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									ACE Logistic
Management E&O
ACE Logistic Management E&O Policy

                                                       •	Design,	development,	modification,	
                                                         maintenance,	licensing,	sale,	operation	or	
                                                         use	of	logistics	or	supply	chain	management	

                                                       •	Design,	development,	coding,	modification,	
                                                         maintenance,	integration,	licensing,	sale	or	
                                                         operations	of	software	used	in	logistics	or	
                                                         supply	chain	management,	

                                                       •	Logistics,	truckload,	shipment,	inventory,	
                                                         transportation,	record	retention,	facilities	&	
                                                         warehouse	management;

                                                       •	Vehicle	location	and	tracking;

                                                       •	Data	processing	and	electronic	data	

                                                       •	Computer	network	access	management,	
                                                         administration	and	support;

                                                       •	Internet,	intranet	&	extranet	access,	
                                                         connectivity	and	support;

                                                       •	Training,	supervision,	selection	and	
ACE Logistic Management E&O                              oversight	of	vendors,	service	providers	and	
Policy (ALM) provides	 insurance	 for	 claims	           subcontractors.	
arising	 out	 of	 error	 and	 omissions	 concerning	
professional	 services	 rendered	 for	 Contract	
Logistics	 and	 Supply	 Management	 Services.	
These	professional	services	encompass:

 •	Development	and	preparation	of	several	
   analysis	and	studies	(eg.	feasibility	
   studies,	process	analysis,	evaluation	
   studies,	transportation	or	routing	analysis,	
   reengineering	studies);
  ALM Error & Omissions advantages

   Very	competitive	policy	form	includes	several	terms	&	conditions,	including:

•	Pay-on-behalf	payment	format,                     •	Personal	Injury	Coverage	(eg.	false	
                                                      arrest,	libel,	slander,	invasion	of	privacy,	
•	Claims-made-form,                                   infringement	of	copyright,	plagiarism,	
                                                      infringement	of	trademark,	etc.),
•	Window	of	60	days	for	reporting	Claims	after	
  policy	expiration,                                •	Joint	Venture	Participation	Coverage,

•	Optional	Extended	Reporting	Period	at	an	         •	Entire	company	staff	coverage		
  additional	premium,
                                                    •	Protection	option	for	events	that	occurred	
•	Limit	of	Liability	includes	both	settlements	&	     before	the	effective	date	of	the	insurance	
  awards	and	defense	costs,                           contract.	

•	Broad	Definition	of	Insured	(eg.	principals,	     •	Policy	limits	available	up	to	10m
  officers,	directors,	employees,	temporary	
  and	leased	personnel,	retired	personnel,	         •	Crisis	management	Coverage	up	to	25k
  estate,	heirs,	legal	representatives	and	
About ACE Insurance Company
At		ACE Insurance Company,	we’re	more	than	an	insurer;	we’re	a	global	network	of	
professionals	in	insurance,	underwriting,	risk	management	and	claims.	Together	we	
combine	to	make	ACE Insurance Company	a	great	underwriting	company.	

As	 a	 market	 leader,	 we	 focus	 on	 you,	 our	 client	 building	 a	 strong	 relationship	 by	
offering	services	and	developing	innovative	products	backed	by	a	superior	financial	
strength.	Today,	many	of	the	Fortune	1000	companies	put	their	trust	in	ACE	Group	
for	their	insurance	needs.	

The	ACE	Group	of	Companies	are	rated	A+	(Superior)	by	A.M. Best	and	a	AA	(Very	
Strong)	by	Standard & Poor’s.	For	more	information	about	our	ratings,	please	visit	
us	at	www.acelimited.com

ACE Insurance Company	is	a	leading	provider	of	property,	accident	and	health	and	
casualty	insurance	as	well	as	financial	products	and	risk	management	services.	It	is	
part	of	Ace	Group	of	Companies,	headed	by	ACE	Limited	(NYSE:ACE).	Additional	
information	can	be	found	at	www.acelatinamerica.com.

ACE Insurance Company

PO	Box	191249
San	Juan	
PR	00919-1249

Doral	Bank	Center
FD	Roosevelt	Ave.
33	Resolución	Street
5th	floor
San	Juan	PR	00920

Tel.	787.274.4700
Fax	787.757.7646

Specified	herein	is	a	summary	of	the	product.	Some	limitations,	exclusions	and	conditions	apply;	to	see	the	full	
terms	and	conditions	please	refer	to	the	policy	of	ACE Logistic Management E&O	policy.	

For	more	information,	please	contact	your	insurer	agent.	These	insurance	products	are	offered	by	ACE	Insurance	
Company	and	are	subject	to	change	or	may	have	other	requirements.	Also	ask	for	availability	of	other	insurance	
policies	covering	other	particular	professions.

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