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ATS Master Line card


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									                                                          Academy Technical Services Ltd                                                                                                                   Tel 01506 865433
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ver 4.0 June 2012

Application Area        Instrument                                                                CALTEST Instruments Ltd                 Ideal Industries           Ibrido Technologies Ltd            MCS Test Equipment Ltd
Purschase Option        Rental                                                                                            x                                                     x
Purschase Option        Rent to Own                                                                                       x                                                     x                                                x

Purschase Option        Lease                                                                                             x                                                     x                                                x

Purschase Option        Sell                                                                                              x                      x                              x                                                x

General Purpose Test    Scopes Digital/Analog/ Mixed Signal                                LeCroy, GW Instek                                                 GW Instek                         Rigol, Hameg, Metex

                        Spectrum / Signal Analysers                                        GW Instek                                                         GW Instek                         Anritsu, Hameg , Protek, Aeroflex

                        Sperum Analysers With Tracking Generators                          GW Instek                                                         GW Instek                         Anritsu, Hameg, Aeroflex

                        Vector Network Analysers                                                                                                                                               Anritsu, Protek
                        Signal Gen RF, Microwave Synth, VSG                                                                                                  Tabor, GW Instek                  Anritsu, Hameg, Hittite, LabBrick, Schomamdl

                        PIM Tester                                                                                                                           CCI Products
                        Arbitrary Waveform Gen                                             GW Instek, LeCroy                                                 Tabor, GW Instek                  AT, Hameg, Rigol

                        Pulse Generators                                                                                                                     Tabor
                        Logic Analysers                                                    LeCroy, GW Instek                                                                                   AT

                        Function Generators / Prog Function Generators                     GW Instek                                                         Tabor, GW Instek                  Hameg, Rigol

                        Audio Generators                                                   GW Instek
                        Calibrators                                                        Time Electronics, Ballantine labs inc                                                               Beamex

Meters                  DVM, Analogue Meters, Clamp                                        AMECaL, GW Instek                                                 Tabor, GW Instek                  Chauvin Arnoux, Hameg, Rigol, Seaward, Ideal Ind
Heat, Vision, Sound     Thermal Imaging Cameras                                            FLIR                                                  X                                             Infared Cameras, Ideal Ind
                        Temperature Testers                                                                                                      X                                             Chauvin Arnoux, Ideal Ind

                        Sound meters                                                                                                             X                                             Chauvin Arnoux, Ideal Ind

                        Acoustic Quiet 19 Racks & cabinets                                 Acoustic
                        RF Shiled enclossures                                                                                                                                                  Tescom

                        PCI & PCX Instruments                                                                                                                Tabor
                        Cable / Antenna Analysers                                                                                                X           CCI Products                      Anritsu, Protek, Ideal Ind

                        TDR                                                                                                                      X           Aegis                             Anritsu, Ideal Ind
                        Frequency & Microwave Frequency Counters                           GW Instek                                                         GW Instek                         Anritsu, Hameg

                        RF & Microwave Power Meters, Sensoors                                                                                                                                  Anritsu, Lady Bug (USB)

                        TV/DAB/ DVB/ Freq Standards                                                                                                                                            Teamcast, Kathrein, Anritsu, Schomandl

                        Comms/Signalling testers Variuous Standards GSM,WCDMA, GPS,
Wireless test                                                                                                                                                                                  Litepoint, Tescom, RTX Technology, Anritsu, Schomandl, Aeroflex,
                        Tetra, UWB, WIMAX, WLAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth, DECT, RFID, LTE

                        10Ge/40Ge/Copper/Ethernet/Fibre Channel/ PDH/SDH &
Data Comms -Telecomms                                                                                                                            X                                             Anritsu, Digital Lighwave, Ideal Ind

LAN- Ethernet           Cat Testers                                                                                                              X                                             Ideal Ind

                        Electrical/Pat test/Inslation/continuity/ Earth Resistance/ 17th
Electrical                                                                                                                                                   Aegis, GW Instek                  Chauvin Arnoux, Seaward , Clare, Ideal Ind
                        edition tools/ High Voltage                                        GW Instek                                             X
Electrical Power        AC Power Supply's                                                  Pacific Power Source, GW Instek                                   GW Instek
                        Programmable AC Power sources                                      Pacific Power Source, GW Instek                                   GW Instek
                        Frequency Coverters                                                Pacific Power Source, Magnus Power, Adaptive
                        DC Power Supply's                                                  Adaptive, EA, Horizon, Kepco, GW Instek                           GW Instek,                        Hameg, Maynuo, Rigol

                        DC Electronic loads                                                H&H, EA, Kepco, GW Instek                                         GW Instek,
                        Modular Military DC Supply's                                       Horizon Electronics
                        AC & DC Electronic Loads                                           H&H                                                               GW Instek                         Maynuo

                        Power Analysers & Energy Meters                                    N4L,                                                  X
                        FRA                                                                N4L,
                        Lab Power Amps                                                     N4L,
                        High Voltage Test
                        HIPot / Safety testers & Cable tester                              Sefelec, GW Instek                                                GW Instek
                        Battery Element Tester                                             STS Instruuments                                                                                    Powertron

                        LCR / Impedance \tester                                            GW Instek, Wayne Kerr Electronics                                 Tabor, GW Instek                  Rigol
                     Electricity Meter test / standards     Zera                                                              Ideal Ind

Optical Products     OTDR                                          X   Anritsu, Exfo, Ideal Ind, AFL Noyse                    Anritsu, Ideal Ind, AFL Noyse, Grandway, Shineway
                     Optical Spectrum Analysers / DWDM                 Anritsu                                                Anritsu, Proximion,

                     Optical Light Sources                         X   Anritsu, AFL Noyse                                     Anritsu, AFL Noyse, Granaway, Ideal Ind

                     Optical Power Meters                          X   Anritsu, AFL Noyse                                     Anritsu, AFL Noyse, Grandway, Shineway, Ideal Ind

                     Fusion Splicers                               X   AFL Fujikura, illsintech                                AFL Noyse

                     Cleavers                                          illsintech                                             AFL Noyse

                     Loss Test Sets                                    AFL Noyse                                              Anritsu, AFL Noyse, Grandaway, Shineway, Ideal Ind
                     Visual Fault Locators                         X   AFL Noyse                                               AFL Noyse, Grandway, Shineway Ideal Ind

                     CD/PMD tester                                                                                            Anritsu ,

                     PON                                                                                                      Grandway, Shineway, Anritsu

                     Fibre CABLE                                       OFS
                     Talk Sets                                                                                                 AFL Noyse, Grandway, Shineway

                     Optical Microscopes                               Exfo, Linxcom                                          Senko
                     Optical Cable Assy                                OFS                                                    Senko

                     Cleaning Products                                                                                        Senko
                     Network Cabinets                                  Linxcom
Passive Components   Filter                                            AMD, Creowave, GNI, Kavveri ,UMT, JFW ind, CCI, Broadwave Tech.
                     combiners                                         AMD, GNI, Kavveri ,UMT, JFW ind, Cci
                     Splitters                                         AMD, GNI, Kavveri, JFW ind, CCI, Broadwave Tech
                     Couplers                                          AMD, GNI, Kavveri, Broadwave Tech                      Anritsu, Tescom
                     Diplexers                                         Kavveri
                     Duplexers                                         AMD, GNI, Kavveri, UMT, CCI
                     Attenuators, Programmable Attenuator              Kavveri, GNI,                                          Anritsu, Lab Brick

                     Power Terminations                                AMD, Broadwave Tech
                     Microwave filters                                 AMD, Kavveri
                     Power Dividers                                    AMD, Broadwave Tech, Kavveri
                     Antennas                                          GNI, Kavveri, UMT, Broadwave Tech, illsintech
                     RF Connectors                                     ZEETEQ
                     Cable Assy                                        Kavveri, UMT, ZEETEQ, Broadwave Tech
                     Dielectric Ceramics filters                       YDZ, Broadwave Tech
                     MRI Components                                    Passive Plus
                     Hi Q Capacitors                                   Passive Plus
                     Hi Q Variable Capacitors                          Passive Plus
                     Resistor & resistive products                     Passive Plus
                     Diodes                                            Passive Plus
Active Devices       LNA                                               GNI, Cci
Active Devices       GSM Repeaters                                     Kavveri, Broadwave Tech,Cci
                     Tetra Repeaters                                   Creowave
                     RF switch's                                       GNI, Broadwave Tech
                     RF Solid State Switch's                           Broadwave Tech
                     Through the Earth Comms Sys                       Vital Alert, Broadwave Tech, Fractom
                     CellulR Radio sys products                        CCI Products
TOOLS                Electrical Tools                              X                                                          Ideal Ind

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