Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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					Diary of a Wimpy Kid

   By. Matthew Graves
Greg is asleep until his brother wakes up to go to school.
He gets ready and eats his breakfast until his yells at
him for waking him up in the morning. He tells his dad
that Roderick wakes him up, but he is a sleep. He goes
to school, but it just got worst until his mom says good-
bye in a bad way. His friend, Rowdy, asked him to come
over and play. Now Greg tells him never say play again at
school. And when he sits around some people he is stuck
there forever.
On Halloween they trick or treating. They go around the
neighbor hood until a couple of guys in a pick up truck try to
get them wet. The guys go after Greg and Rowdy but, they go
in Greg’s grandmother’s house. They make fun of them when
leave and run to his house. They made it alive, but not the
candy after Greg’s dad splashed them. When he goes to
school his grandmother’s house is trashed.
When they get back to school their friends gets rock.
They fight at the black top right next to moldy cheese.
Greg takes the blame for eating the cheese their
friends is restored.

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