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									                                       Our Final Project Team

Makeda Heard is a returning student to UMUC. She began her studies on her first      Makeda came up with the design for
bachelor's                                                                           this project based on her Project 1
degree when her oldest daughter was 19 months old in 1976. She was studying at a     submission.
community college and transferred to UMUC through Mind Extension University.         Makeda also wrote the DTD document
She was married at the time and her surname was White. She is now happily            and XSD documents
divorced and all her
children are grown. She has five grandchildren ranging in ages from newborn to 5     She also….
years of

CMIS170 is her second computer course attempted after her return to UMUC in
summer of 2011. Makeda works for Johns Hopkins at the Bayview campus and
wears many hats. She is responsible for two websites. While studying and learning
XML she not only was getting
closer to her goal of graduation but also reviewing technology and thinking about
ways XML might be used at work.

Makeda definitely would recommend this class to other students. Tiffany Johnson
her professor was patient, fair and kind. To date they learned how to write well-
formed XML documents, how to write documents using DTD and schemas. This
week the students are learning style sheets (XLST) for XML documents and current
uses for XML.

This final project is primarily based on the first two projects using DTD and XSD
nomenclatures. If time permits Makeda definitely would like to use an XLST as well
to make the final product more acceptable.

Bela Suchdev is mother of three, working, and now                                    For final project Bela
going back to school.Bela recieved a degree in                                       will write two XML
Homeopathy Medicine at the age of 23 from Anand                                      documents with name
Homeopathic college in India.She is happily married                                  spaces and possibly XSL
and all her children are driving now!She has been                                    or CSS stylesheet.I want
living in U.S.A for almost 25 years.                                                 to thank Professor
                                                                                     Johnson for encouraging
Before taking XML class, Bela has taken one more                                     me to learn XML.Bela is
class online with UMUC.She plans to continue her                                     excited that she now
education in Computer Science.She is working as a                                    knows how to make a web
biller and manager for husband's medical practice                                    site using free tools
for 18 years and has had a great success.Besides,                                    provided by Wiki.
she has volunteered at local Highschool and Indian
organization of Charleston WV.

Bela would wish more people would get to know
classes offered at UMUC - online.This class was
definately worth taking and Professor Johnson has
taught very well all the aspect of XML. I learned
how to write XML Vocabulary and complimenting DTD
as well as Schema.Understanding of Namespace is
also covered.

Overall this class has been stepping stone of the
future classes.

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