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					              CENTER PROGRAMS ADULT
   How to Read the Activity/Course Information                                Our renowned artist has taught around the world. He was trained and
                                                                              graduated from the famous Beaux Arts in Paris where Monet, Renoir,
                                                                              Degas, and other exceptional painters have studied and fine-tuned
                                                                              their painting skills. Join us for a unique class in which our instructor
  FIGURE DRAWING-NEW                                                          will teach you simple concepts of how to paint with different mediums
  Learn the proper proportion for the human figure and how to draw            so you too can enjoy the success of completing artistic pieces of art
  realistic people in full form. No previous experience necessary. All        painted with your own hands.
  supplies included.                                                          136812 CAR Th         3:30pm-6pm         8/30      8   Ngo           $79
  137275 OAK       M     7:30pm-9pm      9/10    5       West     $85
                                                                              CROCHET & KNITTING
  The title of the course is FIGURE DRAWING. The Course Code is               This class is for beginners wishing to learn crochet, knitting, or both.
  137275, and it meets at OAK POINT RECREATION CENTER on                      It is also suitable for all levels of crochet and knitting as students are
  MONDAYS from 7:30pm-9pm, begins SEPTEMBER 10, meets 5                       working on individual projects. Everyone receives individual time for
  times, the instructor is WEST and the fee for this course is $85.           assistance with their specific needs. Instructor is also great for the
                                                                              advanced student needing help understanding patterns. Supply list at
  CAR = Carpenter Park Recreation Center                                      Carpenter.
  COX = Cox Building                                                          136416 CAR Sa         11am-1pm           9/15      4   Downey        $85
  EEC = Environmental Education Center                                        136417 CAR Sa         11am-1pm           11/3      5   Downey        $95
  LIB = Liberty Recreation Center
  OAK = Oak Point Recreation Center                                           EXPERIMENTAL WATERCOLOR PAINTING
  OPP = Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve                                      Are you tired of painting just a pretty picture? This experimental class
  TMC = Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center                                     is the answer. You will learn many ways to enhance and make your
                                                                              paintings more exciting. You will learn a lot by trying new techniques.
                                                                              Some supplies included.
                                                                              137854 CAR W          9:30am-12:30pm     11/7      3   Logan         $46

                                                                              FIGURE DRAWING-NEW
             Crafts and Fine Arts                                             Learn the proper proportion for the human figure and how to draw
                                                                              realistic people in full form. No previous experience necessary. All
                                                                              supplies included.
ADULT SEWING (BEG/ADV)                                                        137275 OAK M
                                                                              137276 OAK M
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seamstress, this class
is for you! Students will work on personal projects of home décor or
clothing. Clothing students will have emphasis placed on fitting and          FLORAL ARRANGEMENT BASICS-NEW
construction tips. Home décor students will have emphasis placed on           Learn how to make your own floral arrangements and collaborate with
measurements and assembly techniques. Supply list at Carpenter.               others to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. See receipt for necessary
136366 CAR Sa          9am-11am          9/15        4   Downey         $85   supplies.
136367 CAR Sa          9am-11am          11/3        5   Downey         $95   136971 LIB     M      6:30pm-8pm         9/24      1   Busby         $35
                                                                              137804 LIB     M      6:30pm-8pm         10/1      1   Busby         $35
BOWS, BOWS, BOWS                                                              FRENCH FLOWER BEADING
Learn how to make lovely seasonal bows to decorate baskets, wreaths,
gifts, etc. Learn a skill that you can use year round!                        Learn the art of French Flower Beading. Create your own exquisite
136997 OAK M           7:30pm-9pm        10/22       1   Smith          $19   flowers such as poppies, tulips, and roses. You will learn the techniques
                                                                              needed to make fabulous flowers. In further classes you can progress
CHRISTMAS CREATIONS-NEW                                                       to over 100 different flowers including Texas wildflowers, tropical
                                                                              arrangements, and even holiday items such as Christmas trees, angels,
Create some simple holiday decorations for your home or for gifts. Each
class offering will focus on different projects so be sure to ask for more    holly, and poinsettias. Beads and wire are included in class fee.
details.                                                                      138633 TMC Tu         6:30pm-8:30pm      9/4       2   Cassidy       $70
137631 LIB     M       6:30pm-8:30pm     12/3        1   Busby          $35
137632 LIB     M       6:30pm-8:30pm     12/10       1   Busby          $35   FUN & FUNCTIONAL CLAY
                                                                              Spend Thursday evenings creating wild and wacky functional clay
                                                                              pieces: mugs, trays, bowls, candle holders, and more! Using beginning
                                                                              and intermediate techniques in clay, you will produce useful pieces for
                                                                              artful living. Works are fired onsite. Supplies will be discussed at the
                                                                              first class.
                                                                              137596 CAR Th         6:30pm-9:30pm      9/6       8   Gary         $109
                                                                              137597 CAR Th         6:30pm-9:30pm      11/1      8   Gary         $109

  52                                                                                                         49
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
FUSED GLASS FOR BEGINNERS                                                     SCRAPBOOKING WORKSHOP-NEW
Have fun learning fused glass techniques while creating three unique          Join this fun, creative class as we use beautiful scrapbook paper,
projects. Learn how to cut, sand, assemble and fire glass while making        stamps and coordinating embellishments to create meaningful gifts
a tile, picture frame, and captivating pieces of jewelry. Tools and firing    and beautiful keepsakes to display your photos. Each workshop will
provided while other supplies will be discussed at the first class.           create a two page scrapbook layout, learn to make a set of unique cards
137605   CAR   F       1pm-3pm            9/7       4   Gary          $79     complete with mailing envelopes and a bonus project, all made by you.
137606   CAR   F       1pm-3pm            10/5      4   Gary          $79     Whether you are a beginner or experienced paper crafter, simple and
137607   CAR   F       1pm-3pm            11/2      4   Gary          $79     more advanced techniques will be taught in each class. Some supplies
137608   CAR   F       1pm-3pm            12/7      4   Gary          $79     required and additional supply fee is due to instructor at first class
JEWELRY BEADING                                                               137699   CAR   M       9:30am-11:30am      9/10      4   Houston        $39
Learn the basics of jewelry design with beads! Design and string              137702   CAR   M       9:30am-11:30am      10/8      4   Houston        $39
a necklace, a bracelet, an anklet or pierced earrings. Step-by-step           137703   CAR   M       9:30am-11:30am      11/5      4   Houston        $39
instruction is provided along with design techniques and an introduction      137704   CAR   M       9:30am-11:30am      12/3      4   Houston        $39
to materials and tools. Genuine stone beads, Swarovski crystal beads,
sterling silver beads, and gold-filled beads will be available for purchase   SEWING FUNDAMENTALS-NEW
based on the number and type of beads you use for your design.                This beginner sewing class will give the necessary skills to read patterns
Students will take home one completed project.                                and learn a project from start to finish. The projects are perfect for a gift
137253 OAK Sa          10am-Noon          9/8       1   Aalderink     $25     or for yourself. Class fee covers the cost of pattern. Each class will have
137254 OAK Sa          10am-Noon          11/10     1   Aalderink     $25     a different project so be sure to ask for full details.
                                                                              137284 LIB     M       6:30pm-8:30pm       8/27      3   Busby          $65
KNITTING (BEG)                                                                137285 LIB     M       6:30pm-8:30pm       10/8      3   Busby          $65
It is never too late to learn how to knit, and now is your chance! Join       137624 LIB     M       6:30pm-8:30pm       11/5      2   Busby          $45
us in this fun and easy class as you will learn to cast on, knit, and purl.
Patterns will be provided as you learn to read and duplicate them.            THE ART OF CLAY
137249 OAK F           7pm-8:30pm         9/7       5   Farmer        $49     Enjoy hands-on introduction to throwing and hand-building with clay.
137250 OAK F           7pm-8:30pm         10/26     5   Farmer        $49     Emphasis will be on techniques and creative use of shape, texture, and
                                                                              color to produce functional ware and sculpture. All work will be fired
KNITTING (INT)                                                                onsite. Supplies will be discussed at the first class.
This class is for the knitter who has taken Beginning Knitting or knows       137601 CAR F           9am-Noon            9/7       8   Gary          $109
what gauge is, how to cast on/off, knit and purl. Learn more stitches and     137602 CAR F           9am-Noon            11/2      8   Gary          $109
become more comfortable with your knitting.
137251 OAK Th          7pm-8:30pm         9/6       5   Farmer        $49     WATERCOLOR PAINTING (BEG/I)
137252 OAK Th          7pm-8:30pm         10/25     5   Farmer        $49     This class is for the ultimate beginner! If you have some experience or
                                                                              even if you have never picked up a brush for painting, this class is for
PASSION & ART                                                                 you. A short supply list will be listed on Leisure OnLine. Extra supplies
Amaze yourself, family and friends with original, colorful oil paintings      will be discussed at first class.
of your own creative design. This unique painting class is for beginning      137852 CAR W           6:30pm-8:30pm       9/26      6   Logan          $75
and intermediate students with a passion for art. Class instructor is a
local artist whose oil paintings have been featured in galleries across       WATERCOLOR PAINTING (INT)
the country and whose body of work reflects his eclectic and highly           This class is designed for intermediate and continuing watercolor
personal techniques.                                                          students to share ideas and continue to learn in a relaxed atmosphere.
137609 CAR M           6:30pm-9pm         9/10      6   Fallas        $75     Prerequisite: a working knowledge of materials, the color wheel,
137610 CAR M           6:30pm-9pm         10/22     6   Fallas        $75     composition, and technique. Class consists of instructor demo, paint
                                                                              time, and group critique. A suggested supply list is on Leisure OnLine.
PENCIL PORTRAIT                                                               137853 CAR W           9:30am-12:30pm      9/26      6   Logan          $75
Students will learn how to properly measure and set up a portrait. Learn
shading techniques for skin, eyes, hair, and facial features. Each student    YOU CAN PAINT WORKSHOP (14 YRS & UP)
will leave with a finished pencil portrait. All supplies are included.        Even if you’ve never held a brush or can’t draw a straight line you’ll be
137272 OAK M           5:30pm-7pm         9/10      5   West          $85     amazed at the beautiful oil painting you can complete in one fun and
137273 OAK M           5:30pm-7pm         10/22     5   West          $85     easy lesson with all supplies furnished. Learn composition, perspective,
                                                                              color mixing and simple time-saving techniques with a professional
                                                                              artist. Bring paper towels and wear old T-shirt.
                                                                              137567   CAR   Sa      9:30am-12:30pm      9/29      1   Garden         $39
                                                                              137568   CAR   Sa      9:30am-12:30pm      10/20     1   Garden         $39
                                                                              137569   CAR   Sa      9:30am-12:30pm      11/17     1   Garden         $39
                                                                              137578   CAR   Sa      9:30am-12:30pm      12/15     1   Garden         $39

  50                                                                                                           53
                            Dance                                         CHA-CHA (BEG)
                                                                          The Cha-Cha is an energetic, sexy and flirtatious dance. It is easily
                                                                          distinguished from other dances by its addictive ‘Step, Step, Cha-Cha-
AMERICAN TANGO-NEW                                                        Cha’ rhythm. You will learn the basic patterns and correct way to count
                                                                          in this fun and exciting class.
This Tango dance form is most commonly seen in the US and was
                                                                          137953 CAR Su          3pm-4pm             11/4      6   Power          $59
popularized by Rudolph Valentino. It is typically danced in a closed
position and is a very exciting and enjoyable dance. Join us and see
for yourself!                                                             FOX TROT
137954 CAR Su        1pm-2pm           11/4      6   Power        $59
                                                                          If you only learn one ballroom dance, this is the one! The variety of
                                                                          steps makes it one of the most flexible and beautiful of all the dances.
BALLROOM: FOXTROT & SWING                                                 This class will teach you the basics so you can dance to popular music.
                                                                          You may sign up individually or as a couple.
Learn the basic social dances: Foxtrot and Swing. Techniques will allow
                                                                          137923 CAR Su          3pm-4pm             9/9       6   Power          $59
you and your partner to glide around the dance floor in style. Couples
only. Price is per person.
137685 LIB     Tu    7pm-8pm           9/25      6   Romero       $59
                                                                          HIP HOP DANCE
                                                                          Slim and trim your way to the dance floor! Learn current hip hop moves
BALLROOM: INTERNATIONAL FOXTROT                                           you can take to the clubs while increasing your cardiovascular fitness.
                                                                          136520 LIB     W       7:30pm-8:30pm       9/5       6   Delarosa       $39
Learn the basic social dances: International Foxtrot. Techniques will
                                                                          136521 LIB     W       7:30pm-8:30pm       11/7      6   Delarosa       $39
allow you and your partner to glide around the dance floor in style.
Couples only. Price is per person.
137686 LIB     Tu    8pm-9pm           9/25      6   Romero       $59
                                                                          INTRO TO ARGENTINE TANGO
                                                                          Argentine Tango is one of the most elegant dances in the world. It is not
BELLY DANCING MIXED LEVEL-NEW                                             difficult to get started, but it is very different. This class is designed to
                                                                          explain the differences to experienced dancers and detailed information
Belly dancing is a challenging, yet playful, physical art form. This
class will focus on learning the basic moves of belly dance and putting   for beginners. Join this class for an opportunity to learn what it means
them together into danceable combos. Many styles of Middle Eastern        to have a conversation through dancing. This class is couples only. Any
music will be used while we strengthen and tone our bodies and learn      exceptions must be approved by the instructor.
                                                                          137897 CAR Su          1pm-2pm             9/9       6   Power          $59
the secrets to the elegant movements of a belly dancer. This class is
appropriate both for beginners and for those with prior experience. The
teacher will provide shimmy belts to wear in class.                       MODERN SQUARE DANCE
138186 TMC W         7pm-8pm           9/5       8   Willis       $49
                                                                          Learn the basic and mainstream movements of modern square dancing.
                                                                          You can acquire a new hobby and friends that last a lifetime. Sponsored
BELLY DANCING CORE WORKOUT                                                by the Plano Swinging Stars Square Dance Club, the first two lessons
                                                                          are free. The fee is per person, and signing up with a partner is required.
Shimmy and groove with a non-stop belly dance workout fit for a goddess
                                                                          135668 CAR Tu          7pm-9pm             8/28      17 Baldwin         $55
that will strengthen the core, tone the body, improve coordination and
increase muscular endurance while burning calories. Belly dancing
shimmies, bumps, eights, traveling steps and other dance-inspired         PROGRESSIVE DOUBLE TWO STEP
                                                                          Progressive Double Two Step is one of the fastest growing dances
movements will be repeated at various tempos and intensity to create
                                                                          in the U.S.! This class is a great country western twist on East Coast
an exotic, fun, and challenging workout. This includes a yoga warm-up
and cool-down. All shapes, sizes and activity levels welcome.             Swing. No partner necessary.
                                                                          137899 CAR Su          2pm-3pm             9/9       6   Power          $59
136913 OAK Su        3pm-3:50pm        11/11     6   Compliments $55
136914 OAK Su        3pm-3:50pm        9/9       7   Compliments $60
                                                                          TAHITIAN DANCE (14 YRS & UP)
BOLLYWOOD DANCING (15 YRS & UP)                                           Learn to varu, fa’arapu, and ori afata! Confused? Learn the basic dance
                                                                          movements to the drum beats of Tahiti. Join us and you will learn these
Bollywood Dancing is a fusion of Indian folk, classical, and modern
western dancing. The course covers basic steps and moves which are        and many more. For ages 14 years and older for all levels. Dress
choreographed into one complete song sequence. Slow to fast graceful      comfortably.
                                                                          137671 OAK W           8pm-9pm             9/5       8   Haines         $65
moves make it a complete package of entertainment and moderate
physical activity for both boys and girls.
136819   TMC   Th    6:30pm-7:15pm     8/30      8   Matharoo     $65
                                                                          TAP DANCE (INT I)
136820   TMC   Sa    10:45am-11:30am   9/8       8   Matharoo     $65
                                                                          This program is for current or past students with knowledge of basic/
136824   TMC   Th    6:30pm-7:15pm     11/1      8   Matharoo     $65     beginner tap dancing skills. Instructor is new teaching routines for
136825   TMC   Sa    10:45am-11:30am   11/10     7   Matharoo     $59     summer. Tap shoes are required. Prerequisite: beginning tap from
                                                                          previous session.
                                                                          136279 CAR M           6pm-7pm             8/27      11 Hornberger      $75

  54                                                                                                      51
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
TAP DANCE (INT II)                                                           CHEFVILLE-KNIFE SKILLS (14 YRS & UP)-NEW
Ready for something a little more challenging? This continuation class       Knife skills are critical for anyone who wants to learn how to cook. This
will add some spice to your dancing! Tap experience required. Please         hands-on class allows participants to learn and demonstrate basic
bring tap shoes to class.                                                    knife cuts along with knife safety and maintenance. Several dishes will
136281 CAR M          7pm-8pm            8/27      11 Hornberger     $75     be prepared and all food is included in price of class. Learn to make
                                                                             beautiful and presentable food.
TWO STEP-NEW                                                                 137017 CAR F           5:30pm-7:30pm       9/14      1   Horwitz        $39
The two step is the most common Country and Western Dance step. It           137019 CAR F           5:30pm-7:30pm       9/28      1   Horwitz        $39
is the normal starting point for new C & W dancers and the basics are
quite easy to learn. Take this class and you will be ready to start going    CORPORATE FINANCIAL ANALYSIS
out to C & W dance with confidence.                                          Investigate the numbers behind a stock, such as debt, inventory, and
137955 CAR Su         2pm-3pm            11/4      6   Power         $59     cash flow. Learn how to calculate current ratio, debt to equity, price/
                                                                             book, and implied internal growth and free cash flow. This class
                                                                             evaluates a stock using these ratios from the company’s annual report.
                              Etc...                                         The income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement are
                                                                             analyzed. Quarterly reports are discussed, as well as how they can be
                                                                             your early warning system. Bring a calculator. This class meets twice.
ANALYZING BANK STOCKS                                                        138531 LIB     M       7pm-9:30pm          11/12     2   Fink           $29
Bank stocks are evaluated differently than other kinds of companies,
but can make excellent investments. This class shows what is different       CPR-ADULT, CHILD, INFANT & FIRST AID
about analyzing bank stocks and what you should look for. A working          This American Heart Association combination course will teach both
knowledge of both the Stock Selection Guide and Fundamental Analysis         Heartsaver Adult, Child, Infant CPR, and Basic First Aid. Certification
is suggested.                                                                cards will be issued upon successful completion of written and skills
138533 LIB    M       7pm-9:30pm         1/7       1   Fink          $15     evaluations. AED training also included.
                                                                             137262   OAK   Th      6pm-9:30pm          9/6       1   Leech          $55
BEATING HOLIDAY STRESS                                                       137263   OAK   Sa      8:30am-Noon         9/29      1   Leech          $55
Plan now and enjoy the holidays more! Learn how to balance the fun,          137264   OAK   Th      6pm-9:30pm          10/11     1   Leech          $55
stress and family obligations that occur during the holidays. Get a grip     137265   OAK   Sa      8:30am-Noon         10/27     1   Leech          $55
on your individual and family stresses. This workshop is your first step.    137266   OAK   Th      6pm-9:30pm          11/15     1   Leech          $55
Led by a professional with the Dallas Association for Parent Education
(DAPE). This course is open to everyone and counts as 2 clock hours for      DEFENSIVE DRIVING
professional development teachers and early childhood development.           This six hour comedy driving safety course provides basic driving safety
138121 CAR M          7pm-9pm            10/15     1   Hallman       $15     instruction in a typical classroom environment. The class consists
                                                                             primarily of lecture, discussion, and driving safety videos. Tips for driving
BOATER SAFETY EDUCATION                                                      safely in the DFW Metroplex are emphasized. Completion of this class
The Coast Guard Auxiliary is offering a Boater Safety Education Course!      also provides the attendee with a 10% reduction on their auto insurance
This course is required for 13-17 year olds to operate a personal            premiums. And, the course is approved by the Texas Education Agency
watercraft solo. The course also qualifies for a boat insurance discount     for ticket dismissal. Participants must receive approval from the court
from most insurance companies. Class includes both Texas Parks &             before taking the course for ticket dismissal.
Wildlife test and Coast Guard test.                                          137847 CAR Su          11am-5pm            9/23      1   Bontrager      $29
138453 CAR Sa         9am-5pm            9/8       1   Schlehuber    $35     137848 CAR Su          11am-5pm            10/28     1   Bontrager      $29
138454 CAR Sa         9am-5pm            10/6      1   Schlehuber    $35
                                                                             FINDING STOCK INVESTMENTS
BRIDGE (BEG/ADV BEG)                                                         Discover where to look for good stocks which to invest. Don’t rely on
Come learn American Standard Bridge Rules by Goren. This class is for        tips from friends, advertisements, and stocks being hyped by unsolicited
all levels. Learn new conventions and review old ones. The class will        faxes and emails. Learn how to screen for stocks and identify which
consist of lecture, discussion, and play.                                    investment newsletters are worthwhile. This class shows you how and
136362 CAR W          6:30pm-8:30pm      8/29      8   Kramer        $65     where to look for stocks with good returns without taking high risks.
136363 CAR W          6:30pm-8:30pm      10/24     8   Kramer        $65     138529 LIB     M       7pm-9:30pm          10/29     1   Fink           $15

You will see a video of convicted burglars as they tell you what they look
for in a house and what they avoid as they apply their trade. A crime
prevention specialist will attend to offer crime prevention tips on how to
‘harden’ your residence from a would-be burglar.
138520 LIB    Tu      7pm-9pm            9/11      1   PPD          FREE

  52                                                                                                          55
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
FRENCH FOR FUN & TRAVEL-NEW                                                     HOW TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE-NEW
Perfect for beginners or those who once tried to study some French but          If you have a business or are just interested in finding out how to use online
never learned how to speak or pronounce the language well. It’s not like        advertising, please join us. This program covers a variety of topics including
high school or college French - just plain talk. Let’s communicate right        available types of advertisements, advertising requirements, potential
now before that trip to France, northern or Central Africa or the French        advertising agencies, and the similarities and differences between online
speaking Caribbean right next door to the USA. Your language and                and traditional ad placements. Walk away with tools to get started.
travel guide is a certified language instructor who taught in the French        138132 CAR M            6pm-7:30pm         9/10       1   Macurak        $15
school system and traveled extensively in France. See you soon. A
bientôt. Merci.                                                                 HOW TO TAKE BETTER PICTURES
138131 TMC Th          6:30pm-7:45pm       9/6       8   Rizzo          $55     This former professional photographer presents an easily-understood
                                                                                discussion on how to improve your digital photography. The course,
GROWTH STOCK INVESTING (INT)                                                    designed for beginner through intermediate skill levels, includes
Learn the principles of analyzing stocks growth, potential return, and          topics such as basic camera features, lens choices, image sharpness,
risk factors. This class will teach you the skills to determine if a stock      composition, landscapes, travel photography, and more. Please
is trading at an attractive price or if it is overvalued. Learn to achieve      understand, this is NOT a course in post-production or Photoshop
consistent market beating returns. Students are encouraged to bring a           techniques, but instead concentrates on creating images that may not
pocket calculator.                                                              even require additional digital enhancement or correction.
138527 LIB     M       7pm-9:30pm          10/8      1   Fink           $15     138523 LIB     Tu       7pm-9pm            9/18       1   Pilliod         $9

GROWTH STOCK INVESTING: SSG                                                     IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION
Learn to evaluate growth stocks using this tool developed by the                Protect yourself from identity theft. Learn how identity theft occurs and
National Association of Investors Corp. Topics include NAIC tools and           how to minimize your risk. Officer Mark Dawson of the Plano Police
recommended criteria. Learn how investment clubs and individuals                Department will teach you what to do if you become a victim and where
beat the market using these techniques. Students will learn preparation         to go for help to resolve credit problems.
of the NAIC Stock Selection Guide (SSG) using data from S&P Stock               138522 LIB     Tu       7pm-8:30pm         9/25       1   PPD          FREE
Reports and Value Line. Bring pencils, straight edge, and pocket
calculator. This class meets twice.                                             INVESTMENT INTRODUCTION
138528 LIB     M       7pm-9:30pm          10/15     2   Fink           $30     What every investor should know before investing. This class discusses
                                                                                different types of investments, typical returns, risks, and how to determine
HAUNT JAUNT 5K NIGHT RUN & CONCERT                                              which is best for you. Determine if you need a broker and how to select
The whole family is invited to participate in a 5K night run/walk at            one. This class provides an objective, factual overview of investing options.
Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve, followed by a concert at the                138524 LIB     M        7pm-9:30pm         9/10       1   Fink           $15
Amphitheater featuring Jackopierce, an American alternative rock band.
The one mile family run begins at 7pm, the 5K run at 7:30pm and the             ITALIAN FOR FUN & TRAVEL-NEW
concert starts at 8:30pm. Registration options include one mile/concert         Want to go visit the relatives who migrated from Italy to the USA and
(#138921) 5K/concert (#138722) or concert only (#138723). Registered            be able to communicate in Italian? Or maybe you want that dream trip
runners will receive a free t-shirt. Due to the nature of the race/concert,     to western Europe with a definite stop in Rome? You’ll never regret a
refunds will not be granted.                                                    trip to ‘la dolce Italia’ the people, the food and the wine. No grammar -
138921 OPP Sa          7pm-10pm            10/27     1   1mile        $20       just talk - remember before ‘taco’ and ‘enchilada’ there was ‘pizza’ and
138722 OPP Sa          7:30pm-10pm         10/27     1   5K           $30       ‘spaghetti’. ‘Ciao, ciao bambino’.
138723 OPP Sa          8:30pm-10pm         10/27     1   Concert only $15       138135 TMC Th           8pm-9:15pm         9/6        8   Rizzo          $55

HEALTHIER BAKING GLUTEN & SUGAR FREE                                            K9 FITNESS & FUN
If you are gluten-intolerant, struggle with your weight, have food              Whether you are playing for fun or trying to find which dog sport is best
sensitivities, this is the class for you! The instructor has been living free   for your K9 companion, this class is for you. Experience the sports of rally,
from refined sugars and gluten for over six years and, as a result, is          agility, tracking, and fly ball--working on one sport each class. In addition,
maintaining a 60+ pound weight loss. Instructor will share recipes on           one class will be devoted to challenging games for you and your dog.
how to make sugar and gluten-free baked goods that taste just as good           Prerequisite: Dogs must have basic obedience skills. Dogs must be at least
as their sugary, gluten-filled counterparts. Students will learn about          4 months old. Shot records required and supplies discussed at first class.
basic gluten-free flour blends and healthier white sugar alternatives.          136724 OAK Sa           6pm-7pm            9/8        6   Bales          $79
Some pre-made foods will be available for you to sample.
138705 CAR Sa          10am-Noon           1/5       1   Green          $35     LEISURE ONLINE 101-NEW
                                                                                Need help navigating our web site? Too many classes to choose from,
                                                                                too little time? Join us as we walk you through Leisure OnLine. Bring
                                                                                questions! This class will educate citizens on how to browse and register
                                                                                online. Registrations will not be done during this class.
                                                                                137670 OAK Su           2pm-3pm            11/11      1   Staff        FREE

  56                                                                                                             53
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
LOW BUDGET INVESTING                                                            NOT GETTING THE PHOTOS YOU WANT?
Learn how to invest in the stock market with as little as $10 per week.         Come learn how to get beyond your camera’s point and shoot mode and
Class will discuss stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, divided         explore the concepts of pre-visualization. First you picture the desired
reinvestment plans (DRIP), investment clubs, the pros and cons of each          photograph and then you learn how to master your camera and produce
and how to get started.                                                         the desired result. Using camera settings, composition, depth-of-field
138525 LIB     M       7pm-9:30pm          9/17      1   Fink           $15     and built-in or external flash, your photos can have a professional
                                                                                quality. Taking pictures will be more fun than ever.
MAH JONGG (BEG)                                                                 135598 CAR Tu          6:30pm-9pm         9/18      1   Jamison        $19
Mah Jongg has returned as the hottest social game around. Played                135599 CAR Tu          6:30pm-9pm         10/16     1   Jamison        $19
with 152 domino-like tiles rather than a deck of cards, Mah Jongg is
similar to rummy but with interesting twists and turns. Learn the basics        PERSONAL PROTECTION
of playing and scoring, or brush up on your skills with our local expert        Want to take care of yourself? Mark Dawson of the Plano Police
Mah Jongg player. So, gather your tiles and let’s get clicking! You will        Department will inform you how to be more vigilant and a less attractive
need to buy a Mah Jongg card for $7. Details will be given at first class.      target. Learn how to become more aware of your surroundings and
137573 OAK Tu          6:30pm-8:30pm       9/18      4   Stern          $40     what to do if something does happen. Don’t become a victim. You can’t
                                                                                afford to miss this class for your own personal safety!
MAKING MONEY WITH YOUR VOICE                                                    138521 LIB     Tu      7pm-8:30pm         9/18      1   PPD          FREE
Have you ever been told that you have a great voice? This exciting,
informative class is lots of fun and a great first step for anyone interested   ESL FOR CHINESE-NEW
in voice acting professionally. We will explore numerous aspects of             If someone you know speaks Chinese as their primary language and
voiceover work for television, film, radio, audio books, documentaries,         wants to learn to communicate better in English, this is an excellent
and the Internet. Other topics will include the basics of how to prepare        opportunity to improve English language skills. This program is primarily
a demo, how to be successful, and how to earn great income in this              for native Chinese speaking adults.
exciting field. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions         138794 CAR W            6:30pm-7:30pm     8/29      8   Rawlins        $25
and to hear examples of demos recorded by professional voice actors.            138795 CAR W            6:30pm-7:30pm     10/24     8   Rawlins        $25
Class participants will also have a chance to record a commercial script
under the direction of a professional voice coach producer.                     EXPLORE PHOTO EDITING WITH A PRO-NEW
136803 CAR Th          6:30pm-9pm          10/25     1   Rodwell        $15     Come and work with a professional photographer and get introduced to
                                                                                photo editing. Even after you plan and execute your photo shoots, there
MATH TUTORING (18 YRS & UP)                                                     is still room for improvement. Using Photoshop Elements software, you
Improve your grades and build confidence by receiving individual                will learn about composition cropping, color saturation, hue, brightness
tutoring from a college math instructor. All levels welcome. See online         and contrast. Your instructor will also cover topics dealing with red eye,
description for detailed list of subject levels currently being tutored.        blemishes and removing unwanted items from your photos. After this
Note: Class is shared by two students.                                          class your photos will be ready for printing and electronic sharing.
136522   LIB   Sa      Noon-12:45pm        9/8       8   Popokh         $95     135757 CAR Tu          6:30pm-9pm         9/25      1   Jamison        $19
136523   LIB   Sa      12:45pm-1:30pm      9/8       8   Popokh         $95     135758 CAR Th          6:30pm-9pm         10/18     1   Jamison        $19
136524   LIB   Sa      Noon-12:45pm        11/10     8   Popokh         $95
136525   LIB   Sa      12:45pm-1:30pm      11/10     8   Popokh         $95     INDOOR/OUTDOOR SHOOTING W/A PRO-NEW
                                                                                Do you enjoy photography? Want to learn how to make your pictures
MUTUAL & EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS                                                  stand out? Class instructor is a professional photographer and will
Learn about evaluating mutual funds and exchange traded funds.                  teach you how to get beautiful pictures from your digital SLR camera.
Exchange traded funds (ETFs) with names like spiders, diamonds,                 This workshop combines indoor classroom discussion with outdoor
vipers, cubes, etc. are an attractive alternative. Many funds fail to match     photo shoots at local park. Learn concepts of pre-visualization, camera
the performance of the market, especially after allowing for expenses.          settings, composition, depth-of-field, and built-in or external flash. After
Learn how to avoid them and to spot hidden costs that can reduce your           class enjoy your professional quality photos.
rate of return. Evaluating funds for performance, risk, and quality will be     135759 CAR Th,Sa 6:30am-9pm               9/20      5   Jamison        $55
covered. This is a two-night class.
138526 LIB     M,W     7pm-9:30pm          9/24      2   Fink           $30     PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES
                                                                                Learn techniques and recommendations for management of your
                                                                                investment portfolio. Class covers diversification across asset classes,
                                                                                market sectors, industries, and company size. Learn how many stocks
     YOU CAN CHARGE IT!                                                         are enough and how much of a stock is too much or how many funds
                                                                                you need. Learn to construct a picture of your diversification.
                                                                                138530 LIB     M       7pm-9:30pm         11/5      1   Fink           $15

  54                                                                                                            57
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
QUARTERLY BRIDGE GROUP                                                         SPANISH (ADV) (16 YRS & UP)
Quarterly bridge group. Play multiple styles, such as Chicago and Pairs.       OK!! So you studied some Spanish but still need lots of practice. This
Registration due every three months. (July, Aug, Sept) (Oct, Nov, Dec)         is your opportunity to take a class totally in Spanish, spoken slowly, this
(Jan, Feb, Mar) (Apr, May, June)                                               side of the border, by a certified bilingual instructor. WHY? To perfect
136534 LIB     F,M     10:30am-3:30pm     10/5      9                   $5     your listening and speaking skills. You should have studied Spanish
                                                                               somewhere or come from the Latino culture and want to come back
SECRETS TO GRILLING SUCCESS                                                    to the language. Required workbook used discussed at the first class.
Warm up this fall with the grill professionals from ‘Barbeques Galore.’        137776 TMC W           8:30pm-9:45pm      9/5       8   Rizzo         $55
If you consistently have trouble turning out good food cooked on your          137777 TMC W           8:30pm-9:45pm      10/31     8   Rizzo         $55
grill this class is for you. Instruction and product tips and tricks will be
shared to help make your next grilling experience a great success.             STOCK OPTIONS FOR CONSERVATIVE INVESTORS
Topics of discussion will include, charcoal vs. gas grilling, the use of       Most people think trading options is high risk and for professionals only.
hickory, pecan, mesquite, cherry and apple woods, and the differences          This class will explore options and show you how they can be used to
in preparing meals with pork, chicken, beef, fish and vegetables. Some         boost your return without taking large risks. Class will discuss Puts,
samples will be provided to taste.                                             Calls, LEAPS, spreads, and collars and learn how to trade them using
138793 CAR Tu          6:30pm-8:30pm      9/18      1   Robinson       $15     conservative strategies.
                                                                               138532 LIB     M       7pm-9:30pm         12/3      2   Fink          $30
Many people have great new business ideas but they never get off the           UNDERSTANDING MEDICARE HEALTH OPTIONS-NEW
ground for lack of not knowing where to begin. Learn the basic and most        Understanding the different options to Medicare can be a real challenge.
decisive steps to take when starting a new business. Walk away with            This class will help you understand the coverage and cost associated
tools to get started.                                                          with Medicare. The instructor will discuss in detail the pros and cons of
138133 CAR M           6pm-7:30pm         10/1      1   Macurak        $15     each plan. Alternatives to Medicare will also be covered in the class.
                                                                               136186 TMC Tu          10:30am-Noon       10/16     1   Staff          $9
Join professional geologist and consultant who has lived in the Collin         UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES-NEW
County area for over 40 years, as he discusses how to recognize and            Technology is moving forward and there is a trend towards social
eliminate home foundation problems. Learn about disproportionate soil          networking sites around the world. Learn more about these networking
swelling, standing water, foundation watering, and more.                       sites, in addition to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Also learn how
137801 CAR W           6:30pm-9pm         9/12      1   Fowler          $9     these trends and social networking sites can benefit you as well as your
SPANISH (BEG) (16 YRS & UP)                                                    138134 CAR W           6pm-7:30pm         11/7      1   Macurak       $15
Perfect for beginners or those who have studied Spanish but have
been away from using it for a while. It is not Spanish for dummies. Let’s      WALL CLIMBING (BEG)
learn to understand spoken Spanish and talk to Latinos right now. The          Participants will learn basic climbing fundamentals such as knot tying,
program is completely oriented to pronunciation, comprehension, and            belaying, safety language, and basic climbing techniques. All equipment
communication in Spanish of the Americas as well as cultural diversity.        required to climb is provided. Participants must register in groups of
Required books and supplies will be discussed at the first class. CEUs         two or more, with one person being at least 16 years or older. Proper
are available for additional cost.                                             waivers must be completed before climbing. (Parent/guardian must
137756 TMC W           6pm-7:15pm         9/5       8   Rizzo          $55     complete waiver for those under 18 years of age).
137757 TMC W           6pm-7:15pm         10/31     8   Rizzo          $55     138375 OAK F           6:30pm-8:30pm      9/14      1   Staff         $15
                                                                               138376 OAK F           6:30pm-8:30pm      10/26     1   Staff         $15
SPANISH (INT) (16 YRS & UP)                                                    138377 OAK F           6:30pm-8:30pm      11/9      1   Staff         $15
Continuation of Beginning Spanish I with introduction to reading, writing,
and essential grammar. You are on your way to speaking the language.           WILLS, TRUST & ESTATE PLANNING
Required workbook discussed at the first class. CEUs available for             Your instructor is a licensed lawyer who ordinarily teaches seminars
additional cost.                                                               for licensed attorneys but also teaches this program from a layman’s
137778 TMC W           7:15pm-8:30pm      9/5       8   Rizzo          $55     perspective. Learn what everyone should have in the way of basic
137779 TMC W           7:15pm-8:30pm      10/31     8   Rizzo          $55     documents. Learn the tools and the reasons behind various types of
                                                                               Wills, Trusts and Estate Plans.
                                                                               136811 CAR Tu          7pm-9pm            9/25      1   Craig          $9

  58                                                                                                           55
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
                             Fitness                                              CINDY’S B FIT WORKOUT
                                                                                  Strengthen and lengthen with Balls, Bars, Bands, Barbells and Balance
                                                                                  training while using Pilates and Yoga techniques during strength, pelvic,
BALLET FITNESS                                                                    and shoulder stabilization exercises. A yin yang mix to enhance the
Ballet Fitness improves your balance, flexibility and strength while              ABC’s of alignment, balance, and core conditioning while learning to
helping you achieve an elegant, elongated muscle tone.                            use your inner girdles!!! BYOB - Bring your own big ball to class.
136949   LIB    Tu      9:30am-10:30am      8/28      9    Lubertino      $59     136696 CAR Tu            9:30am-10:30am 9/4         8    Harrison-Staub $55
136950   LIB    Th      9:30am-10:30am      8/30      9    Lubertino      $59     136697 CAR Tu            9:30am-10:30am 11/6        8    Harrison-Staub $55
136951   LIB    Tu      9:30am-10:30am      11/6      9    Lubertino      $59
136952   LIB    Th      9:30am-10:30am      11/8      9    Lubertino      $59
                                                                                  Get energized with this high energy indoor cycling class where you can
B FIT CARDIO INTERVAL-NEW                                                         rock out to the music, push yourself, and burn some major calories! This
Research suggest interval training is an effective method in enhancing            class will consist of cardio challenges, resistance levels, climbs, sprints,
post-workout caloric expenditure. In this class we alternate bouts of             and includes 15 minutes of core work at the end of class.
higher and lower heart rate response exercises to maximize ‘the burn’.            138614   TMC   Tu       10:45am-11:45am   9/11      4    Reid          $35
Our goal is nonstop movement for 45 minutes using this cardio and                 138615   TMC   Th       10:45am-11:45am   9/13      4    Reid          $35
strength training mix with a cool down stretch to end. Modifications              138616   TMC   Tu,Th    10:45am-11:45am   9/11      8    Reid          $65
welcome.                                                                          138617   TMC   Tu,Th    10:45am-11:45am   9/11      16   Reid          $99
136712 CAR Th           9:30am-10:25am 9/6            8    Harrison-Staub $55     138618   TMC   Tu       10:45am-11:45am   10/9      4    Reid          $35
136713 CAR Th           9:30am-10:25am 11/8           8    Harrison-Staub $55     138619   TMC   Th       10:45am-11:45am   10/11     4    Reid          $35
                                                                                  138620   TMC   Tu,Th    10:45am-11:45am   10/9      8    Reid          $65
BIKINI BOOT CAMP                                                                  138621   TMC   Tu,Th    10:45am-11:45am   11/6      14   Reid          $89
This class is designed to burn calories and build muscle so you will              138624   TMC   Tu,Th    10:45am-11:45am   11/6      7    Reid          $59
be ready to wear that bikini next summer. This high intensity class               138627   TMC   Tu,Th    10:45am-11:45am   12/4      7    Reid          $59
uses boot camp drills to strengthen your heart and lungs, kick boxing
moves to develop strength and coordination and the bosu to build core
balance. This class combines cardio drills and strength training moves
                                                                                  CycleFit is an indoor cycling class focused on increasing your strength
to increase your overall fitness level in order to get in shape to wear           and endurance in an engaging, upbeat environment for all fitness
your bikini. In a 60 minute class you can burn 300-600 calories while             levels. All session, individual and drop-in class options are available.
making new friends and having fun. Suitable for all fitness levels and            Call or ask front desk staff for more details.
exercise experience.
136988   TMC    Tu,Th Noon-1pm              8/28      20   Focus 4 Fitness $99                    Liberty Recreation Center
136989   TMC    Tu,Th Noon-1pm              11/6      17   Focus 4 Fitness $85                    7 classes $59      13 classes $85
138443   TMC    M,W   4pm-5pm               8/27      19   Focus 4 Fitness $95                   14 classes $89     27 classes $149
138444   TMC    M,W   4pm-5pm               11/5      18   Focus 4 Fitness $89                   Classes start week of September 10

CARDIO FIT FOR ACTIVE ADULTS-NEW                                                             M/W         M/W     T/TH     T/TH               SAT      SAT
Total body classes designed to increase muscular strength, endurance,                        (13)        (27)    (14)     (27)                (7)     (14)
range of motion, balance, and coordination. Class involves the use of              8:30A                                                   138990 138791
hand weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a small exercise ball. A            9:15A                        136758 136754
chair may be provided for extra support.
                                                                                   6:00P                        136760 136755
136552 CAR W            12:30pm-1:20pm      8/29      9    Kourounis      $49
136553 CAR W            12:30pm-1:20pm      10/31     9    Kourounis      $49      7:15P 136757 136733 136761 136756

CARDIO KICKBOX                                                                               M/W
                                                                                                    Classes start week of November 5
                                                                                                                 T/TH                       SAT
Punch and kick yourself into shape! Nothing fancy or complicated to
                                                                                             (13)                (13)                        (7)
learn. Using basic boxing, kicking, and cardio drills, this workout will
                                                                                   8:30A                                                   138792
increase cardio endurance as well as tone and firm the entire body. It is
simple and fun, but very effective. Best of all, it is suitable for any fitness    9:15A                        136763
level. Start your day off with this energy-filled workout!                         6:00P                        136764
137726 TMC W,M          6am-7am             9/5       21 O’Connell        $99      7:15P 136762                 136765
137729 TMC M,W          6am-7am             11/26     12 O’Connell        $69

  56                                                                                                              59
           Tom Muehlenbeck Center                                                     Classes start week of December 3
            4 classes $35      7 classes $59                                  M/W        T/TH    FRI       SAT
            8 classes $65     14 classes $89                                  (7)         (7)    (4)        (4)
            15 classes $95    16 classes $99                        5:30A             138790
           Classes start week of September 10                       7:00A        137797
         M/W     M/W     T/TH     T/TH                              8:30A 137793                        138210
         (8)     (16)     (8)     (16)                              9:00A        137800
5:30A                   136882 136888                               9:45A 138226
7:00A               136872 136890                                  10:15A
8:30A 136870 136880                                                 6:00P             138213
9:00A               136878 136887                                   7:00P 138671
9:45A 138228 138227
6:00P                   136874 136881
7:00P 136876 136886                                                CYCLEFIT INTERVAL
                                  FRI      FRI      SAT    SAT     Get a total body workout in this indoor cycling class! This workout
                                  (4)      (8)       (4)    (8)    incorporates intervals of cardio challenges while riding the bike and
8:30A                                              136866 136868   strength training off the bike with resistance tubes and body weight
10:15A                           136891 136892
                                                                   exercises. This one hour class gives you a total body workout and an
                                                                   excellent cross-training experience. All session and individual day class
                Classes start week of October 8                    options available.
         M/W    T/TH      FRI     SAT                              136766 LIB     M,W      6pm-7pm          9/10      27 Bibb            $149
         (8)     (8)      (4)      (4)                             136772 LIB     M,W      6pm-7pm          9/10      14 Bibb             $89
5:30A          136883
                                                                   136773 LIB     M,W      6pm-7pm          11/5      13 Bibb             $85
8:30A 136871
                                                                   MISS FIT BOOT CAMP
                                 136867                            Energizing, total-body strength and aerobic workouts led by a female
9:00A        136879                                                trainer to keep you engaged and challenged for results. Each workout
9:45A 138230                                                       will include varying sequences of exercises that will use body weight
10:15A                  138240                                     and a variety of equipment--kettle bells, free weights, resistance bands,
6:00P                                                              medicine balls, and more. Whether you need accountability, a lifestyle
                                                                   change jumpstart, want to increase your fitness level, tone up, or lose/
7:00P 136877
                                                                   manage weight, these fast and effective workouts can fit into your
               Classes start week of November 5                    schedule. Non-workout days are scheduled for Lifestyle and Nutritional
                                                                   education. Suitable for all fitness levels - modifications provided.
         M/W     M/W     T/TH     T/TH
         (8)     (15)     (7)     (14)
                                                                   137225   OAK   MWF      5:05am-5:55am    8/27      13   Compliments   $90
                                                                   137226   OAK   MWF      5:05am-5:55am    10/1      14   Compliments   $95
5:30A                   138789 138788
                                                                   137227   OAK   MWF      5:05am-5:55am    11/5      11   Compliments   $80
7:00A               137795 138234                                  137228   OAK   MWF      5:05am-5:55am    12/3      11   Compliments   $80
8:30A 137792 137794                                                137232   OAK   M-Tu     5:05am-5:55am    1/3       8    Compliments   $65
9:00A               137799 138787                                                 Th-F
9:45A 138225 138219
6:00P                   138212 138214
                                                                   POWER BARRE FITNESS
                                                                   Power Barre fitness combines ballet techniques and other strengthening
7:00P 138670 137798
                                                                   exercises into a cardio workout. It is designed to create lean, elongated
                                  FRI      FRI      SAT    SAT     muscles working the body as a whole concentrating on key isolated
                                  (4)      (7)       (4)    (8)
                                                                   muscle groups at the barre. Exercises will enhance core strength,
8:30A                                              138209 138211   balance, flexibility and posture while burning calories.
10:15A                                    138241                   136550   CAR   W       11:30am-12:20pm   8/29      9    Kourounis      $49
                                                                   136551   CAR   W       11:30am-12:20pm   10/31     9    Kourounis      $49
                                                                   138911   CAR   M       5pm-5:50pm        8/29      9    Kourounis      $49
                                                                   138912   CAR   M       5pm-5:50pm        11/5      7    Kourounis      $45

 972-941-7250                                                                           972-941-7250
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
POWER BURN                                                                  RACQUETBALL CLINIC (BEG)
This powerful class incorporates weights, bands, bosu balls, cardio, core   Learn the fundamentals of racquetball through lecture and court time.
focus, and more! This clasds is designed to strengthen your muscles and     This course will cover the rules, scoring, and basic shots. Racquets and
tighten your whole body. You will burn fat and tone up in no time!          eye guards are provided if needed.
136990   TMC   M,W       8:40am-9:25am   8/27     23   Schwartz     $95     137561   OAK   Tu       7pm-8:45pm        9/18      1   Ward             $15
136991   TMC   F         8:40am-9:25am   8/31     12   Schwartz     $65     137562   OAK   Tu       7pm-8:45pm        10/16     1   Ward             $15
136992   TMC   M,W       8:40am-9:25am   11/26    12   Schwartz     $65     137563   OAK   Tu       7pm-8:45pm        11/20     1   Ward             $15
136993   TMC   F         8:40am-9:25am   11/30    7    Schwartz     $45     137564   OAK   Tu       7pm-8:45pm        12/18     1   Ward             $15

POWERHOUSE BOOT CAMP                                                        REDUCE & RESHAPE YOUR BODY
This high-energy workout is just what you need to reshape your life.        Losing weight is no easy task. This program will educate and guide
The workouts include strength, interval, and circuit training; sprints;     you in the right direction to lose unwanted body fat and reshape those
sports conditioning; plyometrics; and cardiovascular conditioning. Each     areas that have been difficult to firm up in the past. Our Certified Fitness
workout is different and is designed to challenge your body in a new        Trainer has 15 years of experience helping individuals to overcome
way. We keep things interesting and upbeat, so get ready to have fun        body fat by focusing on proper nutritional guidelines and proper gym
as you get fit! Choose 8, 12, 16 or more classes. Level: Beginner           exercises. He will guarantee your success in finding a leaner, firmer
- Advanced.                                                                 body composition.
136587   TMC   Tu-W      5:30am-6:30am   9/4      8    Reid         $80     136535 LIB     Tu,Th    6pm-7pm           8/28      16 Wilcox         $189
136588   TMC   Tu-Th     5:30am-6:30am   9/4      12   Reid        $110     136536 LIB     Tu,Th    6pm-7pm           10/23     16 Wilcox         $189
136589   TMC   M,Tu-F    5:30am-6:30am   9/4      16   Reid        $140
136590   TMC   M-Tu      5:30am-6:30am   10/1     8    Reid         $80     RUN/WALK BOOT CAMP
136591   TMC   M-W       5:30am-6:30am   10/1     12   Reid        $110     This 5-week running/walking camp is effective and most importantly is
136592   TMC   M-Th      5:30am-6:30am   10/1     16   Reid        $140     a fun way to lose weight and learn how to live a healthier life style.
136593   TMC   M-W       5:30am-6:30am   10/29    8    Reid         $80     Learn proper walking/running forms and technique. Training programs
136594   TMC   M-W       5:30am-6:30am   10/29    12   Reid        $110     are customized for you.
136595   TMC   M-Th      5:30am-6:30am   10/29    16   Reid        $140     137753 TMC M,W,F        10am-11am         8/13      15 Sigler         $225
136596   TMC   M,Tu-W    5:30am-6:30am   9/4      24   Reid        $216     137754 TMC M,W,F        10am-11am         9/24      15 Sigler         $225
136597   TMC   M,Tu-Th   5:30am-6:30am   9/4      36   Reid        $297     137755 TMC M,W,F        10am-11am         10/29     15 Sigler         $225
136598   TMC   M,Tu-F    5:30am-6:30am   9/4      48   Reid        $378
136637   TMC   M-Tu      5:30am-6:30am   12/3     8    Reid         $80     SEMI-PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING
136638   TMC   M-W       5:30am-6:30am   12/3     12   Reid        $110     Make a commitment to yourself and get into shape with a certified
136639   TMC   M-Th      5:30am-6:30am   12/3     16   Reid        $140     personal trainer. Learn the proper use of weight room equipment to
                                                                            maximize your workout routines, and learn how to apply different fitness
POWER UP INTERVAL TRAINING-NEW                                              components and principles. Class is limited in size for semi-private
Mix things up and get a total body workout. Cardio intervals, including     instruction. Both men and women are welcome in this great class for
step, kick boxing and agility drills, alternating with strength and         beginners!
resistance intervals using bands, weights and body bars. This class will    136707   CAR   Su       12:15pm-1:10pm    9/9       7   Harrison-Staub   $75
help you to build cardio endurance and muscle strength. It is the best      136708   CAR   Su       12:15pm-1:10pm    11/4      7   Harrison-Staub   $75
way to burn calories! This class is adaptable to any fitness level.         137741   TMC   Th       5:30pm-6:30pm     9/6       7   Harrison-Staub   $75
138946 CAR M,W        9am-10am           8/27     21 O’Connell      $85     137750   TMC   Th       5:30pm-6:30pm     11/1      7   Harrison-Staub   $75
138958 CAR M,W        9am-10am           11/12    13 O’Connell      $55
                                                                            TABLE TENNIS (INT)(15+ YRS)
QIGONG FOR WELLNESS-NEW                                                     Take your game to the next level. This class will help improve your skills
Qigong is a holistic system of healing exercises that originated in         and knowledge of the game. Class taught by certified USATT instructor.
ancient China. The easy to learn movements are flowing, graceful            137579 LIB     M        7pm-8pm           8/27      5   Shi              $69
and coordinated with the breath. Qigong has been known to: reduce
stress, promote deeper sleep, calm the mind, improve arthritis, diabetes    TAI CHI FOR WELLNESS-NEW
and MS symptoms to promote a general sense of well-being. Class             The gentle, flowing movements of Tai Chi are practiced worldwide and
begins with a gentle warm up, continues with Tai Chi Shibashi and other     have multiple health benefits that include increased balance, strength,
Qigong methods and ends with self-massage. No previous experience           increased bone density with decreasing blood pressure and calming of
required to participate in class.                                           the mind. Class will begin with 30 minutes of warm ups and Quigong
136109 CAR Th            8:05pm-9pm      8/30     10 Redd           $65     followed by tai chi based on the Yang style. This class is ideal for the
136110 CAR Th            8:05pm-9pm      11/8     8 Redd            $55     student looking to build a solid foundation in Tai Chi. Previous knowledge
                                                                            of Tai Chi not required. Beginning and continuing students welcome.
                                                                            136107 CAR M            8:05pm-9pm        8/27      10 Redd              $65
                                                                            136108 CAR M            8:05pm-9pm        11/12     6 Redd               $39

  58                                                                                                        61
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
This feel good workout fuses Latin and international music-dance
themes creating a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system
with aerobic/fitness interval training in a combination of fast and slow
rhythms for fat burning and total body toning. Fitness elements and
dance variations are incorporated from cumbia, merengue, belly
dancing, salsa, reggaeton, samba, and calypso--just to name a few. No
dance experience necessary.
                                                                                W     hen you love your workout, results come easy.
                                                                                      This nationally known program combines
                                                                                elements of jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates,
137626   CAR   Th      6:30pm-7:25pm      8/30      9    Compliments   $69      yoga and kick boxing to create an effective total body
137627   CAR   M       6pm-6:55pm         8/27      8    Compliments   $65      workout for people of all ages and fitness levels. Fun
137629   CAR   Tu      6:30pm-7:25pm      8/28      9    Compliments   $69      easy-to-follow routines are choreographed to fresh new
137630   CAR   Th      6:30pm-7:25pm      11/8      9    Compliments   $69      music and are designed to enhance cardiovascular
137635   CAR   M       6pm-6:55pm         11/5      8    Compliments   $65      endurance, strength and flexibility. Get the results
137636   CAR   Tu      6:30pm-7:25pm      11/6      8    Compliments   $65      you want while having fun! You may choose as many
137119   OAK   Su      4pm-4:50pm         9/9       7    Compliments   $60      classes as you like from the schedule below. For
137120   OAK   Su      4pm-4:50pm         11/11     6    Compliments   $55      more information, fees or to register for these ongoing
137121   OAK   Tu      7pm-7:55pm         8/28      9    Compliments   $70      classes, please visit or call the
137122   OAK   Tu      7pm-7:55pm         11/6      9    Compliments   $70      instructor, Cheri Thomas, at 972-727-6899. Classes
137687   LIB   Sa      10:15am-11:10am    9/1       9    Compliments   $69      are held at Carpenter Recreation Center.
137688   LIB   Sa      10:15am-11:10am    11/10     9    Compliments   $69
136848   TMC   Th      7:45pm-8:35pm      8/30      12   Leal          $85
136849   TMC   F       9:30am-10:20am     8/31      12   Everhart      $85
                                                                                Mon, Tu & Th                    8am-9am               Jazzercise
136850   TMC   M,W     9:30am-10:20am     8/27      11   Marquez       $79      Mon, Tu, Th, Fri, Sat           9am-10am              Jazzercise
136851   TMC   M,W     9:30am-10:20am     10/8      12   Marquez       $85
136852   TMC   W       9:30am-10:20am     8/29      12   Marquez       $85
136853   TMC   M       9:30am-10:20am     8/27      11   Marquez       $79
136854   TMC   W,F     9:30am-10:20am     8/29      12   Marquez       $85
136855   TMC   W,F     9:30am-10:20am     10/10     12   Marquez       $85
138604   TMC   Th      7:45pm-8:35pm      11/29     7    Leal          $59                    Fitness-Aerobics
138605   TMC   F       9:30am-10:20am     11/30     7    Everhart      $59
                                                                              ABDOMINAL & CARDIO
138609   TMC   W,F     9:30am-10:20am     11/28     14   Marquez       $95    Your body will be constantly challenged with no-nonsense cardio/
138610   TMC   M,W     9:30am-10:20am     11/26     12   Marquez       $89    interval weight moves. The class will use weights, steps and body bars.
138611   TMC   Tu      6pm-6:50pm         8/28      12   Riley         $85    We will work on all the components of fitness to get you a strong lean
138612   TMC   Tu      6pm-6:50pm         11/27     5    Riley         $49    healthy body. No tricky moves, easy to follow.
                                                                              136511   LIB   M,W     9am-10am          8/27      18   Nunn         $79
ZUMBA GOLD FOR EVERYONE                                                       136512
This class is also known as ‘gentle or beginner’s Zumba’ because it
                                                                              136514   LIB   Tu,Th   5:15pm-6:15pm     11/6      17   Nunn         $75
is less intense and moves at a slower pace than the regular Zumba
                                                                              136574   TMC   Tu,Th   9:30am-10:30am    8/28      18   Nunn         $79
Fitness classes. It is second to none as an innovative program designed
                                                                              136579   TMC   Tu,Th   9:30am-10:30am    11/6      17   Nunn         $75
for the true beginner, active older adult and/or those that are not used to
                                                                              136575   TMC   M,W     10:30am-11:30am   8/27      18   Nunn         $79
exercising or people who may be limited physically.
                                                                              136580   TMC   M,W     10:30am-11:30am   11/5      18   Nunn         $79
136548 CAR Th          12:30pm-1:20pm     8/30      9    Kourounis     $49
136549 CAR Th          12:30pm-1:20pm     11/1      9    Kourounis     $49
                                                                              ABS, HIPS & THIGH BUSTERS
ZUMBA TONING                                                                  Ease in, and stretch your muscles with an invigorating warm up followed
                                                                              by conditioning and endurance work on your trouble spots. Finish off
Get lost with choreography or intricate moves? Want to enjoy or
                                                                              with a stress relieving cool down to help you relax.
try Zumba a different way? Zumba Toning blends body sculpting
                                                                              136031 CAR M,W         7pm-8pm           8/27      15 Dwiggins       $69
techniques with Zumba moves (primarily Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia,
                                                                              136032 CAR M,W         7pm-8pm           10/22     20 Dwiggins       $85
and Reggaeton rhythms) for a calorie burning workout that’s fun and
effective. Classes consist of easy-to-follow cardio-dance intervals as
well as appropriately paced dance themes/footwork using hand weights
or weighted toning sticks to enhance rhythm and tone the body while
building muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Great for Zumba
newbies and the experienced! All fitness levels welcome.
137689 LIB     Sa      11:15am-12:10pm 9/1          9    Compliments $69
137690 LIB     Sa      11:15am-12:10pm 11/10        9    Compliments $69

  62                                                                                                         59
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
AB-SOLUTE FITNESS                                                            AEROBICS/CROSS TRAINING MANIA
This interval training class combines strength training, cardio, and ab      Bored with your cardiovascular routine? This class will incorporate
work to create a complete workout. Hand weights, body bars, and              a variety of fat burning and muscle toning workouts, including step,
exercise tubes are used to tone every major muscle group. Cardio             hi/low impact, kickboxing, tai chi, weight training, body sculpting,
drills on adjustable step add to intensity and build athletic performance.   and abdominal exercises. Something new and exciting every time!
Special emphasis placed on developing core strength. Class is for all        Adjustable for all fitness levels.
fitness levels; great for both men and women!                                136368 CAR Tu,Th 8:15am-9:15am            8/28      16 Hornberger          $79
136507 LIB    M,W      6:40pm-7:40pm     8/27      19 Windham        $85     136369 CAR Tu,Th 8:15am-9:15am            10/23     21 Hornberger          $89
136508 LIB    M,W      6:40pm-7:40pm     11/5      16 Windham        $75

AEROBIC FITNESS                                                              CARDIO, STRENGTH & TONE
                                                                             This class emphasizes overall physical conditioning and toning.
The exercise combination that really works! A heart pumping cardio           Exercises focus on strength, flexibility, and endurance. This highly-
workout with the added bonus of light resistance training that really        efficient, full body workout utilizes resistance exercises and endurance
makes the difference. This class is designed to get your whole body          drills to build and sculpt every major muscle group. We alternate
into shape. Suitable for all fitness levels.                                 between strength and endurance drills to ensure you will burn calories,
136364 CAR M,W         8pm-9pm           8/27      15 Hornberger     $75     tone muscles, and feel great. All fitness levels are welcome.
136365 CAR M,W         8pm-9pm           10/22     21 Hornberger     $95     136978   TMC   M,W     6:15pm-7:15pm      8/27      19   Focus 4 Fitness   $85
                                                                             136979   TMC   M,W     7:30pm-8:30pm      8/27      19   Focus 4 Fitness   $85
AEROBICS FOR WOMEN ONLY                                                      136980   TMC   Tu,Th   4:30pm-5:30pm      8/28      20   Focus 4 Fitness   $89
This intermediate exercise class will incorporate 30 minutes of aerobic      136981   TMC   Tu,Th   8:15am-9:15am      8/28      20   Focus 4 Fitness   $89
dance to improve your cardiovascular system and 30 minutes of floor          136982   TMC   Tu      7pm-8pm            8/28      10   Focus 4 Fitness   $59
exercise to tone special problem areas.                                      136983   TMC   M,W     6:15pm-7:15pm      11/5      18   Focus 4 Fitness   $85
138692 OAK Tu,Th       6pm-7pm           8/28      22 McFarland      $69     136984   TMC   M,W     7:30pm-8:30pm      11/5      18   Focus 4 Fitness   $85
138693 OAK Tu,Th       6pm-7pm           11/27     10 McFarland      $45     136985   TMC   Tu,Th   4:30pm-5:30pm      11/6      17   Focus 4 Fitness   $79
                                                                             136986   TMC   Tu,Th   8:15am-9:15am      11/6      17   Focus 4 Fitness   $79
AEROBICS/BODY TONING                                                         136987   TMC   Tu      7pm-8pm            11/6      8    Focus 4 Fitness   $49
Improve muscle tone, increase flexibility, and increase muscle strength
with the use of step benches, weights, Dyna-Bands®, bars, and more.
This class will make you feel good as you stretch and work out your
                                                                             CARDIO/CALORIE BURNER
                                                                             This class is designed to burn calories with easy to follow aerobics and
muscles without the high impact of aerobics. Class may commence              strength exercises to tone your muscles. It contains exercises from
outside on some days.                                                        some of the hottest trainers of today!
137269 OAK W,M         9am-10am          9/5       18 McCollum       $85     136164 CAR Sa          10am-11am          9/1       9    Seiler            $55
137270 OAK M,W         9am-10am          11/12     12 McCollum       $65     136165 CAR Sa          10am-11am          11/10     8    Seiler            $49

AEROBICS/CARDIO BLAST                                                        GET TO THE CORE
This high energy, fat burning class utilizes bench, hand weights, and        In this 45-minute class we will do interval training consisting of strength,
resistance bands to work all muscles. Class incorporates formats, such       cardio, and abdominal with the use of weights, bosu balls, bands, step,
as step and sculpt, boot camp, and step interval to give you a great total   and the bar. We will cause muscle confusion which means results for
body workout. All fitness levels welcome.                                    you. Easy to follow, no tricky moves.
136111 CAR Tu,Th       6am-7am           8/28      16 O’Connell      $75     136518   LIB   Sa      9:15am-10am        9/8       8    Nunn              $49
136112 CAR Tu,Th       6am-7am           10/23     19 O’Connell      $89     136519   LIB   Sa      9:15am-10am        11/10     10   Nunn              $55
                                                                             136581   TMC   Tu,Th   10:30am-11:15am    8/28      18   Nunn              $79
AEROBICS/CARDIO STRENGTH MIX                                                 136582   TMC   Tu,Th   10:30am-11:15am    11/6      17   Nunn              $75
This fitness program involves intervals of various weight resistance
exercises with short-timed cardio intervals, as well as, fusions of          MUSCLE INTERVAL TRAINING-NEW
core condition techniques. Feel and see positive changes in cardio           One of the latest methods in building stamina and muscle while burning
endurance, body weight and composition, and muscular strength and            fat and calories. This session involves bouts of cardio followed by
endurance. Not recommended for beginners.                                    plyometric and strength exercises and even some pilates to engage
138634 OAK M,W         7pm-8pm           8/27      15 Villarreal     $75     muscle confusion. A technique used by some of the hottest programs
138646 OAK M,W         7pm-8pm           10/29     18 Villarreal     $85     today!
                                                                             136161 CAR Tu,Th 7pm-8pm                  8/28      20 Seiler              $89
                                                                             136162 CAR Tu,Th 7pm-8pm                  11/13     13 Seiler              $65

  60                                                                                                         63
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
TOTAL BODY STRENGTH                                                            YO-PI-MAT
This class will incorporate strength training and stretching to the max.       Experience this flowing mixture of basic yoga postures and pilates
Students of all levels will use body bars, elastic bands, and weights to       exercises to enhance core strength, balance, flexibility, and an overall
help achieve individual goals.                                                 sense of well-being. All fitness levels welcome. Please bring an
137806   OAK   F       8:15am-9:15am      9/7       11   Mitchell      $75     exercise/yoga mat to class.
137807   OAK   F       8:15am-9:15am      11/30     5    Mitchell      $45     136709   CAR   Su     11am-Noon          9/9       7    Harrison-Staub   $55
138934   CAR   M,W     8:30am-9:25am      8/27      9    Mitchell      $69     136710   CAR   Su     11am-Noon          11/4      7    Harrison-Staub   $55
138935   CAR   M,W     8:30am-9:25am      10/8      10   Mitchell      $72     137751   TMC   Th     6:35pm-7:35pm      9/6       7    Harrison-Staub   $55
138936   CAR   M,W     8:30am-9:25am      11/19     12   Mitchell      $79     137752   TMC   Th     6:35pm-7:35pm      11/1      7    Harrison-Staub   $55

                    Fitness-Pilates                                                                Fitness-Yoga
PILATES                                                                        ASHTANGA YOGA (BEG)
Improve your muscle tone while increasing your strength and flexibility.       An ancient nonreligious form of self-discipline that includes yoga
Focus on the core as you reshape your body. You will leave class feeling       stretching, breathing exercises, and meditation to promote physical
strong, yet refreshed and relaxed.                                             fitness, flexibility, and immunity. Yoga energizes and purifies the body,
136152   CAR   Tu,Th   7pm-8pm            9/4       14   Moffett       $89     gives you a calm focused mind and a more peaceful and joyful spirit,
136153   CAR   Tu,Th   7pm-8pm            10/23     19   Moffett      $115     reduces stress, and brings positive approach towards life. Also learn
136958   LIB   M,W     5:30pm-6:30pm      8/27      17   Windham       $95     some techniques to resolve/decrease allergies.
136961   LIB   M,W     5:30pm-6:30pm      11/5      19   Windham       $95     136830 TMC Su         10:15am-11:15am 9/9          11 Thakkar            $75
136960   LIB   M       10am-11am          8/27      8    Lubertino     $55     136832 TMC Su         10:15am-11:15am 12/2         6 Thakkar             $49
136963   LIB   M       10am-11am          11/5      9    Lubertino     $55
137730   TMC   M,W     7:45am-8:40am      8/27      23   Dunn          $95     ASHTANGA YOGA (ADV)
137731   TMC   M,W     7:45am-8:40am      11/26     12   Dunn          $65     Deepen your yoga practice with more advanced postures, advanced
                                                                               breathing, meditation, and yoga philosophy. Learn how yoga ceases
PILATES (BEG/ADV BEG)                                                          your thoughts and brings oneness with yourself. This in turn leads
Focusing on core muscles such as abdominals, hips, and thighs, you             you to a healthy and happy life. Experience and understand the true
will lengthen and tone muscles through stretching as the body moves.           meaning of life.
Main principles include breathing, flowing motion, centering, precision,       136833   TMC   Su     11:30am-12:30pm    9/9       11   Thakkar          $75
and control.                                                                   136834   TMC   W      8pm-9pm            9/12      11   Thakkar          $75
137574   OAK   Tu      8:45am-10am        9/4       11   Mitchell      $79     136835   TMC   Su     11:30am-12:30pm    12/2      6    Thakkar          $49
137575   OAK   Sa      10am-11am          9/8       9    Mitchell      $69     136836   TMC   W      8pm-9pm            12/5      6    Thakkar          $49
137576   OAK   Sa      10am-11am          12/1      5    Mitchell      $45
137577   OAK   Tu      8:45am-10am        11/27     5    Mitchell      $45     FLUID MOTION YOGA
                                                                               Find balance in the body and mind in this moderately paced class by
PILATES PLUS                                                                   using Fluid Motions, linking poses coupled with holding poses. Increase
Pilates core-centering and conditioning, plus additional integrated            flexibility while gaining strength with the combination of breath and yoga
exercise practices taken from other fitness formats. The class will            postures. Be guided through a safe workout that offers many beginning
begin with an essential stretching and strengthening program designed          postures as well as slightly more advanced options.
through basic Pilates principles, exercise, and movement practices.            136956 LIB     W      7:50pm-9pm         8/29      9    Busby            $75
Then, building on these, it will also include myriad experiential elements     136957 LIB     W      7:50pm-9pm         11/7      9    Busby            $75
taken from dance, fitness, yoga, and other somatic modalities.
137732 TMC M,W         10:30am-11:30am 8/27         23 Dunn            $95     IYENGAR YOGA-NEW
137740 TMC M,W         10:30am-11:30am 11/26        12 Dunn            $65     This method of practice was developed by B.K.S. Iyengar. Asanas are
                                                                               structured and categorized to allow students to progress safely from
YOGALATES                                                                      basic to advanced poses as they gain flexibility and strength. Props and
Combine two terrific workouts into one, yoga and Pilates! Yogalates            modifications are used allowing access for all ages, body types and
works your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles which help to protect            levels of conditioning.
and strengthen the lower back, tone the belly, trim the waist, and assist      138931 CAR Su         10:30am-11:25am 8/26         6    Parameswaran $49
with core stability. It is excellent for developing general tone and fitness   138932 CAR Su         10:30am-11:25am 10/14        6    Parameswaran $49
in the body while creating a sense of inner calm, relaxation, and overall      138933 CAR Su         10:30am-11:25am 12/2         6    Parameswaran $49
well-being. Beginners and intermediates are welcome.
137617 OAK F           9:15am-10:30am     9/7       11 Mitchell        $79
137618 OAK Tu          10am-11am          9/4       11 Mitchell        $79

  64                                                                                                         61
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
POWER YOGA                                                                    YOGA (INT)
Beginners and experienced students alike who are interested in this           When you’re ready to deepen your yoga practice with more advanced
fast-moving, energetic form of yoga will find a sense of calm and mental      postures and movement, more advanced breathing, yoga philosophy,
clarity. Previous yoga experience is helpful, but not required.               and meditation/chanting techniques, this intermediate class is for you.
136373 CAR Sa          10am-11am          9/8       12 Hu             $69     Take the journey to a whole new level of self-discovery.
                                                                              136170 CAR Th          7:15pm-9:15pm      9/6       14 Stall          $95
Yoga is an excellent option during pregnancy. It can help to soothe your      YOGA FOR AN ACHING BACK
aches and pains, help to reduce stress, teach you to relax, and help          Do you have lower back pain? Gentle yoga postures and breathing
prepare you for childbirth and motherhood. Prenatal yoga provides the         exercises can help stretch and strengthen your back, allowing you to
opportunity for women to deepen their connection with their bodies,           enjoy more freedom of movement.
babies, and other pregnant women in the community. This class is open         137283 LIB     Tu      6pm-7pm            10/30     6    Fritsch      $59
to healthy pregnant women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Please get
approval from your doctor before attending this class. Students must be       YOGA FOR FITNESS (BEG)
at least 12 weeks pregnant at their first prenatal yoga class.                This class provides a beginners-level foundation in the principles of
136998 OAK Tu          7:15pm-8:45pm      9/11      9    Truong       $69     yoga with the ‘yoga for fitness’ approach. If you are new to yoga or
                                                                              coming back to exercise after some time off, this class might be right
RESTORATIVE YOGA                                                              for you before attempting the full-fledged yoga for fitness’ class. Time is
Restorative yoga offers postures that are well- supported by blankets,        spent with the student in preparation for the individual yoga asanas with
blocks, or other props, which help reverse the effects of gravity and         a steady eye kept on the goals of overall fitness and developing a happy
return fluids to the upper body. This class is appropriate for all ages and   sense of calm. Please bring a blanket or mat.
is great for those with restrictions in movement or healing from injury.      136829 TMC Tu          6:10pm-7:10pm      9/4       12 Speaks         $85
Please bring: yoga mat & blanket. Optional: blocks, strap, bolster. Props
are available on a first come first serve basis.                              YOGA FOR FITNESS
137694 LIB     Sa      1pm-2:30pm         9/1       9    Busby        $69     Yoga for fitness is a modern, non-religious form of yogic exercise and
137693 LIB     Sa      1pm-2:30pm         11/3      9    Busby        $69     self-discipline that promotes fitness, flexibility, and fun! This class is
                                                                              suitable for able beginners and experienced students alike. Please
YOGA (BEG)                                                                    bring a blanket and a mat to class.
Feel better, look younger! Yoga increases strength, flexibility, and          136184   CAR   M       7pm-8:30pm         9/10      13   Speaks       $89
balance; energizes and purifies the body; and gives you a calm focused        136185   CAR   Sa      11am-12:30pm       9/1       14   Speaks       $95
mind and a more peaceful and joyful spirit. Energize your body using          137016   OAK   Th      7pm-8:30pm         9/6       14   Speaks       $95
yoga techniques. Experienced students are also welcome to join this           136827   TMC   Tu      7:15pm-8:45pm      9/4       13   Speaks       $89
class and deepen their yoga practice. Please bring a blanket and mat.
136169   CAR   Th      6pm-7pm            9/6       14   Stall        $89     YOGA FOR HEAD, NECK & SHOULDERS
137023   OAK   Tu,Th   10am-11:30am       8/28      16   Freis       $105     Sitting at the computer all day, answering a phone, driving, texting,
137024   OAK   Tu,Th   10am-11:30am       10/30     17   Freis       $109     poor posture? These things we do every day can lead to pain and
137021   OAK   M,W     7:30pm-8:45pm      8/27      15   Freis        $85     misalignment in the spine and shoulders. This class will specifically
137025   OAK   M,W     7:30pm-8:45pm      10/29     17   Freis        $95     address these modern issues through a gentle practice. We will have
137022   OAK   Th      10am-11:30am       8/30      8    Freis        $65     specific asana (postures) and breathing practices to help strengthen the
137026   OAK   Th      10am-11:30am       11/1      9    Freis        $69     shoulder girdle, back and neck.
137020   OAK   M       10:15am-11:45am    9/10      14   Falconer     $95     137282 LIB     Tu      6pm-7pm            10/2      4    Fritsch      $49
137161   OAK   F       10:45am-11:45am    8/31      11   Douglas      $59
136964   LIB   Sa      9:30am-11am        9/8       9    Fritsch      $79     YOGA FOR RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS-NEW
136965   LIB   W       10am-11am          8/29      9    Lubertino    $69     If you suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, you know how painful this can
136966   LIB   Sa      9:30am-11am        11/10     10   Fritsch      $79     be. Rediscover the inner you. Enhance your range of motion with
136967   LIB   W       10am-11am          11/7      9    Lubertino    $69     gentle, low impact movements to improve circulation. Guided by your
137277   LIB   W       6pm-7pm            8/29      9    Fritsch      $69     breath, learn to calm your mind while strengthening your body. Class
137278   LIB   W       6pm-7pm            11/7      9    Fritsch      $69     covers movement, breathing, and meditation.
136839   TMC   F       9:30am-10:45am     11/9      9    Artman       $59     137134 OAK W           10:30am-11:30am 9/12         14 Falconer       $69
136837   TMC   F       9:30am-10:45am     9/7       8    Artman       $59
136838   TMC   Tu      9am-10:15am        9/11      8    Yap          $55
136840   TMC   M       7:25pm-8:25pm      9/10      11   Hu           $65
136841   TMC   Sa      9am-10:15am        9/8       13   Blum         $75
138307   TMC   Tu      9am-10:15am        11/6      6    Yap          $45

  62                                                                                                          65
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
YOGA FOR STRESS MANAGEMENT                                                    ZENDURANCE YOGA BARRE-NEW
Yoga is one of the most well-known antidotes to stress--the number one        A contemporary mind/body workout of beginner’s yoga and barre
reason people give for initially trying yoga classes. Empower yourself        inspired movements with evolving transitions to enhance muscular
to manage your own stress. Sign up for this class specifically designed       endurance and tone the body. Sequences are based on familiar barre
for stress reduction outcomes. Learn yoga postures, deep breathing,           patterns like pliés, down dog, rond de jambes, warrior, relevés, cobra,
mindfulness meditation, progressive relaxation, and guided imagery to         and more. No yoga or dance experience necessary.
calm your mind, to reduce stress and fatigue, and to relieve anxiety.         137237 OAK W            5:30pm-6:30pm      8/29       9   Compliments $55
Medical research has now documented the numerous physiological                137665 OAK W            5:30pm-6:30pm      11/7       8   Compliments $49
and mental benefits available through these techniques. You will take
away a specific set of practices and resources for use at home.               ZENFIT YOGA
136166 CAR M           6pm-7pm            9/10      13 Stall          $85     Ready for an active, mindful class that integrates breathing, postures,
                                                                              and movements for improved fitness, challenge, and relaxation while
YOGA MIXED LEVELS (BEG)                                                       creating a sweat and burning calories? This unique, low-impact workout
Give yourself a lift that will reduce your stress and improve your            fuses Hatha yoga, strength training, ballet-inspired exercises, and
health. This class will improve flexibility and will focus on breathing and   core ab work for a complete total body workout to tone the body while
relaxation techniques. Open to beginners and returning students.              increasing core strength, balance, flexibility, and muscular endurance.
136566   CAR   Sa      8:15am-9:15am      9/1       8    Meneses      $65     No experience necessary.
136567   CAR   Tu      6pm-7pm            8/28      8    Meneses      $65     137222 OAK Su           5pm-5:50pm         9/9        7   Compliments $49
136568   CAR   Sa      8am-9am            10/27     10   Meneses      $75     137233 OAK Su           5pm-5:50pm         11/11      6   Compliments $45
136569   CAR   Tu      6pm-7pm            10/23     9    Meneses      $69

Bring balance to the mind and body by soothing aches, reducing                                              Health
stress, and learning to relax. Emphasis will be placed on how breath
supports the yoga postures. You will learn body awareness and how
energy flows through your breath and movement. Students of all levels         BACK TO HEALTH-NEW
will be amazed by the ease and challenge of this class. Beginners are         It is time to get back to the basics of natural health care. This program will
encouraged to have at least one class prior experience. Please bring a        cover a variety of topics which include, your health vs. your symptoms,
yoga mat to class.                                                            physical, chemical and emotional stresses, the United States health
137027   OAK   M,W     6pm-7:15pm         8/27      15   Freis        $85     care rankings, and the current state of our health care vs. other
137028   OAK   W       6pm-7:15pm         8/29      8    Freis        $59     countries. Join us for this informative healthy topic of conversation.
137032   OAK   M,W     6pm-7:15pm         10/29     17   Freis        $95     138144 CAR Tu           7am-9am            10/2       1   Kramer          $9
137034   OAK   W       6pm-7:15pm         10/31     9    Freis        $65
136842   TMC   M       6pm-7:15pm         9/10      14   Blum         $79     COUPLES MASSAGE
136843   TMC   M,W     9am-10:15am        9/10      16   Yap          $79     Bring your spouse, friend, or a family member and learn effective
138308   TMC   M,W     9am-10:15am        11/5      12   Yap          $69     strokes that can improve overall health issues and aid in relaxation.
                                                                              Learn how to give a massage in ways that will be beneficial to others
YOGA NOVICE                                                                   without leaving you in need of a massage yourself. Please come to
                                                                              class with a towel and your choice of lotion or oil. Wear a swimsuit or
Whether a novice or a veteran yogi, yoga novice provides a safe
environment to practice yoga at your own pace. With ample modifications       tank top with shorts. Price is per couple.
offered, sweat is expected, but pain is not allowed in this flow style of     137018 OAK Sa           10am-11am          12/22      1   Legrand        $35
yoga. Great for beginners!
136968 LIB     Th      10:30am-11:30am 8/30         9    Busby        $75     CURE INSOMNIA THROUGH HYPNOSIS
136969 LIB     Th      10:30am-11:30am 11/8         9    Busby        $75     Sleepless nights? Use hypnotherapy to help you sleep like a baby
                                                                              throughout the night and help you get rid of insomnia. Access the
YOGA STRETCH                                                                  subconscious database to find the source of your sleepless nights.
                                                                              Please bring a pillow and blanket to class.
Gain flexibility by doing yoga exercises that increase your range of
motion. This fun class will help free you from body restrictions due to a     137003 OAK Th           7pm-8pm            10/18      1   Duplant        $35
sedentary life style. Get up off the sofa and stretch!
138338 TMC Th          7pm-8:15pm         9/20      10 Hu             $75     FITNESS & WEIGHT ROOM ORIENTATION
                                                                              Learn how to use the weights and cardio machines at the City of Plano’s
                                                                              Recreation Centers. Certified ACE & AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer,
                                                                              Jorge Wilcox, will teach you how to properly use weight room equipment
                                                                              and give you tips to maximize your work out.
                                                                              137279 LIB     Sa       5pm-5:45pm         10/6       1   Wilcox          $9
                                                                              137280 LIB     Sa       5pm-5:45pm         11/3       1   Wilcox          $9
                                                                              137281 LIB     Sa       5pm-5:45pm         12/1       1   Wilcox          $9

  66                                                                                                           63
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
FUNCTIONAL DEFICIT-NEW                                                                                Martial Arts
Why is one arm or leg stronger than the other? Learn how decreased
body function is due to decreased body structure. Our health care
professional will also discuss how stress and increased work outs
affect your body and why postural assessments should be done and
                                                                               Aikido is a martial art based on the methods of ancient Japanese budo.
what they mean. Increasing your health knowledge is the first step to a        Aikido harmonizes with the ‘opponent,’ creating a mutually beneficial
healthier you!                                                                 outcome free of pain or humiliation. Practice is suitable for all ages,
138147 CAR Tu          7pm-9pm            10/23     1   Kramer          $9     promoting discipline, health, and self-defense.
                                                                               136515 LIB     Tu,Th    6:30pm-8pm         8/28      54 Woods          $169
STOP SMOKING THROUGH HYPNOSIS                                                                 Sa       1pm-2:30pm
Use hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking and help you live a happier,
healthier life. This class will include some hypnosis techniques. Please
bring a pillow and blanket to class.
                                                                               KARATE-JAPANESE GOJU-RYU
                                                                               Goju-Ryu is a blend of a Japanese (hard) and a Chinese (soft) style
137000 OAK Th           7pm-8pm           9/20      1   Duplant        $35     of karate. It is a beautiful, though not flashy, martial art which takes a
137006 OAK Th           7pm-8pm           1/3       1   Duplant        $35     realistic approach to self-defense. It is an excellent tool for improving
                                                                               concentration, self-discipline, confidence, and physical fitness.
STRAIGHTEN UP AMERICA                                                          Uniforms will be discussed on the first day of class. The head instructor
This informative class will give you some insight on how to improve            has provided this class through Plano Parks and Recreation for more
your posture, and at the same time improve your health. Instructor is          than 30 years.
a chiropractor who will demonstrate three exercises to help strengthen         137051 OAK Tu,Th        7pm-8:30pm         8/28      19 Schafer         $99
your spine. Instructor will also discuss why it is so important to keep your   137077 OAK Tu,Th        7pm-8:30pm         11/6      15 Schafer         $85
spinal cord and back in alignment to ward off pathological diseases,
improve breathing and oxygen intake.
138138 CAR M            7pm-9pm           12/3      1   Kramer          $9
                                                                               KARATE-TAE KWON DO/KUNG FU I (13 YRS & UP)
                                                                               This complete martial arts style is a unique blend of both hard and soft
                                                                               utilizing the principles of Shui Huo Kung Fu while focusing on street-
STRESS RELIEF FOR ADULTS                                                       applicable self-defense against multiple attackers. Students train on
Let go of the stress of the work day and program your mind to relax. Learn     defense, fitness conditioning, weaponry, mass attack, and reflexes
how to better manage your time while juggling work, kids’ schedules,           while emphasizing inner strength and mental conditioning. Progression
and other activities. Through relaxation and hypnosis techniques, this         from belt to sash ranking. This class is for all levels. Beginners welcome!
class will teach you how to relax your body for a healthier way of life.       $45/$55 startup (uniform, mouthpiece and membership) is required at
Please bring a pillow and blanket to class.                                    the first class.
137001 OAK Th           7pm-8pm           10/4      1   Duplant        $35     136585 CAR W           6:30pm-7:30pm       8/29      38 Bales          $189
                                                                                          Sa          11am-Noon
Learn to take control of your food intake. Hypnosis is not only a way to
lose that unwanted weight, but it is also one of the most effective ways
                                                                               KARATE-TAE KWON DO/KUNG FU II (13 YRS & UP)
                                                                               This Level II program focuses on intermediate to advanced belt
to keep your weight at a desirable level. Wear comfortable clothes and         rank techniques. Students train on traditional and street-applicable
bring a pillow and two blankets to class. This class will include some         techniques, weaponry, ground, self-defense, sparring, physical and
hypnosis techniques.                                                           mental conditioning, teaching, and a complete understanding of skills
137004 OAK Th           7pm-8pm           10/25     1   Duplant        $35     for adaptation to every defense situation. Students progress through
                                                                               individual ranking in both styles. Minimum ISMA Green Belt rank or
                                                                               instructor approval is required.
                                                                               136586 CAR W           6:30pm-8:30pm       8/29      38 Bales          $299
                                                                                          Sa          11am-1pm

         Plano Parks and Recreation                                            KUNG FU SAN SOO (BEG)
                                                                               Kung Fu San Soo is the ancient Chinese Art of Self Defense. The
                                                                               combinations of strikes, kicks, leverages, and throws used in a free-flowing,
                                                                               synchronized motion creates the ultimate free-fighting, combat technique.
                                                                               Necessary equipment/uniforms are white GI and protective sport gear and
                                                                               optional supplemental materials will be discussed first class.
                                                                               136725 OAK M,W         6pm-6:45pm          8/27      15 Simons          $65
                                                                               136730 OAK M,W         6pm-6:45pm          10/29     16 Simons          $69

  64                                                                                                            67
               CENTER PROGRAMS - ADULT
KUNG FU SAN SOO (INT)                                                                                 Parenting
Prerequisite: Must have taken Kung Fu San Soo (Beg).
136727 OAK M,W        7pm-7:45pm         8/27      15 Simons         $65
136732 OAK M,W        7pm-7:45pm         10/29     16 Simons         $69
                                                                             EFFECTIVE GUIDANCE & DISCIPLINE
KUNG FU SAN SOO (ADV)                                                        ’Why are my kids doing that and how do I get them to stop?’ Turn
                                                                             interactions with your children from frustrating to positive with helpful
Prerequisite: Must have taken Intermediate Kung Fu San Soo in order
to enroll in this class. This course will not be available for Leisure       suggestions designed for parents of preschool and early elementary
OnLine registration.                                                         school age children. Presented by the Dallas Association of Parent
136729 OAK M,W        8pm-8:45pm         8/27      15 Simons         $65
                                                                             Education, this program will discuss setting limits, natural and logical
136774 OAK M,W        8pm-8:45pm         10/29     16 Simons         $69
                                                                             consequences, listening to children, and handling anger. This class
                                                                             counts for 2 clock hours of training for teachers and child care providers.
STREET SMART SELF DEFENSE (13 YRS & UP)                                      138108 CAR M           7pm-9pm            9/24      1   Hallman       $15
This class will focus on self-defense skills including defenses from grabs
and attacks, personal safety and awareness skills, kicks, and hand           HOW TO TALK SO KIDS WILL LISTEN
strikes. Appropriate times to use self-defense, physical conditioning,       Join our Dallas Association for Parent Education representative as
speed, and targeting points will also be taught. This fun, non-threatening   she discusses different ways to communicate with your child. Learn
class combines discussion and hands-on practice.                             effective ways to obtain more positive responses and the results you
136723 OAK Tu         7:30pm-9:30pm      10/23     1   Bales         $25
                                                                             desire. This program is open to everyone, and qualifies for two clock
                                                                             hours of training for teachers and child care providers.
TAE KWON DO (17-59 YRS)                                                      138122 CAR M           7pm-9pm            11/5      1   Hallman       $15
Tae Kwon Do is a Korean style of self-defense that was introduced in
the United States during the 1950’s. This art places emphasizes on           BEHAVIOR & MOOD CHALLENGES IN CHILDREN-NEW
courtesy, integrity, discipline, and positive self-image.                    This program is led by a PhD behavioral specialist who will discuss drug
136538 LIB    W       6:45pm-8:15pm      8/29      19 Medlen         $75
                                                                             free ways to solving problems with children who may be showing signs
                                                                             of, or who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, OCD, defiance,
TAE KWON DO/SELF-DEFENSE (BEG)                                               underachievement, low motivation, meltdowns, depression, allergies,
                                                                             asthma and much more. Parents will discover new ways of solving
Learn the art of Tae Kwon Do in a fun atmosphere while being taught
discipline, teamwork and physical fitness.                                   these behavior differences, using drugs only as a last resort.
                                                                             137876 CAR M           7pm-8:30pm         9/17      1   Gluckman      $29
136540 LIB    Su       1pm-2pm           9/9       17 Ludwig         $95

TAE KWON DO/SELF-DEFENSE I                                                   SIMON SAYS DISCIPLINE
Learn the art of Tae Kwon Do in a fun atmosphere while being taught          Learn how to discipline your child under seven years of age without
discipline, teamwork and physical fitness.                                   spanking or yelling. Learn effective, coaching techniques from an
136539 LIB    Su       2:15pm-3:15pm     9/9       17 Ludwig         $95     experienced nanny. Some handouts provided.
                                                                             138810 CAR Sa          9am-1pm            9/ 8      1   DiBetta       $25
Learn the art of Tae Kwon Do in a fun atmosphere while being taught
discipline, teamwork, and physical fitness.
136541 LIB    Su       3:30pm-4:30pm     9/9       17 Ludwig         $95

Tai Chi builds strength, improves balance, promotes healthy joints, and
boosts energy. It is recommended for people with arthritis, tendonitis,
and osteoporosis. Class is based on the ‘64’ Yang Style Tai Chi form.                             INSTRUCTORS
136542 LIB    Th       7pm-8pm           8/30      19 Donahue        $95                          WE WANT YOU!
                                                                                The Plano Parks and Recreation Department
                                                                                    is looking for qualified and innovative
                                                                                instructors for its preschool, youth and adult
                                                                                 classes. If you have a unique talent, skill or
                                                                                  idea for a class, please contact any of our
                                                                                         staff at the recreation centers.

  68                                                                                                        65
                 Performing Arts                                                      Personal Development
GUITAR I (13 YRS & UP)                                                       IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY W/HYPNOTHERAPY
In this introductory class, you will be taught basic chord reading, simple   Remember names, numbers, and the wide range of details you would
guitar solos and melodies, with basic chords as accompaniment. Learn         like to recall with the help of hypnotherapy. A certified hypnotherapist
how to tune and take proper care of your guitar. Please bring your own       will conduct this relaxing session designed to improve your memory.
3/4 or full size guitar. Instructor will provide music.                      Please bring a pillow and blanket to class.
137705 CAR M          6:45pm-7:45pm      9/10      8   Bindner       $59     137002 OAK Th           7pm-8pm           10/11     1   Duplant        $35
137706 CAR M          7:45pm-8:45pm      9/10      8   Bindner       $59
                                                                             INCREASE MOTIVATION-NEW
PIANO (BEG) (13 YRS & UP)                                                    Learn to become more motivated and achieve your goals. Succeed
No previous experience. Class size is limited to two students. Please        in your personal and business life. Through relaxation and hypnosis
note: the 45-minute lesson is split.                                         techniques, this class will help you meet your goals.
136526   LIB   Sa     11:15am-Noon       9/8       8   Khaykinson    $95     137011 OAK Th           7pm-8pm           11/1      1   Duplant        $35
136527   LIB   Sa     Noon-12:45pm       9/8       8   Khaykinson    $95
136528   LIB   M      7:45pm-8:30pm      9/10      8   Khaykinson    $95     REVERSE MORTGAGE-NEW
136529   LIB   M      8:30pm-9:15pm      9/10      8   Khaykinson    $95     Discover the benefits of a reverse mortgage and how it works. There
136530   LIB   Sa     11:15am-Noon       11/10     8   Khaykinson    $95     are many questions to be answered, along with many misconceptions.
136531   LIB   Sa     Noon-12:45pm       11/10     8   Khaykinson    $95     Find out all the facts and decide if this financial tool should be a part of
136532   LIB   M      7:45pm-8:30pm      11/12     7   Khaykinson    $85     your retirement planning.
136533   LIB   M      8:30pm-9:15pm      11/12     7   Khaykinson    $85     137079 OAK W            7pm-8:30pm        11/7      1   Blend           $9

PRIVATE PIANO                                                                STOP SMOKING-GREAT AMERICAN SMOKE OUT
Lessons are for beginner-advanced level of play. No specific level           Come join the Great American Smoke Out. Millions of Americans
required. Many more times are available, please call centers for more        will commit to stop smoking on this day. You can get extra help with
information.                                                                 hypnotherapy. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a pillow and two
138356   TMC   M      8:30pm-9pm         8/27      7   Wu           $129     blankets to class.
138363   TMC   Tu     11am-11:30am       8/28      8   Certain      $145     137012 OAK Th           7pm-8pm           11/15     1   Duplant        $35
138360   TMC   W      8:30pm-9pm         8/29      8   Wu           $145
                                                                             TRUST YOUR INTUITION-NEW
                                                                             Learn to trust your own vibes through relaxation and hypnosis
138408   TMC   M      8:30pm-9pm         10/29     8   Wu           $145     techniques. Allow your positive energy to point you in the right direction.
138409   TMC   M      9pm-9:30pm         10/29     8   Wu           $145     137015 OAK Th           7pm-8pm           12/6      1   Duplant        $35
138414   TMC   Tu     11am-11:30am       10/30     8   Certain      $145
                                                                             UNDERSTANDING YOUR CREDIT REPORT & SCORE
                                                                             Here is your chance to learn about what those confusing credit reports
138418   TMC   F      11am-11:30am       11/2      8   Certain      $145     mean. Learn how to interpret the codes on the reports and gather
                                                                             awareness on credit bureaus. This class will provide information on
PRIVATE VIOLIN                                                               reading the report and tips on maintaining or improving a credit score.
Lessons are for beginner-advanced level of play. No specific level           137078 OAK W            7pm-8:30pm        10/3      1   Blend           $9
138420 TMC M          10am-10:30am       8/27      7   Certain      $129
138421 TMC M          10am-10:30am       10/29     8   Certain      $145
                                                                                             Yard and Garden
                                                                             VEGETABLE GARDENING & COMPOSTING
                                                                             This instructor has been gardening in Plano for over 15 years. His
                                                                             best harvest was 554 pounds of red bell peppers, cucumbers, Roma
                                                                             tomatoes, and figs. If you have sunshine and can follow instructions,
                                                                             you can have a productive garden. Gardening is also fun for children.
                                                                             Composting kitchen and yard waste is easy, reduces garbage, and
                                                                             enriches your garden’s soil.
                                                                             138534 LIB     Tu       7pm-9pm           10/9      1   Caldwell        $9

  66                                                                                                         69

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