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					Lockscreen is a very useful feature. Lockscreen image creator allows you to personalize your iPhone with
weather forecasts, wallpapers, calendar event listings etc. Jail breaking (lifting the limitations on your
iPhone set by APPLE), you will be able to customize the look and ringtones on your iPhone. The
Winterboard application allows you to personalize your iPhone's springboard (home screen) with items
such as icons, graphics, themes, etc. The Lockscreen add-on allows you to display various items like
SMS, e-mails wherever you need them and when you need them on your iPhone. The Gruppled Lockinfo
theme provides custom sliders and the ability to control the data you want to display on your iPhone

The goal is to have a lockscreen as beautiful as this one.
What is needed
   Connect via SSH.
   With Cydia, install WinterBoard, SBSettings, StatusNotifier.
   In Cydia add the following sources: and
   Always install in Cydia: Lockscreen Clock Hide and LockScreen Info Gruppled Lockinfo

Winterboard: this add-on allows you to install themes via Cydia.

Hide lockscreen Clock: this addition will address the Preferences menu from the display on the

Lockscreen info: this will allow the display of various items (Calendar, Weather, SMS, email) as you can
see in the first picture (the elements are activated in the Lockinfo tab you'll find in the Preferences menu).
Gruppled Lockinfo: the add-on is essential (at least in my opinion) so that all information is displayed

- To set the weather LockScreen:

Visit Gruppled LockInfo / Bundles / and edit com.ashman.LockInfo config.js with Wordpad, it's all down to
the weather.

Look for the line of code here:

/ / Rents, followings The Same format as "local" above. Add as Many as you want, separated by commas.
/ / The first one in The List Will Be Displayed On The weather header.
/ / Eg "OCN | AU | VIC | MELBOURNE", "ASI | PH | MAKATI" eg 'Defiance, Ohio' | 'Moscow, Russia' |
'London, UK'
/ / Visit to find something That Works
var local = [
/ / "FRXX5657"
"EUR | FR | FR012 | PARIS" / /,
/ / "43201"

We must change this code to suit your city.
To find the code, go to, enter his city, look in the URL bar.

For the city of Paris:

- To set the language used:

Visit Gruppled Lockinfo / Bundles / com.ashman.LockInfo and edit the file again config.js with Wordpad,
it's up to the language.

Look for the line of code here:

/ / Your country code
/ / If It's Not In The strings / folder, please translate strings / en.js and send to
var language = 'to';
/ / NOTE: to change time format, look in strings / en.js (or whatever language file you're using)

You understood the need to "fr" instead of "in"!

- To set the order of add-ons:

Go to the Winterboard application and assign the order like this:
- Grupplend Lockinfo ok.
- Lockinfo ok

You can also add (Widget) WAD that you will also show the weather on your main screen when it is
Not essential.

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