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Data backup Service!

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Secure your data in future, avoid any unforeseen circumstances, data back
service will help you store your data securely and recover in times of

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Get your confidential data secured with the help of fully automated back
up. Such automated back ups can eliminate the need for traditional tape
based back up solutions. Data is stored in remote mirrored locations for
resilience. If the back-up is too large to transfer over the available
bandwidth, a snapshot is created and saved to a physical device, which is
then uploaded to the back-up platform.

Data back up and Recovery!

The backup process starts after the installation and registration of
backup software on the user's system. The backup process automatically
detects important data files that are located anywhere on your hard disk
and creates a backup set. You can fine-tune your backup set by adding and
deselecting files and folders.

Back ups are quick and efficient, even over a dial up connection!
After the file selection is made you can initiate the backup process at
any time. The initial backup will be the most time consuming since you
must transfer all of your files to the data center. Online backup process
has features such as Send-Once technology and file compression to perform
this transfer as efficiently as possible. Easy backup utility unlike the
conventional back up makes your backup process quick and very easy to
perform. The Backup Solution software can store multiple versions of each
file backed up during the last three months. This backup restore utility
allows you to quickly restore a prior version of a file if an accident
occurs overwriting a file template without changing the name.

Our scheduled, unattended backup process assures that backup occurs
regularly and with certainty. Our backup software is smart enough to tune
the backup process, it can happen automatically on a schedule, can be
initiated by the users, or can be configured to occur in the background
whenever a traveling computer is connected to the Internet.

What happens in case of emergency?
If data from your computer, laptop, PDA or mobile phone is ever lost,
stolen or corrupted, Data back up and recovery ensures that there is
always a current copy available for immediate retrieval. All you have to
do is simply select the data you want to restore, be it a single
document, digital photos, music files or your entire hard drive, then
select OK and watch a copy instantly return to your computer. It's that
easy. Such data back up services automatically archives 30 previous
copies of your data, so if you ever get a virus, you can go back in time
and retrieve a clean copy that was made before the attack. Try online to
find out how you can get your data recovered on time.

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