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									Model : NEO Embedded Systyem
Order Information :
M/B Model Description
CV860A     All-in One M/B
CV860C     4 Com Ports M/B
CV863A     2 PCMCIA Slot / 4 Lan Ports M/B
CV866C     4 Com Ports M/B / LCD LVDS Interface Support M/B
SV823A     4-16 Video in by BNC Connector M/B
MV823A     2 IEEE1394 / Video in & out support M/B
MV823S     Video out support M/B

Description :
Neo Case was featured with Fan-Less system, Simple,Compact, Small, Stylish. It can be applied
as Thin Client, NetWork Device, Set-Top Box, VPN, VOIP, DVR and POS system.
Major Material is Aluminum for good heat solution, For VIA C3 800Mhz - 1Ghz CPU System,
NEO System can operate very well without CPU Cooling Fan and it can reduce the risk of Fan
System Fail possibility. NEO System Case provides 1 x 2.5" Slim HDD Space .

Option ( Please Ref. M/B Spec )
Wireless Lan         Chip : ATMEL , USB Interface , 802.11b Standard , Driver
                     :Win98,ME,2K,XP,Linux, 128bit WEP Encryption Support
56K Modem(ST) Chip : ST , USB Interface , Driver : Win98,ME,2K,XP,Linux
56K Modem(CX) Chip : Conexant , USB Interface , Driver : Win98,ME,2K,XP.
ISDN                 Chip : Cologne, ISDN Standard ETSI Euro ISDN,
                     Driver : Win98,ME,2K,XP,Linux
ADSL                 Chip : Conexant , ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU-T G.992( G.dmt ) and
                     G.992.2(G.lite) Annex A,B. Driver : Win98,ME,2K,XP,Linux

Technical Data :
Dimension                                           50 H x 275 W x 172 D mm
Material                                            Aluminum
Color                                               Black
Weight                                              2 Kgs ( Include M/B )
Storage Space                                       1x2.5” HD x 1

VIA C3 1GHz without fan, inkl. 256MB SDRAM, VGA on
                                                                          3 x LAN / 2 x USB
2 x RS232, 1x LPT


Audio Speaker, MIC-in

Power Supply: 12V DC

Dimensions :275 x 172 x

Embedded CPU Board inside

LED indicator: Power on
Overview:             small and robust embedded system! Fan less, High
                      Performance, Low Power Consumption, Professional
                      construction inside!
                      best solution for Thin Client, Internet Appliances, VPN,

CPU:                  VIA C3 1GHz
BIOS:                 AWARD Flash BIOS
DRAM:                 256MB SDRAM
                      optional up to 512MB
Video:                on board, VT8601A Trident VGA, 2D/3D engine
HDD:                  optional :
                      2.5" min. 20GB with Housing KIT or
                      up to 1GB IDE Flash
LAN:                  3 x 10/100Mbps with RJ-45 plug, Realtek chipset
Compact Flash Adapter: complete built in
                      Optional: 64MB,128MB,256MB,512MB, 1GB, 2GB
                      Compact Flash Card
Ports:                2 x RS232, 1 x LPT
USB:                  2 x USB 1.1
Expansion slot        No
Integrated Devices:   No
Watchdog:             No
Audio:                AC 97 Ver.2.1
     IPC Chassis
Construction:           full size Aluminium
Cooling system:         passive heatsink for VIA C3 1GHz, fanless, without
LED indicator:          Power-on / off in front
Operating Temperature: 0°-55°C

Storage Temperatures:   ´-20°-80°C
Power:                  12V DC, on Board power convert for DC 12V in to
                        system +3.3V / +5V / +12V
Dimension:              50x275x172mm H x W x D
OPTIONS:                512MB SDRAM
                        2,5" HDD
Software:               Operating systems independent
                        optional:Linux 2.4.x.x pre-configuration
                        coming soon

Art.No:                 115
Product Name:           VS-Flexrunner 860/3
Packing list:           VS FlexRuner -860/3 Embedded System
                        CD, English documentation
                        Power Adapter AC 230V to DC 12V and cable

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