What Are The Different Types Of Smartphone Cases

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					   What Are The Different Types Of Smartphone Cases?

The different types of smartphone cases available are generally intended to both protect the phone and
add aesthetic appeal, though some achieve these goals better than others. There are hundreds of different
smartphone cases available to suit every taste, and they range in price based on their manufacturing
materials, as well as any guarantees made about the protection of the phone or the longevity of the case.
The most common types of cases include designer cases, leather cases, Silicone Case Back Cover and
impact resistant cases that are designed to protect the phone if it is dropped.

Designer cases are some of the most popular smartphone cases. These are often made of hard plastic or
Silicone Case Back Cover, and simply slip over the top of the phone. They often do not protect the screen
at all, but will instead change the look of the phone. These types of cases are available in hundreds of
different colors and designs; in addition, some websites offer customers the ability to custom design a
smartphone case, either by using designing tools on the website or by uploading a favorite photo. That
photo will then be turned into a case and mailed to the customer, who then can simply put it on his or her
phone. Other popular designer smartphone cases are leather cases. These are sometimes a bit pricier, and
may offer a flip cover that also protects the screen of the phone when it is closed. These are also available
in different colors and designs, and often come from popular fashion designers as well, which are some of
the most expensive options. Designer cases are fun, but they do not offer a great deal of protection against
the phone if it is dropped or thrown into a purse or bag; in this case, an impact resistant case may be a
good bet. Impact resistant and protective smartphone cases are often made of plastic as well, but Silicone
Case Back Cover are often made of a soft silicone "skin" which fits tightly over the phone and helps to
absorb the impact from a fall, which can help to prevent breaks or cracks in the cover or screen. In
addition, these types of smartphone cases often come with screen protective covers, which are clear
plastic covers that affix onto the screen of the phone and help to prevent scratches. These cases may also
cover the ports of the phone, to prevent dust and dirt from getting in. Active people generally find that
choosing a protective case such as this is the best option.

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