. Russ Phillippi         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wolfe            Saddle Up! activities
Century II Staffing, Inc.        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Hudson      Mr. Michael Pierson               Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wood
Mrs. Sonya Cesnik                Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hunter          Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Pratt        Mr. & Mrs. J. Patrick Wright     • 6 megapixel or higher
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Chester       Ms. Vicki Ingram                 Mr. Kenneth E. Price              Mr. & Mrs. James Wright             digital camera
Chestnut Bend HOA                Ingram Entertainment             Printers Ink                      Wyndham Vacation Resorts
Cindy's Catering Company LLC     Ms. Sharon Jantz                 Purina Feed, LLC                  Ms. Melissa Young
                                                                                                                                     • Multi-media laptop computer
Mr. & Mrs. Mark D.               Ms. Debora Jennings              Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ramer             Mr. Fred Zimmerman               • Gift cards from office supply stores
Collinsworth                     Dr. & Mrs. Paul Jennings         Ravenwood High School
Common Cents New York, Inc.      Ms. Cheryl H. Johnson            Ms. DaNel Resha
                                                                                                                                     • Scanner
Mr. John F Couture
           .                     Mrs. Patricia K. Johnson         Ms. Dee Reynolds                                                   • White & Color 8.5 x 11 copy paper
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Cox             Mr. & Mrs. L. Russell Jones      Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Reynolds
Dr. Lisa Craft                   Ms. Leath Ann Jones              Mr. & Mrs. Ken E. Rhodes
Ms. Anne Craig                   Junior League of Nashville       Robert Orr SYSCO
Ms. Melissa Cross                Mr. & Mrs. Scott Kardenetz       Ms. Tamie Roberts
Ms, Tonya L. Cumbee              Ms. Leanne L. Keck               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rogan
Mr. Jeff Cunningham              Ms. Abbe Keleher                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Rogan
Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Daniel         Mr. & Mrs. Kevin King            Mr. & Mrs. Pat Rooney
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Darnell          Ms. Theresa Kingery              Mr. & Mrs. Vince Rosas
Ms. Erika L. Dawson              Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Kinman           Mr. Joe Rowland
Mr. & Mrs. Luis De Rio           Mr. John N. Kuno                 Sales & Marketing Executives of
Ms. Amy Dement                   Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kunze          Nashville, Inc.                                                                                         M.S.
                                     Familiar Faces

Staff Members:
Cheryl Scutt, extension 34
Executive Director
Peggy Plunkett, extension 22
                                              Lisa Wysocky Chosen for Top 50
Business Manager                       Kudos to Saddle Up! Equine Trainer Lisa Wysocky, who was recently
subusinessmgr@bellsouth.net          chosen by American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA) as one of
Tina Carpenter, extension 35         the Top 50 riding instructors in the nation. The Top 50 list is compiled
Development Coordinator              annually to recognize riding instructors who have made a significant
sudevcoord@bellsouth.net             difference in the lives of their students.
Kim Kline, extension 23                In addition, Lisa learned in October that the Hallmark Hall of Fame has optioned the book,
Volunteer Coordinator                Front of the Class written by Brad Cohen with Lisa, for a television movie. The book is the memoir
                                     of Cohen, who was a Georgia elementary school teacher with Tourette's Syndrome who went on
Lindsey Rizor-Wood, extension 24     to win Georgia's "Teacher of the Year."
Program Manager/Lead Instructor
                                       She will receive her award at ARIA's national convention in December in Naples, Florida.
Bill Bills, extension 26
Farm Manager
Lisa Wysocky, extension 30
Equine Trainer
                                                                        Lindsey Rizor and Nathan Wood
Kelly O'Brien, extension 30                                                    Wed at the Farm
Equine Manager
                                                                        Program Manager/Lead Instructor Lindsey Rizor had a
                                                                 memorable day at Saddle Up! – as the farm provided the setting for
                                                                 her wedding to Nathan Wood on September 30. Lindsey and Nathan
Nancy Oglin-Swindell at Designancy
 Newsletter Design / Editor                                      exchanged vows in front of friends and family, using the obstacle
  dznancy@comcast.net                                            course wooden bridge as their platform. The pair had unexpected
6                                                                “guests,” as what seemed like hundreds of motorcycle riders zoomed
                                                                 by on Old Hillsboro Road as part of country singer’s Dierks Bentley’s
    NARHA Registered Instructors:
                                                                 celebrity ride.
           Linda Albertalli
                                                                   Best wishes to Lindsey and Nathan as they begin their life together!
             Paula Brown
            Alicia Burcham
            Tina Carpenter
               Kate Cole
              Anne Craig
              Alice Duva                                   Lynne Evans Honored for Service
             Lynne Evans
                                        Co-Founder and Instructor Lynne Evans
            Judy Griswold
               Kim Light
                                     received the EP Maxwell J. Schleifer Distinguished
            Lisa McKinless           Service Award in ceremonies at the August 17
          Rebecca McManus            Nashville Sounds game at Greer Stadium in
            Diane Mitchell           recognition of her service to people with disabilities.
               Jane Muir                The award presentation was one of the high-
             Kelly O’Brien           lights of Disability Awareness Night, sponsored by
          Mary Jo Patterson          Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
            Kelly Sheehan            (MassMutual) and Capital Financial Group, in
           Nancy Swindell            cooperation with Exceptional Parent Magazine and
      Lindsey Rizor-Wood, CTRS       the Nashville Sounds. Disability Awareness Night
             Lisa Wysocky
                                     honors the contributions of 54 million Americans with disabilities, their families and caregivers.
                                        Lynne received the award from Exceptional Parent’s Editor Jan Hollingsworth and Capital
                                     Financial Group’s Conrad Slate at the Nashville Sounds pre-game ceremony at home-plate. On
     Contributing Photographers:
                                     behalf of Capital Financial Group, Jason Bach made a $2500 contribution to Saddle Up!. Executive
       Rick Lance • Tom Oglin
                                     Director Cheryl Scutt accepted the check.
             Mike Snider
                                        The EP Maxwell J. Schleifer Distinguished Service Award is named for the late founder and
      SU! Staff • Nancy Swindell
                                     former editor-in-chief of Exceptional Parent who was an advocate for people with disabilities
                                     and other special needs.
Family Ties
                                    Four Graduates’ Parents Share about Their Time with Saddle Up!

   A Saddle Up! S.U.P.E.R. Show tradition continued this
October, when three of our four graduating riders took a victory
lap around the Lynne Evans Arena. The three are shown during
the ceremony in the photo at right with Jonathan (far right)
astride Avalon, Theresa aboard Nelson and Savannah on Azuri,
all sit proudly with the assistance of faithful volunteers. Annie
Caite (pictured in photo below) participated in the 2007 Ride-
a-Thon. Below are a few of the thoughts their parents wanted
to share with you:
Jonathan – end of one great ride, beginning of another
   Jonathan will be graduating from Saddle Up! at the end of the
year, although it will be hard to say good bye, we know that they
have given Jonathan skills that he will use in his next stage in life. When Jonathan hangs up his helmet and puts his boots on the shelf for the
last time, it will be the end of one great ride and the beginning of another because of Saddle Up!. - Russ and Rhonda
(Please see Jonathan’s full article in our Summer 2007 issue, available on our website.)

Theresa – a confident young woman who sits tall in the saddle
  When Theresa was first diagnosed with cerebral palsy, we were told of the many things she would not be able to do, and to prepare for life-
long limitations. When we first heard of the Saddle Up! program, its wonderful staff, and the many benefits the riders enjoyed; we were looking
forward to Theresa’s participation. In June, 2002 we received the good news that Theresa was #124 on the waiting list! In the spring of 2003,
we attended the grand opening of the new indoor arena, and Theresa eagerly anticipated being able to learn to ride and to learn to care for a
horse. In January, 2005 we became part of the Saddle Up! family! Theresa learned so much from Miss Jane, her first instructor, and from
Rosie, her first horse. The last three years have flown by, and throughout her sessions, Ride-a-thons, S.U.P.E.R. Show and summer camp;
with the help of her many instructors, side walkers, leaders, and horses, Theresa has transitioned into a confident young woman, who sits tall in
the saddle! Theresa states that she will miss everyone, and wishes that she could ride forever. The many lessons learned at Saddle Up! continue
to serve Theresa in other aspects of her daily life, and we owe a debt of gratitude to all who have contributed! - John and Susan

Savannah – thank you for all your time with our daughter
  We are the parents of Savannah and we would like to express our thanks to everybody at Saddle Up! who has worked with Savannah. She has
loved coming to Saddle Up! and believe she has ridden most of the horses in the program. When Savannah is not riding she is always asking us
to let her ride. She will tell us she likes to ride Buddy, Nacho, Dancer and Azuri and still talks about Tuck. We wish there was no age limit. It is
sad that most things end for special needs children when that reach 18. I wanted to let everybody know that before Savannah started riding at
Saddle Up! she was so tactile defensive that she would not touch animals. Participating at Saddle Up! has helped her so much we hate to see it
end for her. We again want to thank all of you for your time with our daughter. May God be with all of you and all of the horses.
Thanks, Tony and Angela

                           Annie Caite – growth in self-confidence, listening and responding
                              Annie Caite began riding at Saddle Up! nine years ago, when the farm was still at Leiper's Fork. I remember after her
                           first lesson, the instructor asked if Annie Caite had ridden before and told me that she had a "natural seat." For the most
                           part she is non-verbal but has been so enthusiastic about Saddle Up! that she learned several new phrases which she
                           doesn't forget from session to session. My personal favorite is watching her holding the leash on our very large dog and
                           commanding "walk on" when the dog wants to stop and linger too long. Annie Carte seems to have an internal calender,
                           and after the first two lessons of any session, she knows which day is horse-day and chants "horses" the entire day until
                           we pull into the parking lot. Saddle Up! and the volunteers have given Annie Carte self-confidence and have taught her to
                           listen better and respond to others. I wouldn't trade these nine years of her riding experience for anything in the world.
                           Thank you, Saddle Up!, Jeremiah and Marta

                                   There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.
                                                                             – Robert Smith Surtees

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