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					With a variety of options to buy a car made the growth of the Indian
economy and the liberalization of foreign policy from the expected local
and international brands to the Indian consumers. Some of the most sold
cars in India are as follows:

Production from the Czech manufacturer Skoda Skoda Fabia great small
hatchback car. Cars and premium optics in a huge passenger and cargo
space for the first time in India that attract many car lovers very
aggressive, rugged and sporty design.

This car in petrol and diesel variants. Welcome irresistibly attractive
at first glance it vertically with fins, chrome radiator grill can win.
Skoda Fabia is excellent and a good multi-reflector for maximum
visibility in adverse weather conditions, large alloy wheels and fog has
been processed.

Its sleek design, two-tone interior, very impressive, large and spacious
environment. It 'a three engine variants of 1.2 liter petrol MPI 75hp,
1.6 liter MPI of gasoline and 105 hp three variants of the 1.2 l TDI CR
75 horsepower diesel engine, Ambiente, Elegance and Classic.

E 'two airbags, antilock brakes, brake assist, dual-motor brake, with
watertight doors, adjustable safety belt. R 6, 66.877 - That rupees 4,
32.877 between competition.

Produced another Japanese company Honda Honda City subcompact car. Some
cosmetic changes, the company has introduced two versions of the Manual
transmission, you can use use the APC AT Honda City Honda City V MT 1.5 V
Another variant.

The third generation of this car is a 1.5L, 1497cc, I-VTEC engine, is
equipped by the company was started. Lattice attractive sleek design of
the car is very stimulating, and a strong design, click the arrows in the
headlights. In addition, the interior of the car is very spacious and
high storage capacity.

Honda brake load limiters, pre-tensioners dual SRS airbags and G-CON,
unique safety features such as ABS, etc. dopgigwa. Mileage of 14kmpl with
powerful. RS 10, 45000 - and "will be sold at between Rs 8, 35,000.

Other highly anticipated premium hatchback model Nissan Micra has been
launched by the Japanese automaker Nissan

It three variants of a gasoline engine, Nissan Micra XE, Nissan Micra XL
5-speed manual transmission and Nissan Micra XV. Models of luxury sedans,
it is generally to provide for advanced features. "V-platform, including
the important elements that contribute to a high level of safety of the

This stylish rough surface of the forces of a frontal impact, they must
absorb. The input level (XE) car equipped with a driver airbag, including
all versions of the car.

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