Minnesota by shitingting


									                                                  Firm or Group (or   Location (use ; if
First Name    Last Name       Position            "Angel" if solo)    multiple)

                                                  Ascent Venture
Example       Smith           General Partner     Partners            Boston, MA
Arthur        Monaghan        Partner             Granite Equity      Northfield, MN
Tom           Erickson        Co-Founder          BlueStream          Stillwater, MN
Raj           Gollamudi       Co-Founder          BlueStream          Stillwater, MN
Constance     Paiement        Partner/CFO         BlueStream          Stillwater, MN
Steve         Sigmond         Partner             BlueStream          Stillwater, MN
Yuval         Almog           Founder/Managing    Coral Group         Minneapolis, MN
Mark          Headrick        Managing Director   Coral Group         Minneapolis, MN
Jeff          Hinck           General Partner     El Dorado Ventures Minnetonka, MN
Tom           Peterson        General Partner     El Dorado Ventures Minnetonka, MN
Kian          Salehi          Managing Partner    KASA Capital        Minneapolis, MN
Arash         Pirzad-Allaei   Managing Partner    KASA Capital        Minneapolis, MN
Edson         Spencer         General Partner     Affinity Capital    Minneapolis, MN
B. Kristine   Johnson         Managing Partner    Affinity Capital    Minneapolis, MN
Serafin       Samson          Venture Partner     Affinity Capital    Minneapolis, MN
Gregory       Glarner         Venture Partner     Affinity Capital    Minneapolis, MN
Tony          Christianson    Managing Partner    Cherry Tree         Minnentoka, MN
Gordon        Stofer          Managing Partner    Cherry Tree         Minnentoka, MN
Leslie        Frécon          Chairman            LFE Capital         Minneapolis, MN
Ron           Leaf            Principal           LFE Capital         Minneapolis, MN
Richard       Venegar         President/CEO                           Minneapolis, MN
                                                  Milestone Growth Fund
Judy          Romlin          Executive Vice      Milestone Growth    Minneapolis, MN
Timothy       Devries         General Partner     Norwest Equity      Minneapolis, MN
Timothy       Kuehl           Partner             Norwest Equity      Minneapolis, MN
John          Lindahl         General Partner     Norwest Equity      Minneapolis, MN
Todd          Solow           Partner             Norwest Equity      Minneapolis, MN
John          Thomson         Partner             Norwest Equity      Minneapolis, MN
John          Whaley          Partner             Norwest Equity      Minneapolis, MN
Dan           Gladney         Operating Partner   Norwest Equity      Minneapolis, MN
John          Hale            Operating Partner   Norwest Equity      Minneapolis, MN
Jim           Lindner         Operating Partner   Norwest Equity      Minneapolis, MN
Bruce         Lohn            Operating Partner   Norwest Equity      Minneapolis, MN
Jerry         Gallagher       General Partner     Oak Investment      Minneapolis, MN
Richard       Perkins         President/CEO       Perkins Capital    Wayzata, MN
Daniel        Perkins         Vice President      Perkins Capital     Wayzata, MN
Beatrice      Rothweiler      Principal           Portage Capital     Wayzata, MN
Bradley       Lehrman         Principal           Portage Capital     Wayzata, MN
C. Mackenzie   Lewis III    Partner             Sherpa Partners      St. Louis Park, MN
Richard        Brimacomb    Partner             Sherpa Partners      St. Louis Park, MN
Steven         Pederson     Partner             Sherpa Partners      St. Louis Park, MN
Buzz           Benson       Co-Founder          Slight Line Partners Minneapolis, MN
Maureen        Harder       Co-Founder          Slight Line Partners Minneapolis, MN
Paul           Knapp        President/CEO       Space Center         Roseville‚ MN
Michael        Gorman       Managing Director   Split Rock Partners Eden Prairie, MN
Jim            Simons       Managing Director   Split Rock Partners Eden Prairie, MN
Dave           Stassen      Managing Director   Split Rock Partners Eden Prairie, MN
Bryson         Hollimon     Founder/General     Technology Venture Minneapolis, MN
Donald         Bossi        Venture Partner     Technology Venture Minneapolis, MN
Ryan           DiBrito      Principal           Technology Venture Minneapolis, MN
Jeff           Hinck        Managing Director   Vesbridge            Minnentoka, MN
Zenas          Hutcheson    Managing Director   Vesbridge            Minnentoka, MN
Staffan        Ericsson     Venture Partner     Vesbridge            Minnentoka, MN
Tom            Rowbotham    Venture Partner     Vesbridge            Minnentoka, MN
Scott          Litman       Managing Director   SDWA Ventures        Minnesota
Dan            Mallin       Managing Director   SDWA Ventures        Minnesota
Peter          Zugschwert   Founder             Speedy Lemur         Minnesota
Joy            Lindsay      Co-Founder          StarTec Investments Bloomington, MN
Thomas         Mcleod       Co-Founder          StarTec              Bloomington, MN
Peter          Erickson     Managing Director   Triple Tree          Edina, MN
Kevin          Green        Managing Director   Triple Tree          Edina, MN
David          Henderson    Managing Director   Triple Tree          Edina, MN
Thomas         O'Donnell    Managing Director   Triple Tree          Edina, MN
Joseph         Schiesl      Managing Director   Triple Tree          Edina, MN
Scott          Tudor        Managing Director   Triple Tree          Edina, MN
Jared          Karim        Founder/Partner     Youniversity
Kevin          Hartz        Partner             Youniversity
Keith          Rabois       Partner             Youniversity
                      Investments - Past                         Boards - Past
                      (separate by       Investments - Current   (separate by
Bio                   semicolon)         (separate by semicolon) semicolon)

Example Smith has
helped build and
finance successful
New England-based Google; Facebook Paypal                                   Zynga; Twitter
companies for over
thirty years,
including nineteen
at Ascent.
Art led the investment in Heartland Communications, Asset Recovery Corporation, All-Flex and Circuit Check, and XL Specialized. A
Tom Erickson is a co-founder of Bluestream Ventures and has worked with venture-backed technology startups for the past fifteen y
Raj is a co-founder of BlueStream Ventures and has worked in or with venture-backed technology startups for the past fourteen yea
Prior to joining BlueStream, Connie was a Partner in the Tax Group and co-Chair of the Financial and Estate Planning Practice at th
Steve Sigmond is a venture partner at BlueStream Ventures and has worked with venture-backed technology startups for the past n
Yuval has a long tenure in the venture capital business with a hallmark of working with companies that have the potential to have a
Mark specializes in structuring new investments, assisting portfolio companies with strategic combinations and architecting mergers
Jeff Hinck, a proven technology investor and former start-up company CEO, joined El Dorado Ventures as a General Partner in 200
Tom Peterson is a veteran early-stage technology investor who has been with El Dorado Ventures since 1986. He focuses on early
Mr. Kian Salehi is a co-founder of KASA Capital. Mr. Salehi directs the firms operations and finances.
Mr. Arash Pirzad is a co-founder of KASA Capital. Mr. Pirzad heads the internet technology development of the website network.
Ed is Founder and Chairman of Affinity Capital Management. He is the Managing General Partner of the PSF Health Care Fund, L.P
During her seventeen years at Medtronic she was also President and General Manager of Medtronic's Vascular business and Presi
He also has twelve years of experience with early-stage orthopedic device companies where he led new product development proje
Previously he was an Associate with Validus Partners, a health care focused venture capital group. He has been involved in health
Mr. Christianson has been involved in more than 200 private equity financings, 100 merger and acquisition transactions, and 24 init
Mr. Stofer has been involved in more than 200 private equity financings, 100 merger and acquisition transactions, and 24 initial pub
Her success as a business executive leading operating teams and executing business transactions, together with her appreciation f
Mr. Leaf has directed the origination, portfolio management, and exit of over 40 investments in smaller middle market companies.
He has over 27 years of private equity experience, with a strong focus on the underserved emerging domestic market. Mr. Venegar
Ms. Romlin oversees many of Milestone's portfolio companies, including early stage and expanding businesses. She is responsible
Tim focuses on a broad array of industries and investment types, and his breadth of experience provides NEP with expertise to stru
Tim primarily focuses on management buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth financings within the healthcare, business services, an
John focuses on a broad array of industries and investment types, and his breadth of experience provides NEP with the expertise to
Todd focuses on management buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth financings primarily within the consumer products and service
John focuses on investments across a variety of industry sectors and he frequently works with the management teams of private co
John is actively involved in all activities of the firm's buyout and mezzanine funds. He also works closely with Wells Fargo, the firm's
He helps evaluate and execute new investment opportunities and add-on acquisitions within the healthcare products, services, and
He is directly involved in the identification, qualification, analysis, and closing of both initial company investments and follow-on acqu
He helps NEP evaluate and execute new investment opportunities and add-on acquisitions within the technology and business serv
Bruce brings a wealth of strategy, business development, and entrepreneurial experience to NEP. With his qualifications ranging fro
Joined Oak in 1987 with a focus on retail venture investing after more than 20 years of involvement in the retail industry.
Mr. Perkins was involved in corporate finance and venture capital activities, as well as rendering investment advice to domestic inve
He was employed as a financial analyst for Perkins and Partners, Inc., Wayzata, Minnesota, until co-founding Perkins Capital Management, Inc.
Rothweiler has an extensive corporate background not only with clients raising capital, but also those growing thro
Lehrman has an extensive background as an attorney, business advisor, private investor, and board member invol
His background includes over 10 years as President and CEO of Computer Network Technology (CNT), as well as founder and CE
Mr. Brimacomb has helped numerous companies develop into “investment grade” opportunities, attract funding and create sharehol
His focus centered on creating systems and processes that allowed the parent companies and channel partners to grow exponentia
Buzz is a founding member of SightLine Partners. He focuses on emerging companies across the medical technology industry.
Maureen is a founding member of SightLine Partners. She is responsible for all financial reporting and operational support for SightL
He is a Director of Bloomington, Minnesota-based Venture Bank and has been active on the boards of more than twenty public and
Gorman focuses on investments in software and internet services companies based in Minnesota and the surrounding region.
Jim focuses on software and services companies, which are enabled by ubiquitous low-cost computing and communications connec
While his investing purview spans the country, Dave focuses particularly on the strong medical technology industry in Minnesota.
Bryson was a Senior Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking at Dain Rauscher Wessels, now RBC Capital Markets, wh
Don is a Venture Partner and consultant to Technology Venture Partners, LLC, specifically engaged in the areas of strategy, leader
Ryan is specifically involved in the due diligence, financial structuring, merger and acquisition assessment and evaluation of TVP's
Jeff’s career in technology has been principally as a venture capitalist and a consultant to Fortune 500 companies.
Zenas has been involved with high-tech venture companies since 1981 as an investor, board member, CEO and consultant. Before
Staffan comes to Vesbridge from SPVC, where he had been a Venture Partner since 2000. Prior to joining SPVC, Staffan was with
Tom came to Vesbridge from SPVC, where he has been a venture partner since retiring from British Telecom in 2000. Tom has bee
Scott Litman is an entrepreneur and visionary leader who has spent nearly 20 years growing fledgling businesses into industry powe
For nearly 20 years, Dan Mallin has established a solid track record in creating, growing and transforming businesses through his ro
Mr. Zugschwert has served as the CFO of early stage ventures in the software, hardware, business process outsourcing, web hostin
President and Co-Founder of
He had a long
As a Managing Partner, Peter helps lead TripleTree's transaction and advisory services in healthcare with an emphasis in the firm’s
Kevin advises companies on maximizing the value of their firm by leveraging 25 plus years of operational, M&A and capital raising e
He has assisted numerous business owners and executive teams in planning and executing successful transaction strategies to cre
He currently serves as a director of Medicalis and Wing Aviation. Tad brings more than 15 years of principal investment experience
A natural leader with a successful track record in business turnaround and integration, achieving high growth in multiple technology
Scott has worked on over forty transactions with primary emphasis on IT Outsourcing & Managed Services, Healthcare IT, and Tech
Jawed Karim is a co-founder of the popular video sharing website YouTube. Karim had been attending the University of Illinois at U
Kevin has been an early-stage investor and advisor to numerous startups, including PayPal, Geni, Friendster, TripIt, Flixster, Adnec
Keith is Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for Slide, where he is responsible for Slide’s corporate strategy and pa
                   Industries (Internet
                   & Mobile, Health
                   Sciences, Clean
                   Tech & Energy,
                   Financial Services,
Boards - Current   Software &
(separate by       Services)
semicolon)         (separate by         Photo                     Blog                Website

Hot Potato         Internet & Mobile; Software & Services                              http://www.ascentvp.com

                                        arthur-monaghan.jpg                           http://www.graniteequity.com/art.htm
                                        tom-erickson.jpg                              http://www.bluestreamventures.com/team/m
                                        raj-gollamudi.jpg                             http://www.bluestreamventures.com/team/m
                                        constance-                                    http://www.bluestreamventures.com/team/m
                                        steve-sigmond.jpg                             http://www.bluestreamventures.com/team/m
                                        yuval-almog.jpg                               http://www.coralcm.com/team/yuvalalmog.h
                                        mark-headrick.jpg                             http://www.coralcm.com/team/markheadric
                                        jeff-hinck.jpg                                http://www.eldorado.
                                        tom-peterson.jpg                              http://www.eldorado.
                                        kian-salehi.jpg                               http://kasacapital.co
                                        arash-pirzad-allaei.jpg                       http://kasacapital.co
                                        edson-spencer.jpg                             http://www.affinityca
                                        bkristine-johnson.jpg                         http://www.affinityca
                                        serafin-samson.jpg                            http://www.affinityca
                                        gregory-glarner.jpg                           http://www.affinityca
                                        tony-christianson.jpg                         http://www.cherrytre
                                        gordon-stofer.jpg                             http://www.cherrytre
                                        leslie-frecon.jpg                             http://www.lfecapital.
                                        ron-leaf.jpg                                  http://www.lfecapital.
                                        richard-venegar.jpg                           http://www.milestonegrowth.com/About/rich
                                        judy-romlin.jpg                               http://www.milestonegrowth.com/about/judy
                                        timothy-devries.jpg                           http://www.nep.com/our_team/partners/bios
                                        timothy-kuehl.jpg                             http://www.nep.com/our_team/partners/bios
                                        john-lindahl.jpg                              http://www.nep.com/our_team/partners/bios
                                        todd-solow.jpg                                http://www.nep.com/our_team/partners/bios
                                        john-thomson.jpg                              http://www.nep.com/our_team/partners/bios
                                        john-whaley.jpg                               http://www.nep.com/our_team/partners/bios
                                        dan-gladney.jpg                               http://www.nep.com/our_team/operating_pa
                                        john-hale.jpg                                 http://www.nep.com/our_team/operating_pa
                                        jim-lindner.jpg                               http://www.nep.com/our_team/operating_pa
                                        bruce-lohn.jpg                                http://www.nep.com/our_team/operating_pa
                                        jerry-gallagher.jpg                           http://www.oakvc.com/team/detail/jerry-gall
                                        richard-perkins.jpg                           http://www.perkinscapital.com/rperkins.htm
                                        daniel-perkins.jpg                            http://www.perkinscapital.com/dperkins.htm
                                        beatrice-rothweiler.jpg                       http://www.portagecapital.com/bio_bea.htm
                                        bradley-lehrman.jpg                           http://www.portagecapital.com/bio_brad.htm
cmackenzie-lewis.jpg                          http://www.sherpapartners.com/
richard-brimacomb.jpg                         http://www.brimacomb.com
steven-pederson.jpg                           http://www.sherpapartners.com/
buzz-benson.jpg                               http://www.sightlinepartners.com/
maureen-harder.jpg                            http://www.sightlinepartners.com/our_team
paul-knapp.jpg                                http://www.scvinc.com/leadership.html
michael-gorman.jpg                            http://www.splitrock.com/page/1/Gorman.js
jim-simons.jpg                                http://www.splitrock.com/page/1/Simons.jsp
dave-stassen.jpg                              http://www.splitrock.com/page/1/Stassen.js
bryson-hollimon.jpg                           http://www.tvp.com/TeamBios.aspx
donald-bossi.jpg                              http://www.tvp.com/TeamBios.aspx
ryan-dibrito.jpg                              http://www.tvp.com/TeamBios.aspx
jeff-hinck.jpg                                http://www.vesbridge.com/team_Jeff.html
zenas-hutcheson.jpg                           http://www.vesbridge.com/team_Zenas.htm
staffan-ericsson.jpg                          http://www.vesbridge.com/team_Staffan.htm
tom-rowbotham.jpg                             http://www.vesbridge.com/team_Tom.html
scott-litman.jpg                              http://www.sdwaventures.com/page/scott_l
dan-mallin.jpg                                http://www.sdwaventures.com/page/dan_m
peter-zugschwert.jpg                          http://www.speedylemur.com/team.html
joy-lindsay.jpg                               http://www.collaborative.net/sponsors/docs
thomas-mcleod.jpg                             http://www.collaborative.net/sponsors/docs
peter-erickson.jpg                            http://www.triple-tree.com/LeadershipDetail
kevin-green.jpg                               http://www.triple-tree.com/LeadershipDetail
david-henderson.jpg                           http://www.triple-tree.com/LeadershipDetail
thomas-odonnell.jpg                           http://www.triple-tree.com/LeadershipDetail
joseph-schiesl.jpg                            http://www.triple-tree.com/LeadershipDetail
scott-tudor.jpg                               http://www.triple-tree.com/LeadershipDetail
jared-kawim.jpg                               http://www.youniversityventures.com/jawed
kevin-hartz.jpg                               http://www.kevinhartz.com/
keith-rabois.jpg                              http://www.youniversityventures.com/keith.
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http://www.ascentvp.com/portfolio              http://thefunded.com/whatever

                     http://twitter.com/dic                        om/pub/walter-
                     kwalter                                       dick/0/31a/50         617-720-9400
                     http://twitter.com/ArtandArthur               http://www.linkedin.com/pub/art-monaghan/4/b20/109
                     http://twitter.com/to                         http://www.linkedin.com/pub/tom-erickson/0/22/a2b
                     http://twitter.com/jjhi                                               650-854-1200
                     http://twitter.com/To                                                 650-854-1200
                     http://twitter.com/frie                       http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kian-salehi/11/18/848

                     http://twitter.com/gfs                        http://www.linkedin.com/pub/gordon-stofer-iii/14/202/505
                     http://twitter.com/ron                        http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ron-leaf/6/577/338
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http://twitter.com/jawedkarim       http://www.linkedin.com/in/jawedkarim
http://twitter.com/kevinhartz       http://www.linkedin.com/in/hartz
http://twitter.com/rabois           http://www.linkedin.com/in/keith
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255 State Street,
5th Floor, Boston,
MA 02109                                      Y









                   Type (Angel,
                   Venture Capital
                   Fund, Seed Fund,
                   University Fund, or
                   (separate by
Firm/Group Name    semicolon)          Founders   Bio                    Investments - Past
                                                  Village Ventures is
                                                  a seed and early
                                                  stage venture
                                                  capital firm focusing
                                                  on the consumer
                                                  media/retail and
                     Venture Capital              financial services
Village Ventures     Fund; Seed Fund              sectors.
3C Capital Partners Angel Group                   3C Capital Partners is an investment fund made up of local profess
BlueStream VenturesVenture Capital Fund           a venture capital partnership focused on technology companies in c
Coral Group          Venture Capital              Coral Group is a leading venture capital firm focused on technology
Crawford Capital     Venture Capital              Crawford Capital Corp. (CCC) assists early stage businesses in rai
El Dorado Ventures Venture Capital                El Dorado Ventures (EDV) is a leading early-stage venture capital f
Huckleberry          Venture Capital              Huckleberry
KASA Capital         Venture Capital              KASA Capital has leveraged the power of the Web to create a uniq
MacroVentures        Venture Capital              MacroVentures invests seed stage capital in high potential startups
                     Venture Capital
Minnesota Venture Capital Association             The Minnesota Venture Capital Association is a not-for-profit group
Affinity Capital     Venture Capital              Affinity is currently investing its fifth fund, Affinity Capital V. We see
Cargill Ventures     Venture Capital              Cargill Ventures is now part of Black River Asset Management LLC
Cherry Tree          Venture Capital              Cherry Tree is a financial advisory firm offering investment banking
LFE Capital          Venture Capital              LFE Capital is a private equity fund manager that provides flexible
Milestone Growth     Venture Capital              Founded in 1990, Milestone Growth Fund began with a modest $1.
                     Venture Capital
Norwest Equity Partners                           Since 1961 NEP has built a reputation for quality investments and e
Rain Source Capital Angel Group                   RAIN Source Capital works with interested angel investors to estab
Oak Investment       Venture Capital              Oak Investment Partners is a multi-stage venture capital firm. The p
Perkins Capital      Venture Capital              The firm's approach to equity investments is primarily to
Portage Capital      Venture Capital              Portage Capital is a
Sherpa Partners      Venture Capital              Sherpa Partners, LLC is a Minneapolis-based venture capital firm f
Slight Line Partners Venture Capital              SightLine Partners manages venture funds that invest in promising
Space Center         Venture Capital              SCV's portfolio companies are involved in several industries: bio-te
Split Rock Partners Venture Capital               Split Rock Partners invests in emerging healthcare, software and In
Technology Venture Partners Capital               Technology Venture Partners, LLC (TVP) is a private investment fir
Twin Cities Angels Angel Group                    Village Ventures is a seed and early stage venture capital firm focu
Vesbridge            Venture Capital              Vesbridge Partners is the former Networking & IT team of St. Paul
SDWA Ventures        Venture Capital              SDWA seeks out opportunities to utilize our experience as entrepre
                     Venture Capital
Social Venture Partners                           Social Venture Partners Minnesota is an entrepreneurial organizati
Speedy Lemur         Venture Capital              Speedy Lemur provides between $10,000 and $500,000 of royalty
StarTec Investments Venture Capital               StarTec Investments, LLC. is a private venture capital firm founded
Triple Tree          Venture Capital              TripleTree provides mid-market healthcare and technology busines
Youniversity VenturesUniversity Fund;             According to its website, the fund “is focused on former and current
Investments - Current   Logo                Blog                 Website

                        village-ventures.jpg                      ntures.com/
                        3capital-partners.jpg                     http://3ccapital.ange
                        bluestream-ventures.jpg                   http://www.bluestreamventures.com/
                        coral-group.jpg                           http://www.coralcm.
                        eldorado.jpg                              http://www.eldorado.com/index.php
                        huckleberry-                              http://huckventures.com/
                        kasa-capital.jpg                          http://kasacapital.com/
                        macro-ventures.jpg                        http://www.macroventuresinc.com/early-stage-startup-seed-ca
                        minnesota-                                http://mnvca.org/
                        affinity-capital.jpg                      http://www.affinitycapital.net/index.htm
                        cargill-ventures.jpg                      http://www.cargillventures.com/index.htm
                        cherry-tree.jpg                           http://www.cherrytree.com/
                        lfe-capital.jpg                           http://www.lfecapital.com/
                        milestone-                                http://www.milestonegrowth.com/
                        nep.jpg                                   http://www.nep.com/
                        rainsource-                               http://www.rainsourcecapital.com/
                        oakinvestment.jpg                         http://www.oakvc.com/
                        perkins-capital.jpg                       http://www.perkinscapital.com/pcm.htm
                        portage-capital.jpg                       http://www.portagecapital.com/
                        sherpa-partners.jpg                       http://www.sherpapartners.com/
                        slightline-                               http://www.sightlinepartners.com/
                        splitrock-                                http://www.splitrock.com/page/1/home.jsp
                        technology-                               http://www.tvp.com/
                        twin-cities-                              http://www.tcangels.com/Index.html
                        vesbridge.jpg                             http://www.vesbridge.com/
                        sdwa-ventures.jpg                         http://www.sdwaventures.com/
                        social-venture.jpg                        http://svpmn.org/
                        speedy-lemur.jpg                          http://www.speedylemur.com/home.html
                        startec-                                  http://www.collaborative.net/sponsors/docs/StarTec.pdf
                        tripletree.jpg                            http://www.triple-tree.com/
                        youniversity-                             http://www.youniversityventures.com/
Portfolio URL         Twitter URL             TheFunded URL    LinkedIn URL         Phone

http://www.villageve                          d.com/funds/show/V http://www.linkedin.c
ntures.com/?page_i http://twitter.com/vill illage+Ventures%2C om/companies/villag
d=69                  ageventures             +Inc.               e-ventures            (413) 458-1100
http://www.bluestreamventures.com/portfolio/companies.html                              (651)-967-5055
http://www.coralcm. http://twitter.com/cor                                              (612)335-8668                                                          (612)-676-1436
http://www.eldorado.com/portfolio.php                                                   (952) 995-7499
                      http://twitter.com/HuckVentures             http://www.linkedin.com/companies/huckleberry
http://kasacapital.com/portfolio.htm                                                    612-524-5460
http://www.macroventuresinc.com/holdings-portfolio-companies/ http://www.linkedin.com/companies/1147551
http://www.affinitycapital.net/our_portfolio.htm                                        612-252-9911

http://www.lfecapital.com/portfolio.aspx                                             612-752-1809
http://www.nep.com/portfolio/                                                        612-215-1600
http://www.rainsourcecapital.com/portfolio.cfm                                       612-632-2145
http://www.perkinscapital.com/invphil.htm                                            952-473+8367
http://www.sightlinepartners.com/portfolio_companies.html                            612-465-0600
http://www.splitrock.com/page/1/our_portfolio.jsp                                    952-995-7475
http://www.vesbridge.com/portfolio.html                                              952-995-7493
                      http://twitter.com/SVPMinnesota                                (952) 844-5230

                      http://twitter.com/tripletreellc         http://www.linkedin.com/companies/65863
                    HQ (Location)

Email Address

                    New York, NY

                     Stillwater, MN
                     Minneapolis, MN
pc@crawcap.com       Minneapolis, MN
bizplans@eldorado.comMinnetonka, MN
info@huckventures.comMinneapolis, MN
                     Minneapolis, MN
                     St. Paul,
info@macroventuresinc.com MN
                     Minneapolis, MN
                     Minneapolis, MN
                     Minnetonka, MN
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