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									                               What Is An Electric Cigarette?

Electric cigarettes became popular in Europe in 2004, and were finally introduced to the Yankee market
in 2009. Dubbed "the smoke-less cigarette," electronic cigarettes provide a healthier alternative to
cigarette smoking.

With the continued enactment of smoking bans in cities, bars, schools, public areas, and restaurants,
smokers who are of legal status are turning to the new technology of electric cigarettes (e-cigs) for
private and social enjoyment.

In general, electric cigarettes contain so much fewer and fewer harmful chemicals than ancient
cigarettes. They do not emit second user smoke and aren't created with tobacco, so that they will be
utilized in place of cigarettes at most of the locations.


Electric cigarettes were fabricated by Hon Lik, a Beijing-based discoverer. In 2004, his product became
popular in Asia and Europe. In early 2009, electric cigarettes hit the market within the u. s., and have
gained increasing popularity.


Electric cigarettes contain no tobacco and may be smoke-dried anyplace. They functions healthier, safer
alternative to ancient tobacco cigarettes as they contain less chemicals and carcinogens and have none
of the risks of secondhand smoke.


Electric cigarettes run on battery power. The battery heats up the filter, that contains phytotoxic,
making a vapor that's indrawn by the smoker. Electric cigarettes are indrawn similar to a true cigarette,
however they do not have the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Completely different flavors are
often purchased to fill the filters with, together with mint, vanilla, wild cherry and original tobacco.


While all electric cigarettes work constant, there are differing kinds. Some are often plugged directly
into a pc USB port or a cigar lighter to charge, whereas others go with separate chargers. There a range
of electric cigarette firms, together with NJoy and Smoking anyplace.


Since electric cigarettes contain none of the chemicals of those ancient tobacco cigarettes, they don`t
carry constant health risks. Smokers conjointly can relish the electric cigarettes' lack of odor and also the
proven fact that they do not stain teeth. They’re convenient because they will be smoked anyplace.

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