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									Attention Neucopia Members! Little Ticket To Wealth Buyer
Leads Will Explode Your Business… neucopia- members- little- ticket- to- wealth- buyer- leads- will- explode-
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                                                                                                                        January 26, 2013

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by Brother John Hostick | on January 26, 2013

Attention Neucopia members if you are looking for a way to generate a steady stream of leads
look no further, today I’m going to reveal to you my secret leads source that has helped me
generate leads consistently for a few years now.

The name of my secret lead source is Little Ticket To Wealth,
this one source alone has helped me make as much as
$10,000 in one single month. The reason this source is so
powerful is because of their product which are leads, and
these are not any kind of leads they are fresh biz opp, and
opportunity buyer leads which are the best leads you can get
in this industry.

Many Neucopia marketers are already using Little Ticket To
Wealth to grow there business and increase there lead flow. As a pro member of this lead source
you get 200,000 fresh biz opp leads, 2000 fresh opportunity buyers leads, and they always give
their members about 15,000 to 20,000 free fresh survey leads every month. So as you can see you
get a steady flow of fresh leads every month.

Here’s the best part as a pro member of Little
Ticket To Wealth you get all the leads above
every month for a one time fee of $200 plus $20
monthly to keep getting over 200,000 leads every
month. Now Neucopia members I’m going to be
honest with you just having access to these
200,000 fresh biz opp leads every monthly isn’t
going to grow your business. You will need to
know how to work these leads properly in order
to truly have success with them. The good news
is when you join my Lit t le Ticket To Wealt h team right now you will get access to my personal
training website where I show you step by step different ways you can work your leads such as
bulk emailing, postcard marketing, and voice broadcasting just to name a few.

Neucopia members if for some reason you feel you want have time to work your 200,000+ leads
every month that’s not a problem either you can simply plug into one of Little Ticket To Wealth
done for you Emarketing email campaigns and let the experts do all the work for you. They will
upload your leads, create all the ad copy and do the mailings for you every month on complete
autopilot, so you can focus on what really matters helping your team and making more money.

Before I end this Neucopia members let me tell you about the most important thing I like about
Little Ticket To Wealth besides their leads, I absolutely love their affiliate program where they pay
you 100% Commissions. Basically every time you refer one of your team members to Little Ticket
to Wealth as a pro member you will make $200 per sale and this can add up very fast. So what are
you waiting for plug into this amazing lead source right now and let your whole team know about it
so you can make some nice extra cash.

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