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									Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Video Scavenger Hunt:

This is one of the most popular party games and one of my personal favorites. The reason I love
Video Scavenger Hunt is that, no matter how many times you host/attend a party where this is
played, the game is always different.

Divide the guests into teams. Each team must have a video camera and a tape (in your
invitations, you can ask guests to bring these supplies). The teams compete to be the first to
return to the spot of origin with a videotape that shows them completing every task from a list
provided in advance. You may also include this list in your invitation. (You may want to set up
folding chairs, theater style, in front of your TV. Tie a couple of balloon bouquets to the chairs.)

Your list of required stunts and activities to be videotaped by the teams can be as creative as you
want. The list should contain no more than 15 or 20 stunts because each group/team will have
only an hour and half to videotape as many as they can.

Here are some ideas:
One of the members of the team standing in front of (or sitting on) a statue.
Several members of the team joining a street entertainer in his/her act.
A stranger singing the national anthem.
One or more members of a team standing under a public clock at an exact time (such as 8:23
A member of the team singing a 70s song on a stage.
A member of the team singing "I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Wiener" while standing in the hot
dog section of a local grocery store.
A member of the team standing on a surfboard.
Any stranger from the state of (pick a state other than your own).
Depending on the time of the year members of the team … standing in front of a lighted outdoor
Christmas tree, waving an American flag, offering Valentine's candy from a heart-shaped box,
carrying an Easter basket while pretending to search for Easter eggs, etc.
A friend or acquaintance "abducted" and brought back to the party.
A team member helping to carry a stranger's groceries.
A stranger trying to spell _____ (a word of your choice, hors d'oeuvres or potato is always a great
A team member opening a door for a stranger while asking for a tip.
A stranger reciting the names of all the continents.
One or more members of the team singing at a karaoke bar.
A couple dancing to department store or elevator music.
A team member reading a book or reciting a poem to a stranger.
A team member going to a department store and trying on a shirt or dress that is several sizes
too small, then asking the clerk if it fits.
A stranger who has been to (a particular tourist attraction of your choice).
A stranger demonstrating the Macarena.
A stranger named Bob.
A stranger who knows your state flower.
A stranger who can imitate John Wayne.
A policeman drawing a chalk line on the ground around one of the team members.
A team member filling a stranger's car with gas, washing the car's windows, and checking the oil.
One or more team members standing beside a tombstone.
A team member sitting on a fire truck with a fireman.
Road kill (an animal that has been run over on the highway).
A team member standing by the greeter at a Wal-Mart and greeting the customers.
A team member asking a hardware store clerk to explain the difference between a flat head and a
Phillips head screwdriver.
Team members standing in a row arranging their bodies so that they spell a certain word.
A team member washing dishes at a restaurant.
Team members singing an Elvis song while standing under a neon sign.
A team member holding a chicken.

The guests should be given an exact time to return to the party venue. If not back on time, the
team is either disqualified or has points deducted for tardiness. Once everyone has returned, the
videotapes are played. The guests vote on the stunts presented in each videotape as follows:

1 Point: The stunt was completed, whether done well or not.
2 Points: The stunt was completed with creativity.
3 Points: The stunt was exceptionally creative.

Five bonus points are awarded to any team that comes up with an original stunt and tapes it. For
example, one team's videotape showed a big, husky male team member walking into a
department store and trying on bras in the middle of an aisle as other team members, with
straight faces, critiqued the way each one fit.


A different kind of SCAVENGER HUNT

My Senior Branches Unit is doing this hunt for the Pathfinders in the Division at camp. It should
be neat with how they interperate the things they have to find.

Uniform can be OUR uniform we wear or something that is uniform like a fence ....

It has already been suggested to me that happiness can be the smile on a McDonald's bag.

This is an abstract scavenger hunt. If you have never been involved in this kind of hunt before,
let us explain the idea. The items on the list for this hunt are not specific items which can be
easily located. You will not find license plates, or hubcaps, or other mundane, boring things like
that. Instead, we have given you abstract things to find, and it is up to you, and your imaginative
team mates to come up with items that best fit the description you have.

Scoring will be done as follows: Points will be awarded for the number of items found from the
list, the amount of time in which the hunt was completed, and most importantly, the majority of the
teams points will come from creativity of interpretation of the list items!

You must find:
Team Spirit
True Love
The Great Canadian Dream
The Meaning of Life

This is another "camp" scavenger hunt idea
This would be good for 2 units to do at a camp.
The Rangers in my unit thought this one up!
They are just so creative, when they want to be.

Split up into 8-10 people and they are also going on a scavenger hunt.

Item#1- Go into the woods and every girl must find one stick and one stick only. It can be any size
as long as each girl only brings back one stick.
Then find the ranger/leader wearing the blue colored bandana at the campfire pit. She will give
you your next activity.

Item #2- Now find a roll of duct tape and scissors from one of the groups of which you belong to.
Take the scissors and duct tape to the Ranger wearing the white bandana at the campfire pit.
There you will receive your the next activity.
Recite one of the Sing Ontario Sing songs for your level that You have learned. (Here the
rangers/ leaders will cut the duct tape at arms length and they will only get that amount of duct
tape to use)

Item#3- Now you have all the items that you will need to build a recreation of the CN tower. Your
group will only be able to use the sticks that you have collected and the duct tape that you have
been given. You can use as much string as you would like. The goal is to create the largest
construction of the CN tower possible.

****These are the restrictions- ****
-Each person can only have one job (ie. You can't be a talker and the scissors holder at the same
-Only 5 people can talk
-Only one person can touch the duct tape
-Two people are in control of the string
-One person is in control of the scissors
-The rest are in control of the sticks BUT they can only use one hand.


This past weekend our Cluster hosted a fun overnight event for Cadettes and Seniors... We held
a Video Car Rally.

If you have ever done a "car rally" with youth groups or adults, you know they can be loads of fun
but sometimes they get too wild. Well, we were able to plan in the fun and plan out the wild
(unsafe) parts.

We rented one of our council's in-town cabins/lodges in downtown San Diego. Most girls in our
Cluster live about 45 minutes to an hour from downtown San Diego.

The event began at 1:30 Saturday afternoon and ended at noon on Sunday. The cost was $10.00
per person and included lodging, dinner, and breakfast.

Girls were put into groups of 5-6, with a driver and a video camera. As a group they were given
the car rally perimeters, start time and end time, a zip-lock bag with $20.00, a city tourist map, city
tourist brochures, list of stunts to video tape, ways to earn bonus points, and mystery point clues.

They had 4 hours to complete 18 stunts. They could do the stunts in any order. Each stunt was
worth 20 points, if completed fully and correctly. If a stunt had 2 or more parts to it, groups could
earn partial points, if the stunt was attempted, but not totally completed. Groups could receive up
to 5 bonus points per stunt if they were able to get other people, not in their group, to join them.
One point per extra person, up to five people.
These stunts can be adapted to many different areas. We plan to do it again in our own town,
which has very few tourist spots. Here are the stunts we did in San Diego:

1. Go to a gas station and get someone to let you pump their gas or wash their windows.

2. Go to the San Diego train station. By the fountain - pretend you are a train and sing "I've Been
Working on the Railroad.

3. Interview people at the San Diego Zoo. Ask them if they said good-bye to "Hua Me" (the
famous panda who is going back to China in Sept.) or if they will say good-bye to Hua Me now for
you. 1 extra bonus point for each foreign language, up to five points.

4. Between the Embarcadero and Seaport Village, find one of those cute guys that pedals a
"pedicab" and sing "Happy Birthday" to him. Interview him. If you ask the mystery question, you
get 5 bonus points.

5. Along the Embarcadero, find the ship that looks like a pirate ship and sing a pirate song or sea
chantey on or near it.

6. Find a playground with a slide and get as many people on it at one time as you can.

7. Find a carousel and ride it (one closes at 5:00 and the other at 6:00). Try to "catch the brass
ring." Bonus mystery points for riding the secret animal.

8. Go to McDonalds and get ice cream cones. Do a short skit or make up a song about your ice
cream cones.

9. Find a porta-potty and stuff as many of your group in as you can. The door must close.

10. Go into a fast food restaurant, other than McDonalds or Burger King, and order a "Big Mac" or

11. Go to the school house in Old Town (closes at 4:00). Sit down as pupils for a lesson. Be
Prepared - give a gift to the school house teacher.

12. Get crowns from a Burger King and wear them to Seaport Village while you shop for a San
Diego postcard. Bonus points if you pick the mystery tourist spot postcard.

13. In Old Town visit a shop whose name may be that of a relative. Buy something that is 7 for
$1.00 (5 bonus points for choosing the mystery flavor).

14. Go into a fast food place and get someone not from your group to sing a commercial jingle
from that chain of restaurants.

15. Find a fountain and do your best rendition of "Singing in the Rain" or any other song with rain
in it.

16. Go to the Basic Brown Bear Factory, near Old Town. While outside pretend to jump rope
while singing the jump rope song, "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around."

17. Ask someone for directions to Australia.

18. The 50 point stunt: Go to the Hotel Del Coronado. Pretend one of you is a tour guide. Give a
tour of some of the "haunted rooms." Give three different ghost stories for maximum points.

After the "car rally" we had dinner and then watched all the video. They were great and the girls
had a great time.
Just wanted to share our fun idea.

San Diego-Imperial Council, CA


In a message dated 7/23/02 4:13:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> We held a Video Car Rally.

It sound fun.... when my older was in 12th grade (geez... did I say WAS?? for she just graduated
from HS last month), her class has Reality Mall..... like your version.... their version is buy
insurnace.. find apt,,,, get a job,,, job interview.... etc etc..... with have so much money and
see how much you have left over at the end of months...... The kids had a blast.... did all that in 5
hours, including lunch which they had to "pay" with fake money. Even my daugher got "traffic
ticket twice, and showed up in "court" and paid the fines twice. All that was done with help of
communinty businesses, including the police dept to give out fake tickets.

Daughter learned that her "income" of 2,400 can be gone and down to a measly 30 dollars at
end of month.... Many kids went "bankrupted".

for what they did..... think that was GREAT Dream to Realty or Career exploration project......
Guess who stormed up that idea... a former Senior Advisor, now School's Career counselor.



7/23/2002, writes:

> << For your car rally, was the group's driver also usually the group
> videographer?>>

No, the girls had to videotape their own stunts. We had some very
interesting camera angle shots. In one group each time this one girl was
doing the videotaping all you saw was chest shots. It was funny.

> << Did a team get extra points for returning with the most money in their
> Ziplock bag? >>

We did not give extra points for the most money returned, but I think we
should have. Maybe ten points for the most money returned and 5 for the
second most. The group that spent the least money spent $8.00 and one group
that spent the most money spent $18.50.

> << How many hours did you allow for the teams on Saturday before they
> returned to the meeting place?>>
They had 4 hours to complete as many of the 8 different stunts as they could.
We never expected anyone to come close to finishing.

<< And in that amount of time, did teams > have luck getting that many stunts
> completed? >>

The most stunts completed was 17, the least was 15. Some stunts were not
completed fully. Groups had the hardest time finding an unlocked
porta-potty, finding a Burger King to get the crowns, getting to the school
house before closing (parking was the frustration).

Happy Trails,
San Diego-Imperial Council, CA


I just need to share a great field trip I had with my Cadettes (1st year). They were working on the
Photography IPP. We started out at the Mall (45 min from where we live). The girls were split
into two teams, and they did a "Photo Scavenger Hunt". Each team was given a camera, and
clues to a store/business. Their goal was to solve the clue, take pictures of the store/business
sign with one of the team members in the picture. They had a list of 20 business and each had a
point value. When they were done they could shop.

Each team had a different approach. One team was lets get these right. The others was lets try
to take as many pictures so we can then go shopping. But they still had fun. We live in a small
rural city, and some of the girls had never been to the mall, so it was a treat.

Then we went to another "mall" (if you want to call it that. It is one.. if not the oldest in the nation,
but there are only a few stores and theaters there), to go to a Camera Store. Although, this had
been scheduled with the manager, and reconfirmed this week, he failed to pass it on. So they
were surprised to see us. Well the girls were able to see how the film was developed, (using
machine, not dark room) how they can fix flaws in pictures, enlargements (they gave us an 11x14
group shot for no cost), cutting all that, it was great. Then they got to see the different types of
camera's, digitals, etc. They were even letting the girls handle them, which surprised me. Made
me nervous to see 7th graders handling $1000.00 worth of camera. We saw how digital film is
processed. The girls had some very good questions. Like why are good 35mm cameras always

Again practically right down group lines, one group had a great time, the other group "boring".
(Although I think they liked it but didn't want me to know) Hey they picked it!

But I think they all learned something. To have your flash on, to keep your finger out of the lens.

Just wanted to share.

Carol T.


Here's a different kind of scavenger hunt. We've done this with our youth
group at church. Set the kids in small groups. You will need a parent
(driver) with each group. Make up a list of things for them to find and
video themselves doing. It's a video scavenger hunt. We've done this
within an hour time limit. The kids loved doing it. We laugh so hard,
after everyone is back to the meeting/school where ever starting from, we
watch all the videos. Most parents have video cameras and if they drive
they usually will barrow their camera to the group. The rule is though, the
kids do the videoing, the parent can help with one or two but the kids are
suppose to do this. Here is a list of some of the things they had to video
themselves doing.

Film the rest of your group:
with a fireperson at the firehouse(extra points if they're in uniform)
hanging from a tree
playing basketball on an outdoor court
in someone's shower (not anyone in the group though)
at someone's kitchen table (different house than the shower and again not
anyone in the group)
playing leap frog in someone's front yard (not anyone in the groups house)
next to a blue Volkswagen beetle
inside a police car
standing in front of the local movie theater showing today's film(s)
in front of culvers (custard/burger restaurant) showing the ice cream flavor
of the day
swinging on swings in a local park
each person in the group kicking a soccer ball into a soccer net
jump rope in front of the library
find a flag pole flying the flag and sing the national anthem
running the bases of a baseball diamond
blow a bubble in front of school

Each group was given a basketball, soccer ball, bubblegum for each child.
Everyone got a little prize. We had small trinket prizes for those arriving
first second third and so on and if they videoed everything the way it was
written. They had more fun doing it than receiving prizes.


If you were looking for a more tradition scavenger hunt here is a list I

A piece of thread about 5 inches long
A button
A Rubberband
An unsharpened pencil
A piece of dental floss
A dog bisket
A business card
A colored paper clip
A big safety pin
A non spring type clothespin
A colored toothpick
A baby barrette
An empty toilet paper roll
A piece of Christmas gift wrap
A key (make sure the people do not want it back)
A empty bottle of bottled water (with cap for extra points)
An old candle that has been burnt almost to the end
Someone return address label
A cancelled stamp
A double A battery
The rule is they can only get two things from each house. You could pick a
color for each group and if they get any of the items in that particular
color give extra points. This is just an idea of a list, add or change
things as you wish. Whenever I do this, I try to make the list things
people wouldn't mind giving away and don't want returned. To be safe we've
always done this during daylight.

Good luck and have fun!

Kathy in WI


Go to and search for scaventure are just a
few of the sites that popped up.......

Lisa & the Girls

Hello Ladies
I will share with the group what I did for my daughter's 13 birthday
party-which she basically wanted just to hang out at the mall (age
We did a mall photo scavenger hunt. The girls were divided into 2 groups and
we used disposable cameras and the mall 1 hr photo developer. They were sent
out with the following directions and told to return in 1 1/2 hr. I had
cruised the mall the weekend before looking for photo opportunities (!) and
a good place to meet (we have a large food court). It basically took 1 1/2
hr to get most of the photos-and they were tired after that much time
running around. Note that the police and security officiers wouldn't allow
their pictures to be taken. Also these directions are personalized as my
daughter's favorite thing is frogs. The time it would take to complete this
would depend on the size of your mall. Ours is rather large (Ontarion Mills
in CA) so there was a lot to do.
I had shared this with those here who responded to me individually when I
posted my idea. I hope this gives inspiration to those considering such a
project! It was fun to see how brave they were! Note: the points were
basically just for show. We did determine a winner of the 2 teams but it was
just for fun. I really didn't think they'd ask anyone to let them take a
picture of their tatoo!


DIRECTIONS: Your objective is to take as many of the following pictures as you can in 1 1/2
hours. At least one member of your team MUST be in the picture. You will receive an extra point
for additional members of the team in the picture. Your team MUST stay together the whole
time....please. You must return to the starting point within 1 1/2 hours or when your film
runs out! (snacks will be waiting!)

be polite to others
be legal
have fun
and be sure to have the flash ON when taking pictures


Take a picture of:

1) a team member(s) holding a bumper sticker that says ³I love or (heart sign) __________². 10

2) ALL team members wearing different RED shoes 10 pts.

3) any team member with the balloon salesperson. 5 pts
   10 additional points for a second balloon salesperson.

4) a team member(s) under the marquee. 15 pts. If you don¹t know what it
is, is there a way to find out what it is?

5) a team member(s) pointing to the ³you are here² on the store directory.
5 pts.

6) a team member(s) holding a sale sign. 5 pts

7) a team member(s) holding a balloon creation by a balloon artist 10 pts.

8) a team member(s) in the massage chairs 5 pts

9) a team member(s) WITH the food chopper salesman
                        10 pts

10) a team member(s) watching a demonstration of the Magic Pens 5 pts.

11) a team member(s) wearing hats 5 pts

12) all team members together on an empty bench. You may not ask anyone to
leave the bench for your photo.
           15 pts

13) a team member(s) holding the Austin Powers person cutout. 15 pts

14) a team member(s) with any kind of American flag. 5 pts

15) a team member(s) WEARING a Barney backpack. 10 pts.

16) a team member(s) trying on the ugliest coat you can find.   10 pts.

17) a team member(s) with a skater ³dude² with skateboard           25
18) a team member(s) with a security officer 10 pts.
extra 10 pts if the officer is an Ontario City police officer.

19) a team member(s) wearing a Burger King crown 5 pts

20) a team member(s) holding up the biggest pair of man¹s pants you can
find. 10 pts.

21) a team member(s) trying on perfume or lotion. 5 pts

22) a team member(s) showing a reduced price ticket with a least 2 price
reductions shown on it. 10 pts

23) a team member(s) next to anything that grows that isn¹t a person 10

24) a team member(s) with any shopper with a tattoo 25 pts

25) a team member(s) wearing sunglasses 5 pts

26) a team member(s) holding a FROG object but NOT from Claire¹s or
Rainforest Cafe 5 pts

27) a team member(s) MODELING a pair of pajamas 20 pts

28) a team member(s) with a tourist with a camera around the neck 20 pts

29) a team member(s) wearing Hawaiian leis 5 pts

30) a team member(s) with the smallest pair of socks 5 pts

31) a team member(s) with the biggest stuffed animal you can find. 10 pts

32) a team member(s) holding or pointing to anything in another language 5

                             Junior Troop 4515, April 2001

_____ (1) 1. List 3 flavors of coffee that can be purchased at Gloria Jean’s Coffees. (1 extra point for each
             one listed that the other teams don’t have)

_____ (2) 2. Purchase a “Thank You” card (one each team) from the “Out of the Blue” section at

_____ (2) 3. Who carries Sony Play Station in stock?

_____ (1) 4. What moving toy is displayed at the entrance to Kay Bee Toys?

_____ (2) 5. Purchase 2 baby items (per team) at the Dollar Store to donate to Scott’s Run Settlement

_____ (1) 6. Name 2 pretzel shops.

_____ (2) 7. Where can you purchase a 2-piece bathing suit? (You can see them from the hall!)

_____ (1) 8. What’s the name of the store that specializes in Western items and American Indian items?

_____ (2) 9. List 5 stores that sell shoes.

_____ (5) 10. Go to Proffits. Find the “Clinique” section. Tell the woman at the counter that you have
             of a new fragrance called “Happy” and ask if they have any samples. Say THANK YOU!

_____ (2) 11. What is the name of the store where the “World of Science” was last year?

_____ (1) 12. How many places are there to purchase dinner at the food court?

_____ (2) 13. Go into Rich’s Farm and look at ALL the sculptures. Which is your favorite and why?
              Each girl is to choose one sculpture. Write description of item on back of paper with
              your name. We’ll talk about ‘why’ at our next meeting.

_____ (2) 14. Help yourself to a lip balm (one each person) at “Bath and Body Works”. Yes, you have
              pay for it!

_____ (1) 15. What is displayed in the hall outside the entrance to Sears?

_____ (3) 16. Who is the author of the new book “Dreamcatcher”? No fair asking!

_____ (1) 17. Purchase a tasseled bookmark at Waldenbooks.

_____ (2) 18. What time(s) can you see the movie “See Spot Run” tonight?

_____ (1) 19. What large object is at the entrance to J.C. Penney’s (from the food court)?

_____ (2) 20. Visit Clair’s and purchase something for yourself (each girl).

BONUS! (10) What is the largest bra size that is sold at Victoria’s Secret?
                  Scavenger Hunt Answer and Scoring Sheet
_____ (1) 1. (Flavors listed below) - add 1 extra point for each flavor the other teams don’t have

_____ (2) 2. Need receipt       $1.05 each (total)

_____ (2) 3. Electronics Boutique

_____ (1) 4. A flying yellow jacket bee or a disco ball (check for sure on Wed.)

_____ (2) 5. Need receipt       $2.12 total

_____ (1) 6. Aunt Annie’s and Pretzel Twist

_____ (2) 7. Gadzooks - and probably Sears, JC Penney’s and Proffits

_____ (1) 8. Stagecoach

_____ (2) 9. Proffits, The Shoe Department, Hibbett Sports, Journeys, The Finish Line, Sears, JC

_____ (5) 10. Need to see sample

_____ (2) 11. Journeys

_____ (1) 12. 8

_____ (2) 13. This is for a badge requirement.

_____ (2) 14. Need receipt         $3.18 each sale – 2/6.00

_____ (1) 15. Lawn mowers, tractors, or lawn equipment        (check again on Wednesday)

_____ (3) 16. Stephen King

_____ (1) 17. Need receipt        $1.79 each

_____ (2) 18. (Call for information or check on Wed)

_____ (1) 19. A piano

_____ (2) 20. Need receipts          $1.00 each

_____ (10)     BONUS! 38DD

_____ sub-total of points

Butter Toffee                                 French Vanilla Supreme            Vanilla Crème DeCaramel
Caramel Nut                                   Hazelnut                                   Coconut Crème
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle                   Irish Crème                                Toasted Almond
Cinnamon Hazelnut                             Mudslide                                   Crème Brulee

Creamy Chocolate Caramel                      Swiss Chocolate Almond
1. You will WALK in the halls and stores. You will keep your voices at a reasonable level and you will be
   respectful of mall employees and other shoppers.

2. You are to stay INSIDE the mall. If you go outside, Security will bring you back to the Food Court and
   your team will automatically loose!

3. If you need to speak with an employee, and that employee is busy with another customer, you are to
   until he/she is finished. NO interrupting.

4. You are always to say PLEASE and THANK YOU.

5. ALL receipts for ALL purchases must be kept in the colored bag.

6. ALL items (except baby items) must be kept in the colored bag.

7. Keep an eye on the time! You MUST be back at the Food Court by 7:30! You will loose 1 point for
   minute you are late!

8. Teams MUST stay together! If anyone is found not with her team, that team will automatically loose!

9. Items from your bag may be dropped off at the Food Court at any time.

10. 1 point will be taken off your total for each MINUTE you are late returning to the Food Court.

11. 5 points will be given to the 1 team who brings back the most change from their purchases. Money
     be averaged for each girl in case the teams aren’t even.

12. A card has been left with the stores that are printed in red. Please ask for the card before you leave
    the store. The employees have been asked to “rate” your behavior while you are shopping. You will
    receive 5 points for every card with the 5 circles, 4 points if the 4 is circled, 3 points for 3, etc.

***Mall employees, the man at the Information booth, Security, and parents will be watching out for you!
If any of the rules are broken, they will ask for your paper. One corner will be torn off for each offense
(except #’s 2 and 8). If 3 corners are torn off, your team will automatically loose. Three strikes and you’re

_____ Sub-total of points from front page (from Answer Sheet)

_____ Subtract points for torn corners and late return

_____ Add 5 points for most change returned (average per girl)

_____ Add the points on the cards which were returned from the stores.

_________ TOTAL
                           Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet
_____ (1) 1. 1._______________________ 2.__________________________

_____ (2) 2. Keep receipt in bag.

_____ (2) 3.

_____ (1) 4.

_____ (2) 5. Keep receipt in bag.

_____ (1) 6.

_____ (2) 7.

_____ (1) 8.

_____ (2) 9.

_____ (5) 10. We need to see all samples. Keep in bag.

_____ (2) 11.

_____ (1) 12.

_____ (2) 13. This is for a badge requirement.

_____ (2) 14. Keep receipt in bag.

_____ (1) 15.

_____ (3) 16.

_____ (1) 17. Keep receipt in bag.

_____ (2) 18.

_____ (1) 19.

_____ (2) 20. Keep receipts in bag.
_____ (10)   BONUS!

_____ Sub-total of points

Thank you SO MUCH for agreeing to help our troop with this Scavenger Hunt! Attached is a copy of our
We have 3 ‘teams’ of girls carrying a different color bag (a very small bag). Red, green and blue. The
cards are likewise color-coded. When the girls come into your store, they are to behave in a very respectful
manner. The Girl Scout Law is written on the back of this card. Would you please take a moment and
circle a number to let us know how the girls acted in your store? Did they respect the Girl Scout Law?
Circle 5 for very good behavior and 1 if you were about to call Security! The girls are to ask for this card
so they can be given credit for their good behavior. They will receive 5 points for very good behavior, 4
points for good behavior, etc. Again thank you SO much for helping us!

Please circle one:

           5                           4                          3                           2

Name of store: _________________________________________________________


Thank you SO MUCH for agreeing to help our troop with this Scavenger Hunt! Attached is a copy of our
We have 3 ‘teams’ of girls carrying a different color bag (a very small bag). Red, green and blue. The
cards are likewise color-coded. When the girls come into your store, they are to behave in a very respectful
manner. The Girl Scout Law is written on the back of this card. Would you please take a moment and
circle a number to let us know how the girls acted in your store? Did they respect the Girl Scout Law?
Circle 5 for very good behavior and 1 if you were about to call Security! The girls are to ask for this card
so they can be given credit for their good behavior. They will receive 5 points for very good behavior, 4
points for good behavior, etc. Again thank you SO much for helping us!

Please circle one:
          5                        4                       3                    2

Name of store: _________________________________________________________


I've been asked a few questions about how I set up my Hunt, so I thought it
would be a good idea to send my answer to the list. Here's what I did - and
the outcome...

It was a bit time-consuming, but since it was one of their 'big' events for
the year, I didn't mind. First, I tried to figure out which stores the girls
would really love to get into, ie. Claire's, Bed and Bath, and then I knew
they were really put off by Victoria's Secret, so I did that to see if they
could overcome their fears and aversions to it. Which they ALL did! Hehehe!
Then, I just walked the mall and wrote down all the ideas I could come up
with. I filtered through them later and decided which to use and gave them
all a point value. I wanted the girls to do a little service on the way, so
I incorporated a small service project into it as well (the baby items for a
local shelter). I also felt it would be cruel for me not to let the girls
get a little something for themselves, so I let them spend some money on
themselves at the book store (bookmark) and at Claire's. They all headed to
Claire's first and I figured "There goes all their money!", but boy, was I
wrong! I was very proud of them!
I gave them each an envelope with $10.00 in it and they were to spend as much
as they wanted, but the group with the most money left got extra points -
this taught them to be wise in their spending. It shocked me to find out
that they brought back almost half of what I had given them! I figured it
would be pennies - wrong again!
Oh, to back up...I talked to each of the stores where the girls were to ask
for something or purchase something. I wanted to make sure they were aware.
And to make sure the girls behaved, I gave the stores (I think there were
only 4 or 5) a score card to score the girls' behavior. There's an
interesting story about this later!
Then I talked to Mall Security and the guy at the Information desk and gave
them instructions to stop the girls and tear off a corner of their papers if
they were seen being unruly. They thought this was a great idea! Not a
single corner was torn off! Again - very proud leader! :~)
One point - when talking to security, I never mentioned the word "Scavenger
Hunt". I just told them the girls would be learning how to behave in the
mall, work with money, find what they're looking for, speak to mall
employees, etc. It was a "learning" thing. Worked like a charm! (I had
heard other groups were not allowed to have Scavenger Hunts in the Mall - a
friend's church group was stopped in the middle of one - probably because
they had to get pictures of things).
We all met at the Mall at a set time and I gave the girls their instructions
and list of things to look for. They all squeeled when they saw the last
item! It was SO funny, but to this day, my daughter can tell you the largest
bra size in VS! By the way, the people in there thought it was a hoot as
well! They couldn't wait for the girls to come in!
I divided the girls into 3 groups (I had 15 girls, but only 12 showed up). I
made sure each group had a watch and I sent them off. They had to be back at
the food court by a certain time or points would be taken off for each minute
they were late. Unfortunately, one of the mothers decided she didn't want
her daughter "running the mall" so she thought it was best to tag along. I
TRIED to tell her it was OK, and that I had people all over the mall watching
them, but she just wouldn't listen! So off she went with that group.
The girls did a wonderful job and were very well behaved (amazing!). They
all got back to the food court and we tallied up their points - there was a
winner, but no 'prize'. They didn't even ask for one! :~) They had so much
money left that I gave each one $2.00 and let them 'blow it' in the Archade,
then I got ice cream cones for all of them. It was SO MUCH FUN! Since we
were there only about 1 1/2-2 hours, a lot of the parents stayed at the mall
and waited. All the better, more people to watch the girls. My husband even
came and acted as a watchdog too. He had a blast!
Interesting thing here...Out of the groups that went, they all came back on
time - except for the one with the mother tagging along! They were 5 minutes
late! They all got a score from ALL stores for behavior (a 5) except for the
group with the mother! They got ALL 4's on their cards! The girls were able
to accomplish about 12 things on the list - except for the group with the
mother! They only got about 7 things done! Who brought back the least
amount of money? Yup, you guessed it!
To make it even more interesting, this is the same mother that, this year,
just dumps her daughter off without coming in and is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get
to sign a permission slip AND is the hardest to track down to get money from!
 Her daughter still owes money from the beginning of the year and is the only
one behind on her dues! Go figure!
Someone asked me what badge, etc. I hooked this activity up with. Well,
unfortunately, my group isn't at all interested in earning badges or patches,
so we did it just for the fun of it. I really think they learned a lot and
had a good time doing it. I know the adults did! And I got some positive
feedback from the merchants. I'm sure you could find something in, maybe,
Money Sense or Business -Wise or something like that to put it toward.
Oh, I almost forgot, I also made sure I went back afterward (the day after)
and gave everyone involved a thank you card.

That's all I can think of right now. If you have any other questions, feel
free to ask!



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      Last year we had a scavenger hunt, through out our town. This was
    just for our troops. I compiled the list for each troop and it
    consisted of things to get and questions to answer. examples are
    1.Deleware quarter (some of the girls went to the banks and asked the
    tellers to check through their drawers
    2. Mayor's signature (we live in a small town)
    3. church bulletins from the local churches
    4. gas reciept
    5. How many windows are on the red brick building on Main St.?
   6. police officer's badge number
   The list was about 1 1/2 pages long, they had 1hr to collect as many
   things as possible. Different things had different values, like the
   Mayor's signature was 20 points and the gas receipt was 10, deposit
   slips from the bank were 5 points but if you got one from every bank
   it was an additional 10 points.
     We broke the neighborhood into age levels and the winner of each
   received a gift certificate for a free pizza and bottle of soda from
   the local pizza place. Every troop received a platter of cookies and
   candy. Everyone loved it and had a great time.
     This year I'm doing a treasure hunt where I will give a clue and
   they need to find the next and that will lead to the next one till
   they reach the end which will be a party to celebrate Julliette
Lowe's Birthday.


3. Becky -
Our Service Unit is looking at holding a Scavenger Hunt - we need some
suggestions from those who may have already gone this route in the past.

>>Response #1 from Lynn -
I’m not sure how many girls will be involved. Sounds like it’s going to
be rather big. I will share with you what we did at day camp a couple of
years ago and maybe you can adapt it for your event.

We did it as a “Mystery”. We did a ceremony where each unit placed a
golden trefoil onto a poster board and we welcomed each of the units to
camp. During the first day of camp, all of the golden trefoils
mysteriously disappeared. All throughout the day we asked around if
anyone knew what happened to the trefoils. Then at closing ceremony that
day, there was a note there saying that they were taken, cut up and the
pieces were hidden around camp (all of the notes were in rhyme form).
The units were to find the pieces based on the clues to put their
trefoil back together. At the same time, there were clues as to the
“mystery person’s” identity, and with those clues, they had to figure
out who that person was (favorite color, favorite food, age, number of
years in Girl Scouting, etc.) The girls were instructed to ask around
camp of everyone there to try to figure out who it was. So each morning
there was a new clue as to where their trefoil piece was (they had to go
find it), and with the trefoil piece was a clue as to the mystery
person’s identity. On the last day of camp, they were rewarded their
prizes if they put their trefoil back together and/or figured out who
the mystery person was (everyone did, and they all received their

This might not be what you’re looking for, but maybe it might spark some
ideas for something that is more suitable for your event. Have fun!

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