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					     Name list and profiles of the Chinese companies
                          ( 21 companies)

1.China Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Co.,Ltd.

2. Huawei    Technologies Co., Ltd.
3. ZTE Corporation
4.NUCTECH Warsaw Company Limited SP. Z O.O.

5.Haier Group Company

6.Poly Technologies Inc.

7.Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

8.Jiangxi Dongfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

9.Jiangxi Huaan Knitting General Mill
10.Jiangxi Huachang Infrastructure Engineering Ltd.

11.Jiang Xi Province Yudu County Harvest Garment Co. Ltd.

12.Jingdezhen Globe China Group Co., Ltd.
13.Jiu Jiang Red Eagle Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd.

14.Nanchang Engineering & Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals

15.Hebei Meidong Hardware & Netting Products Co., Ltd.
16.Puyang Refractories Co., Ltd. (PRCO CHINA)

17.Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

18.TCL-THOMSON Electronics Corporation (TTE)

19.Chinese Enterprise Technology Co., Ltd

20.China National Agricultural Development Group Corporation

21.China Resources Machinery and Minmetals (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

            China Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.

   Brief Introduction
China Minmetals Non-Ferrous Metals Co. Ltd., (CMN in short) is the country's most
vigorous resources company, having a big market share in the trading of copper,
aluminum, lead, zinc, tungsten, antimony, tin, precious metals and rare earth. CMN
pursues combination of trade with industry, spots with futures, and seeks integrated
operation of domestic and foreign trade. Relying on its best quality commodities,
sound and scientific management, as well as first-class services, the Company has
obtained gratifying achievements.

CMN has secured 400,000 metric tons of alumina annually from Alcoa for a term of 30
years by making investments in Alcoa’s production capacity and electrolytic copper
cathode by establishing a joint venture with Codelco of Chile, the biggest copper
producer in the world. It has invested in Guangxi Huanyin Aluminum Co. Ltd., Jiangxi
Tungsten Industry Group Co. Ltd. and Xiamen Tungsten Co. Ltd. obtaining long-term
stable supplies of non-ferrous metals in prime quality. Besides, CMN has initiated the
establishment of China United Copper Co. Ltd., with other five leading domestic
copper producers aiming at exploiting overseas natural resources. Now the Company’s
assets of resources account for 70 percent of its total assets, having formed a complete
industrial chain of non-ferrous metals with its core competitiveness strengthened.

The strategic goal of the Corporation in the non-ferrous metals business is to be market
and customer-orientated, seek effective control over non-ferrous metals resources,
provide non-ferrous metals and value-added services, and turn this business area into a
resource company with international competitiveness and sustainable growth.

   Cooperation Intention
    Signing a contract of 50,000 MT Copper Cathode between CMN and KGHM.

   Li Zhicong    Manager
   TEL +86-10-68495403
   FAX +86-10-68495562

                      Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction
Huawei Technologies is a leading player in the global telecom market. The company is
committed to providing innovative and customized products, services and solutions to
create long-term value and potential growth for its customers. Huawei's products and
solutions are deployed in over 100 countries and serve 28 of the world's top 50
operators, as well as over one billion users worldwide.

Huawei's product portfolio comprises wireless products (e.g. UMTS, CDMA2000,
GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE and WiMAX); network products (e.g. NGN, XDSL, and optical
network and data communications products); value-added services (e.g. intelligent
network, CDN/ SAN and wireless data) as well as mobile and fixed terminals.

    Cooperation Intention
Huawei will go on to look for the new chance to cooperate with all main operators in
all kinds of our products region, especially in UMTS.

Huawei will hold series exhibitions in Bulgaria in 2006, Including UMTS, NGN, and
DATACOM, Optical Network products to inject the fresh energy to Bulgaria market
and look for the new chance to cooperate with new partner.

Great amount entry of key product into TPSA: ADSL and transmission
Entry of key product into the major mobile operators: 3G data card and transmission

   Zhang Gang    Chief Representative of Beijing Office
   TEL +86-10-83913714
   FAX +86-10-83915578

                              ZTE Corporation

    Brief Introduction
ZTE Corporation is China's largest listed telecommunications equipment provider
specializing in offering customized network solutions for telecom carriers worldwide.
The company develops and manufactures telecommunications equipment for fixed,
mobile, data and optical networks, intelligent networks and next generation networks
as well as mobile phones.

ZTE has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1997. With 11 billion
RMB (1.33 billion USD) in revenue in 2002, ZTE continues its rapid growth and
development in 2003.

Over 10% of ZTE revenue annually is dedicated to the R&D aimed at enhancing
product quality, reducing cost, achieving higher sales and thus increasing return on
investment. Almost half of all ZTE personnel are involved in R&D, and ZTE currently
owns some 700 patents, with more than 87% of these being original innovations.

In order to push boundaries even further, ZTE has set up 13 wholly owned R&D
centers worldwide and has undertaken research partnerships with electronics giants
like Texas Instruments and Motorola and Agere Systems.

Today, ZTE has become an important global player in the telecommunications industry
with products deployed in over 40 countries and regions including Cyprus, Bangladesh,
Myanmar, Thailand, USA, Russia, Egypt, Kenya, Congo, Zambia and Hong Kong.

ZTE’s respected position as a forward looking global organization within the industry
is also reflected by membership of, and participation in, a variety of International
Organizations of Standardization. ZTE was the first Chinese individual manufacturer
member of 3GPP2 (3rd Generation Partnership 2) and has become a sector member of
the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

ZTE is committed to the future of the telecommunications industry, and will continue
to develop and expand its global operations to ensure that partners everywhere will
have the most effective solutions both now and in the years to come.

   Mo Hongbin    Deputy Direct International business
   TEL +86-10-63908393
   FAX +86-10-63908392

            NUCTECH Warsaw Company Limited SP. Z O.O.

    Brief Introduction
NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED                 NUCTECH ,founded in July 1997, is a
prestigious high-tech company originated from Tsinghua University.

With the support of Tsinghua University, NUCTECH has become a worldwide leading
company specialized in research & development of x-ray inspection technology, as
well as system design, manufacture, engineering and customer service. Possessing all
the intellectual property of the core technologies in radical applications, NUCTECH
has acquired 73 national patents and 6 international patents. NUCTECH is the fourth
country in the world that masters the technology of container inspection systems after
France, Germany and UK. The company developed the first mobile container/vehicle
inspection system and relocatable container/vehicle inspection system using linear
accelerators as the radiation source in the world.

As one of the largest supplier of container inspection systems, NUCTECH has also
developed varieties of other products, including Air Cargo/Vehicle Security Inspection
System, Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System, Mail Sterilization System, Portal Radiation
Detection System, Non-intrusive Inspection System etc. THSCANTM Inspection
Systems are being widely used in a comprehensive range of fields, including the
customs, aviation security inspection, industrial manufacture, medical devices,
environmental protection and food processing etc.

NUCTECH possesses the largest manufacture base of X-ray inspection systems in the
world. The base is equipped with advanced manufacture, installation and testing
facilities along with scientific management. The company has been certificated by ISO
9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001, and the main systems have been certificated by
CE, so that the quality of the products can therefore be guaranteed.

With professional design and manufacturing capabilities, NUCTECH can provide
customized solutions for individual clients. The company also possesses its own
engineering service teams and training systems, which can offer systemic training and
integral after-sales services to the clients.

   Li Xi    Marketing manager
   TEL +86-10-62794607
   FAX +86-10-62784270

                            Haier Group Company

   Brief Introduction

According to the Euro monitor that Haier ranks Top 4 in the whole world in terms of
turnover. Haier group was established in Y1984, the yearly increased rate is more than
68%, the turnover in Y2005 is 12.8billion USD, Haier ranks 89 among 500 most
influential brands. The products are exported to more than 160 countries, to meet
customer requirements, established the global strategy, that is: local design, local
production, local marketing. For example: we established our own center in Europe,
America, Asia, Africa and Middle East. And the one of suppliers for local big chains.
The product ranges from white goods, brown goods, IT products, communication
products and small home appliances.

   Cooperation Intention
   Haier wants to establish the relationship with Euro-AGD in Poland.

   Cui Xiaojie     Marketing manager
   TEL +49-691998875
   FAX +48-22-6423299

                                   Poly Technologies Inc.

   Brief Introduction
Poly Technologies, Inc. is the key enterprise of China Poly Group Corporation. The
Company is mainly engaged in the import and export of defense equipment and
technology as well as civilian commodities. And Poly has established close ties with
many famous domestic enterprises and overseas industrial giants. While expanding
international trade, the Company has diversifies its business by investing in the culture,
tourism, real estate and exploiting the natural resources such as oil and mineral

   Wu Hongjie        Department Manager
   TEL +86-10-65003334-601
   FAX +86-10-65019490

              Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

     Brief Introduction
Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd is the biggest individually-run motorcycle
manufacturer in China. Yin Mingshan, together with other 9 persons, established Lifan
Hongda Vehicle Assembly Research Institute in 1992 with RMB 200, 000. After 12
years' efforts, Lifan Group rapidly grown up and developed to be a state level
large-scaled individually-run enterprise centering on science and technology
development, engine & motorcycle manufacture and sales(including export) and
incorporating automobile manufacture, soccer industry, financial securities,
culture/media. There are more than 8700 staffs in Lifan Group, more than 2000 of
whom are students graduated from university/college or secondary specialized school.
Lifan Group possesses 10 enterprises, 3 marketing companies, 1 technical center at
state level. The Group has the capability of producing 2 million units of engines and 1
million units of motorcycles annually and is among Top 50 Chongqing Industrial
Enterprises in consecutive two years, ranking the 1st position in top 50 Chongqing
individually-run enterprises. Lifan Group has been among Top 500 Motorcycle
Manufacturers in the world and Top 500 large-scaled enterprise groups in China. On
Sept. 2004, Lifan motorcycle was awarded by the State Bureau of Quality and
Technical Supervision and China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy the
title of honor of “Chinese Top Brand”.

Lifan Group realized sales income of RMB4.02 billion in 2002, achieving profits and
taxes of RMB205 million. In 2003, the incomes of sale topped RMB4.58 billion. In
2004, Lifan realized sales income RMB 5.9 billion. The indexes showing production
and sales of engine, foreign exchange earning, no. of patent possession, overall value
of production and sales rank the 1st across the country, making him rank the 1st
position in the domestic sector in terms of overall strength.

Up to December of 2004, the Group has owned 2098 patents at home and abroad, 866
copyrights, 556 domestic registered trademarks and 68 foreign registered trademarks
with no. of self intellectual property rights ranking the leading position among the
domestic sector. 90(100) electric start, vertical 100 (110) engine independently
developed by Lifan were the pioneer in China, which was a milestone in Chinese
motorcycle history. In China, Lifan was the first company that developed V-twin 250
engine, as well as the first company that developed motorcycle electric sprays
technology, water cooling technology and multiple air-gate technology with
independent intellectual property right. Each year, Lifan input 3-6 engine products and

more motorcycle types into market. Lifan holds the largest quantity of engine types in
the country. The new practical patent developed by Lifan-“engine combustion
chamber” was awarded gold medal in “2004 China International Patent Fair”.

In 1998, Lifan obtained right to engage in foreign trade himself. In 2000, Lifan
established the first import & export company among Chongqing privately-owned
companies, and earn US$52 million of foreign exchange through exports in the same
year. In 2001, Lifan earned US$117.4 million of foreign exchange through exports,
making it the first motorcycle company exceeding US$100 million in China’s
motorcycle sector and subsequently becoming the undoubtedly deserved leading
enterprise in export across the country. Lifan achieved a US$203 million on foreign
exchange through exports in Jan. to Dec. of 2003, making it the single enterprise in
Chongqing exceeding US$200 million threshold in export. In 2004, Lifan realized
export income U.S Dollar 242,000,000. Lifan's products are widely sold to over 100
countries covering South-East Asia, West Asia, Europe, Africa, South America. In
September 2001, Lifan motorcycles were first sold to Japan, rewriting the history of no
motorcycle export to Japan from China. In Vietnam, Lifan motorcycle has the absolute
predominance. In 2003, motorcycle and engine developed by Lifan Group passed EU’s
e-mark accreditation, indicating that Lifan’s products can enter 18 European countries
without any restriction.

    Cooperation Intention
Our company is planning to sale our 51% shares in LEVEE LECTRIC APPLICATE
JSCO to DASF AG, and to leave 2 personnel in Bulgaria to manage it specially.
Although we have hastened Bulgarian share holders to negotiate this situation, there is
no response from Bulgarian party.

   Yang Zhou   Vice President
   FAX +86-23-61663299

                   Jiangxi Dongfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction
Jiangxi Dongfeng pharmaceutical co., ltd. Established in 1965, locate in the city of
Leping to the east of “porcelain capital” —Jingdezhen, it covers an area of more than
300,000 square meters, and has more than 1400 employers. Its major fields are bulk
pharmaceuticals of penicillin series, d-penicillin mine, sulbactam sodium and
penicillin series injections, cephalosporin series injections and solid preparations etc.

It has several production lines such as bulk pharmaceuticals, injections, solid
preparations and synthetic etc.. All of the lines have acquired national GMP certificate
successively. The company has self-managed import and export right, its products
have been exported to many markets as Europe, Africa, Asia, south America etc.. It
enjoys extremely great reputation on the products quality among the global antibiotics

    Cooperation Intention
Products promotion
We suggest to hold an exhibition through which we can meet our potential clients
directly. We hope to meet the clients face to face, who have cooperated with us and can
understand each other for getting more business opportunities.

    Zou Yaping       Manager of Export Dept.
    TEL +86-798-6803437
    FAX +86-798-6803548

                    Jiangxi Huaan Knitting General Mill

    Brief Introduction
Jiangxi Huaan knitting general mill is a special knitting garments factory, established
in 1954.there are about 1300 employees in the factory, it possesses advanced
equipments of knitting, bleaching, dyeing and sewing .it could export and product
knitting garments about 8 million us dollars each year. It exports knitting garments to
USA, European countries, Japan and Southeast Asia. “TIGERCUB” brand is our
registered brand.

  Cooperation Intention
POLO shirt & T-shirt

   Yin Jianrong   Department Manager
   TEL +86-791-8332989
   FAX +86-791-8308674

         Jiangxi Huachang Infrastructure Engineering Ltd.

    Brief Introduction
First-class of foundation and infrastructure engineering construction; Second-class of
road and bridge construction; Bid for the international project; Send workers to abroad

   Wang Fumin   Vice Manger
   TEL +86-791-5231772

   Jiang Xi Province Yudu County Harvest Garment Co. Ltd.

    Brief Introduction
Our Company is a solely owned Hong Kong enterprise specializing in garment
manufacturing. We design and manufacture leisurewear and sportswear of latest
international fashion trend. Our annual production exceeds over 2 million pieces of
garment and our products are sold to over 20 countries including Europe, the USA.

   Cooperation Intention
Explore potential business opportunities with large scale sportswear and leisure wear
importers, department stores, and chain stores in Poland and Bulgaria.

   Wang Shi    General Manager
   TEL +86-797-6219898
   FAX +86-797-6219333

               Jingdezhen Globe China Group Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction
Jingdezhen Globe China Group Co. Ltd. is a specialized porcelain company, which
contains multi-functions of ceramics research, designing, manufacturing and export. It
has four subordinate companies, two production sites, more 600 employees and annual
0ten thousand U.S dollars for export per capital.
Scope of business: designing, manufacturing and selling of ceramics; industrial
investment, management of real estate.

   Cooperation Intention
   1. We are willing to establish business relations with porcelain factories in Bulgaria
   and Poland.
   2. To talk about the possibility of removing ceramics enterprise to China.
   3. To purchase local ceramics equipments if possible.
   4. Willing to cooperate with local ceramics makers.

   Dong Keqin     President
   TEL +86-798-8333366               FAX +86-798-8335151

Jiu Jiang Red Eagle Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd.

   Brief Introduction
We produce helicopter and glider cooperating with Poland PZL helicopters

Our company specially set up for this project. We have bought 200 acres of land in
Jiujiang EPZs for the infrastructure.

Business scope: GAD production and sales Poland PZL helicopters and glider.

   Cooperation Intention
   1.PZL helicopter and glider Gad production and marketing
   2.Other new products
   3.Aviation products parts production
   4.Helicopter flight training, maintenance, navigation services.

   Li Fuqing    President
   TEL +86-792-8981098
   FAX +86-792-8981100

     Nanchang Engineering & Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals

     Brief Introduction
Founded in 1957, Nanchang Engineering & Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals
(NERIN) is a state A –level comprehensive scientific and technology oriented
enterprise with the main business of engineering design, technical consultation,
general contract of engineering project, engineering construction supervision,
environment assessment and control, engineering survey. Enjoying high reputation,
NERIN is experienced in metallurgy, mine, municipal engineering, architecture and
environment protection.

     Cooperation Intention
1.    Undertake the nonferrous metals smelter design, general contract of engineering
      project, engineering construction supervision or project management;
2.    Undertake the design of various mines, general contract of engineering project,
      engineering construction supervision or project management;
3.    Undertake the design of environment control engineering project , general
      contract of engineering project, engineering construction supervision or project
4.    Undertake the design of municipal engineering project (road, bridge, water plant,
      waste water disposal plant), engineering construction supervision or project

     Liu Xueke      General Manager
     TEL +86-791-6264783
     FAX +86-791-6285175

         Hebei Meidong Hardware & Netting Products Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction
The company has advanced produce equipment, first-class technique power and a
modernized work shop of 3600squ., Now we have high-tech leading world level on
drawing wire lines two sets and wire mesh weaving lines three sets; and we have a lab
used to research and create, cost control and quality inspect. There are staffs of 300
persons, including high-class engineer 3 persons.

Our company has gone through ISO9001. The main products are as follows: stainless
steel wire mesh, iron wire mesh, brass wire mesh, expanded screen, polythene wire
mesh five series, more than 100 types, more than 2000 specifications, they are widely
used in printing mining oil chemistry building textile fields etc.

Our products now are exported to Australia, USA, Southeast Asia, Middle East and
many countries. We stand a long-term and stable business relationship with them.
Our company would like to make more progress along with the clients from the entire
world through wire mesh faithfully hand by hand.

 Geng Juncheng      General Manager
 TEL +86-318-7098821 FAX +86-318-7930656

           Puyang Refractories Co., Ltd. (PRCO CHINA)

    Brief Introduction
Puyang Refractory Co., Ltd is a national key high-tech enterprise. With years of
development, Puyang Refractory has become one of the leading suppliers in China
combined with refractory production, engineering, design, research & development
and service. It is now well proved to be the most dynamic refractory manufacturer and
the largest refractory supplier for iron and steel industry in China.

Currently, the product of Puyang Refractory, such as purging plug, slide gate, ladle
shroud, SEN, various castables, precastables are widely used in high temperature
furnaces and kilns in domestic market as well as overseas market. Our customers range
covers Bao Steel, Capital Steel, Wuhan Steel, Anshan Steel and Baotou Steel. Puyang
Refractory has established overseas office and joint-venture sub-companies in many
countries and sell the product to US, British, Austria, Germany, Russian, Uralian,
Egypt, Turkey, India, South Korean and many other southern and African countries.
The total turnover of Puyang Refractory reached 0.65 billion RMB.

Puyang Refractory has employees over 1800, including refractory experts, researchers,
managing and application staff over 500. Puyang Refractory always focus on
recruiting employee with high-tech background, market researching and high-tech
product developing. Puyang Refractory has achieved a lot of ice-breaking
development in the product of blast furnace, EAF, BOF, ladle, tarnish, industrial
furnaces, etc. It has been qualified for ISO 9001 certification. The ladle
bottom-blowing purging plug has been qualified as national new product award and
has been qualified as high-tech new development fund supporting item by the national
technical department. It holds the market shares over 70% in the domestic market.

    Cooperation Intention
Puyang Refractory Co., Ltd is a national key high-tech enterprise. With years of
development, Puyang Refractory has become one of the leading suppliers in China
combined with refractory production, engineering, design, research & development
and service. It is now well proved to be the most dynamic refractory manufacturer and
the largest refractory supplier for iron and steel industry in China.

PRCO.CHINA is willing to establish partnership with all metallurgical background
enterprises, refractory manufacturers and individuals in Poland and Bulgaria. We are
willing to share our information and all sources to support each other and to achieve
mutual development in the future.

   Sun Zhiwu    Vice President
   TEL +86-10-64398206
   FAX +86-10-64398209

                      Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction
SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD is one of sub companies of SANY GROUP.
The main business are manufacturing and sales of the products of concrete and asphalt
plant, mixer and transport machinery; excavators; earth-moving machinery; road
construction machinery; crawler crane and automobile crane; drilling rig; bus etc. By
June 30th 2005, the company’s total asset amount is 613 millions US$. The amount of
employees is 4970.

   Cooperation Intention
   1.We will find great construction company to be customer and to be our sales
   2.Set up enterprise or join venture.

   Tse Chung  International Sales Manager
   FAX +86-731-4031999-5960

          TCL-THOMSON Electronics Corporation (TTE)

   Brief Introduction
TTE was established in 2004 by TCL group through acquisition of the TV business of
Thomson. TTE is a world leader in TV industry with its’ total activities including R&D,
manufacturing, sales/marketing. TTE realized a sales volume of 23million TVs in
2005 by it’s 34 thousand employees around the world.

    Cooperation Intention
Based in Poland, providing high-quality and cost-effective TV products and services
of all new technologies to meet European customers’ satisfaction.

   Antoine Zhang     TTE EUROPE, Vice-President
   TEL +33-1-41868027
   FAX +33-1-41868084

                Chinese Enterprise Technology Co., Ltd

    Brief Introduction
Chinese Enterprise Technology Co., Ltd. (CETEC) is a new technological enterprise in
China, incorporating scientific research, design, production and sales as a coordinated
process. The Company dedicates in manufacturing reflector molding and its molding
die, and the design, manufacture and promotion of plastic molding die and pressing

The Company was verified and accepted by National Economic Trade Committee as
the base of manufacturing reflector molding and its molding die and the key member
of Chinese Molding Tool Association. The Company has a history and rich
experiences in molding die scientific research and manufacture, with one-up capability
of product design and development, and have equipment to produce high precision
molding dies and a range of plastic injection molding machines. Over years the
Company dedicated to domestic-made reflector molding dies of various reflectors and
car taillight reflector to accomplish communication safety for the country, and
obtained good economy benefit and societal effect.

The reflector mold technology is one of our company's rewarding scientific researches
in the field of molding die, which awarded national invention patent, filling up the
blank of our country. The molding die and its product(moldings) won two gold medals
of Chinese patent new technology and new product, and the title of National New

The Company has been granted QS-9000/ISO9001 Quality System Certificate in
March 2002, forming a strict quality assurance system. The reflector series of product
manufactured by the Company are well known for its high reflecting coefficient, long
lifespan and reasonable price. Our series product has been appraised by four national
quality examination centers of Communication Ministry, Machinery Ministry, Public
securities Ministry and Light Industry Ministry, attaining world high standard in the
range of same kind product. The attaching outline mark and the protuberance road sign
has been granted quantity production license by Communication Ministry. The vehicle
triangular warning sign has awarded certificate of ECE-R27 issued by EU and
certificate issued by State Economy & Trade Commission; The product fully confirm
to the prescript stipulated in CMVDR127 The Designing Principle of Vehicle
Triangular Warning Sign and GA184-1999 Trouble vehicle Warning sign issued by
Ministry of Communication, and being well received by customers at home and

The Company will continue to carry out the QS9000 quality system in the future,
regard quality as our lifeline, and exploit new market and new business unceasingly.
We cordially hope to go forward shoulder to shoulder with our friends at home and
overseas to create bright future of the safety career of public communications.

Fang Naijun  General Manager
TEL +86-10-84605526        FAX +86-10-84605989

 China National Agricultural Development Group Corporation

   Brief Introduction
China National Agricultural Development Group Corporation (referred to as
“CNADC”) is a central agricultural enterprise under direct governance of the
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council
(SASAC). CNADC was founded in October 2004 upon the restructuring and merging
of China National Fishery (Group) Corporation with China Animal Husbandry Group.
With the total assets valued at 15 billion RMB, CNADC employs 80,000 staff
members, among whom 10,000 are working overseas. CNADC holds 15 wholly
owned or share-controlled subsidiaries, 4 public list companies either domestic or
abroad. The business of CNADC spreads over to every province (autonomous region
or municipality directly under the central government) of China. CNADC establishes
branches or bases in more than 40 countries (regions) around the world and keeps
economic and trade ties with more than 80 countries (regions).

As the largest, comprehensive and internationalized state-owned central agricultural
enterprise in China, CNADC dedicates itself to international cooperation and
exploitation of agricultural and fishery resources; domestically CNADC always
remember its purpose to serve for “peasants, agriculture and the rural” and to actively
promote the process of agricultural industrialization. After years of development,
CNADC has gradually built up three major core businesses, i.e. overseas fishing and
agricultural resource exploitation; research, development, manufacturing and
marketing of biological vaccine, vet-medicine and feed additive; supplementing
services for agriculture, husbandry and fisheries.

  Han Reng       Director
  TEL +86-10-88067002
  FAX +86-10-88067017

China Resources Machinery and Minmetals (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

    Brief Introduction
With Wuxi China Resources Steelmaking Co., Ltd. and Jiangyin China Resources
Steel Co., Ltd and at the core of its business, CR Machinery and Minmetals is a leader
in Chinese Mainland’s specialized steel manufacturing Industry, producing over one
million tons of specialized steel products annually. Its products include bearing steel,
spring steel, gearing steel and mould steel. These products also come in various shapes,
such as rods, wires and pipes. They are widely used in manufacturing automotive,
machinery, Industrial and military products.

   Cooperation Intention
  Importing scrap steel

 Long Wenkai       Department Manager
 TEL +86-10-65664466
 FAX +86-10-65663282


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