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Welcome to AP English 12 Literature and Composition


									                         AP English 12 Literature and Composition
                                   Summer Work 2012

Summer reading traditionally marks the start of a rigorous program; however, since you
enjoy summer, reading and relying on your own merit to evaluate and assess a literary
work rather than resorting to a film or plot summary, I know the summer read will be a
pleasant experience for you.

   1. Read the handout “Reading Imaginative Literature”. You may print it and
      annotate important ideas in preparation for a reading check quiz during the first
      week of school.

   2. Read one of the following novels:

       Little Bee by Chris Cleave
       The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Please annotate while reading because we will share favorite passages during class
discussion. You may also organize topics/questions utilizing post-it notes attached to
your copy.
Write me a letter of two typed pages explaining what you thought of your choice novel
(this is not a formal paper or an expository analysis…there will be time for such). In
addition, tell me about yourself and your goals for our AP Literature course. These
“letters” are to be sent via regular mail (not e-mail, pigeon carrier, or self-delivered) to:
Christine Barnes
14 Stagecoach Road
Marmora, NJ 08223
All letters must be post marked on or before Friday, August 17, 2012. Deadlines are

   3. Read Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston and be prepared to
      complete a timed writing assessment during the first week of class based on an
      AP prompt. While annotating, pay close attention to the central metaphor of
      voice. Trace instances of forced silence and forceful speech on the part of Janie.
      Focus on the development of Janie’s voice in response to her interaction with the
      significant people who influence her.

I am looking forward to working with you. Remember that you can make it a most
memorable experience if you are willing to renew your commitment to hard work and
learning for its own sake. Have a relaxing summer. See you in September.

Christine Barnes

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