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									I've been busy figuring out how Grails can help search engine rankings of
Flex / Flash applications. In this post, I will show how the SWFObject
library can be used with Grails layouts to enable a SEO technique called
Progressive Enhancement ( thanks Ted!

What are the options, then, if you're a Flex content developer? Just like
Flash content, it seems, you should make the same content available in
standard HTML for the search engine spiders. This would also help those
users visiting your site using a browser that is not Flex compliant.

The article contends that when Adobe announced they were working with
Google and Yahoo!

When building a FLEX( Flash )application that must be available to the
user via the Internet, this question always comes up: Will the website
containing the application be SEO friendly?

So Adobe didn't add in any specific mechanisms to allow the textual
content of a flex app/page to be seen by a search engine? I didn't find
any reference in the Flex docs, but someone did mention in an interview
that the topic of Flash and SEO was an old and 'dead' one.

I build nearly every Flash project I do with SWFAddress … from small
micro-sites to full e-commerce applications. I've used the Flex
BrowserManager as well. It's easy to implement but I don't like the URLs
it spits out (not very clean looking)… SWFAddress is much better for
clean URLs (and SEO) IMHO.

Flex is just a way to create RIAs or other "Flash" content without using
the Adobe "Flash" IDE. Flex has Flex Builder, the tool created by Adobe
to write Flex apps, but in reality, Flex is just a framework to build
RIAs that play in the Flash player (or AIR now that we have it).

The Ad Flex Blog theme can be set to or columns depending on your
preference, with the sidebar on right that can be hidden. The theme
layout can be set to narrow or wide. The header can display random banner
images and random background images.

Anytime you navigate to a Grails page, you will see the flash content. If
you view the source of the page, you will see that the content generated
by Grails also appears on the same page. Essentially, you are simply
overlaying your Flex SWF on top of your GSP page.

I think this initiative help fresher to pickup flex and flash technology
very fast. Even this will help to blow RIA technology.

One of the major gripes people have about Flash and Flex is to do with
search engine optimisation (SEO). Search engine spiders visiting your
site to index it only find the one page, and cannot get access to the
content embedded within the SWF file.

One amazing new application that is built on Flex was built by the folks
at Adobe Consulting: Also, most of the applications
that you find Adobe putting out ( are built on Flex.
This contest is only Flex mostly because I want to see if the best
practices are different for Flex and Flash applications. I'll either run
a second contest for Flash or bug Lee Brimelow to do it.

Adobe given all the answers by lunching great Flash CS and flex
Integration tools. Adobe has finally brought Flash again in to RIA game.

With my "My Company" solution, I created html pages based on SEO concepts
that can reference the Flex application. It should work as if nothing
changed. The goal is to reference particular text content of web
application, improving the search ability of the web site.

While I've not tried this for myself yet as I don't yet know enough about
Flash to test the theory, I understand that using swfobject.js also gives
one the opportunity to create content that is accessible to the search
engines without sacrificing the integrity of the Flash design.

Flex is going to be quite daunting for someone who knows the Flash IDE,
but is not familiar with OO programming, design patterns, MVC, etc.

Adobe, the Adobe logo, Flex, Flex Builder, and Captivate are either
registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the
United States and/or other countries. Adobe is not responsible for the
content in any way.

Flash and Flex are great. But there is this massive division in the
community and marketing of Flash. ilverlight is entirely unified and this
has much to do with starting clean at a time that interactive development
is heading more into a technology and developers control.

Ad Flex Niche and Ad Flex Blog are both SEO Search Engine Optimized to
target the best rank possible in Google search engine. The target is of
course the Google Top .

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