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					    |   annual report         |       honor roll of gifts          |   2009   |

|   |      virginia home for boys and girls                                   |
                        Serving Children and Families Since 1846
u Expansion of our services over the years has allowed
   VHBG to serve more children and families and to
   share the deep knowledge and experience that
   comes with over 160 years of compassion and care.
|       challenge              |         change            |        growth            |       progress             |

Friends,                                                                                                                  u Since 1846 when
                                                                                                                              a concerned group
    In this Annual Report we gratefully recognize the generosity of so many who made financial contributions,                 of citizens began
presented children and their families with opportunities, donated their time and service and so much more to                  the Male Orphan
support our mission.                                                                                                          Asylum, one constant
    Thanks to our donors’ encouragement and caring through the years, VHBG has continually been able to                       about Virginia Home
adapt to meet the challenges of the times. But we have done so much more than adapt. We have evolved and                      for Boys and Girls
grown to meet the ever-changing needs of children and families in our community. Your contributions allow us                  has been our ability
to provide kids and families with the tools of a lifetime – setting goals, enhancing structure, navigating difficult          to adapt according
circumstances and gaining hope for the future.                                                                                to the changing
    At VHBG, we are committed to building a system of services to support and strengthen families with children.              needs of the children
During the past year, we established the framework to add Foster Care and Intensive In-Home Care services to                  and families we serve.
our existing programs. And we’re not finished. We will continue to move forward as an industry leader, determined
to protect more children from abuse and neglect and connect them to caring, permanent families.
    When children and families have the means and methods to build strong skills, anything is possible. On the
following pages you will read the stories of some lives we have touched and the remarkable progress the
individuals are making. Just remember that you had a big part in their success.
    Thank you for providing hope and strength for children and families in our community.


Duane Deskevich                    Christopher E.C. Schultz, M.A.
Chair, Board of Governors          President

Cover Images – We have come a long way from our roots                          Over 240 guests attended
                                                                                                          Band Together which rais
as an orphanage in 1846. Continue to make the journey                                                                             ed more than
                                                                               $45,000 for the children
                                                                                                        and families of VHBG.
with us as VHBG embraces the challenges and opportunities
to serve children and families today and in the future.

    u VHBG offers strength and hope to children and families in our communities,
        empowering them to achieve greater success.
                            |    maria        |            ConFidenCe                    |   matt      |           Family Support                    |

u On any day, there             Maria is a 17-year-old girl from Central America.                For Matt the “teens” did not just mean a time of life,
   are about 500,000        Fearful for her life, and exhausted from the physical,           but measured how many different places he had lived
   children and youth       sexual, and emotional abuse of a forced marriage,                prior to coming to VHBG. In his 15 years, Matt had
   in the foster care       Maria escaped the relationship and fled to the United            been in foster care, detention, hospitals, and residential
   system – through         States. Along the way she experienced further abuse,             settings 13 times. His mother worked hard to raise
   no fault of their own.   trauma, and exploitation by two different human                  Matt, but struggled with depression and traumatic
   They have been           trafficking groups. She resided in several different             stress due to extreme domestic violence. School was
   removed from their       programs before finding refuge at VHBG.                          difficult for Matt as he reacted emotionally in the
   parents because              Maria is a survivor, a strong and brave young                classroom. At home, he would become frustrated and
   they have been           woman, who at last feels safe and protected from the             lash out violently. Brief stays in hospitals and treatment
   abused, neglected,       terrors of her former life. She is engaging with peers           centers created periods of change, none lasting
   abandoned or             and staff despite the language barrier in the group              however, until Matt found his way to VHBG.
   exploited.               home. She is excited about school and aspires to be                  He attended John G. Wood School on campus and
                            a lawyer one day. Maria has been described by her                slowly began to engage with others and respond to
                            Teaching-Parents as a role model for her peers. She              questions in the classroom. His success there gave
                            has ongoing contact with her family back in her home             him confidence to begin to reach out to his Teaching-
                                                             country. And while she          Parents. Matt showed us his rage, breaking furniture
                                                             worries often about their       and lashing out verbally at staff, but began to learn
                                                             well being, it reassures        that his actions came with rational consequences.
                                                            her to be able to tell           He learned that adults could hold him accountable
                                                            them that at VHBG she            for his behavior and not lash out at him in the same
                                                            is free from danger and          reactive way.
                                                            is getting the help she              These parenting skills were shared with Matt’s
                                                           needs to lead a happy,            family, which now consisted of mother, stepfather,
                                                           healthy life.                                                    and little brother. Their
                                                                                                                             confidence grew as their
                                                                                                                             parenting skills grew.
                                                                                                                             Matt was able to go
                                                                                                                              home to them for brief,
                                                                                                                              then longer periods of
                                                                                                                              time. Each successful
                                                                                                                              visit home began to

                                                                                                                               reunite a family that
            u                                                                                                                  had been fractured
                                                                                                                                for many years. Matt
                                                                                                                                has now returned
                                                                                                                                home to a stronger,
                                                                                                                                 more hopeful family

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                                 u In 2008 of the 1,823,201 children in Virginia, 6,413 were victims of abuse and neglect.
|   samet       |            Full heart                     |     denise       |          SelF-eSteem                |

    When he was only five-years-old, Samet saw his                  Parents teach children many things. Denise’s           u The United States
mother die in a Sudanese detainment camp where                  parents taught her how to run away from life. She was         spends roughly
they had been imprisoned because of their ethnic                abandoned at birth and was moved around between               $258 million each day
heritage. “Cultural” relatives were able to bring him           various family members who did their best, but were           as a result of child
to the United States, but because they were not legal           unable to care for her. As she grew up, Denise always         abuse and neglect.
relatives, he was separated from them and placed in             seemed to be looking for something that was missing.
the custody of a child welfare agency. Sadly for Samet,         She tried to run away from authority and rules, and
this meant losing all connections to his cultural and           found herself in the company of strangers who always
biological relatives, native culture and language.              extracted a “price” for having her around. She tried to
    During the next nine years Samet endured 11                 run away from loss and sadness, only to lash out in
placements, including 10 foster homes and one group             defiant ways which brought her criminal assault and
home. Finally, at age 14, Samet came to Virginia                property destruction charges. The alcohol and drugs
Home for Boys and Girls, his 12th placement in only             Denise used never made the pain stop and
nine years.                                                     started a downward spiral of poor self-care
    At VHBG, Samet experienced some success but                 and lower self-esteem. Running through
still struggled. This time was different though – the           life, Denise passed through group homes,
Teaching-Parents didn’t kick him out or give up on              hospitals, and detention centers, running
him. Samet was finally able to admit that he refused            away from any placement she could. She
to allow himself to connect with a foster family                was placed at VHBG with her counselor’s
because he felt that would mean betraying his birth             best wishes that we be able to “at least
family. He felt lonely and abandoned. In one therapy            hold her a while.”
session, the lanky 14-year-old curled up in the fetal               Three months have gone by and
position and with tears streaming down his face cried,          Denise seems to be cautiously resting.
“No one in this whole country shares my blood – you             There have been moments of grief,
have no idea how lonely that is. No one shares my blood.”       anger, and defiance; however, she has
    Samet’s anguish led his VHBG therapist to contact
his former custodial agency and eventually locate the
                                                                begun to accept gentle redirection and
                                                                participate in the family-style living
                                                                                                                       u Denise
cultural grandmother who brought Samet to the U.S.              offered in the Girls’ Home. She has
Following the emotional reunion with her, he spread             started to reach out to others in
his arms and exclaimed, “Last night I had a hole in my          conversation and activity and her social skills are
heart this big,” and then                                                                      improving along with
dropping his arms to his sides                                                                 her self-care. Denise’s
said, “And now it is full.”                                                                    running now consists
    Now Samet believes that                                                                    of up and down the
he is ready to live in a foster                                                                basketball court and
family because, as he says,                                                                    out the door in the
“Now that I know my family,                                                                    morning to get to
I am ready to be a part of                                                                     school on time.
someone else’s family, too.”

                                                                                                                                    page 3

                                            u  Samet
                               |      learning            |   practice          |     achievement                 |        dedication   |

u Every 40 seconds a
   child is confirmed as
   abused or neglected.

                                                               John G. Wood School soccer team took second place in the
                                                               RASSL league.

                                                                                      John G. Wood teacher Bobbie Chance presents
                                                                                      Michael with the English award at graduation
The annual Christmas party is a high                                                  in June.
                                    light of the season
for VHBG kids and families.

         page 4
                                                                                                            staff at the
                                                                         ol hosted an open house for VHBG
                                        The students at John G. Wood Scho
                                        start of the school year.
|    honor roll of gifts                     |     This honor roll represents contributions made between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009.                         |

wilton society           |       $10,000 +   Mr. & Mrs. James R. Sledd                  Mr. & Mrs. Rodney M. Poole                 Mr. Eric J. Hieber
                                             Target Community Relations                 Portland General Electric Co.              Hirschler Fleischer
Mr. & Mrs. Tiffany B. Armstrong              TerraForge Communities, Inc                Potomac Steel & Supply, Inc.               Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Holdych
Alice W. Bryan Trust                         Timmons Group, Inc.                        Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Potter                Innsbrook Rotary Club
The Community Foundation                     Robert Treakle Trust                       Mr. & Mrs. Gary S. Powers                  John W. Montague, Jr., Inc.
Durham Foundation                            Virginia Home for Boys & Girls Auxiliary   Pruitt Properties, Inc.                    Mr. L. C. Jones III
Estate of Ann Nock Epes                      Mr. & Mrs. Russell G. Wyatt                Mr. & Mrs. Duane H. Ragsdale               Mr. and Mrs. Chip Klass
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Mead Ferguson                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Doug Sandler                    Mrs. Benjamin B. LeCompte Jr.
Mr. Julian P. Garber                                                                    Mrs. Charlotte H. Sayre                    Mr. & Mrs. William B. May Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gottwald                                                           Mr. Christopher E. C. Schultz              David R. McGeorge Car Co., Inc
Greater Richmond Area Golf Charities, Inc.   carneal society           |   $1,000 +     Mr. & Mrs. R. Jack Schweitzer              Ms. Betty Sue McKinley
Mr. & Mrs. Linwood A. Lacy Jr.                                                          Mr. & Mrs. David R. Simonsen Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. McQuade
Massey Foundation                            Ms. Carole P. Ackell                       Mr. & Mrs. Hunter C. Sledd Jr.             Medco
Mrs. John H. McDowell                        Advanced Otolaryngology, P.C.              Mr. & Mrs. James D. Snowa Sr.              Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Moses D. Nunnally, Jr. Charitable Trust      Aon Foundation                             Mrs. W. Preston Stuart Jr.                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mulligan
Paul H. Pusey Foundation                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Armstrong               Swedish Match North America Inc.           Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Nanavati
Mr. William W. Ritter Jr.                    Ayco Charitable Foundation                 Tabb, Brockenbrough & Ragland, LLC         Mr. & Mrs. Carl H. Otto
Robins Foundation                            Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bobinsky                Anne W. Taylor-Reeves Family Trust         Ms. Sakina K. Paige & Mr. Jamal Thomas
G. W. Tiller Trust                           Burford Leimenstoll Foundation             Mrs. Betty M. Thompson                     Mr. Allen Pickels
W. W. Whitlock Memorial Foundation           Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Burke                Truliant Federal Credit Union              Mr. Edward A. Ramsaur
Wilton Development Corp.                     Mr. & Mrs. Langdon T. Christian IV         Universal Leaf Tobacco Co.                 Mr. & Mrs. Warren C. Redfern
                                             Mr. James E. Coffey                        West Broad Honda                           Richmond Corrugated Box Co.
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Jay E. Coffman                  Mr. & Mrs. John T. West IV                 Mr. & Mrs. William R. Robins
                                             Charles F. Cole Charitable Trust           Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Westmoreland         Scott & Stringfellow, Inc.
webb society         |       $5,000 +        ColonialWebb Contractors                   Mr. & Mrs. Matthew White                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Scott
                                             Combined Federal Campaign                  Ms. Katherine M. Whitney &                 Service Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Anonymous                                    Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign            Dr. Sam Abrash                           Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Spratley
BB&T                                         Mrs. Overton D. Dennis Jr.                 Williams & Sherrill                        Mrs. Evelyn R. Stacy
BCG Companies                                Mrs. Mary Ann DeTrana                      Willis HRH                                 SunTrust Bank
Belmont Butchery                             Mr. & Mrs. John C. Dickinson               Mrs. Somers M. Wilton                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Tate Jr.
Bon Secours Richmond                         Dominion Resources Services, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Winks Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. C. Stephen Thomas
Clearview Correspondent Services, LLC        Emerson Companies, LLC                     Mr. & Mrs. John M. Wyatt IV                Mr. E. Hunter Thompson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell               Filtrona Fibertec                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Gary Thompson
Gottwald Foundation                          First Baptist Church Endowment Fund                                                   The Waltie Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Grandis                     First Market Bank                                                                     Western Henrico Rotary Club
The Havens Foundation                        Mr. & Mrs. Mahood Fonville                 wood society         |   $500 +            Mrs. Donna Wheeler
Walter P. Lossing Trust                      Mrs. Margaret M. Franklin                                                             Mr. & Mrs. B. Briscoe White III
Mr. & Mrs. Manoli Loupassi                   Mr. James M. Frye                          All Saints Episcopal Church                Miss Virginia L. White
Elizabeth Schneider Trust                    Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Glessner             Mr. Richard D. Allred                      Mr. & Mrs. James W. Whitten
United Way of Greater Richmond &             Mr. David Gray                             Armstrong Bristow Farley &                 Mr. Kennon C. Whittle Jr.
  Petersburg                                 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence L. Gray                  Schwarzschild PLC                        Dr. & Mrs. Claude M. Wilkinson Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Vaughan III             Mr. Robert T. Greenland                    Bank of America                            Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Williams Jr.
Weinstein Properties                         Mr. & Mrs. Bryan B. Gresham Jr.            Bank of America United Way Campaign        Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Works III
WellPoint Foundation                         Mr. & Mrs. Stokes Grymes                   Mr. Jeffrey Bennett                        Mr. Frank J. Wyatt
The Wilton Companies                         Harris Williams & Company                  Robert Blair Foundation                    Mr. & Mrs. John A. Wyatt
Mr. & Mrs. E. Carlton Wilton Sr.             Herndon Foundation                         Blue Goose International – Virginia Pond
Wise Foundation                              Mr. & Mrs. George P. Hester                Brandermill Rotary Club
Mr. & Mrs. Watson H. Wright                  Mr. & Mrs. Anderson Hughes                 Mr. & Mrs. John D. Bristow
21 Webb Society                              ISACA Virginia Chapter                     Mr. & Mrs. J. Stewart Bryan III            gill society       |   $250 +
                                             Ms. Geraldine Jenkins                      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Bryan III
                                             Mr. & Mrs. L. Howard Jenkins III           Car Pool LLC                               Mr. & Mrs. James E. Abbe IV
                                             Mr. & Mrs. Stanley B. Jones Jr.            Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Catlett Jr.          Mr. & Mrs. David Aldridge
amelia &                                     Kiwanis Club of North Richmond             Cawthorn, Picard & Rowe, P.C.              Anonymous Stock Gift
meadow society               |    $2,500 +   Mr. Kent LaMotta                           Mr. & Mrs. James T. Clark                  Mr. & Mrs. Jeff T. Armstrong
                                             Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lewis Jr.              Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Clevenger             Mr. & Mrs. Troy C. Baldridge
Mr. James P. Belk                            Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Lewis                Mr. & Mrs. John C. Crump III               Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Bartzen Jr.
Mr. Joseph P. Brooks                         Local Governments and Schools              Mr. Dewey Daniel                           Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Berling
Mr. & Ms. Duane A. Deskevich                   United Way Campaign                      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Dillon III            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Bliley Jr.
Drs. William J. & Mary Ann Frable            Lowe, Brockenbrough & Co.                  Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Dolin                Mr. & Mrs. Lewis T. Booker
Frank J. Hudak Jr. Christmas House           Mr. & Mrs. John C. Maxwell Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. Lemuel L. Doss III              Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Bor
Franklin Federal Savings & Loan Assoc.       Mr. William T. McCann Jr.                  Elks Lodge #45                             Mr. & Mrs. Churchill G. Bowles
Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Hooker                  McGuire Woods LLP                          EMC Mechanical Services                    Mr. & Mrs. James R. Boykin
Mr. & Mrs. Miles C. Johnston Jr.             Meridian Construction Capital, LLC         ESC Restaurants, Inc.                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Bozarth
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert S. King                   Mr. Thomas L. Mountcastle                  Mrs. Beatrice W. Evans                     Brandt Engineering
Koontz-Bryant, P.C.                          Newcomers Club of Richmond                 Ms. Deborah Hackman                        Mr. & Mrs. Turner A. Bredrup
Mr. C. Jeffrey Moore                         Mrs. Charles E. Noell Jr.                  Drs. Linda & Jon Halstead                  Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Brennan
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh W. Owens                     Mr. Richard W. Nuckols                     Mr. & Mrs. William E. Hardy                Mr. & Mrs. Cordell Briggs
Mr. & Mrs. Winston Read                      Old Dominion Brush                         Mrs. H. Hiter Harris Jr.                   Capital Interior Contractors, Inc.
The Rebkee Company                           Parker Orleans Homebuilders, Inc.          Ms. A. Loren Hatcher                       Herbert & Annie Carlton Foundation
Regions Bank                                 Joyce Payne Partners                       Mr. Thomas P. Healy                        Mr. & Mrs. Tazwell M. Carrington IV
Mr. & Mrs. Bradford B. Sauer                 Mrs. Helen M. Poole                        The Herbert Fried Foundation               Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cavanaugh
|    honor roll of gifts             |          We offer our sincerest appreciation to the friends of Virginia Home for Boys and Girls.                   |

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Ciaverelli       Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Lovins           Whitley/Service Roofing & Sheet Metal      Mr. & Mrs. Claude R. Davenport Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Hunter G. Cockrell       Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Lowe               Mr. G. Harrison Whitten Jr.                Ms. Diane Davis
Ms. Alice N. Collins                Luck Stone Foundation, Inc.            Mr. Heyden P. Whittman                     Lee Dickinson
Ms. Catherine Collins               Mrs. Monica Manns                      Mrs. James L. Wiley                        Mr. John G. Dicks
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent M. Conklin       Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Martin               Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Wilkins               Mr. & Mrs. Parker O. Dillard
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Crenshaw           Mr. & Mrs. Everett A. Martin Jr.       Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. Willard III           Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Dillon
Mr. John E. Crowder Jr.             Mr. Stephen P. McCann                  Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Willard              Mr. Kenneth R. Dingee
Crown Automotive Management Co.     Mr. & Mrs. William B. McConnel         Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Williams III          Mr. & Mrs. William R. Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Davenport     Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. McEvoy             Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Wilton                 Dominion Resources, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Davis                Mr. Carl Merat                         Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Wiltshire            Mr. John Doss
Dr. & Mrs. Thorp J. Davis           Mr. David B. Millen                    Winks - Snowa Architects, P.C.             Mr. D. Thomas Doub
Dominion Foundation Matching        Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. Miller Jr.          Mr. & Mrs. Jack Woodfin                    Ms. Patricia H. Dresser
  Gift Program                      Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. Miller           Mr. & Mrs. Madison P. Wootton              Mrs. Anne W. Dudley
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Edmunds           Mr. & Mrs. John H. Milne               Mr. & Mrs. Scott Word                      Mr. Ellis M. Dunkum
Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Elles           Mr. Robert Milner                      Mr. Keith A. Workman                       Ms. Barbara J. Duszak
Mr. & Mrs. Judson Elliott           Mr. Alvin S. Mistr                                                                Duval Search Associates, LLC
Emerald Construction Co.            Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Mitchell                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. Easter
Mr. & Mrs. Dale P. Ennis            Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Moore                                                   Ms. Robin M. Eaton
EVB                                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Morrissette       hoge society        |   $100 +             Mr. & Mrs. Rice Edmonds
Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Farley IV          Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Mosman Jr.                                                   Ms. Katherine D. Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew M. Farley        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Nardone           Altria Group, Inc.                         Mr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Engel
Mr. & Mrs. Will Ferrell             Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Neese            American Legion West Hampton Post #84      Mr. Roy T. Englert
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Foster        Mr. & Mrs. John P. Neuner IV           Mrs. Glinder Atkins                        Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Eure
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Foster          Norman Company, Inc.                   Mr. & Mrs. Alassane Ba                     John B. Eurell Esquire
Mr. & Mrs. F. David Foster          Mr. & Mrs. M. Todd Oney                Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Baltimore             Mr. & Mrs. Dewitt W. Eutsler Jr.
Mr. C. Randy Fralin                 Mr. & Mrs. Houghton Phillips           Mr. & Mrs. John A. Banks III               Mr. & Mrs. E. Donald Farmer
Mrs. Ann Bemiss Fry                 Ms. Karen C. Price                     Mr. Michael S. Beall                       Mrs. Virginia S. Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Buddy Garbett            Mr. & Mrs. Srinivas B. Pulavarti       Mr. & Mrs. Wyatt S. Beazley IV             Mrs. Barbara H. Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. Cary L. Gentry           Puritan Cleaners                       Mr. & Mrs. Hilaire E. Beck III             Mr. & Mrs. John R. Franklin
Gestalt Partners LLC                Mr. & Mrs. Biff Pusey                  Mr. William J. Belanich                    Mrs. Beverley J. Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Gilson        Mrs. Frances V. Rawlings               Ms. Nancy C. Bell                          Mr. & Mrs. Muscoe R. H. Garnett
Ms. Nancy S. Graham                 Mr. & Mrs. John B. Reece               S. F. Berger Company, Inc                  Mr. & Mrs. Oswald F. Gasser Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gil Grattan              Mr. & Mrs. J. M.R. Reed                Dr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Bisese               Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan S. Geldzahler
Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Greenberg Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Scott Reed                  Mr. Robert P. Black                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Gibson
Ms. Teresa Gregory                  Dr. & Mrs. Bobbie L. Roberts           Mr. John W. Bottger                        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Gillelan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Habgood        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Roberts           Ms. Melissa P. Bowen-Rees                  Mr. William M. Gilliam
Ms. Maren A. Hackley                Mrs. Martha N. Robertson               Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Bowles                 Mr. & Mrs. William G. Gilmore
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Hafele Sr.     Mr. Robert V. Robertson                Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Bowles                Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Goodykoontz III
Ms. N. Montine Hall                 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Rogers          Mr. & Mrs. J. P. McGuire Boyd              Mr. Elmon T. Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Brenton S. Halsey        Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ruth                  Mr. & Mrs. Alex Brackett                   Greek Orthodox Cathedral Philoptochos
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Harrison       Mr. & Mrs. James E. Ryan Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Brammer                Society
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Hatcher Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. J. Timothy Sexton           Mrs. Lillian H. Britton                    Mr. John Greer
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Henderer           Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Shaheen          Mr. & Mrs. Alvin M. Brooks                 Mr. Leo T. Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Alan C. Hess             Mr. & Mrs. James J. Shannon            Mrs. Bliss Brown                           Mr. & Mrs. Garth E. Griffith
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Hill III        Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Shipp Sr.        Mr. George W. Bryant Jr.                   Mr. & Mrs. Harold P. Guarnieri
Mr. Lawrence G. Hincker             Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Smith Jr.        Drs. Linda & George Bugbee                 Mr. John A. Gurkin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Hintz          Dr. Gayle P. Smith & Mr. Leigh Smith   Dr. Walter E. Bundy III                    Mr. & Mrs. James C. Hamilton Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Hopper           Mr. & Mrs. Julious P. Smith            Mr. & Mrs. Gerry R. Burgess                Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Hamlett Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Garrett Horsley       Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Steinbrugge       Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Bushnell III             Mr. & Mrs. William S. Hanna
Ms. Nancy D. Horst                  Mr. & Mrs. Brude D. Stoever            Mr. & Mrs. David P. Butler                 Mrs. Louise P. Harris
Ms. Celeste Howell                  Mr. Alfred L. Stratford III            Ms. Eda H. Cabaniss                        Mr. R. Reese Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Hunter        Mr. & Mrs. Barry Stump                 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher F. Caesar           Ms. Joan Harrison
Mr. Thomas C. Hunter                Mr. & Mrs. Dale V. Svor                Mr. & Mrs. William H. Caldwell             Mrs. Sarah S. Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Beau P. Hurst            Mr. & Mrs. Stanton Thalhimer           Mrs. Anne L. Campana                       Ms. Elizabeth G. Hester
Mr. & Mrs. Christian L. Hyman       Theodore F. Adams Sunday School        Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Caravati Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Ingram          Ms. P. Lynn Thomas                     Mr. & Mrs. James P. Carreras Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Holbrook
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Jennings III   Mr. Carter P. Thompson                 Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Carroll                 Dr. William E. Holland
Dr. & Mrs. E. Forrest Jessee Jr.    Mr. & Mrs. Jason F. Thompson           Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Carter Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. David O. Holman
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Jobe         Mr. & Mrs. Matthew G. Thompson Sr.     Ms. Emily E. Carter                        Mrs. Alethea Hoppe
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Johnson          Mr. & Mrs. W. Price Timmerman IV       Dr. & Mrs. F. Allen Cavedo                 Mr. Keith Hoppe
Mr. John Johnson                    Ms. Antionette Trammell                Central Virginia Chapter – The Institute   Mr. & Mrs. Jasper P. Horne III
Mr. Robert W. Jorgenson             Mr. & Mrs. Birck P. Turnbull             of Internal Auditors                     Dr. J. Shelton Horsley III
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jozwicki            United Way                             Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Chappell                  Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Howard
Kanawha Land Company, LC            United Way of Central Maryland         Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Charnoff              Humphrey Electric Co., Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Shaival J. Kapadia       UnitedHealth Group                     Mr. & Mrs. L. Haden Christian              Infiniti Richmond
Mr. Robert Larkin                   Mr. & Mrs. E. Massie Valentine         Mr. & Mrs. Randolph W. Church Jr.          Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Isbell
Mr. & Mrs. F. Carter Leake          Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Valentine         Mrs. Catherine R. Claiborne                Mr. J. W. James Jr.
Lee Hy Paving Corporation           Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Walker           Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc.     Ms. Elizabeth C. Jarrett
Ms. Barbara S. Leedom               Mr. Charles H. Wheeler IV              Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign          Mr. & Mrs. Jerry H. Johnson
Linhart Foundation                  Mr. G. Scott White                     Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Crane                 Mr. & Mrs. Lunsford Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Lockard             Ms. Roxie H. White                     Mr. Randolph Currin Jr.                    Patsy R. Joyner, Ed.D.
|    honor roll of gifts                |                                 Your generous gifts make success stories happen.                                      |

Kiwanis of Tappahannock                Mr. & Mrs. Barry E. Saunders               Mr. Charles L. Blair                  Mr. & Mrs. William F. Forrest
Mr. & Mrs. Leighton Klevana            Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Schleede               Mr. Christopher Blankenship           Mr. John R. Foster Jr.
Mr. Peter A. Kolbe                     Ms. Carolyn K. Schmitt                     Mrs. Barbara Blanton                  Fralin Family Living Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Brockenbrough H. Lamb Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schultz                   Mrs. Muriel Blaser                    Mrs. James T. Francis
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Larus               Mr. & Mrs. Reed Schweickert                Mr. William R. Blaylock               Mr. & Mrs. Laurence W. Fredrick
Dr. & Mrs. Walter Lawrence Jr.         Mr. Alvin Scott                            Mr. & Mrs. James H. Boehling          Mr. & Mrs. Ralph P. Freeman
Mr. Hugh K. Leary                      Mr. William F. Seymour IV                  Mr. & Mrs. Auburn A. Boyers           Mrs. Ruth P. Freeman
Mr. James Lee                          Short Pump Civic Association               Mr. & Mrs. John C. Bozorth            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Froede Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Lenzi               Mr. & Mrs. Alexander H. Slaughter          Ms. Linda C. Bradley                  Mr. & Mrs. William W. Frye Jr.
Laura Lockard                          Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Smith Jr.                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Branner Jr.      Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Fuller
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Long             Mr. Albert H. Solomon                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Brewster II      Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Gaenzle Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Lowe               Southern Paving Corporation                Mr. & Mr. Sydney P. Britt             Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Galanides
Mr. Brian Lucas                        Mr. & Mrs. David K. Spiro                  Mr. & Mrs. Austin Brockenbrough III   Mr. H. L. Garrett
Mr. Jeffrey Mace                       Mr. Paul G. Stathis                        Mr. & Mrs. Jason M. Brooks            Ms. Althea Genadopoulas
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Martin              Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Steeber               Mr. & Mrs. Cecil A. Brown             Mr. Joseph C. Gentry
Mr. Robert R. Martin                   Mrs. Mary Still                            Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Bryant          Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Giles
Mrs. Susan Martin                      Ms. Darlene K. Strause &                   Ms. Samantha H. Bryant                Ginter Park United Methodist Church
Mr. William C. McAllister                Mr. John A. Deeter                       Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Buchanan Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Kirby A. Godbehere
Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. McCann           Strawberry Street Vineyard                 Rev. & Mrs. Douglas G. Burgoyne       Mr. & Mrs. Ota T. Graham Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James P. McElligott Jr.     Mr. Ronald Stroy                           Mr. & Mrs. John F. Butterworth III    Ms. Selma O. Graves
Mrs. Aileen C. McKenney                Mr. & Mrs. John L. Stultz                  Ms. Susan A. Carrington               Ms. Kesia P. Gwaltney
Mr. Donald L. McLaughlin               Ms. Sue S. Sullenberger                    Mr. & Mrs. James H. Carter            Ms. Anita Haeberlin
Mr. James T. McLeskey                  Mrs. Frances F. Taylor                     Ms. Rena Carter                       Ms. Susan K. Haggerty
Mr. Stephen Menninger                  Mr. & Mrs. Hubert S. Taylor Jr.            Mrs. Ann B. Catterton                 Ms. Cheryl E. Hairston
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Micklem Sr.        Mrs. Mildred E. Taylor                     Ms. Joan F. Chappell                  Mr. & Mrs. Richmond H. Hamilton
Ms. Angela Miller                      Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Terry Jr.            Mr. Francis A. Cherry Jr.             Mrs. Marjorie J. Hammans
Mr. Elbert G. Miller                   Mr. Matthew G. Thompson Jr.                Tyene Cherry                          Mr. Francis A. Hare
Mr. Gary R. J. Miller                  Mr. & Mrs. William H. Townsend             Mr. & Mrs. Carter C. Chinnis          Ms. Santina L. Harris
Ms. Mary C. Moncure                    Mr. & Mrs. Alan D. Trentham                Mr. & Mrs. William L. Coble Jr.       Mr. & Mrs. Elwood F. Harrison
Dr. H. Shephard Moon                   Mr. & Mrs. Charlie M. Tribble Jr.          Ms. Anne S. Cockrell                  Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie J. Hendrick
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Morgan Jr.           Mr. Paul P. Turley                         Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Cocozza         Colonel & Mrs. Stephen Henley
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey H. Morris Jr.        Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Twohy                 Mr. Benjamin V. Cole Jr.              Ms. Kathryn L. Herbst
Morris Industries, Inc.                Ukrop’s                                    Wanda S. Coleman                      Ms. Carri H. Hill
Mr. Joseph F. Morrissette              Mr. & Mrs. Dail G. Valerio                 Ms. Wakenna Corbin                    Ms. Terica Hodge
Mt. Vernon Baptist Church              Mr. & Mrs. Tom Vance                       Mr. & Mrs. Eric Costello              Mr. & Mrs. H. Winston Holt III
Mr. Joseph M. Mulder                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Vedomske              Mr. & Mrs. L. James Cowardin Sr.      Honeywell Securities Litigation Settlement
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Murman              Virginia Peninsula Combined Federal        Ms. Sandra Creed                      E. Hood
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Murphy               Campaign                                 Ms. Barbara J. Crowder                Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Hudak Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Carl R. Nease Jr.           Wachovia Foundation                        Cure & Care, Inc.                     Mr. Arthur A. Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Nolan                   Mr. John B. Wack                           Mr. & Mrs. David Cushing              Mr. Joseph P. Iadeluca
Mr. James G. O’Brien                   Mr. & Mrs. David K. Walsh                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Cushnie         Mr. & Ms. Larry Isaacs
Opinion Research Corporation           Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Wauford                 Custom Auto Top Inc                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Jaros
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Owen Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Wheeler Jr.          Mr. Alonzo Dabney                     Mr. & Mrs. Peyton G. Jefferson Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Owens            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Whitaker                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Daley           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Jefferson III
Mr. Alexander M. Papajohn              Mr. Robert D. Whitehurst                   Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Damgard              Mrs. Chester H. Johnson
Mr. Leonard A. Paris                   Mr. & Mrs. John F. Wilhelm                 Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Darling          Ms. Lillian J. Johnson
Mr. Andrew Parker                      Mr. & Mrs. Chas. E. Williamson Jr.         Ms. Grace J. Davis                    Ms. Margaret H. Johnson
Mrs. Joyce H. Parkerson                Mrs. Helen Wood                            Mr. & Mrs. Willem L. J. de Vries      Mr. & Mrs. William B. Johnson
Ms. Linda E. Pattee                    Mrs. Betty G. Woolcott                     Mr. & Mrs. James A. Devoe Jr.         Mr. Elijah W. Jones Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Patterson Jr.     Mr. Sam R. Worley                          Mr. Pat B. Dickinson                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Pavlecka          Ms. Eliza Wright                           Mr. R. Scott Dillard                  Ms. Kim Jordan
Mr. Matthew S.P. Perry                 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Zeugner                 Mrs. Grace C. Dixon                   Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Kahn
Mr. & Mrs. Hunter R. Pettus Jr.                                                   Mrs. Margaret I. Dunn                 Mr. Matthias E. Kayhoe
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Pollard Jr.                                                   Mr. & Mrs. James W. Dwyer             Miss Nancy E. Kellam
Mr. John Marchant Powell                                                          Ms. Ana Edwards                       Kelleher
Ms. Dorothy L. Primeau                 friends       |   up to $100               Mrs. Mary Lou B. Elliotte             Mr. J. Michael Kelleher
Mr. Daryll Quesenberry                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Kevin W. Emerson           Mr. John E. Keller II
R.C. Goodwyn & Sons, Inc               Mr. Frank L. Abbott                        Ms. Brenda G. Epperson                Mrs. Ann B. King
Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Ramage                Ms. Irene H. Adams                         Dr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Ernst            Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. Kirkland
Ms. Karen Williamson Ramey             Mr. & Mrs. John M. Aiken                   Mr. & Mrs. Howard P. Estes            Ms. Anne P. Kitchen
Mr. R. Robert Rasmussen II             Ms. Joan A. Ambrose                        Mr. & Mrs. John W. Fain               Mr. & Mrs. Harry B. Kline
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert M. Reynolds         Dr. & Mrs. Burness F. Ansell Jr.           Fannie Mae SERVE Program              Mrs. Josephine L. Klotz
Mr. Hugh F. Richardson                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Bacon                 Ms. Brenda P. Farber                  Kraft Foods Matching Gift Program
Richmond Area Municipal Contractors    Ms. Edith W. Badger                        Ms. Ellyn Farrar                      General Frederick J. Kroesen
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Riley              Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bargamin                   Mr. John A. Farrell                   Ms. Dana H. Lang
River Road Presbyterian Church         Mr. Richard M. Barrett                     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. D. Fauls         Mr. & Mrs. James E. Lauve
RMSC Law                               Mr. Don C. Batchelor                       Mr. & Mrs. G. Michael Favale          Mr. James Lee
Ms. Julia W. Rogers                    Mr. Martin J. Bean                         Mr. & Mrs. Russell G. Fergusson Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Marc L. Lerch
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert M. Rosenthal        Ms. Jennifer F. Bender                     Dr. & Mrs. Arlington L. Finley        Mr. E. Jeffreys Love
Ms. Andrea C. Sargent                  Mrs. Ramona V. Bernard                     Mrs. Isabel A. Fitzgerald             Mr. & Mrs. Peter Luxhoj
Ms. Stella B. Sargent                  Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Blackwell               Mr. Victor E. Foose                   Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Macklin Jr.
|                        honor roll of gifts                                      |                                gifts-in-kind                                      |

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Madison       Mr. & Mrs. Hubel P. Robins Jr.                Thanks to the individuals and             Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Kaufman
Mr. & Mrs. Ted C. Mallory               Dr. & Mrs. Leslie W. Rose III                 companies that donated goods and          Mr. & Mrs. William J. Lagos
Mr. August M. Marchant III              Mr. Steven I. Rowell                          services to our boys and girls.           Mr. Greg Lescalleet
Markel Corporation                      Ms. Audrey Ruffin                                                                       Ms. Jane Levin
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Marks III          Ms. Brianne M. Sapp                           Air Force Recruiting                      Mr. & Mrs. Gene F. Lyon
Mr. & Mrs. Howard F. Marks              Mr. & Mrs. Al P. Saufley                      Mr. Jeffrey P. Allendo                    Mr. & Mrs. John C. Maxwell Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Marriott           Mr. & Mrs. Harry I. Schutte Jr.               Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Alvis                    Dr. Colleen McCabe
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Maruca               Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Schwarz                  Ms. Susan M. Andrus                       Ms. Kate P. Meyers
Bond Dyer Mathews and Family            Ms. Tonia Scott                               Ms. Laura A. Aumen                        Ms. Lisa P. Miller
Colonel & Mrs. Jack Mayer, USA (Ret.)   Ms. Kellie Seals                              Mrs. Wilma Bowman                         Mr. & Mrs. John D. Mitchell
Ms. Maureen S. McCusty                  Ms. Betsy Severgnini                          Ms. Beth P. Bradshaw                      Ms. Donna Moberly
Ms. Margaret F.V. McGehee               Dr. & Mrs. David G. Shannon                   Mr. & Mrs. Bradford J. Brady              Mr. & Mrs. John W. Montague Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie D. McKinney Jr.       Mr. Edmund C. Sherod                          Brown Distributing Company, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Warren Montague
Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. McVey III           Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Silva                   Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Campbell        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Morris
Mr. Richard D. Meadows                  Mr. & Mrs. William O. Simms                   Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Carleton Sr.      Mt. Vernon Baptist Church
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Means                Mrs. James W. Skiles                          Mr. & Mrs. Gary Carlile                   Mr. Mike P. Nelligan
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Mejeur               Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Sleevi                     Mr. John B. Cates                         Mr. Jeff Odem
Mr. & Mrs. Fay K. Miller                Mr. Frank F. Smart Jr.                        Chick-fil-A Short Pump Town Center        Mr. Brian Olander
Mr. & Mrs. Grayson B. Miller Jr.        Mr. & Mrs. Herman P. Smith                    Chick-fil-A Virginia Center MarketPlace   Ms. Cindy Owen
Ms. Monika Mitchell                     Mr. & Mrs. Shelton L. Smith                   Mr. & Mrs. Tripp Clark                    Peking Restaurant
Mr. & Mrs. Gibbs R. Moody               Spain Street LLC                              Coca-Cola Enterprises Bottling            Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. George A. Morledge           Ms. Catherine B. Spiller                        Companies                               Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Potter
Robin P. Moseley                        Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Stanzione                Ms. Betty R. Coleman                      Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Ramage
Mr. & Mrs. Frank F. Mountcastle Jr.     Mr. Waller R. Staples III                     Colony Management Corp.                   Dr. & Mrs. John G. Rawles Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Allan M. Mullian             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Stebick                  Consider The Lily                         Mr. & Mrs. Bob Redford
Mr. B. B. Munford III                   Mr. T. Kevin Steinbrecher                     Mr. Chris Cousins                         Richmond International Raceway
Mr. William H. Myers III                Mr. & Mrs. W. Gray Stettinius                 Crown Mini of Richmond                    Richmond Jewish Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. C. Douglas Neal              Ms. Elizabeth A. Stevenson                    Mali M. Davis                             Richmond Spiders
Mr. & Mrs. Tayloe N. Negus              Mr. & Mrs. George W. Sydnor Jr.               Mr. John J. Dickinson                     Mr. & Mrs. Latane P. Sale
Mr. Maurice A. Nelson                   Dr. & Mrs. E. Armistead Talman                Mr. & Mrs. Lane J. Dickinson              Mr. & Mrs. F. S. Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. Deloane W. Newman            Ms. Doris F. Taylor                           Ms. Edna M. Dorsey                        Ms. Patricia M. Schwarzschild
Xuan Nga Nguyen                         Mr. & Mrs. E. Bradford Tazewell III           Ms. April S. Dunkum                       Ms. Robin Sheumake
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Noftsinger        Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Terry                      Mr. J.W. Ebbets                           Mr. Robert Siff
Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Nowakoski           Mr. & Mrs. Morton G. Thalhimer Jr.            Mr. & Mrs. Rich Evans                     Mr. & Mrs. James R. Sledd
Mr. Robert T. Oates                     Dr. Glenn C. Thomason                         Ms. Dorothy P. Fields                     Mr. & Mrs. Franklin H. Smith
Mr. Daniel P. Oglesby                   Mr. & Mrs. Walton C. Thompson                 Mr. Carl Fisher                           Ms. Linda Snead
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Overton                Mr. William T. Thompson III                   Drs. William J. & Mary Ann Frable         Mr. & Mrs. Winston D. Spain
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Overton            Mr. & Mrs. W. P. Thurston Jr.                 Ms. Johanna W. Gilbert                    St. Michael’s Catholic Church
Ms. Wanda W. Pace                       Ms. Jamette J. Todd                           Girl Scout Troop #495                     Mr. Jason Stoner
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Padalino             Ms. Paula D. Tropello                         Girl Scout Troop 370                      Mr. A. D. Stuart
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Parrott              Mr. J. Randolph Tucker Jr.                    Girl Scout Troop 664                      Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Suber
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Patterson III      United Way of the National Capital Area       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Goldberg                Swedish Match North America Inc.
Ms. Sharon M. Payne                     Ms. Caroline B. Vandervelde                   Mr. David Gray                            Mr. Ed Tepper
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Percy III            Ms. Fontaine J. Velz                          Green Top Sporting Goods, Inc.            Three Dog Bakery
Philip Morris USA                       Mrs. Lucy P. Vick                             Mr. & Mrs. Bryan B. Gresham Jr.           Ms. Celeste Tiedeman
Mrs. Roenah H. Pitts                    Mr. & Mrs. George T. Waaser Jr.               Ms. Maren A. Hackley                      Too Sweet
Dr. John S. Poindexter III              Mr. & Mrs. Dan F. Wade                        Ms. Deborah Hackman                       Trader Joe’s
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis B. Pollard             Mr. Richard D. Waldrop                        Ms. Mary Hale                             Mr. John P. Trevillian
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Pond Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. James H. Walsh                     Ms. Linda P. Harry                        Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
The Prudential Foundation Matching      Mrs. John N. Ware Sr.                         Ms. Carrie A. Hartwell &                  Ukrop’s West Park
 Gifts                                  Ms. Alice K. Warren                             Mr. Jeremy Miles                        VCU Police Department
Ms. Cecilia M. Putnam                   Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Warren                    Mr. Michael P. Hayes                      Mrs. Lucy P. Vick
Ms. Pamela B. Putney                    Mr. & Mrs. James B. Wells                     Hondos                                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Waddell
Mr. Edward E. Ralston                   Mr. & Mrs. James E. West                      Mr. Carlos F. Hughey                      Mr. & Mrs. James H. Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. Armistead T. Ramsey          Mr. Samuel P. White                           Mr. Dave L. Hunsucker Sr.                 Mr. Mark White
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Raper              Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Whitney                 J.H. Developers, Inc.                     Windsordale Garden Club
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde H. Ratcliffe           Mr. & Mrs. John M. Wilkes                     Mr. Andrew Jacobs                         Wine Lovers
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Rebstock             Mr. William B. Wilkins                        Jones Realty & Construction Corp.         Ms. Suzanne Wren
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Reed Jr.          Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Wilkinson                Mr. & Mrs. Stanley B. Jones Jr.           Mr. Russell G. Wyatt
Ms. Sylvia Reiner                       Ms. Janet S. Williams                         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Joyce
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron P. Revere              Ms. Emily P. Willis
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Reynolds           Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Wilson Jr.
Mr. R. Coleman Rice                     Ms. Donna F. Wine
Mrs. Corinne Richardson-Lauve           Dr. & Mrs. R. W. Woodhouse III
Mr. John Richardson-Lauve               Mr. & Mrs. John H. Woods                      u Investing in cost-effective services, programs, and policies provides
Mr. Linwood L. Riddle                   Ms. Julie Woodson                                immediate benefits for children and families and continues paying
Ms. Edith J. Rison                      Mrs. Noell H. Woodward
Mr. Matthew S. Ritter                   Worth Higgins & Associates                       as children grow into productive adults.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Roberts            Mr. & Mrs. Ben J. Wyatt
Giles P. & R. J. Robertson              Mrs. Gloria F. Young
Mrs. H. F. Robertson                    Ms. Lucia A. Zilinski
|          creativity                 |         success            |         resolve             |        trust          |

                                                                                                                                 u Research has shown
                                                                                                                                    that the best way
                                                                                                                                    to positively impact
                                                                                                                                    abused and/or
                                                                                                                                    neglected children
                                                                                                                                    is to improve their
                                                                                                                                    parents’ functioning
                                                                                                                                    and their home

                                                                  and Kate Ukrop.
                                           w judges Dan Bellanger
             The Second Annual VHBG Art Sho

                                                                                           Three VHBG residents participated in the annual soapbox
                                                                                           derby at RIR in May

    John G. Wood School partnered with
    Dominion Academy to field a softball
    team for the RASSL league.

                                                      Three students graduate
                                                                             d from John G. Wood Sch
                                                      in May and went on to
                                                                            community college.

                                                                                                                                          page 5

       u Child abuse occurs at every socio-economic level, across ethnic and cultural lines,
          within all religions and at all levels of education.
                           |            family is our focus                       |              foster care services                         |

u Beginning in 2010           Many children are abused or neglected because they lack basic supports, such as housing, education and
   VHBG will offer         special education services, but many also face multiple risks, including substance abuse, unmet mental health
   Intensive In-Home and   needs, and domestic violence or other trauma. Without safe, permanent and nurturing families, these children too
   Family Preservation     often end up in the care of state and local child welfare systems, costing taxpayers nearly $104 billion annually.
   Services.                  Children deserve to remain safely with their families, whenever possible. VHBG is dedicated to ensuring
                           that all children and families have access to professional community-based care, proven treatment methods
                           and comprehensive service planning. These services are designed to enhance parents’ ability to create a safe,
                           stable and nurturing home environment for their children. Families are partners in this work and their values
                           and beliefs are respected.
                              Our goal is to keep children safely with their families and to decrease the numbers of children entering the
                           child welfare system. More appropriate supports for children, their birth families and extended families, can
                           help to keep children safely together with their families. VHBG is committed to building a system of services to
                                                                         support and strengthen families with children and enable families
                                                                         to stay together and successfully deal with problems to prevent
                                                                         subsequent abuse or neglect, prevent out-placement of a child,
                                                                          or reduce the stay for a child placed out of the home.

                                                                        Foster Care Services

                                                                           VHBG is a licensed provider of Treatment Foster Care. Treatment
                                                                         Foster Care (TFC) is foster care with structured therapeutic
                                                                         support. Children placed in treatment foster care need additional
                                                                         help, because of trauma they have experienced, along with
                                                                         possible emotional or physical challenges. Our Treatment Foster
                                                                          Parents are trained in the highly successful Teaching-Family
                                                                                             Model and work with the VHBG team to
                                                                                                              create a home environment
                                                                                                              that is healthy and supportive,
                                                                                                              as well as intensely structured –
                                                                                                             all to benefit children with
                                                                                                             special needs, such as teenagers
                                                                                                             and developmentally-delayed or
                                                                                                             medically-fragile children.

         page 6
|        education              |       advancement                   |        courage             |       support            |

                                                                                                                                      u Every six hours in
                                                                                                                                         America a child is
                                                                                                                                         killed by abuse or
                                                                                                                                         neglect – that’s four
                                                                                                                                         children every day.

                                                                             Many thanks to First Capital Bank, The
                                                                             King Agency and WalMart Short Pump
                                                                             for sponsoring Stuff the Bus in August.

    Over 100 generous donors attended
                                      the 35th Annual
    Donor Appreciation Dinner hosted
                                     by Hank and Cindy
    Wilton in October.

                                                                          The Auxiliary is ce
                                                                                             lebrating 75 years
                                                                                                                of thoughtful, carin
                                                 on raised                This year they hoste                                      g support for VHBG
                      ief Petty Officer Associati                                               d their annual holid                                      .
The Hampton Roads Ch                                                                                                ay luncheon for sta
                                                                          packages to our co                                            ff, sent care
                       the 14th Annual Tour and                                               llege students and
over $3,500 and hosted                                                                                           hosted two card pa
                                                                                                                                     rties, raising $6,00
                         children.                                                                                                                       0.
Christmas Party for VHBG

                                                                                                  The Olive Garden made it a special
      The 15th Annual Skeet                                                                                                            tree, hosting
                            Shoot                                                                 for VHBG children, sponsoring a wish
      raised almost $5,000.                                                                                                              k.
                                                      The 20th Annual VHBG Golf                   a luncheon and donating a $1,000 chec
                                                      Classic raised over $13,000.
                                                                                                                                               page 7

       u Children and youth of all races, cultures, religious backgrounds and sexual orientations enter foster care.
          What they all share is a need for family.
                                   |        explanation of income and expenses                         |      2009 operating budget               |

u Virginia Home for                    The 2009 Operating Revenue/Support          Operating Revenues and Support 2009
   Boys and Girls is a             and Operating Expenses reflected in the
   private nonprofit               2009 Annual Report of Virginia Home for                                             u 45% Giving – $1,876,641
   corporation. VHBG               Boys and Girls were obtained from the
   was granted nonprofit           2009 audited financial report prepared by
   501(c)(3) exemption             Mitchell Wiggins & Co., Certified Public                                            u 14% Earnings from
   by the U. S. Internal           Accountants and Consultants, for the                                                        Endowment – $561,588
   Revenue Service in              fiscal year ended September 30, 2009.
   1942. As such,                      The Operating Revenue/Support and                                               u 41% Program Fees –
   donations to VHBG               Operating Expenses are depicted in the                                                      $1,706,930
   are tax deductible as           pie charts and were obtained from the
   allowed by law. It is           Statement of Activities on pages 3 and 4
   Virginia state sales            of the 2009 audited financial report.
   tax exempt by the                   Income is reported as $4,145,159 under      Operating Expenses 2009
   Virginia Department             the “Total support and revenue” section on
   of Taxation per the             page 3 of the 2009 audited financial report.
   Code of Virginia                    Expenses of $4,407,496 are reported as                                          u 81% Programs – $3,557,097
   Section 58.1-609.               “Total expenses” under expenses on page 4
                                   in that report. In addition to the numbers                                          u 7% Development – $333,691
   VHBG is registered              reported above, there was a loss of ($492,525)
   with the Virginia               of non-operating revenue, consisting                                                u 12% Administration –
   Department of                   primarily of losses on investments.                                                         $516,708
   Agriculture and                     Virginia Home for Boys and Girls has
   Consumer Affairs                unrestricted financial reserves of about
   Registration Office,            $17,727,026, or 4 times the charity’s total
   per the Code of                 expenses of $4,407,496.
   Virginia Section 57-49,             Virginia Home for Boys and Girls maintains a 5% expenditure policy from its endowment to support
   as a Virginia charitable        programs and responsibly plan for the welfare of children and families in the future. This percentage is based
   organization.                   on a rolling 3-year average of investments.

                              Board of Governors – 2009-2010
                                                                               Robert T. Greenland         Christopher E. C. Schultz
                              Duane Deskevich       T. Darnley Adamson
                                                                               Stokes Grymes               Mary Virginia Scott
                                Chair               Thomas A. Bass Jr.
                                                                               William Hardy               David R. Simonsen Jr.
                              Thom Dillon           Cordell Briggs
                                                                               Alan Hess                 James R. Sledd
                                President-Elect     Kelly Boykin
                                                                               L. Howard Jenkins III     John T. West IV
                              Mary Virginia Scott   Austin Brockenbrough III
                                                                               Clarke Jones III          Katherine Whitney
                                Secretary           Thomas P. Bryan III
                                                                               Kathleen Luke             Henry L. Wilton
                              Alan Hess             Langdon T. Christian IV
                                                                                                                     Winks Jr.
                                                    Duane Deskevich            J. Lawrence Mansfield Jr. Edward H.
                                                                               Tom Mountcastle            John M. Wyatt IV
         page 8                                     Thom Dillon
                                                                               Sakina K. Paige            Russell G. Wyatt
                                                    P. Mahood Fonville Jr.
                                                     Thomas E. Gottwald        Gary S. Powers
u VHBG will continue to move forward as a leader
   in child and family services, determined to protect
   more children from abuse and neglect and connect
   them to permanent families.
      virginia home for boys and girls
      8716 West Broad Street                                          U.S. POSTAGE
      Richmond, Virginia 23294
                                                                     RICHMOND, VA
                                                                     PERMIT NO. 777

|   direction          |         worth   |   opportunity   |   knowledge          |

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