Curators approve degrees_ future nursing program - University of by linxiaoqin


									   ULY8,1980                                                                                                                                                     ISSUE 372

                                     UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI/ 'SAINT LOU1S

                                                                           Curators approve degrees,
                                                                           future nursing program
                                                                           May vote on BFA·proposal at next meeting
                                                                              Master's degrees in manage-        "They've been under review and          Students wishing to enter the
                                                                            ment information systems and         study for some time. We've            programs will be required to
                                                                            accounting at UMSL were ap-          been talking about them in the        pass the Graduate Management
                                                                           proved by the University of           School of Business for about          Admissions Test an<;l to graduate
                                                                            Missouri's Board of Curators at      three years."                         with a bachelor's or master's
                                                                           its May 23 meeting.                      "Both degrees provide a            degree from an accredited
                                                                              Curators also approved the         chance for some additional spe-       school.
                                                                           granting of doctor of optometry       cialization for people in the St.       In addition, management in-
                                                                           and bachelor of science in nur-       Louis area that they haven't had      formation systems candidates
                                                                           sing degrees and the purchase         before," he said. "The master         must s1!ow proficiency in com-
                                                                           of a vacant lot on Natural Bridge     of science in management infor-       munications skills, mathematics
                                                                           Road at their April 2S meeting        mation systems is the first           and accounting. Accounting can·
                                                                           in Rolla.                             master' s degree in management        didates will be required to
                                                                              In addition, the UM cabinet        information systems in St.            demonstrate proficiency in math.
                                                                           approved the formation of a           Louis,"
                                                                           bachelor of fine arts degree at          Presently, the only advanced         The CBHE is not expected to
                                                                           UMSL at its July 2 meeting.           business degree offered at            review the. degrees until its
                                                                              The master of accounting and       UMSL is the master of business        September or October meetings.
                                                                           master of science in manage-          administration. Driemeier said        "Neither of the degree programs
                                                                            ment information systems de-                                               are on the board's agenda for
                                                                                                                 that the new programs should
                                                                           grees must be approved by Mis-                                              July, and they don't have a
                                                                                                                 produce between 3S and 40
                                                                           souri's Coordinating Board for                                              meeting in August," Driemeier
                                                                                                                 graduates per year. The MBA
                                                                            Higher Education (CBHE) before       program currently graduates 90        said.
                                                                           they may be offered. If ap-           to 100 students annually.                  [See "CuratOrs," page 3]
                                                                           proved, they will raise to three
                                                                           the number of graduate pro-
                                                                           g~ams offered by UMSL's School
                                                                           of Business and may be offered
 GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: Yates Sanders, Student Association president,          to students as early as January,
 David Pearson and Ron Finch, Counseling Center director, participate      1981.
 to a leadership exercise at an orientation seminar for Student               "I'm very, very happy about
 Association members held May 25.                                          them," said Donald Driemeier,
                                                                           dean of the School of Business.

Student fees may ,ise in '1981-82,
 Cheryl Keathley                     lor, the group determined the          Athletic Committee and Evening
                                     increase was needed over the           College Council.
   Students at UMSL may expect       present 528 and that a relation-         Faculty members and ad-
to pay additional student union      ship should be established be-         ministrators acted as resources.
and activity fees in the future.     tween incidental fees and the            "There has to be good strong
   Although an increase WQuid        student union fee.                     student input obviously, " said
not be effective in the upcoming       Presently the incidental fees        Julia Muller, dean of Student
school year, a committee ap-         are tied to the consumer price         Affairs, one of the 'ex-officio
pointed by Chancellor Arnold B.      index.                                 administrative members. "No-
Grobman has ~ade a proposal                                                'body lik~s to pay more fees."
                                        According to Knollman, a
endorsing an increase that could     percentage-based increase would            Muller commented that she
affect fees during the 1981-82       cancel the need to "go through          would like to see the increase
school year.                         all the politics" each time an          put toward improved program-
   The , committee, chaired by       increase is needed.                     ming and increased monies for·
John Boswell, assistant profes-                                              recognized student groups. Al-
sor of psychology, and Mark             Appointed committee mem-             though some groups turn in
Knollman, last year's student        bers came from Student Associa-         budget requests that are unrea-
body president, made several         tion, the Student Activities Bud-     ' listic, she said, "others turn in
findings.                            get Committee, the Senate Stu-          low requests 'b ecause they know
   In their report to the chancel-   dent Affairs Committee, the             how little money we have.'~
                                                                             The Budget Committee allo-
Christensen to lead                                                        cated 594,600 to student groups
                                                                           for the 1980-81 school year. ,

O'p tometry School                                                         Requests made by the groups
                                                                           totalle~ over 5200,000 .

Cheryl Keathley                      State University and received his        •• A majority of an increase

    Jerry Christensen, a professor
 from the University of Alabama,
                                     doctorate in physiological optics
                                     there in 1969.
                                        In addition to his work in
                                                                           should go towards student activi-
                                                                           ties, because I feel they are
                                                                           under-funded," said Yates San-
                                                                           ders, Student Association presi-
                                                                                                                  Wallace appointed
                                     Birmingham, he served as an
 has been named the first dean of
 UMSL's new Optometry School,
 Chancellor Arnold B. Grobman
                                     assistant professor at the Massa-
                                     chusetts College of Optometry.
                                     He was later made an associatge
                                                                           dent. Presently, student activi- ,
                                                                           ties accounts for 5S of the 528
                                                                           fee assessed per student.
                                                                                                                  assistant dean
    Christensen's      appointment   professor of physiological optics                                            Cheryl Keathley                    College. His background is in
                                                                              Another portion of the' union                                          counseling, but total administra-
 took effect June 1. The Optome-     and optometry there.
                                                                           fee' that could raise is the 59.SO
 try School is scheduled to operi       Christensen listed wanting to                                                Dan Wallace has been ap- ,tio~ is .!t~s~areer_ ~ai. ,
                                                                           allotted for athletics.                                                     Wallace foresees the number
 this fall.                          return to the Midwest and the                                                pointed assistant dean of StU"
                                                                              "We are in dire need for
    Christensen mQst recently         "challenge of starting a new                                                dent Affairs, effective June 16. one problem atUMSL to ' be
                                                                           some type of increase," said ,
 served as chairperson ~f the        school'( as aspects of his new                                               He comes to UMSL from Wil- communication. His former posi-
                                                                           Chuck Smith, UMSL athletic
 Department of Physiological Op-     position that interested him                                                 liam Jewell College in 'Liberty; tion involved working with a
                                                                           director and a committee mem-
 tics at the University of Alabama   when he applied.                                                             Mo., where he was director of student body of approximately
 in Birmingham, where he was a'         He also said that the position                                            the school's Student Develop- 1,400, 8S percent of which lived
 member of the faculty for seven     is in line with his career goals in     In the' past seven years, ' the      ment Center.                      'on campus.
 years. He was also responsible      administration.                       athletic fund assessment has              Wallace earned his Ed.D.          .. At Jewell the students felt as
.for developing that school's gra-      Christensen's office' is pre-      been increased by 52.SO. "That         from the University of Southern if we even tudced them in bed at
 duate optometry program.            sently located in Wood' s Hall, in    helped for about a year," Smith        Mississippi, his master's at night," he said. For the UMSL
    Originally from Columbus,        a corner of the , universitY's,       said.                                  Louisiana State University and a' student, "it is almost the other
 Ohio, Christensen attended Ohio           [See "Dean," page 2]                  [See "Fees," page 3]             bachelor's degree at Louisiana        "[See-"'walliace"',. ,
                                                                                                                                                            ,            ,          ",
page 2 UMSL CURRENT July       8, 1980

              new· briefs
                 s                                                              Renovation, e~pansion of center
                                                                                recommended to chancellor
 Research grants received                                                       Earl Swift                            areas. It's a large, mess hall          commendations on relocation
   Over 5117,400 for new, basic research projects will be received                                                    type of thing, rather than what's       the bookstore and alternate us
 by 19 UMSL faculty, university President James C. Olson                           The University Center may be       available in commercial restau-         for the Fun Palace.
 announced. The grants are funded from investment income or                     extensively renovated if recom-       rants," Edwards said.                      Committee members review
 proceeds received by the university from the sale of its Weldon                mendations made by a commit-             Edwards, who serves in an            a proposal that the bookstore
 Spring property in St. Charles County.                                         tee appointed by UMSL Chancel-        ex-officio capacity on the com-         transferred to the Blue Me
   The 512.4 million sale is designated to support scholarly,                   lor Arnold B. Grobman are             mittee, said that the group had        Building, on the northeast sit
 artistic and creative instruction related activities on the four               followed.                             discussed removing dish conve-         of the campus, and that studet
 university campuses. Other campus grants were UM-Columbia,                        The Committee to Study the         yor facilities in the snack bar        offices ill that structure I
 5127,605; UM-Kansas City, 5115,272; and UM-Rolla, 5110,942.                    University Center, chaired by         and cafeteria, and had talked          moved to the Fun Palace.
                                                                                David Ganz, assistant professor       about possibly installing booth           The proposal called for recrel
   In a joint project, Bernard Feldman, UMSL physicist and Jack                 of accounting, has recommended        seating and partial carpeting in       tional equipment and servic
 Boone and Thomas Van Doren, UMR electrical engineers ,                         that portions of the center's         the dining areas.                      now housed in the Fun Palace t
 received 525,000 to pursue development of new materials for                    snack bar and cafeteria be               "I think more and more              be relocated in the bookstore'
 solar cells.                                                                   redesigned in an effort to attract    colleges are discovering that          present quarters below the Un
   Other projects funded for UMSL were the establishment of a                   greater numbers of patrons.           they're in competition with res-       versity Center lobby.
 laser chemistry research laboratory, publication of The Qua.m;r                   The committee has also re-         taurants," he said. "Conve-               "The committee felt that, fo
 Journal of Ideology, the design of an efficient, cost effective                commended that an expansion of        nience at peak times is one            the sake of convenience, th
 method for check clearing operations for banks, and the                        the University Center, originally     thing. When the places are full        would not be proper," Edward
 sponsoring of a major, national conference by the philosophy                   scheduled to begin in 1978, be        of people, they look nice. Ever-       said. "Some members felt th~
 department.                                                                    reconsidered.                         one seems to have a nice time          we'd just be playing music&
                                                                                   "The entire building is in         there. Getting people. in during       buildings. "

 Alumnus donates $1 ,000                                                        need of a facelift, but the food
                                                                                services sections are particularly
                                                                                                                      the slow periods is the chal-
                                                                                                                                                                Expansion of the Universit.
                                                                                                                                                             Center, which was approved b
                                                                                bad," said Bill Edwards, the             "By the time Evening College        the university's Board of Cura
      UMSL was presented with its first endowed scholarship by Ray              center's director.                    students hit the place, 2 to 3,000     tors in October, 1977, but neve
   Collins, a 1973 graduate, for 510,000. The first award is expected              "For one thing, the space          people have gone through it and        started, was recommended b,
 . in the spring of 1981.                                                       allocation is wrong," he said.        it looks it. It doesn 't make it       the committee.
      The largest single alumni gift in UMSL's history, this                    "There's too much space, too          very inviting for people to come          The expansion was originall~
   scholarship will be awarded annually to a returning student who              much to clean up.                     back. "                                planned for completion in earl:
   in the process undergoes significant lifestyle or care~r change.                "Another thing is the institu-        The committee's responsibili-       1979, but the center's incom
      " People falling into traditinoal roles are already integrated with       tional atmosphere of the dining       ties have included making re-                [See "Center," page 3]
   society; it seems appropriate to encourage those in non-traditional
   circumstances as much as possible," Collins said. "They are the
   ones who need assistance the most."
       The scholarship, in memory of Collin's mother, Lucia Kramer
   Collins, marks a first in support and encouragement of the
   non-traditional college student.
                                                                                Dean------------------------                                                                                     I

                                          ~                     . --
      Interested students 'may contact the UMSL Financial Aid office.                     [from page 1]                  Orientation for students enter-       Christensen is also workin!,
                                                                                 extension offices. The school's      ing the program is scheduled in        towards securing new, up-to'
                                                                                 permanent quarters will be esta-     August, but will be separate           date equipment for the school.
 Sherman Memorial Fund                                                           blished on the Marillac campus
                                                                                .in August.
                                                                                                                      from regular new student orien-
                                                                                                                                                                Christensen comes to St. Loui.
                                                                                                                                                              with his wife and three children.
 started; monies available                                                         Thirty students will make up
    A 51,000 check was presented to Robert Calsyn, psychology                   the school's first class, 20 of
 department chairperson, by John Decker, vice president of                      whom will be Missouri resi-
 Bache, Halsey, Stuart, Shields Inc., for the Lewis J . Sherman                 dents. Regional schools, as this
                                                                                one is planned to be, tradi-
 Memorial Scholarship Fund.
    The scholarship was established in March, in memory of                      tionally reserve a certain number
 Sherman, past director of the UMSL's clinical psychology doctoral              of seats for in-state students and
                                                                                sell additional seats to surround-
 program. It will be awarded to an UMSL graduate student of                     ing states.
 clinical psychology in good academic standing, meriting financial
 assistance and recommended by an UMSL psychology faculty                          "We were ' shooting for 40,"
 member.                                                                        Christensen said. Final approval
    Interested students should contact the UMSL Financial Aid                   for the formation of the school
 office.                                                                        was not received from the Uni-
                                                                                versitv of Missouri Board of
                                                                                Curat~rs until spring. Chris-
  Business workshop here                                                        tensen said that the lateness of ,
                                                                                the approval probably contri-
                                                                                buted to the lowered number of
     A free workshop on staring one's own business will be offered
                                                                                incoming students.
  July 9, from 8:45am-3:30pm in the J.C. Penney Building.
     Topics will include business organization, taxes and regula-
  tions, marketing and location analysis, financial statements,                   The late approval is also
  payroll pro~essing, ba~an~e sheets and inc~me state!lle~ts, cash              proving troublesome in the hir-
  flow analYSIS, and proJectmg breakeven pomts. PublicatIons and                ing of faculty. "This isn't the
  management aids will also be available to participants.                       time of year to hire," Christen-
     These workshops are held monthly at UMSL and are scheduled                 sen said. "We couldn't put ads
  regularly throughout the St. Louis area.                                      out until June. February or
     For information or to register, call the UMSL Business                     March is the time to begin. "
  Development Center at 553-5621.
                                                                                  He plans to soon announce the
                                                                                appointments of a professor of
  Decision course . offered                                                     ocular anatomy, a professor of
                                                                                neuro anatomy and an assistant
                                                                                dean, who will also assume
   A workshop designed to help participants become more aware                   teaching duties. About 30 appli-
 of their decision-making processes will be offered July 22 from                                                      EYEING IT OVER: Jerry Christensen, a professor from the University
                                                                                cations have been received for        of Alabama, has been appoInted dean of UMSL's new Optometry
                                                                                the positions.                        School.
     Participants in "Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Tech-             /
 niques" will experiment with a simple method of decision-
 making. The workshop focuses on exercises and experiences

 designed to h.elp increase effectiveness in personal relationships
 and on the Job. Fee . for the course is 521. Free individual
 coun~eling sessions ~re available as well as vocational testing at a
  minimum char~e. To register, call 553-5511.                       .
                                                                                           [from page 1]              staff operates," said Julia Mul-       freshmen and transfer students
                                                                                extreme, for there's not enough       Ier, dean of Student Affairs.          at orientation have already been
 Greek awards announced                                                         student contact."
                                                                                    Wallace acknowledges that
                                                                                                                      UMSL has gone without an
                                                                                                                      assistant dean for over a year. A
                                                                                                                                                             made by Rick Blanton, coordina-
                                                                                                                                                             tor of student life and Student
                                                                                UMSL does not have an "ave-           summer        graduate     assistant   Activities. Blanton and Muller
     Awards were presented April 26 to the winners of the 1979-80               rage student." He will get his        rounds out the office's full           have been sharing the duties
   Greek Week competitions, which took place in April.                          chance to 'meet a large portion of    complement.                            of assistant dean since the
     First place in the Greek sing was awarded to Pi Kappa Alpha                the student body when orienta-           "The Student Affairs staff          position was vacated.
  for its presentation of "Shenandoah." Second place went to                    tion is held Aug. 20.                 seems to be a close-knit divi-                                   I

  Alpha Xi Delta, which pedormed "Annie."                                           In addition to orientation pre-   sion," said Wallace, who is also         "I'll merely be fulfilling the
     In the talent show competition, Pi Kappa Alpha won first place '           paration, Wallace is "taking an       a part of a committee to look at       plans," said Wallace. He noted
  with ·the entertainment of Randy Kalin, a magician. Second place              inventory before getting off the      UMSL's long range development          a change in orientation from
  went to Tau Kappa Epsilon, which pedormed a piano solo and                    ground." He said he's unsure of       plans.                                 previous years if) that it will be
   comedy routine. •                                                            his exact role, but expects ' to         Wallace had never been to St.       held on a Wednesday, rather
     Tau Kappa Epsilon also took first place in the sign competition.           work with ' student organizations     Louis until ' his interview for the    than a Sunday.
 . Second place was awarded to Pi Kappa Alpha.                                  and to help students 'cut through     position. . The Cardinals and            Wallace comes to St. ' Louis ·
     The overall winners' trophies in the Greek games were                      some of the university's "red         Anheuser-Busch are all he knew         with his wife, an instructor from
   presented to "the Alpha Xi Delta ~rorityand Sigma Pi fraternity:             tape. "                               of the area, he said.                  William Jewell College, and a
                                                                                  . "It'll be nice to see how afull      Pla~s for hosting the incoming      son.
                                                                                                                                                               July 8, 1980 ~SL· CURRENT page 3

                                          reviews proposals on campus govemance
            Chancellor's Advisory            The committee, formed in               and implementing UMSL educa-          ciation, the Faculty Council, and          Grobman's proposed Senate
a:olIlm:itt~:e  on Campus Gover-          March after Chancellor Arnold             tional policy.                        the Staff Association.                   would be composed of' 11 fac-
    ance should complete ite visi-        B. Grobeman asked the UNiver-                At present, UMSL staff are                                                  ulty, six of whom would also
                                                                                    excluded from membership in              "In my thinking, the student
        roster by the end of July,        sity Senate to name a group to                                                  counctl, the Faculty 'Council and        serve on the Faculty Council;
          hearing proposals from          study the structure of gover-             the Senate, which is composed                                                  four students, two of whom
                                                                                    of 75 faculty an,d 25 students.       the staff council should have
              faculty and staff on a      nance at UMSL, will probably                                                    responsibility for things that are       would have seats in the Student
                 reorganization   of      produce a final report during the            Proposals submitted to the                                                  Association; and four staff mem-
                                                                                    committee include leaving the         peculiarly their own," Grobman
             governance, according .      fall, Rea said.                                                                 said. "(In his proposal) When            bers, including two from the
     Robert Rea, associate profes-           The Senate is the university's         structure of governance in its                                                 Staff Association.
                                                                                    present form . enlarging the Sen-     there is something that overlaps
       of childhood education and         principle governing body, and is                                                two groups, then that would go
                                          responsible for recommending              ate to include staff members,                                                    "I'm not really concerned
                                                                                    and streamlinging the Senate by       to a University Senate, which            about whether they adopt the
                                                                                    cutting its membership but.           would be composed of persons             skeleton I proposed or some
                                                                                    including staff.                      from each of the three councils.         other skeleton, but I think we've
                                                                                       Grobem an '~    own proposal          "In my view that Senate               moved rather rapidly in the
                                                                                    calls for a reduction in the          should be much smaller than our          growth on the university," Grob-
                                                                                    Senate' s membership to 19, and       present Senate. It should be             man said. "I think the bylaws
            [from page 1]                 Association to decide whether a,          for the strengthening of the          much more like a little cabinet,"        have not k~pt up with that
                                          fee inc;ease referendum would             authorities of the Student Asso-      he said.                                 growth. "
   An assessment increase of $1
                                          be held, but the University of
 was approved by UMSL students
 in 1979 for their representation
 by the Associated Students of
 the University of Missouri, a
                                          Missouri Board of Curators will
                                          make the final decision on any
                                          increase proposal.
                                              " The Curators are against an
 student lobbying group.                                                                     [from page 1]                   "This way , the dean will have .     Hormation of a bachelor of fine
                                          increase usually,"        Knollman                                                                                       arts degree here at a July 2
    "It'll be a tough year for us, "      said. "It makes them sound real.             In other action, curators ap-      a year to set things up," he
 said Smith. "An all out fund-                                                                                            said.                                    meeting.
                                          popular to students.                      proved the awarding of doctorate
 raising campaign" is being                                                         of optometry and bachelor of             Also at its April meeting , the          The degree would, like the
 planned to help meet with                    "I feel that we can mo,re than                                              board approved the purchase of           nursing program, be offered to
                                           adequately justify an increase,"         science in nursing degrees at
 inflationary demands.                                                              their April 25 meeting.               a vacant lot at 7950 Natural             students attending UMSL who
                                           Knollman said. He said that in                                                 Bridge Road for $5,800.                  have obtained associate' s deg-
  The     committee   suggested           comparison to the other univer-              Students will be given the
                                                                                    opportunity to seek the optome-          The 8,OOO-square foot lot is          rees on college cam-
that, as a result of insufficient          sity campuses, UMSL has a                                                      located on the south side of the         puses, although Grobman said
time and data, another commit-            much lower fee .                          try degree this fall, when the
                                                                                    regional Optometry School will        street, between the main and             that a small number of 'regular
tee be formed to determine how                "Hopefully, " said Sanders,                                                 Marillac campuses.                       UMSL undergraduates might be
increased fee monies should be                                                      open its doors here to its first 30
                                           "by the fall of 1981 , fees can be       students. The nursing program            "It does provide temporary            admitted into the program.
distributed.                              raised to meet the ever-increas-                                                green space," said UMSL Chan-               The Board of Curators is
                                                                                    will not be offered until the Fall,
    It would be up to the Student          ing demand on these monies."             1981 semester.                        cellor Arnold B. Grobman , "but          expected to vote on the proposed
                                                                                                                          someday we're going to have to           degree at its next meeting,
                                                                                       Persons entering the nursing       link the two campuses together.          according to university officials.
Center------                                                                        program must possess an asso:
                                                                                    ciate's degree in nursing from
                                                                                    one of the St. Louis Community
                                                                                                                             "One possibility is to build a
                                                                                                                          tunnel or bridge or something
                                                                                                                          (across Natural Bridge). Another ,
                                                                                                                                                                      The UM cabinet is composed
                                                                                                                                                                   of the university system presi-
                                                                                                                                                                   dent and vice presidents, the
          [from page 2]                   probably require a fee in-                College campuses or a regis-          possibility is to purchase all of        four UM campus chancellors,
                                          crease."                                  tered nurse's certificate .           the land between the two."               and several UM Central Admini-
did not allow the university to
seek bonds for the project. The              In addition to the committee's           "The nursing program starts            Grobman said that the univer-         stration officials.
work was to have included an              other duties, Ganz said, the              next fall," said Arthur MacKin-       sity had contracted an architec-            Grobman said that the two-
enlargement of both the snack             chancellor has asked that its             ney, vice chancellor for Acade-       tural firm to study the area and         year degree program would be
bar and cafeteria, a larger               members review food services              mic Affairs. "We planned it that      submit a report on the best              offered by the art department
lounge, and space for the equip-          operations on campus. "The                way because we have to hire a         means of joining the lands.              here, and that staff additions
ment housed in the Fun Palace.            chancellor has asked us not only          new dean and he or she will              In other action, the University       would be not necessary or mini-
   The construction 'Yould have           to complete our recommenda-               have to begin hiring a staff.         of Missouri cabinet approved the         mal.
cost UMSL students an increase .          tions, but also to stay together
in Student Activities fees of             to monitor food services. We are
$6.50 per semester.
   "We're recommending the ex-
pansion, in concert with the
                                          supposed to monitor them to
                                          determine whether it would
                                          make sense to go with a contract
                                                                                    Bylaws Committee appointed
plans that have already been              food services operation."                                                       20 to formulate a draft set of.
                                                                                       Eight students were named to                                                  the group was given such a
drawn, " said Ganz. Hastings                Edwards said that due to                the Student Association Bylaws        bylaws to supplement the Stu-              short amount of time in which to '
and Chivetta, the expansion's             increased construction costs,             Committee, which will develop a       dent Assocation's con~titution-!         ' work.
designers, ceased work on the             UMSL students would probably              set of draft rules and regulations
plans when bond conditions wor-                                                                                              Dan Crone Student Assocation             "If we don't act quickly,"
                                          pay an additional $10 per semes-          for ' UMSL's recently revised         vice president, will also sit on
sened in 1978.                                                                      student government, at a meet-                                                 explained Yates Sanders, Stu"
                                          ter for the expansion itself.                                                   the committee.                           dent      Assocation  president,
   "Part of what we want to do                                                      ing of the Student .Assembly
is bring in a company of finan-              Continued operation of the                                                                                            "we're not going to be ready by
                                                                                    June 22.                                 At ·the · assembly's July 27
cial analysts, to help us deter-           University Center in its present           Lawrence Wines, a freshman"         meeting, the draft will be sub-          the time school starts ' (in the
mine how to finance it," Ganz              form, however, might also re-            Pat Connaughton, a sophomore,         mitted to the student govern-            fall) and be organized our-
said. "The expansion would                 quire a fee increase, he said.           and juniors Chuck Gerding, Ted        ment's members for revision.             selves. "
                                                                                    Kraizer, Tony O'Driscoll, Eliot          Several representatives pre-              The committee's formation fol- ,
                                                                                    Simon and Dinna Smith were            sent at the meeting questioned            lows by more than two months

                  classifieds                                                       named to serve on the commit-
                                                                                    tee, which was given until .July.
                                                                                                                          Crone, who made the motion to
                                                                                                                          form the committee, about why, .
                                                                                                                                                                    student body approval of student
                                                                                                                                                                    government's new constitution.
                                                                                                                                                                    The development of a new
                                                                                                                                                                    constitution was hotly debated
    Anyone who witnessed the ar-          International student (India,

    rest of a white male and a white      Philippines) wanted part-time to                                                                                          for two years, having first been
    female on June 12 at 1:15am in        help house-cleaning, cooking                                                                                            , discussed in October, 1978,
    the    shopping    center    near     (optional), etc., Location-Over-                                                                                          when then-student body presi-
    Hirsch's and Clark' s Two, please     land (St. Louis County). Contact:                                                                                         dent Paul Free resigned his
    contact    Dennis     Tracy    at '   Dr. Abi, 454-2289 (before 4pm)                                                                                            post.
    524-2697. Your cooperation will       or 428)2988 (after 6pm).                       Yeah, you. Paid~positions are still to be                                     The group's con~titution did
    be greatly appreciated.               SUBLET FOR SUMMER 1980. 3                          had on the staff of the 1980-81                                        not, at that time, provide an
    RIDE WANTED: From Clayton             Bedroom, 1 112 bath, Duplex.                                         UMSl CURRENT. ,                                      order of succession for the ,
    and Hanley Rds. to UMSL in            Two miles off Columbia campus.                   Drop by 8 Blue Metal Building if you 're ,                               group's membership in case of
    time for 9:10am class. 7:45am         Air conditioned, lawn taken care                              interested                                                  resignations or involuntary with-
    arrival ok, too. Call Ann-any-        of. Call 553-5311 and ask for                                                                                             drawals from leadership posi-
    time-725-1560.                        Betty.                                                                                                                    tions.

 ..................................... ................•.... ...................••..... ...........
                                                             ~                                      ~                                    ~                 ,           Among other things, the new
                                                                                                                                                                    constitution changed the name
                                                                                                                                                                    of UMSL's student government '

            WE'VE GOT NEWS FOR YO(]! .                                                                                                                        ~
                                                                                                                                                                    from Central Council to Student
                                                                                                                                                                    Association. The Student Assem-
                                                                                                                                                                     bly is the legislative body of the
                                                                                                                                                              •    associatio~.

                       ... also music -production -promotion -and more.
                               So if you want some experience in radio,
                                                                                                                                                                   ; ' lb ,other action at the group's
                                                                                                                                                                   June 22 ·meeting, Crone gave a
                                                                                                                                                                   presentation on parliamentary
                                                                                                                                                                   procedures. The informal ad-
                                                                                                                                                              •    dress took place before the '
                                      join us July 16 at 7pm for a                                                                                            •
                                                                                                                                                              •    opening of the group's regular
                                                                                                                                                                   session, and Crone was inter-
•                                                                                                                                                                  rupte~ ' 'S~eral ~mes by repre-
•                                                                                                                                                                  sen~atives.. questions .

•                .KWMU Student Staff General Staff Meeting                                                                                                             l          '        •
                                                                                                                                                                       • JVe don't want one or two
                                                                                                                                                                    ~~ .• controlling the meet-

•                                                                               "               .
                                                                                                                                                                    ings"'t}',,~rone said, "because
•                                                    in room 108 Lucas Hall                                                                                         they bow parliamentary proCe~.
 page 4 UMSL CURRENT July 8, 1980

 What to expect from the 1980-81 Current
    With this issue, the CWTent              phasizes the bad, and rarely           of the paper's editorial page           make changes from a type-            praised by an indifferent a
 enters its fifteenth year of                mentions the good, aspects of          since 1966.                             writer is to criticize until         unsympathetic group of s
 publication. Its first edition              the university it serves.                 The methods have changed.           changes take place. Unless the        dents, their performance
 rolled off of the presses on                   That's probably · a fair as-        The first editorials critical of        administration and faculty           begin to slip.
 Nov. 16, 1966, the product of               sessment.                              administrative or faculty ac-           know-and are constantly re-              Our obvious paranoia
 a staff hastily assembled fol-                 What is not a fair assess-          tions were timid. They backed           minded-that they , are em-           based on the fear that t
 lowing the demise of a former               ment is , that the paper's             into the issues, or mentioned         , ployed to serve 'U MSL's stu-        changes needed to mal
 student newspaper, the MIz-                 criticism has been launched            them only in passing. They              dents, they'll shelve the no-        UMSL a better place to tea
 zou News.                                   with malice, by students at-           also accorp.plished very little.        tion away.                           and learn will not come ab
    In the years since its incep-            tempting simply to cause trou- .          Gradually, editors have be-             Unless the campus leader-         unless a lot of noise is made
 tion the paper has evolved                  ble or by persons fueled by                                                    ship .is made aware that its            'We're prepared to make
 from little more than a public              dislike for the school's ad-                                                   policies or programs are un-         much noise as we have to.
 relations sheet to-in our
 eyes, at least-an above-
                                             ministration or the institution
                                                Before we begin what may
                                                                                      EDITORIAL                             popular, it will have no reason
                                                                                                                            to change them.
                                                                                                                               Unless the UMSL work
                                                                                                                                                                     The CWTent's editorial p
                                                                                                                                                                 licy for 1980-81 will thus 1
                                                                                                                                                                 one of restrained activism-
 average college publication. It
 has, to be sure, had its rough              develop into the CWTent's              come less intimidated in their          force is made aware that the         restrained in the sense th
                                             most critical year ever, we feel       appraisals of such actions. The         student newspaper views this         we intend to give pats on tf
 times-it has sometimes been
 cruel, sometimes flippant or                it important that our reader-          CWTent's      editorials   have         university with a consumer's         back if and when they're du
                                             ship appreciates our motive.           grown more forceful, and the            eye, keeping watch on spend-         and in that personal attacl
 unfair, and occasionally down-
                                                The staff of the CWTent-            responses to them have grown            ing and on the time clock,           will not appear on the!
 right irresponsible. Perhaps
                                             past and present-has been              more sober and have come                waste of the taxpayers ' money       pages; activist in the sen!
 worst of all, it has often been
                                             and is fueled by nothing more          quicker.                                will take place.                     that we will criticize regular
 painfully incomplete.
                                             than a fondness for the cam-              The hardened attitude of                Unless those workers-both         those policies and procedure
   One charge leveled ' at it,               pus. Making UMSL a better              the paper's editorial stances           at the managerial and subor-         that we feel are unfair I
 however, has come pere-                     place to learn and work has            followed the slow-to-come rea-          dinate levels-know that their        improper, until such criticisl
 nially-that the Current em-                 been the paramount coricern            lization that the only way to           performance is being ap-             is no longer necessary.

Percentage-based activities fee dangerous
   UMSL's Committee on Stu-                  increase in funds earmarked            for an assessment incr~ase.           allow student leaders and uni-         Board of Curators approves
dent Activities Fees recently                for UMSL athletics; and in the           What is disturbing about            versity officials to avoid going       incidental fee hike-and that'
determined that an increase                  spring of 1979, when another           the committee's work, how-            "through all the politics" that        happened three times sinc
is sorely needed in the amount               referendum resulted in an              ever, is the group's conclusion       usually accompany proposed             1976, and fourth hike will gl
of funding provided for stu-                 additional $1 assessment for           regarding how the assessment          fee hikes.                             into effect this fall-UMSI
dent groups and activities .                 the services of the Associated         should be increased. Its mem-                                                students will be hit in th
                                                                                                                            It is for precisely this reason
   Presently, full-time day stu-             Students of the University of .        bers suggest that there should        that such a tie must not be            pocket twice.
dents are assessed $28 per                   Missouri , a lobbying group.
                                                                                                                          established.                             They will no longer be abll
semester for Student Activities                Obviously, inflation has 'de-
funding, in addition to their
payment of a $360 incidental
                                             pleted the value of the monies
                                             generated for the fund . Also
                                                                                      EDITORIAL                              Basing the Student Activi-
                                                                                                                          ties fee assessment on a
                                                                                                                                                                 to determine whether studen
                                                                                                                                                                 activities on this campus de
                                                                                                                                                                 serve a raise. The decisiol
fee.                                         working against it is the                                                    percentage of the incidental
                                                                                    be a percentage-based tie             fee will eradicate forever the         will have been made for them
  The incidental fee is based                decrease in the number of
                                             students on campus. As the             between the Student Activities        input of the student body on
on the consumer price index,                                                        fee and UMSL's incidental             whether     activities  monies           That student groups anI
and rises periodically. The                  products of the fifties ' baby                                                                                      athletics be accountable to th,
                                             boom reaching college age              fee.                                  should be enlarged.
student activities fee, how-                                                                                                                                     university for their fiscal acti
ever, has risen just twice in                decrease in number, so do                According to Mark Knoll-              Fee increases, should the            vities is important. It is mucl
the last seven years: In 1978,               incomes generated for per-             man, last year's student body         committee's recommendations            more important, however, tha
when students here passed a                  student assessments.                   president and a member of             be followed, will be automatic.        they be first accountable tc
referendum callitlg for Ii $2.50 .             In short, the time has come          the committee, such a tie will        Whenever the university's              UMSL students.

Newspaper's policies, procedures established
   Following are the letters, edi-             The names of letter writers          tirely by students.                    member, unless special arrange-       provided that such advertise·
torial, hiring, coverage and ad-             may be withheld upon request.                                                 ments are made.                       ments are in .good taste and
                                                                                       Members of the newspaper's                                                conform with .university policies.
vertising policies of the 1980-81            No personal attacks will be            editorial staff (news editor, ' as-       No unsolicited pieces of .a
Canent. Readers may obtain                                                                                                                                          An effort will be made by the
                                             published. Letters WIll not be         sistant news editor, features          news nature will be accepted for      newspaper's business staff to
this information in memorandum               corrected in the case of spelling      editor, fine arts ' editor, sports     publication, but may be used by
form by calling 553-5114.                                                                                                                                        ensure that all claims made in
                                             or grammar errors, unless it is        editor, photography director,          Current reporters or editors for      Current advertisements are va-
                                             clear that such mistakes are '         cartoonist/graphic artist, ' and       research purposes.                    lid. Advertisements which mis-
             LETTERS                         typographical in nature.               copy editor) are discouraged             Individuals or organizations        represent products ' or services
                                                                                    from entering into or maintain-        wishing coverage of an event          will not be published.
     Letters to ' the editor are en-                                                ing membership in university .
  couraged and should be typed,                          EDITORIALS                                                        should notifiy the newspaper as          Display advertisements, which
                                                                                    governing bodies and policy-           far in advance as is possible.        are sold by the column inch, are
 'double-spaced. Writers must in-               Editorials are the opinion of       oriented committees.
 .elude their name, student num- '                                                                                                                               available to UMSL students,
                                              the editor and/or the paper's
 'ber and telephone number (or
.department, if faculty , or st8fi).          editorial staff. The Current is                    HIRING
                                                                                                                             Deadlines for regular editorial
                                                                                                                                                                 faculty and staff at reduced
                                                                                                                                                                 rates, provided that the adver-
                                              not an official publication of the       Any UMSL student may join                                                 tisements do not represent off-
  Letters of less than 300 words            . University ' of Missouri, and its '                                          sections are decided by the
  will be given publication prior-                                                  the newspaper's staff. Pre-            newspaper's page editors.             campus companies or corpora-
'ity. Letters that, in the opinion .          contents ' and policies do not        ference in hiring for paid posi-                                             tions.
                                              necessarily reflect the policies of   tions will be given to those with ·      The newspaper's "On Cam-               Classified advertisements are
  of the editor, address issues of            the institution.                                                            .pus" section, a monthly, four-
  concern to ' UMSL students '-  will                                               experience. Inexperienced stU"                                               free to students, faculty and
  also receive: priority.                                                           dents, however, may apply for          page calendar of events, is           staff, and must contain 2S words
                                                The ' Canent is produced en-                                               composed during the last week
                                                                                    such positions, and for any                                                  or less.
                                                                                    unpaid staff posts: Training will      of each month ' and covers up-

                                                                                    be provided each member of the
                                                                                    staff.                   I

                                                                                      Faculty ' and UMSL staff may
                                                                                    participate in the production of
                                                                                                                           coming events during the follow-
                                                                                                                           ing month. Individuals or groups
                                                                                                                           wishing to list an activity in this
                                                                                                                           section must contact the calen-
                                                                                                                           dar editor with the date, time '
                                                                                                                                                                    The 1980-81 Current will pub-
                                                                                                                                                                 lish a total of 26 times.
                                                                                                                                                                    During the summer, the news-
     EdItor•••••••. • .•••••••••• : •••••••••••• Earl Swift                         the Current in limited capacities.     and nature of the event by the        paper will publish twice (the
     News EdItor.•••••••••••.•••.••••••.• Cheryl Keathley                           They may not hold editorial or         twentieth of the month before         next issue will appear three
     Features EdItor...•.•.••.••••••••••••••• Rebecca HIatt                         other paid staff positions.            the month the activity is to take     weeks from now, on July 29),
     Fine Arts EdItor. • • . • . . • • • • . • • • • • • . • • Daniel C. Flanakln                                          place.                                with a press run of 2,500.
     Sports EdItor••••.•.•.•.•.•••••••••••••• Jeff Kuchno                                     COVERAGE                       Letters to the editor must be          Twelve regular issues will be
     Graphlc Artist•..••.•..•••.•••...•••••• C. Jason WeDs                                                                 submitted by noon Monday, for         published during each semester,
                                                                                       Students may write for the                                                with a press run of 1,500 per
     Photography Director.••••...••••••••.••••• WHey PrIce                          Current as frequently as they          Thursday publication.
     Producdon Chlef. • • • . . . . • • . . • .. •.. • . .. .•• LInda Tate                                                                                       edition. During the summer the
                                                                                    wish. No student, however, is                                                paper will appear on the stand
     Producdon Assistant. • • • • • • • . •. . • ••.•.••. Anthony BeD               permitted to report ?n an acti-                ADVERTISING
     Adverdslng Director. . . • • . • • . • • • •. . • Michael G. VIUhard                                                                                        on Tuesday afternoon. During
   , Clrculadon Manager•..•••••••••••••• Patrlck Connaughton                        vity or organization in which he         The Current will withhold no        the fall and winter, it will be
                                                                                    or she participates or is a            advertisements frot? publication      made available on Thursdays.
                                                                                                                                               July 8, 1980 UMSL CURRENT page 5

                                         around umsl
Student club paints new picture of art at UMSL
Rebecca matt                        Without an office of their own ,      students to meet, and to display    but most of the club's business       Activities Budget Committee,
                                    the members of the UMSL              a/ld critique each other's work.     and communication is taken care       which decides the budgets of
   One walks into the suite of      Student Artists organization con-    They wish to lend legitimacy to      of by members who share ' art         student groups . Therefore, the
student group offices in the Blue   gregate in the Art Department's      UMSL's Art Department by pro-        classes. Organized meetings           club's 1980-81 budget totalled
Metal Building expecting to find    photography and lithography          viding a bonafide student art        rarely take place unless an           $65, earmarked for publicity.
no one about, especially during     labs. Their hours are long-          organization.                        emergency develops.
the summer months. More often       members can often be found              They also hope to bring lec-          What holds the members               Club members attempted to
than not, one finds what he         printing and working in the lab's    turers, workshops and gallery        together is the "attitude we          obtain funding to start a student
expects: nothing. The place is      darkroom long after dark.            shows to the campus, and to          share about art," said John           co-operative on campus so that
empty.                                And they have received little      organize field trips to art mu-      Hilgert, one of the organiza-         art students could get supplies
  Since the spring, however, a      Fecognition for their efforts.       seums in other cities.               tion's vice presidents. "We want      at lower prices, but university
handful of students have lent         Founded in February, the club         The club's membership is          UMSL to be recognized as an art       officials question~d the legalities
human presence to the building      has several goals. Members           loosely structured. There's a        school. "                             of such an operation.
at times when no others would.      want to provide a place for art      president and co-vice presidents,       Mark Pascale, an assistant           But in spite of their budgetary
                                                                                                              professor of art and the club's       difficulties, the long hours the
                                                                                                             faculty advisor, said that he          club's members have put into
                                                                                                             feels the aim of the club is " to      the organization seem to be

               Rome's Best Pizza                                                                              make the school a better place,
                                                                                                             to recognize the Art Department
                                                                                                             and the art students.
                                                                                                                 ' The students over here are
                                                                                                                                                    paying off.

                                                                                                                                                      The members make a little
                                                                                                                                                   income from silver wastes,
  Stude t Happy Hour                                                                                         tucked away in the Blue Metal
                                                                                                             Building, " Pascale said, " and
                                                                                                                                                   which are generated from used
                                                                                                                                                   supplies the students purchase
                                                                                                             people usual1y think of art           themselves . This income is help-
             • Mondays 11am to 4pm                                                                           history or photography when
                                                                                                             they think of the art department,
                                                                                                                                                   ing the students pay for a
                                                                                                                                                   month-long gallery exhibit of
                                                                                                             rather than fine arts ."              L.R. John 's photography, which
                                                                                                                Despite their seemingly noble      opens next week in Gallery 210.
                        Busch and Bud on Tap                                                                 goals, the club has had trouble
                                                                                                             in receiving funds from the
                                                                                                                                                     When they 're not staffing the
                                                                                                                                                   gallery. chances are the mem-
                                                                                                             university. First-year organiza-      bers of the UMSL Student
                                                                                                                                                   Artists can be found in the lab ,
                                              10°10 Discount with UMSL ID                                    tions are seldum funded exten-
                                                                                                             sively. A club ' s first year in      developing their own artwork.
                                                                                                                                                     In a few years , Gallery 210
                                                  FREE Delivery to UMSL                                      existence is usually looked upon
                                                                                                                                                   may be renting their exhibits.
 382·1024                                                                                                    as a trial period by the Student

 8418 Natural Bridge Rd.
                                                          Under New Ownership
  "I am bere because you are. I'D do anything to make your
  stay at Rome's a pleasant one. I want you to feel bere as                   Operated by
  you do In your own borne."
                                                 -Roberto               Roberto and Family

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                   need personal whole life protection, too?

                   A •     T o cover you when you retire. Or
                         • protect you if you change employers
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                  with your Southwestern Life Career Agent.

                                                                                                             HAVE A SEAT, PLEAS. : 1be university recently .....taDed bencbe8
                                                                                                             along the Founder's Walk of the UMSL Commons [photo by Wiley

                  Tim Watkins                                                                                Exhibit to open
                  Craig Executive Center
                                                                                                                UMSL's Gallery 210 will host       14-Aug. 14. Gallery 210 is open
                  1854 Craig Road                                                                            a collection of L.R. John's photo-    from Ipm-Spm, Monday through
                  St. Louis, MO 63141                                                                        graphs entitled "Roof and             Wednesday, and from Ipm-9pm
                                                                                                             Mouth," beginning next week.          on Thursday.
                  576-4844                                                                                     John, a graduate · of the San         The display is bein~ presented
                                                                                                             Francisco Art Institute, bas re-      by the UMSL Student Artists
                                                                                                             ceived many awards, including a       and Paul Kohl.
                  ft        Southwestern Lire                                                                1976 National Endowment for             The Gallery will display the

                  U          People with Answers
                                                                                                             the Arts graIll. ~. _ ...eek in the
                                                                                                             exhibit result from his interest in
                                                                                                             his studio roof and the human
                                                                                                                                                   work of four members of the
                                                                                                                                                   UMSL Student Artists in an
                                                                                                                                                   exhibit entitled, " Blue Metal
                                                                                                             mouth as elements of budscape.        Blues: Black & White, " through
                                                                                                               The show will run from July         July 10. .
page 6 UMSL CURRENT July 8, 1980

                                         •                                                                           U. Players open
                                    cinema                                                                           summer show
                                                                                                                      The University Players will       duais in the cast were awarded
 Kubrick's 'The Shining' not                                                                                       present " Androcles and the
                                                                                                                   Lion," their annual summer
                                                                                                                   children's theater production,
                                                                                                                                                        their roles through auditions.
                                                                                                                                                           The production's technical
                                                                                                                                                        staff includes Carol Velt (cos-

 typical drive-in 'horror flick                                                                                    July 17-20.
                                                                                                                      This year's production, which
                                                                                                                   will be presented daily at
                                                                                                                  ,1:30pm, is an adaptation of the
                                                                                                                                                        tume design) , Ian Tobias (light.
                                                                                                                                                        ing) and Jason Wells (scenery
                                                                                                                                                           The show is directed by Liz
                                                                                                                   George Bernard Shaw play of          Peterson, a speech/ communica
      Stanley Kubrick's first film in five years is going fundamental rules of good acting. But if the             the same name.                       tions major who will graduate .
 , to be a disappointment to many. Like Kubrick's : performance is not completely compelling, many                    The show will be presented in     August. Peterson, a recent
   "2001: A Space Oddyssey," the movie's ambigui-       wm     find it entertaining nonetheless.            ''     the theater in 105 Benton Hall.      transfer from the University oj
   ties promote a lot of creative thought, and like that     Scatman Crothers provides a natural balance to        Admission is free , and seating is   Missouri-Columbia, is serving an
   film, reading the book is almost a prerequisite for Nicholson's lunatic, as the hotel cook who provides         on a first come, first served        internship in Speech 299. AI-
   understanding the inciting concept. Unfortunately, the meaning of the title and suggests that the               basis.                               though she is taking her first
   the average horror-movie' enthusiast is in the habit Overlook Hotel collects the spirits of the dead like          The cast includes, in order of    shot at directing, Peterson has
   of neither thinking nor reading . So if you are a toaster collects crumbs. Crothers is a completely             appearance, Jesse Russell (An-       plenty of acting experience. She
   looking for the usual non-stop blood-and dismem- genuine performer; when he laughs on-screen he                 drocles), Michael Oestrich (Pan-     appeared in last year' s U.
   berment midnight drive-in special , "The Shining" seems to mean it.                                             talone), Steph Hook (Isabella),      Players production o("Elektra. "
   is not your film.                                                                                               Corinna Kurth (Lelio), Kirk Dow         The show itself should be very
                                                             Shelley Duvall, who plays Mrs. Torrance, is           (the Lion) and Guy Niere (the        enjoyable. There are three plots
      And if you are one of the many who loved uncomfortably wooden in the film ' s opening                        Captain).                            within a plot, which should be
   Stephen King's bestseller, be prepared. Easily 80 scenes, but when the real action starts she                      Hook and Dow are UMSL             cause for several bouts of hila-
   percent of the book has been dropped , and what registers her terror believably, The essence of her             students and have appeared           rity.
   remains is little more than a family resemblance.      character seems to be a variation on the suburban        previously in University Player         There's lots of slapstick and a
                                                          hostess she played in "Three Women. " This is a          productions.    Oestreich     and    big chase scene. According to
      And if you want acting performances that are major improvement on the book, as it makes the                  Niere, who also have University      Peterson, "Nobody gets hurt,
  subtle and restrained , forget it.                      relationships more interesting, and one can see          Players experience, are em-          but everyone gets their just
                                                          why Nicholson would want to kill her after a few         ployed respectively by the Nor-      desserts . It's not as painful as
      Are you still there? Good. Because " The months along with her, with or without the help of
                                                                                                                   mandy School District and the        'The Three Stooges.'
  Shining" contains some of the classiest footage to ' evil spirits.
                                                                                                                   Ford Motor Company. Kurth will          "The theme of the show is
  be seen in a horror film since "The Birds." The
                                                             Perhaps the most rema'rkable performance in           be a student at Illinois College     that everyone should be free to
  plot has Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), a former
                                                                                                                   in the fall and Russell is a         themselves. "
  teacher and would·be writer, accepting a job as "The Shining" is given by little Danny Lloyd, who
                                                                                                                   student at Southern Illinois Uni-       The show runs for about one
  winter caretaker of a huge Colorado resort hotel. acts with honesty and realism and without even a
                                                                                                                 ,veristy-Edwardsville. The indivi-     hour.
  He and his wife and their small son will have to trace of the artificialtiy that child-actors frequently
  spend the season a'ione in the place, cut off from have. Best of all, he plays a real kid, and not the :
  the outside world. Torrance is warned that a wisecracking little adult that some directors seem
  former caretaker developed a strong case of cabin to think is cute. He is given a difficult role to play
  fever and became a homicidal maniac. "That could and comes through beautifully, even by adult
  never happen to me," Torrance says. Well, guess standards.
                                                                                                                 !     EMPLOYMENT
  what?                                                      Kubrick himself seems to have overemphasized
                                                          the structural and technical aspects of the film,
                                                          and eliminated any real depth. Because of this,
                                                          one is never allowed to forget that this is only a
                                                                                                                 :        FALL'80
                                                          movie, with actors saying lines and the film crew      : UMSL UNIVERSITY CENTER.
                                                          just out of sight. The overbearing musical score
                                                          blasts in during the scenes that need it the least,
                                                          and the flow of action is continually broken up by ,
                                                                                                                        ~~plica~ions    are now being accepted       ~orpart time
                                                                                                                      positIOns In the UMSL University Center for the Fall '80
                                                          title cards which precede each section. No                 Semester.                                                           =
                                                          particular scene is enhanced by the knowledge                 T~e University ~ires students to assist in University food       :
                                                          that it is occuring on "TUESDAY."                          ser:'lces, In.formatr~n ~esk, Fun Palace (recreation center),       •
                                                                                                                     tYPI~g service, audiO-Visual and other programming support          :
                                                           Fortunately, the good points outweigh the bad.            services.                                                           •
                                                        Kubrick is able to do justice to author King's                 Interested students who enjoy working with other                  :
                                                        chilling, creeping style rather than going for easy          UMSL students, who req uire a flexible work schedule , and          •
                                                        shocks. And he is able to use the tools of the               who appreciate the convenience of workil!g on campus are            :
                                                        cinema in a way no novel can. He generates                   urgeo to apply now in room 267 University Center or call            •
                                                        interest in his non-committal to supernatural                553-5291.                                                           :

                                                        explanations for the goings-on. The possibility is

                                                        never overlooked that some people are just crazy.
                                                        In addition, Kubrick creates a dazzling image with
                                                        a hemhorraging elevator, and the turning point of
                                                        the film is done very effectively, involving a quick
                                                        glimpse at Torrance's longtime writing project and                           An equal opportunity employer                       •
                                                        the confrontation that follows. This is where "The
                                                        Shining" really shines, in the scenes that stick in
                                                        the memory.

                                                            The real problem comes in the last ten minutes,
                                                       ,'with an ending that is both non-climactic and
                                                         ambiguous. The earlier scenes promise more than
                                                         they ultimately deliver, and the plot just sort of
                                                         gets tired of running and sits down in the snow.
                                                         Although the book's climax is somewhat of a
                                                         cliche, Kubrick didn't come up with anything
                                                         better. And if anyone out there understands the
                                                       , meaning of the very last shot, please write me in
                                                         care of V,is newspaper.

                                                           I would love to discuss the film ' s single,
                                                        overriding theme, but "The Shining" doesn't have
                                                        one. This is not necessarily bad for escapist fare.
                 Jack Nicholson                         In fact, the result is to show how a basically
                                                        simple, unpretentious thriller would be made with
                                                        class by one of the greatest directors in the world.
       'W hen Torrance does go over the edge,
    Nicholson gives a performance unlike anything he
  ' has ,ever done. He takes a does of psychotic          As you may have guessed, I am not quite sure
    possession to ridiculous extremes. Sometimes this exactly how good "The Sl.tining" is. It's enough to
    is terrifying; and sometimes. it is just funny. drive me insane (though I'll leave the axe in the
    However, I don't believe the humor is uninten- basement, thank you). But the fact that I am still
    tional in view of the fact that Kubrick's earlier feeling unshakeable delight over choice moments '
    thriller, "A Clockwork Orange" was a 137-minute convinces me that the mere cinematic professional-
    sick joke (and a very good one). Nicholson has ism of Stanley Kubrick is worth the price of
    simply been allo:-ved to run away with the part, ' admission.
'. ladng it liberally with his own charisma. This is
    sometimes a far from successful idea, as we are                                                                           for carry out
    constantly reminded that we are watching Jack         "The Shining" is showing in St. Louis at '
    NicholsoJ]., and not the tragic man he is Chesterfield Mall, the Esquire, the Mark Twain
    portraying. Consequently, it is difficult to ' care and the Village and in Granite City at the                     7060 Natural
    about the character. It is also surprising that Nameoki. The rating is "R" and the film runs two
    Kubrick allows Nicholson to ' break some very ,hours and 20 minutes.                                                Bridge Rd.
                                                                                                                            (across from'
                              a.- is. review column ,stating the opinion of its author, C. Jason Wells.                   Normandy Bank)
                                                                                                                                                      July 8, 1980 UMSL CURRENT page 7

                                                                              UMSLannounces recruits;
                                                                              men swimmers added
                                                                              Jeff Kuchno                            was a member of the Ritenour          Southwestern Conference.
                                                                                                                      varsity track squad for two             Although Hamilton will sit out
                                                                                 In the past few months, UMSL                                              the 1980-81 basketball season
                                                                              coaches have been busy scouring                                              due' to his transfer from one ,
                                                                                                                        "Jeannette should help our
                                                                              the area for new recruits. And,                                              four-year university to another,
                                                                                                                     defense immensely," Hudson
                                                                              in most instances, they have                                                 Bartow believes the waiting will
                                                                                                                     said. "I anticipate using her at
                                                                              found success.                                                               be worth it.
                                                                                                                     halfback and in goal for UMSL."
                                                                                 Among the more successful of           Hudson was also involved in           "We're very pleased that
                                                                              the coaches is swimming mentor         another recruiting announce-          Richard has decided to return to
                                                                              Don Maier. UMSL's men's                ment, this one concerning a           St. Louis to complete his educa-
                                                                              swimming team was plagued by           volleyball player. Charlene Hud-      tion," said Bartow. "He was the
                                                                              a lack of swimmers this past           son, the coach's younger sister,      toughest and most intense
                                                                              winter, but thanks to Maier, that      has signed a letter of intent to      player in the St. Louis area two
                                                                              situation should change next           attend UMSL this fall and will        years ago and he'll be a great
                                                                              year with the addition of four         play volleyball for the UMSL          asset to our program. "            '
                                                                              new swimmers.                          women.                                   Hamilton was first-team All-
                                                                                 Tom Revie (Parkway South),             Hudson, a three-year letter        State selection, first-team Publlc
                                                                              Joe Hofer (Hazelwood Central),         winner for McCluer North, was a       High League pick, first team St.
                                                                              Paul Murphy (Berkeley) and             first-team all-conference selec-      louis Post-Dispatch All-Metro
                                                                              Eddie Cox (Berkeley) have indi-        tion this past year when her          choice' 'and first-team St. louis
                                                                              cated they will swim at UMSL           team placed third in the state.       Globe-Democrat          All-District
                                                                              next year.                             As a junior, Hudson was a             choice. Sneet & Smith's basket-
                                                                                 "I'm really happy to have           second-team          all-conference   ball publication picked Hamilton
                                                                             these      commitments,"      said      choice.                               as a high-school All-American
                                                                              Maier. "We need some quality              Hudson also earned three           prior to his senior season.
                                                                             people to help get our program          varsity letters for soccer and was
                                                                             going. With Revie, Hofer, Mur- '                                                 "Bird was scheduled to start
                                                                                                                     a first-team all-conference player    at Mississippi," said Jim Gant,
                                                                             phy and Cox, we'll have a good

  Stellern makes
                                                                                                                   . her sophomore and junior years.       his high school coach, "but
                                                                             nucleus."                               She was a member of the 1978
                                                                                Revie placed fourth in state                                               some injuries got in the way.
                                                                                                                     Catholic Youth Council (CYC)          I'm glad to see him back in St.
                                                                             competition in the 100-yard but-        state championship soccer team,

  All-District team                                                          terfly, while Hofer is a distance .                                           Louis. "
                                                                                                                     which was coached by her bro-
                                                                             freestyler who placed first in the      ther.
                                                                             Suburban North Conference in               UMSL head basketball coach            Joe Sanchez, UMSL women' s
                                     record in triples with six. ln just     the 200-yard freestyle. He fi-                                                basketball coach, has announced
    UMSL rightfielder Mike Stel-                                                                                     TOlD Bartow has announced that
                                     two seasons, Stellem has moved          nished second in the 500-yard           a former high school standout         that two players, Laurie Littrell
 lern, a product of Hazelwood
 Central, has been named to the      into a three-way tie for third          free.                                   from the St. Louis area has           of Wheeling, Mo. and Mary
                                     place among career leaders in              Murphy is a breaststroker            enrolled at UMSL. Richard             Ellen " Ellie" Schmink of In-
 NCAA Division II Midwest AII-
 District second team.               triples at UMSL. Stellem also           who, according to Maier, "has a                                               dianapolis, intend to play bas-
                                     stole 13 bases.                         good shot at setting several new      " Bird" Hamilton, a 6-foot-6            ketball at UMSL.
   Stellern, considered a strong
                                        Stellem's .371 average is the        UMSL school records as a fresh-       forward from Central High , has            Littrell , an all-state performer
 professional baseball prospect,
                                     thirteenth best ever for an             man," and Cox is a sprinter-          decided to roost in St. Louis           at Wheeling High, is a transfer
 batted .371 for the 21-22 UMSL
                                     UMSL Riverman.                          freestyler with promise.              after a two-year stint at the           from Moberly (Mo. ) Junior Col-
 Rivermen last spring. Playing in
                                        The NCAA Midwest District               Ken Hudson, field hockey           University of Mississippi in the        lege. Both players are guards .
 41 games, 6-foot-1 , 18S-pounder
 led the team with 27 runs           includes Division II schools in         coach, announced that UMSL
 scored, 46 hits, seven doubles,     Illinois , Iowa, Minnesota, Mis-        has signed Ritenour's Jeannette
                                                                             Walker to a letter of intent to
 four home runs, 77 total bases
 and 34 RBI. Stellern tied for the
 team lead and the UMSL season
                                     souri, Nebraska, North Dakota,
                                     South Dakota, Texas and Wis-
                                                                             attend UMSL.
                                                                                Walker won two varsity letters
                                                                                                                     Two new coaches
                                                                             as a goalie for the Huskies and
                                                                                                                    to work with teams
 Baseball Rivermen wrap.up                                                                                                  Jerry Zykan                           Cindy Rech
 disappointing season, 21-22                                                                                          Jerry Zykan, 28, has been
                                                                                                                    named as a part-time assistant
                                                                                                                                                               Cindy Rech, 30, has been
                                                                                                                                                            named head women ' s volleyball
   Despite a 21-22 finish, the       Stellern batted .371-13th best           spring of 1974. The Rivermen          basketball coach at UMSL,               coach at UMSL, women' s ath-
UMSL baseball season brought a       in the school ' s history. Stellem's     also tied their record for longest    Coach Tom Bartow has an-                letic director Judy Berres has
number of highlights and obser-      .621 season slugging average             losing streak, when they drop-        nounced.                                announced .
vers have many reasons to look       places him second in career              ped five straight games between
                                                                              April 20 and 23. The first three         Zykan serves as head basket-
ahead with optimism.                 slugging average . His career                                                                                             Rech replac~s Gary Custer,
                                                                              losses were to SIU-Carbondale         ball coach at Ritenour High
   Among the highlights, UMSL        mark of .560 is second only to                                                                                         who resigned the part-time posi-
                                                                                                                    School, where his four-year won-
took its very young team to          former UMSL firstbaseman John            and the last two to SIU-                                                      tion. Rech teaches physical edu-
                                                                                                                    lost record is 74-34. He served
Columbia, Mo. , and defeated         Kazanas (.594) .                        Edwardsville.                                                                  cation at Bonftls Elementary
                                                                                                                    two years as Ritenour' s head
Missouri, 5-4, at a time when           Stellern also tied the single-          Returning to the positive side      coach for the freshman squad            School in the Hazelwood School
Missouri was ranked 10th in the      season record for most triples          of the record book, UMSL shat-         before becoming the head var-           District, and served as head
nation and first in the Big Eight    (six) and moved into a three-way        tered the team record for triples      sity coach.                             coach of Washington Univer-
Conferenmce. The Rivermen lost       tie for third for most triples in a     as the fleet-footed Rivermen                                                   sity's volleyball team from 1975
 the other end of the dOUble-        career. His of 10 is just two           belted 32 three-baggers. The old                                               through 1978. Her squads quali-
header to the Tigers , 4-3.                                                  mark of 23 was set in the spring          "Jerry has proven his ability
                                     behind       career    leader    Jim                                           to coach and motivate players,"         fied for the Missouri small
                                     Lockett.                                of 1973. The Rivermen also stole                                               college state tournament in 1977
                                                                             157 bases as a team-third              Bartown said. "His teams have
   UMSL also knocked off the            Next to Stellern, the Riverman                                              always played with a great              and 1978. Rech has been an
highly regarded SIU-Salukis,          who made the biggest impres-           highest total in the school' s                                                 instructor at numerous St. Louis
                                                                             history. Individually, Rob White       amount of intensity and have
7-4, and won three out of three       sion on the Red and Gold record                                               always been well-disciplined.           area camps and clinics. She
from cross-town rival, St. Louis      book was junior pitcher Lenny          (Central, Meramec CC) swiped                                                   earned three varsity awards in
                                                                             35 in a season shortened by a          We think he will be an excellent
University of the Metro Confer-       Klaus (Pattonville). Klaus just                                               addition to our present staff."         volleyball at Southeast Missouri
ence.     .                           missed the record for most             hand injury. White was the                                                    :State University in Cape Girar-
                                                                             nation's stolen base ' leader            Zykan attended Ritenour High
   In UMSL's . season-ending          strikeouts in a season as he                                                  School and received a BS in             deau.
doubleheader sweep from 52-21         fanned 63-just five short of the       through mid-April.
                                                                                                                    education from UMSL in 1974.
Lewis University, the Rivermen        record. The hard-throwing right-          No doubt, the lack of exper-       ,He joins Chico Jones as a
started five freshmen and three       hander moved into fifth place          ience hurt the 1980 Rivermen.          coaching assistant for Bartow,            UMSL finished 31-17 in the
sophomores in the eight fields        among UMSL all-time strikeout          Two Rivermen who would have            who will begin second season      fall of 1979 and has never had a
positions. Although a junior          leaders. Klaus also is now tied         been seniors this spring, were        as UMSL's head coach this year.        losing season in volleyball.
pitcher rounded out the starting     for fourth among career leaders         playing instead in the Los
nine, none of the mound corps        for complete games pitched.             Angeles Dodgers (Skip Mann)
were upper-c1assmen.                 Klaus also established a new            and Chicago Cubs (Jim Lockett)
  The Rivermen rewrote ' several      mark for most 'runs allowed            organizations. The loss of Mann
of their individual and team
records     this   spring-some
                                     (59). The old mark was 51 by Bob
                                     Downey ~ the spring of 1976.
                                                                             and Lockett ' hurt 'but allowed
                                                                             some quality ' freshmen and
                                                                                                                   Women's soccer to begin
positive and some negative. Per-        UMSL's William Shanks tied           sophomores to ' gain valuable
haps the brightest area among        the record for most losses (six)        playing time this spring. That
record breakers was occupi~d by      ar.d UMSL broke its ' record for        playing experience should pay           For the first ' time in its           Any woman interested in trying
sophomore rightfielder, Mike         n     ' losses in a season (22). Th,.   dividends for the Rivermen next       history, UMSL will field a club         ouf shoUld contact Ken Hudson
SteHem (Hazelwood Central).          old mark was 20, set in the             season.                               soccer team for women this faU.         af 553-5641.
     page 8 UMSL CURRENT July 8, 1980

    Summer camps enliven UMSL
     Jeff Kuchno '

         There ace many who would concur with
     the popular belief that the social life of
     UMSL is somewhat dull . Well, if life
     around the UMSL campus is slow during
     the normal school year, it comes close to a
     standstill during the summer months.
         This is not true, however, around the
      Mark Twain Building and adjacent athletic'
     fields . Activity at UMSL's sports facilities
      has been anything but slow, and for good
         This summer, UMSL has established -
      itself as a major athletic development
      center for youths in the St. Louis area by
      offering six camps and clinics. These
      camps consist of instruction in gymnastics,
     basketball . and soccer for girls, and
     baseball, basketball and soccer for boys.
         Among the most popular of these
     camps-and one which thrives on the
     advantages of the Mark Twain Building-is
    ,the UMSL Gymnastics Camp , which was
     held at UMSL for two weeks, June 9-13
     and 16-20.
         The highly-regarded camp, which is
     coordinated by Dennis Fallon, associate
     professor of physical ,education, has been
     held at UMSL for the past three years . It                                                              Photos by
     had been held previously at Washington
     University , but because of high costs, area
     gymnastic coaches, in conjunction with the
     YMCA, -made the move to UMSL.                                                                          Wiley Price
         The camp features special physical
     fitness testing stations, 19 total teaching
     stations and instruction in the four areas of
     women's gymnastics (beam, vault, bars
     and floor), by several outstanding coaches.
         One of those outstanding coaches is Tom
     Burgdorf, director of the UMSL camp and
     head coach of the Florissant Gym Club.
     Burgdorf, a former student at UMSL,
     believes that the UMSL Gymnastics Camp'
     is among the best he's ever been
     associated with.
         "A lot of the other clinics in the                                                                 FUTURE OLYMPIANS?: Many area
     Midwest don ' t even compare with this                                                                 gymnasts participated In the UMSL
     one ," said Burgdorf. "The equipment and                                                               Gymnastics Camp In June. Oockwlse
     facilities are perfect here at UMSL,                                                                   from top left are Tammy Javier,
     especially with the air conditioning. "                                                                Donna Pinter, Amy Gardner, Clara
        Burgdorf pointed out that the air                                                                   McCarthy and Carol Klppenberger.
     conditioning bodes well for pleasant exer-
     cising conditions and that other factors
     make the camp ideal for a young gymnast.
         "The ratio of student to coach is seven
    to one,' aid Burgdorf. "Our philosophy is
    to take the kids beyond what they normally
    can do. This camp provides them with the
    opportunity to do that.
        "The best thing about this camp,
    though, is meeting the kids. These kids get
    to meet other kids and coaches they've
    been competing against and they see it in
     a different light. They don't see each other
    as competitors. Instead, they are friends."
        About 200 kids participated in the camp
     during the two-week duration. It is esti-
     mated that there were 110 participants the
     first week and 140 the second. Many of
     them attended the camp both weeks.
         According to Burgdorf, the cainp particu-
     pants were divided into ' five groups
    according to ability. He said that some of       "It's a good camp," she said. "It's a lot   "already concluded. The third session is for   , camps. The boys camp will be offered July
    the kids were just 'b eginners and that        of fun and I I~e it." Teammate ' Ciara        boys ages 15 to 18 and runs from July            21-24 and July 28~31. The girls' soccer
    others were veterans of state and regional McCarthy, 11, expressed similar senti-            7-10.                                            camp will be offered Aug. 4-,8. Hours of
    competition.                                   ments.                                                                                         instruction for all ' three soccer camps wil:
                                                     "This camp is a good idea," said              Pix, who played six years in the New
                                                                                                 York Mets and Montreal Expos ~ystems,            be 9am-12 noon and ages six through 1~
        "The top level gymnasts 'in the area are   McCarthy, another state champ. "It's good
                                                                                                 will be_ assisted by John Kazanas, UMSL          may enroll for the boys' an,d girls' camp.
    here," he said. "Over the past two weeks,      experience, too."
                                                                                                 assistant baseball ' roach, and Jim Winkle-         Dallas began UMSL's- varsity soccel
      we have had about 20 of the 30 state            Other positive impressions came from       mann, Hazelwood West High School                 program and coached the team to ~
      participants from the past season. Many of 14-year-old Donna Pinter, a seven-year          fresnman baseball coach. Instruction in the      national collegiate ' championship in 1973
      the best coaches in the Midwest are here,    veteran of gymnastics. "I think it's a good   third session will be from 9:30am to             His squads have never had a losing seasor
      too. "                                       clinic," she said, "and it has most of the                                                     since he began UMSL's program in 1968
        One such coach, who has produced           best coaches in St. Louis."                                                                    The registration fee is 520 for an)
      several state champions from the St. Louis ,                                                                                                one-week session or 535 for two weeks.
      area, is Rod Rogers, assistant camp             Others like Carrie Cook and Peggy               Women's basketball
      director and head coach of the St. Louis     Flowers, both ' 10, and Tammy Javier, 11,
      County Gym Club. Rogers spoke highly of      mentioned that the camp was enjoyable           UMSL will offer a girls' basketball camp               Men's basketball
    ' UMSL's facilities and the opportunity it     and offered an excellent opportunity to       under the direction of UMSL head wo-
      provided for the young gymnasts.             learn new moves.                              men's basketball coach .Joe Sanchez. The           UMSL' s sixth summer camp will be fO!
                                                                                                 camp will be offered from Aug. 4-8. Junior      boys' basketball, under the direction oj
       "UMSL has equal to or better facilities        Of course, these gymnasts mayor may        high girls will meet tOam-1pm and high          Tom Bartow, UMSL head men's basketball
     than most camps I've been to;" said           not be future Olympic medal-winners, but      school girls from 6:30-9:3Opm. Girls ages       coach. The camp will be offered from Aug,
     Rogers. "It is ideal for a gymnastics         for two weeks in June, they had the           12 to ' 19 may attend. Each camp member         11-15. Instruction will be from 5:30·
     camp."                                        opportunity to enjoy the sharing that goes    will receive more than 18 hours of              9:30pm. Players who were members oj
                                                   into ' pa~icipating in the sport they love.   Instruction, accordin~ to Sanchez.              their schools' freshman, sophomore 01
       Not only were the coaches impressed         And UMSL played a big part in making it '
     with the UMSL camp, but so too were the                                                                                                     varsity teams last year and do not graduate
                                                   all come alive.                                  Sanchez was twice named Texas high           before 1981 may attend. Bartow has
     participants, including a few state ' cham-                                                 school coach of the year after he guided his
     pions.                                                                                                                                      directed and assisted with numerous bas·
                                                                                                 high school girls' teams to back-to-back        ketball camps. A staff of college and high
        Amy Gardner, a 13-year-old with the St.
      Louis County Gym Club, has quite a                    Other camps                          state ' championships. The registration fee
                                                                                                 is 540 per session or two students for 570.
                                                                                                                                                 school coache's will assist at the UMSI
                                                                                                                                                 camp. The registration fee :s 540:
     history of success. She was a state                                                                             /                 '

     champion for two years in a row before
     breaking h~r finger last season. For                                                                      Soccer                              For information on any of UMSL' s
      Gardner, though, the UMSL camp provided '      UMSL's baseball camp, directed by                                                           summer camps, call the UMSL athletic' or
      her with ' a chance to experience the        UMSL head baseball coach Jim Dix, is            UMSL head soccer coach Don Dallas will        physical education departments at either
      non:coI!lP.e titive side of gymnastics.      divided into three sessions, the first two    direct both ' the boy~ and girls soccer         553-5641 or 553-5526.

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