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combined wk 5 - Coolangatta State School


									PRINCIPAL’S PATCH                                                   P&C NEWS
Dear Parents / Caregivers,                                         Tuckshop Roster
Staff News: Due to Mr Matt James moving to an advisory             24/2/2010 – Kellie & Jodie
position, Mr Andrew Stringer will now take HPE, Tues &             25/2/2010 – Amy & John
Wed. Mr Stringer will be replaced in the Middle Purple             26/10/2010 – Debbie & Shona
classroom by Miss Hailey Myles on those days. Miss Myles
also teaches specialist lessons across the school on Thurs and     The P&C AGM will be on Monday 8th March at 3.30pm in
Fri. This semester the focus is in Asian Studies.                  the music room. We look forward to meeting some new
Due to staffing allocations for Students with Disabilities, Mrs    parents who are interested in being involved in the running of
Tammy Burns has been transferred to Elanora SS but will            our fantastic school.
remain with us on Tues and Thurs for the rest of this term.        All our executive positions are up for nomination. If you
                                                                   would like to nominate yourself or another parent there will be
School safety: The recent tragic death of a student at a           a form going home this week.
Brisbane school has shocked us all. Incidents such as this
remind us of the need to be vigilant and continually expect and    Parent / Volunteers Support - A - Reader sessions:
promote safety in our schools and community.                       Two sessions will be held at school,
At CSS the safety and wellbeing of students is our highest                     Thursday 25 February,
priority. The School rules are built around safety, respect,            9:00 am – 11:00am or 5:30pm – 7:30pm
learning and responsibility. We all have a right to be safe and    Strategies to assist students unlock unknown words, make
treated with respect. We all have a responsibility to make sure    meaning from the text, read more fluently and to become
that we treat others likewise and that if there is a problem we    confident, independent readers will be covered.
work it out or get help and support to do so.                      The sessions are targeted to assist parents at home with home
                                                                   reading (a must do every night for all year levels),
Students are frequently reminded about the behaviour               grandparents and people who would like to volunteer their
expectations in our school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan for        time helping students at school and for persons wishing to
Students and that we have high expectations for a safe,            become teacher aides, as this training will add to their resume.
peaceable school. Physical and verbal abuse, fighting and          To attend please contact the school office and leave name,
violence, bullying and harassment are not wanted at our            contact number and session time.
school and that weapons are prohibited as is the use of items,
whether it be a stick, a cricket bat etc as a weapon. Students     2010 is the Year of Environmental Sustainability
need to realize that even a push could lead to a fatality.         The Department of Education and Training has declared 2010
Students have also been reminded to report any incident that       the Year of Environmental Sustainability (YES). Our school
makes them feel unsafe to school staff. As far as possible, this   will be saying “yes” to help spread the word on sustainable
should be done immediately after any incident. In addition,        issues; “yes” to reducing the impact of our ecological footprint
each term students complete a bully survey noting type of          in classrooms and “yes” to encouraging our students, families
bullying, where it occurs and how often and the name of the        and school community to “go green”. We will also be calling
bully. A box is kept in the office for random disclosures. The     on parents, carers, staff, students and our wider school
presence of any prohibited items will not be tolerated and         community to become more environmentally-conscious and
must be reported immediately. It is not dobbing. It is             reduce our collective ecological footprint in line with the
responsible reporting.                                             Queensland Government’s Toward Q2 target of a ‘green’
Our school has a range of safety measures in place and these       This month, as part of YES activities, we are “powering
are reviewed as required. Students are familiar with our           down” by encouraging students and staff to turn computers,
school’s critical incident procedures, including lockdowns,        televisions and other electrical equipment off at the wall.
and these are practiced on a regular basis. We also endeavour      Powering down electrical equipment and not using the standby
to instill in our students through values education, responsible   mode is one of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce your
behaviour focus lessons and social skill programs appropriate      carbon footprint – and it saves you money on your electricity
ways to behave and treat others. Most of our students are          bill.
responsible, self disciplined, caring students who make our        Keep track of this and other YES events, initiatives and
school and community a safe and happy place. For those few         competitions on the Year of Environmental Sustainability
students who have anger management issues or who solve             website at
problems in unacceptable ways, the school works hard with          And don’t forget , Clean Up Australia Day, Sun 7 March.
them and their parents to change to better behaviour. Failure to
do so results in higher level consequences, alternate programs,
suspension or exclusion. We also work closely with our Adopt
A Cop and the QPS both proactively and reactively in the             District Swimming: The following students represented CSS:
event of a high level incident where they will be called.           Mahalia C, Api N, Dylan B, Jake M, Seth C, Dextar M, Isabella D,
                                                                    Owen W. Congratulations on achieving your personal bests. Thank
Should parents have any concerns about their children’s safety      you to staff members, Mr Chris White and Ms Cindy Collison for
                                                                                          being team leaders.
or information about matters affecting the safety of others,
please contact me. Should your child be in need of additional
support, please contact Edith Saedt our Guidance Officer. The
home remains the most important place for our young people           Tweed Coolangatta Junior Australian Football Club
to learn responsible behaviour. Thank you for all you do to                              Sign on Now
ensure that your child is a well behaved responsible citizen.       When: Tuesdays & ThursdaysTime: 5pm to 6pm NSW time
Please talk to your child about the need for our society to be a            Venue: Len Peak Oval, Appel Street, Kirra
peaceable place, which means bullying, violence, weapons –          Mark: 0439 210 417 Ian: 0412 760 373
NO WAY.                                                                    Log onto:
Warm regards and best wishes for a great week,                               Or email
Sharyn Mahony
AROUND THE CLASSROOM                                                 Junior Blue has been working hard at naming the tens and
Library / ICT News                                                   ones in a number and using equipment to make the number.
Extension Reading and Writing Programs (Gifted &                     Our sound for this week is ‘g’. We have found lots of words
Talented Program)                                                    with ‘g’ at the beginning or end and ‘gg’ in the middle of the
This term, the teacher librarians will be involved in extending      word.
identified students in both reading and writing classes.             Junior Green
Education Qld has emphasized the importance of establishing          This week Prep will start a Metalinguistic Awareness
provision for students who show talent in identified areas.          Program. Metalinguistic awareness skills are the first steps
                                                                     that a child learns before they learn to read and write.
Selected students from 6/7 are participating in Creative             The program will run over seven weeks. This week we will
Writing lessons, while other students from years 2 – 5 will be       look at word awareness. We will identify words as labels and
extended with a reading program. These classes have begun            discriminate between words and letters. At home try reading a
with the Writing Group meeting on Wednesdays with Mrs                simple story with your child and count the words then try
Gates, and the Reading Group on Fridays with Mrs Aleman.             counting the letters. You can you try saying a simple sentence
Congratulations to students who have been selected for these         e.g. I can run and ask how many words did you hear? Year
groups.                                                              one students will continue their phonics, sight words and
The first reading lesson was great. Students identified their
favourite books and authors. Future lessons will focus on            Junior Purple
specific reading activities, online discussions and book raps.       We listened to an aboriginal story called “How the Birds got
The writing group has begun their ‘notebooks’ where any              their Colours”. We made our own birds to decorate the
creative ideas and writings are recorded. Students will be           classroom using scissors to cut along the lines, and then paint
entering relevant writing competitions, contributing to the          to decorate our bird shape. Have a look at them on our wall
school website under ‘Creative Kids’, and further developing         when you come in next! We looked at a book with lots of
their own writing talents with focussed lessons.                     different pattern categories of animals. We saw striped                animals, spotted animals and fluffy animals. What sort of
kids.html                                                            patterns do you see at home?

Mrs Gates                                                            Instrumental Music News
Teacher Librarian                                                    Welcome to another exciting year of percussion with Miss
                                                                     Deb. Learning an instrument is good for a number of reasons
Senior Green & Senior Purple                                              • Commitment
Last week we focussed on the importance of water and saving               • Social skills
water. Students started creating a brochure in ICT with Mrs               • Co-ordination
Gates. Already they are demonstrating creativity in design.               • Displine to practise, turn up on time to lessons
We are now studying how water comes from the dam to the                   • Have fun with learning
tap.                                                                 We are already up to week five, and most students have their
Today we began our weekly maths group activities, with great         sticks & folders. Well done to those students & a thankyou to
interest, independence and inquiry by students.                      parents / caregivers. To those who have not had a chance to
The student leaders are all wearing their new badges with            purchase their equipment, please do so as soon as you can.
pride as they undertake their duties for the year.                   Also there is a once off $10 levy for percussion, if you have
Congratulations to the 4 members of the class who represented        not already done so, could you please pay this as soon as
the school at Districts.                                             possible please. If you have any questions you may contact
A number of Yr 7s will be journeying to PBC on Wednesday             me on 0439 633 821. I look forward to meeting new parents /
to take part in the first stage of the first Debate competition in   caregivers.
our Exit 92 cluster. This week is learning about debate              Deb Body
procedure. We will then form a debate club.                          Instrumental Teacher
Senior Purple will be presenting the Assembly item this week.
                                                                     SPORTS NEWS:
Middle Gold & Middle Purple                                          Student’s wishing to participate in this years interschool
Congratulations to Dextar, Seth, Owen and Bella who swam at          Friday afternoon sport are to return their commitment to play
the District Swimming Carnival last Thursday at Somerset             form to their coach by tomorrow so that teams can be
College. We welcome Miss Myles to Middle Purple on                   finalised. The season starts week 8. Coaching sessions are
Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the rest of this year as Mr              conducted at lunch time and on Friday last session.
Stringer has taken over the HPE position with Mr James
transferring. Mr Stringer will remain with his class three days                                For Sale
a week. Both classes had a good turn-out for parent                            We now have school footy & soccer socks
information afternoon last week. We appreciate your support!                   available from the office for $3.50 a pair.
If you couldn’t make it please feel free to see us for an
information sheet on what was covered that afternoon.

Junior Gold & Junior Red
Junior Red is continuing their work in the library constructing
the A-Z of Australian Animals. Junior Gold is busily working              IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY
on their PowerPoint presentations on Australian Animal                   Please make sure your child’s contact details are
Groups. We are impressed by all the hard work they are                   up to date including all emergency contact phone numbers.
putting in and look forward to the finished work.                        Please come into administration or send a note to your
                                                                         child’s teacher advising of details.
Junior Blue

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