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Please fill in the blank (This is a very important part of the interview – to know why you are interested):
List 2-3 reason why you are interested in this industry?

List 2-3 reasons why you are interested in Ford?

List 2-3 reasons why you are interested in this position?

Company Snapshot

Ford Motor began a manufacturing revolution with its mass production assembly lines in the early 1900s.
The company is now firmly entrenched in the status quo as one of the world's largest makers of cars and
trucks. Its vehicles brands include Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury. Among its biggest successes are the
redesigned Ford Mustang and F-Series pickup. Ford owns a 33% stake in Mazda and also controls the
Volvo nameplate. Finance subsidiary Ford Motor Credit is the one of the US's leading auto finance
companies. After clearing all of the antitrust and labor hurdles, Ford has sold Land Rover and Jaguar to
India-based Tata Motors for a reported $2.3 billion.

In early 2007 Ford sold Aston Martin to a group including British race-shop owner David Richards, Aston
Martin racing backer John Sinders, and two Kuwaiti investment firms - Investment Dar and Adeem
Investment co. The sale price was $925 million, although Ford retains a stake in Aston Martin valued at
about $77 million.

Ford finally might be finding its Way Forward, which happens to be the name of the company's sweeping,
go-for-broke turnaround plan.

Severe pricing pressures, rising health care and raw materials costs, skyrocketing fuel prices and a
consumer shift away from large SUVs, and brutal competition (chiefly from Japanese rivals) contributed
to 2005 North American losses of $1.6 billion and North American market share slipped to an all-time low.
That was a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering company-wide loss of $12.7 billion in 2006. In
2007 Ford started to turn the corner as it reduced its losses to $2.7 billion.

Early in 2008 Ford announced another round of buyouts aimed at reducing its hourly headcount. The
buyout offers are being extended to all of Ford's hourly work force. The fresh buyouts stem from Ford's
new contract with the United Auto Workers union (negotiated in 2007) whereby new hires can be paid
half the wages of current workers.

With its capacity and cost structure stabilized, Ford will concentrate on rekindling Americans' loyalty to US-
made products. To increase consumer appeal, Ford is de-emphasizing large SUVs and trucks while working to
develop more small cars and crossover vehicles (half car - half SUV).

Ford then announced more modifications to the Way Forward plan. The company reported its North American
operations would not likely be profitable before 2009 and predicted an eventual bottoming out of market share
around 14-15%. The altered Way Forward also includes more fat trimming. Ford plans to cut operating costs
by $5 billion and eliminate a third of its salaried workforce, or about 14,000 jobs. Ford will also retool several
US-based truck and SUV producing factories to begin making some of the smaller, more fuel efficient cars it
currently has on the road in Europe. To combat high fuel prices, the company will double both the number of
hybrid models (by 2009) and the number of four cylnder engines made in North America (by 2011).
    In 2008 activist investor Kirk Kerkorian took an equity stake of 6.5% in Ford Motor. Unlike his previous efforts
    to take control of the old Chrysler Corporation and General Motors, the billionaire is pursuing a gentler tack
    with Ford, meeting with the automaker's senior management and expressing support for the company's
    restructuring efforts.

    The Ford family owns about 40% of the company's voting stock.

    Headquarters:        Dearborn, MI
    Employees:           246,000
    2007 Sales:           $172,455.0 million
    2007 NI:               ($2,723.0) million

    Operating Segments

    Selected Operations
         Ford Automotive
         Ford Motor Credit
    Selected Auto Brands
         Ford
         Jaguar
         Land Rover
         Lincoln
         Mazda (33%)
         Mercury
         Volvo

Current News:


                The first generation Focus Fuel Cell vehicles have performed better than expected, exceeding
                 865,000 real world miles and earning praise from fleet users around the world.
                Ford has extended its three-year-old hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle program for up to 24
                Ford is developing a next generation fuel cell vehicle that will build on the success of the current
                 program with improved performance, reliability and efficiency.

DEARBORN, Mich., August 19, 2008 – Ford Motor Company’s fleet of 30 fuel cell vehicles has exceeded
   expectations of the company’s hydrogen research engineers by accumulating more than 865,000 real world
   miles without significant maintenance issues since the fleet’s launch three years ago. The Ford Focus Fuel Cell
   test vehicles also have earned accolades from the company’s global fleet partners for outstanding durability,
   reliability and capability.

Ford hits Paris Auto Show with small-car breakthroughs
Posted September 19, 2008 at 11:03 am

It is the oldest of all auto exhibitions, with a legacy stretching back to 1898. But the Paris Auto Show is never
      anything but future-focused, setting the tone for the rest of the auto show season
and highlighting the challenges of tomorrow’s auto market.
Expect excitement around the Ford Motor Company stand. Ford will preview the 2009 Focus RS, the high-
     performance compact car that’s already in high demand. They’ll also show off Ford
Individual versions of the Mondeo, giving European car buyers a suite of custom options for the popular vehicle.
     They’ll introduce a 2009 Ford Fiesta panel van. And, most promising of all, they
will unveil the 2009 Ford Ka, bringing the favorite city car up to date with Ford of Europe’s “kinetic design”

    U.S.: Asian vehicles still tops in Consumer Reports reliability survey
    Asian companies continued to dominate the quality survey in a recent study done by the American car
    manufacturers. However, the news was not all bad as the study noted that Ford was making its most
    reliable vehicles in years. Toyota experienced the largest fall in perceived quality.

    Land Rover sale 'before Christmas'
    Ford has plans in place to sell both its Land Rover and Jaguar brands as a package deal before
    Christmas. Plans for the sale of the two brands emerged after a June strategy meeting by Ford Motor
    Co., the parent company of the brands. While the sale will probably not be completed before Christmas,
    the identity of the new owner should be. The companies believed to be competing for the brands include:
    Tata Motors, One Equity Partners, Ripplewood, Terra Firma and TPG.


    Key People:

    Chairman                                     William Clay (Bill) Ford Jr.
    President, CEO, and Director                 Alan R. Mulally
    EVP and CFO                                  Donat R. (Don) Leclair
    VP and CIO                                   Nick Smither
    VP and Chief Communications Officer Charles B. (Charlie) Holleran

    Largest Competitors:

    Chrysler                          (Annual Sales: $49.0 Billion)
    General Motors                 (Annual Sales: $181.122 Billion)
    Toyota                           (Annual Sales: $20.1474 Billion)

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