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									                     Phuket Shopping Prices Beer, Wine, Spirits 2012

Below are some prices of various alcohol drinks and some food items from Big C Supermarket, the
Deli Supermarket and a few other shops. So arm yourself with the essential price guide for surviving
in Phuket.

Though we have found that some spirits are cheaper again in the minimarts
and 7/11 shops. You cannot buy alcohol from major stores between 2pm – 5pm. But 99.9% of little
stores like 7/11 etc will sell to you anytime. Prices are pretty much the same as last year with just a
few changes, some items are a little bit cheaper and some have stayed the same!!

               Big C Supermarket Prices (Jungceylon Shopping Centre)

                      BEER                                                  BEER
Singha small bottle – 31baht                          Singha large bottle – 56baht
Leo small bottle – 26baht                             Leo can – 26baht
Heinekin small bottle – 41 baht                       Heinekin can – 35baht
Chang small bottle – 25baht                           Chang can – 25baht
Chang carton cans – 530baht                           Chang carton small bottles – 530baht
Leo carton cans – 551baht                             Chang large bottle – 42baht
Tiger large bottle – 51 baht                          San Miguel large bottle – 65baht
Archa small bottles – 37baht                          Cheers small bottles – 39baht

                    SPIRITS                                               SPIRITS
Blend 285 Whisky – 12 bottles – 2209baht              Chivas Regal 700ml – 1149baht
Hong Thong Whisky – 12 bottles – 1915baht             Johnnie Walker Black – 700ml – 1169baht
Hennessy – 5580baht                                   Johnnie Walker Red 700ml – 749baht
Ballantines aged 30 years – 12,650baht                Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve – 1495baht
Ballantines aged 21 years – 7590baht                  Johnnie Walker Blue – 899baht
Dewars – 529baht                                      Bacardi 700ml – 589baht
Bacardi litre – 719baht                               Smirnoff Vodka litre – 717baht
Gordons Gin – 612baht                                 Smirnoff Vodka 700ml – 599baht
Captain Morgan rum litre – 699baht                    Bombay Dry Gin 700ml – 595baht
Gilbeys Vodka 700ml – 320baht                         100 Pipers litre – 479baht
Gilbeys Gin 700ml – 320baht                           Benmore Scotch 700ml – 350baht
Baileys 700ml – 970baht                               100 Pipers litre – 699baht
Kahlua – 1005baht                                     Jack Daniels litre – 1250baht
Master blend scotch 700ml – 195baht                   Jameson’s 700ml – 740baht

              PRE MIX DRINKS                                        PRE MIX DRINKS
Bacardi Breezers - 52 baht                            Bacardi Breezers 4 pack – 194baht
Smirnoff Ice – 52baht                                 Smirnoff Ice 4 pack – 190baht
Smirnoff Black Ice – 55baht                           Smirnoff Black Ice – 199baht
Spy mixers – 29baht                                   Spy Mixers 4 pack – 105 baht
               Big C Supermarket Prices (Jungceylon Shopping Centre)

                      WINE                                              WINE
George Duboeuf Next Code Merlot – 495baht         Jacobs Creek Chardonnay 2010 – 545baht
George Duboeuf Next Code Syrah – 495baht          Jacobs Creek Shiraz Cabernet 2009 – 329baht
Regis de Valliere Pinot Noir – 1106baht           Taylors Cabernet Sauvignon – 750baht
Ph. Bouchard & Cie Merlot – 425baht               Taylors Pinot Noir – 790baht
La Vieille Ferme brands – 890baht                 Wyndham Estate Bin 444 Cab Sav – 880baht
Cranswick Chardonnay – 590baht                    Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Shiraz – 880baht
Cranswick Shiraz Cabernet – 590baht               Jacobs Creek Shiraz 2009 – 625baht
Little Yering Pinot Noir 2008 – 528baht           Jacobs Creek Cabernet Sauvignon – 625baht
Bushmans Gully Cabernet Shiraz – 410baht          Jacobs Creek Shiraz Cabernet 2008 – 545baht
Assorted Monte Clair Wines – 350-620baht          Jacob's Creek Grenache Shiraz – 499baht
Jacobs Creek Semillon Chardonnay – 515baht        Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz – 1250baht
Dom Perignon - 10,525baht                         Moet & Chandon rosé champagne – 4,050baht
Cheap brand wines starting from 200baht           Pearly Bay Casks 3 litres – 820baht

                ODDS & ENDS                                       ODDS & ENDS
Kraft cheese singles 12 slices – 162baht          Iced Donuts – 6baht
Imperial cheese slices 6 slices – 68baht          Eggs 1 dozen – 62baht
Allowrie lite cheese slices 12 slices – 125baht   All Milks 2 litres – 77baht
Bega cheese small blocks – 179baht                Milk 1 litre – 35baht
Sanitarium Weetbix 375 gram box – 99baht          Loaf bread 32baht
Sanitarium Lite & Tasty – 279baht                 Amino drinks – 19baht
Cocopops small box – 59baht                       Gatorade – 23baht
Cornflakes – 99baht                               6 litre bottles water – 35baht
6 pack chocolate milk – 60baht                    6 cans Nescafe coffee – 55baht
Nutella 220gram jar – 97baht                      6 cans Birdy coffee – 63baht
2 litre bottle coke all varieties – 35baht        4 pack fruit & yoghurt – 39baht
Nescafe Gold large – 515baht                      6 cans coke normal, diet – 65baht
Pringles normal size 45B – Large box 65baht       Dry fish snacks – 9baht
Arnotts Mint slice biscuits – 105baht             Tim Tams small 35B – large 120baht
Kit Kats – 20baht                                 Kit Kats pack of 6 – 55baht
Ritz crackers – 57baht                            Oreo Cookies – 29baht
Choccy Biscuits – 19baht                          Probiotic drinks (like yakult) 39baht for 6 pack
Off mosquito repellent (15% Deet) – 120baht       Mortein fly spray – 79baht

                                  VILLA MARKET CHALONG

Bacardi 700ml – 630baht                           Smirnoff vodka 700ml – 646baht
Kalhua 700ml – 990baht                            Baileys 700ml – 1006baht
Bacardi 750ml – 667baht                           Southern Comfort – 700ml – 924baht
Jim Beam Black – 965baht                          Famous Grouse litre – 769baht
Johnnie Walker Red litre – 739baht                Johnnie Waker Black litre – 1249baht
100 Pipers litre – 479baht                        100 Pipers Scotch 1.5 litres – 699baht
                                   THE DELI SUPERMARKET

Now the Deli Supermarket, is up the northern end of Patong Beach on Ratu-Thit Rd, great shop with
lots of imported goodies, meats, cheeses (and vegemite) etc and a massive selection of various
wines from around the world. Some spirits are cheaper here than Carrefour and some a lot more

Kahlua 700ml – 1045baht                               Malibu – 860baht
Dewars Scotch – 579baht                               Famous Grouse – 720baht
Jim Beam Black – 1030baht                             Jim Beam Red – 720baht
Chivas Regal 700ml – 1170baht                         Wolf Blass Cab Sav & Chardy – 570baht
Queen Adelaide Sav Blanc – 670baht                    Rosemount Wines – 300 – 900baht
2 litre bottles red/white Californian wine – 90baht   Jim Beam & Cola bottles – 93baht
Large can Guinness – 215baht                          Vegemite large jar 400grams – 520baht

I gave up after this as there is such a large selection of wine here from
around the world and they were all starting to blend in together, so needed
to come back and hydrate with a Bacardi.

Anyway this will give you an approximate idea of some of the prices at various places.

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