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Time Dated Material
                                                                                 A L L
                                                                                 A D U L T S
                                                                                                 SPRING SEMESTER 2012

                                                                                 W E L C O M E

                                           ALUMNI LIFELONG EDUCATION
                                                               The Michigan State University Alumni Association’s
                                                                  Evening College gratefully acknowledges the
        Add                      to your life!                        following for their generous support:
           Lifelong Education for all Adults
                                                                        Burcham Hills Retirement Community
                 EVENING COLLEGE                               Demmer Shooting Sports Education and Training Center
                                                                                 Detroit Institute of Art
  Michigan State University Alumni Association
                                                                            East Lansing Parks & Recreation
            University Advancement
                                                                               Forest Akers Golf Courses
         Your Personal Network for Life
                                                                        Frederik Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids
                                                                                 Home Depot, Okemos
For 61 years, Evening College has reached out into
                                                                       Kellogg Center for Continuing Education
local communities, offering all adults noncredit
                                                                             Lansing Community College
evening and weekend personal enrichment courses.
                                                                                Lansing Potter Park Zoo
Courses provide intellectual, social, and cultural
                                                                              Lansing Urban Farm Project
learning experiences. Give the gift of lifelong
                                                                         Learning Resources Network (LERN)
learning to a friend, a loved one, or yourself. Enroll
                                                                                Pewabic Pottery, Detroit
today! Call (517) 355-4562 for information on gift
                                                              University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education
                                                                    Wanderer’s Teahouse and Café, East Lansing
                                                                    W.K. Kellogg Manor House, Hickory Corners
      REGISTRATION BEGINS JANUARY 18, 2012                     We would also like to thank the numerous MSU colleges,
 Phone: (517) 355-4562 • Web:
                                                              schools, departments, units, facilities and their faculty and
                                                               staff (showcased in this catalog) for supporting personal
Register early to help ensure a spot in your favorite           enrichment and lifelong education opportunities for all
course. See page 50 for course discounts.                                  adults in our local communities.
Front cover:                                                            Special thanks to the Evening College
The cover art announces the course Incredible India:                            Advisory Committee:
An Emerging Global Giant (see page 26).
                                                                          Kathy Luchini Colbry, MSU B.A.’99,
Credit: Shah Jahan (1592-1666) and his wife, Arjumand                       Director, Graduate Recruiting,
Banu Begum (d.1631) Mumtaz-i Mahal by Indian School                          MSU College of Engineering
Private Collection/ Dinodia/ The Bridgeman Art Library
Nationality / copyright status: Indian / out of copyright                 Carmen De Lorenzo, MSU M.A.’08,
                                                                Instructor, MSU Dept. Romance and Classical Studies
Accommodation for persons with disabilities may                              and Evening College Lecturer
be requested by contacting the Evening College
                                                                              Ben Hatala, MSU B.A.’10,
office by January 30. Requests received after this
                                                                        Sales and Marketing Graduate Intern,
date will be honored whenever possible.
                                                                         Michigan State University Athletics
                                                                      Virginia Hutcheson, Coordinator Emerita,
          Location for Evening College Office                           MSU Continuing Education Services
The MSUAA’s Evening College office on the campus                     Julie Jiang, MSU M.A.’10, Computer Lab
of Michigan State University is located in the MSU             Faculty/Instructional Technician, Lansing Community
Alumni Association, 2nd floor Football Stadium                         College and Evening College Lecturer
Tower.                                                                     Gloria Kielbaso, MSU Ph.D.’81,
                                                                            Associate Professor Emerita,
                                                                           MSU Education Administration
    Alumni Lifelong Education/Evening College Catalog
                 Published twice per year                             Paul Long, MSU B.A.’88, President/CEO,
              Spring 2012 Issue 15/Volume 1                                Michigan Catholic Conference
    MSUAA Alumni Lifelong Education/Evening College                         Liz Schweitzer, MSU B.A.’72,
       300 Spartan Way, Michigan State University                            former East Lansing Mayor
                East Lansing, MI 48824-1005
                                                                           Ken Williams, MSU B.A.’96,
                                                                    Personal Injury Protection Claim Processor,
                                                                               State Farm Insurance
Index of Noncredit Courses
The course descriptions are listed alphabetically in
this brochure; course titles are listed alphabetically
below by course day for convenience of selection.

America’s Second Revolution: War of 1812...............4
Architecture’s Ancestors...............................................5
Astronomy: Spring Sky-Watching..............................6
Beaumont Tower Bells: MSU’s Carillon......................7
Better Golf in Four Days...............................................8
Blogging 101....................................................................9
Chinese Medicine: An Introduction...........................11
Genealogy 101: Who Are You?...................................21
Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus.....................27
Pet Nutrition:
  Dietary Basics for Dog and Cat Owners................35
Tudor Sisters: The First Queens of England............40
Wines of America and the New World....................41

Cabins to Castles:
  A Literary Tour of Michigan........................................9
Deck Design and Building..........................................13
eBay for Beginners.....................................................15           1
Floral Design Workshop: The Basics........................19
French Conversation (Basic)......................................21
Geological Hazards on Earth:
  Policy and Protection Before and After....................22
German Conversation (Advanced).............................23
How to Meditate for Stress Reduction,
  Good Health and Higher Awareness.........................26
Italian Conversation for Travelers (Basic)...................27
Nanotechnology and G.R.I.N.:
  Technology for the 21st Century...............................33
Patio and Landscape Construction...........................34
Social Media: Connecting with Friends,
  Family and the Global Community............................37
Spanish Conversation (Basic)......................................38
Woodworking and Tool Basics....................................42
WWI: The Great War in Fact and Film....................42
Writing Your Life: Your Memoir..................................43
Yoga Exercises..............................................................43

Are You Hearing What I Am Saying? .........................6
Computer Tips and Tricks:
  Getting More Out of Your PC...................................11
Deer in our Suburbs: Ecology and Management...13
Family Archivist: Caring for Family Treasures.........18
    Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping........................24                       Pewabic Pottery:
    Incredible India: An Emerging Global Giant................26                      Michigan’s Famous Historic Pottery........................36
    Korean Conversation (Basic).......................................30             Publish Yourself with MSU’s
    Our Global Future: Sustaining Prosperity..................33                      Espresso Book Machine............................................37
    Personal/Family Security for                                                     Wine Country Tour: Paw Paw, Michigan....................41
      Travel and Everyday Activities..................................34
    Wind Power: Renewable Energy.................................41                  ONLINE COURSES
                                                                                     UGotClass (LERN)
    THURSDAYS                                                                         Advanced Website Strategies....................................4
    Archery for Beginners..................................................5          Creating Cell Phone Apps for Your Business...........12
    Ballroom Dancing Basics.............................................7             Cyber Security............................................................12
    Chinese Conversation (Basic)....................................10                Designing Successful Webinars. .............................14
    Creative Writing............................................................12    Entrepreneur Boot Camp..... .....................................16
    Emergency Preparedness: Are YOU Ready?...........16                               Extraordinary Customer Service. ............................17
    Farming on Lansing’s Eastside:                                                    Facebook for Business: Advanced Skills for
      Cultivating Food and Neighborhoods.....................18                        Businesses and Organizations...............................18
    German Conversation (Basic)......................................22               Google Analytics........................................................23
    Getting to Know your Digital SLR...............................23                 Photoshop..................................................................36
    Hot Topics in Science.................................................25          Twitter.........................................................................40
    Making Sense of Sustainability:                                                   YouTube for Business................................................44
      From Local to Global.................................................30        University of Oxford Online Courses........................44
    Supernova and Nuclear Science at MSU:
     Cyclotron and FRIB Labs...........................................38            BURCHAM HILLS RETIREMENT COMMUNITY
    Tech Gadget Avalanche: Navigating the                                            America’s Second Revolution: War of 1812..............4
     Ever-changing World of Portable Devices...............39                        Travelers: Classic Journeys in Literature...................39
    Travelers: Classic Journeys in Literature....................39
                                                                                     BATTLE CREEK AND PAW PAW TOURS                                                        3
    FRIDAYS                                                                          MSU and the Cereal King: W.K. Kellogg....................32
    Ice Skating for Beginners.............................................26         Wine Country Tour: Paw Paw, Michigan...................41

    WEEKENDS                                                                         DETROIT TOURS
    Backstage at Wharton Center: RIVERDANCE:                                         Detroit Institute of Art:
      The Original International Phenomenon!................6                         Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus.............................15
    Behind the Scenes at Potter Park                                                 Pewabic Pottery:
       with Zoo Veterinarian...............................................8          Michigan’s Famous Historic Pottery........................36
    Biking Enjoyment for Spring and Summer.................9
                                                                                     GRAND RAPIDS TOURS
    Designing Web Pages.................................................14
                                                                                     Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park:
    Detroit Institute of Art:
                                                                                      Butterflies are Blooming!...........................................20
     Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus.............................15
                                                                                     Michigan Microbreweries...........................................31
    Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts.................................17
    Flower Gardening: Planning Your Space...................20                       LIFELONG EDUCATION ABROAD
    Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park:                                      Odyssey to Oxford 2012..............................................47
     Butterflies are Blooming!...........................................20
    Grant-Seeking for Nonprofit Organizations.............24                         MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION
    Horse Management Practices:                                                      Map of Campus.......................................................28-29
      Up Close and Personal at MSU! ..............................25                 General Information...............................................48-50
    Michigan Lighthouses: Summer Travel Guide..........31                            Registration Form...................................................51-52
    Michigan Microbreweries...........................................31             Evening College Endowment Fund......................53-54
    MSU and the Cereal King: W.K. Kellogg......................32                    Alumni Reunion Days.................................................55
    MSU Museum Quilt Collections: Behind the Scenes..32                              Evening College Survey..............................................56
    Personal Finance 101....................................................34
    Personal Power Tools:
     Conversation and Working a Room.........................35
    NONCREDIT COURSE DESCRIPTIONS                            Archery for Beginners
    Advanced Website Strategies                              Today, archery’s main purpose is recreational,
    Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)                           providing exercise for both mind and body.
                                                             This course will provide participants with the
    You have a website, but why will your customers          opportunity to explore the history of archery while
    want to come back, buy something or take action?         learning about safety standards, rules and different
    Do you really know who you are selling to? Do you        types of bows, arrows and quivers including the
    know what you want to say to them? Do you know           recurve, compound and crossbow. You will learn the
    how you want to say it? Discover ways to identify        proper stance and formation for successful archery
    who your ideal audience is. Learn how to create          shooting, and gain confidence as you practice basic
    content that is engaging and purposeful. Find out        skills needed to safely handle and shoot archery.
    what you want to say to them. Explore where you          Each course session will build on the previous
    want to say it. And finally, find out how you want       session. Indoor and outdoor archery ranges will be
    to say it. In one month you will be better equipped      utilized. Participants will be required to complete
    to create your own content marketing strategy and        risk and release of liability forms on site. Archery
    create a content-rich website that exceeds the needs     equipment and safety gear will be provided.
    of your visitors. Once you register through MSU’s        A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
    Evening College, you will receive instructions from
    LERN. Participants should plan on four hours per         Thursdays, beginning March 15, 6–8 p.m.
    week seat time for each of the four weeks.               John and Marnie Demmer Shooting Sports Education
                                                             & Training Center,* 3365 East Jolly Road, Lansing
    One-month online course, March 5–March 30, $195
                                                             8 sessions, $89
    (Last day to register for this course is March 7.)
                                                             Instructor: Demmer Center staff
    LERN Instructor
                                                             *Directions will be mailed with course confirmation.
4   America’s Second Revolution: War of 1812                                                                          5
    In 2012, we will observe the bicentennial of the War     Architecture’s Ancestors
    of 1812. This course will examine the events, people     Every structure has a style or a combination
    and policies associated with this almost-forgotten       of styles, and like all of us every building has a
    war. Important events of this conflict took place in     lineage of ancestors from which it has inherited
    our neighborhood including the fall of Detroit, the      its looks. One way to understand the buildings
    naval battles on Lake Erie and the massacre at Fort      that surround us today is to study the historical
    Dearborn in Chicago. Our own state of Michigan is        structures from which they came. This course will
    dotted with names of this war’s leaders—Dearborn,        take you on a virtual classroom tour of the pyramids
    Drummond (Island), Perry and Tecumseh. This course       of ancient Egypt, the temples of classical Greece,
    will explore the causes of the war, locations of the     the engineering wonders of the Roman Empire and
    major fronts and the impact that the war had on the      the grand palaces of the Renaissance to show how
    Michigan territory and the fledgling United States.      these historic structures merged and contributed to
    Recommended reading: Donald R. Hickey, The War of        the styles and the construction of today’s homes,
    1812: A Short History (ISBN: 0-252-06430-5) and Walter   buildings and monuments.
    R. Borneman, 1812: The War that Forged a Nation
    (ISBN: 0-06-053112-6).                                   Mondays, beginning February 13,* 7–9 p.m.
                                                             101 Kellogg Center, 5 sessions, $55
    Mondays, beginning February 13, 7–8:30 p.m.              Instructor: James C. Perkins, Professor Emeritus,
    Burcham Hills Retirement Facility,* 3 sessions, $49      LCC and Evening College Lecturer
    Instructor: Ann Tukey Harrison, MSU B.A. ’57,
    Professor Emerita, MSU Department of Romance             *No class March 5
    and Classical Languages
    *All adults welcome, you do not need to be a
    resident of Burcham Hills to participate in this                  Registration begins January 18, 2012.
    course.                                          or phone (517) 355-4562
                                                            Wharton Center from presenting Broadway theater
    Are You Hearing What I Am Saying?
                                                            to its community and statewide outreach efforts. A
    Listening to others, as well as to ourselves, takes     tour of the Wharton facility including some backstage
    practice. Many struggles in partnerships revolve        areas is also planned. Each participant will receive one
    around communication difficulties. The core of          ticket to the magnificent and stunning Irish celebration
    good interpersonal skills is hearing accurately what    of music, song and dance extravaganza: Riverdance.
    others are saying to you and learning to respond        The show draws on Irish traditions and combines the
    so that you can be heard and understood. This           richness of the music with the magic and sensuality
    course will assist you in becoming a better listener    of dance. Riverdance has played to millions of
    and communicator. Your relationships can be more        people worldwide and continues to thrill audiences
    rewarding by improving your capacity for empathy        everywhere. Maximum enrollment: 12.
    and compassion through accurate reflection of what
                                                            Saturday, March 24
    you hear. Advanced skills are incorporated in this
                                                            Class 3:30–5:30 p.m., Wharton Center,
    course so past participants will benefit as well as
                                                            3rd floor Knutson Conference room
    newcomers. Come prepared to participate in this
                                                            Free time for dinner (OYO): 5:30–7:30 p.m.
    interactive course.
                                                            Performance of Riverdance: 8 p.m.
                                                            Wharton Center for Performing Arts
    Wednesdays, beginning March 14,* 7–9 p.m.               1 session $75
    Willy Room, Kellogg Center, 6 sessions, $65             Instructors: Wharton Center staff
    Instructor: Marilyn Sylvan Thompson, MSU Ph.D. ’81,
    Psychotherapist/Consultant                              Ballroom Dancing Basics
    and Evening College Lecturer
                                                            People of all ages have a renewed interest in ballroom
    *No class April 4                                       dancing. Whether it’s for New Year’s Eve, weddings,
                                                            vacation cruises, exercise or just for fun, ballroom
6   Astronomy: Spring Sky-Watching                          dancing can be enjoyed throughout your lifetime. This        7
                                                            course will teach you basic steps along with several
    A number of natural signs mark the return of spring.
                                                            variations of the fox trot, waltz, jitterbug (swing), cha
    Chief among these is the changing pattern of the
                                                            cha cha, rhumba and tango. Partners are required.
    night sky. Increase your appreciation of these
                                                            A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
    seasonal changes by learning to identify and follow
    key sky features. Topics for this course include sky    Thursdays, beginning March 15, 7–9 p.m.
    observation, seasonal star identification and moon      Bailey School Gym,* East Lansing
    and planet motions.                                     8 sessions, $89 per participant
                                                            Instructors: June E. Mills and John McAllister,
    Mondays, beginning March 5, 7–9 p.m.
                                                            MSU M.B.A. ’82,
    Abrams Planetarium, 4 sessions, $45
                                                            Certified Ballroom Dance Instructors
    Instructor: Shane Horvatin, MSU B.S. ’95,
    Education Coordinator, Abrams Planetarium,              *Directions will be mailed with course confirmation.
    Department of Physics and Astronomy
                                                            Beaumont Tower Bells: MSU’s Carillon
    Backstage at Wharton Center: RIVERDANCE,
    The Original International Phenomenon!                  Join MSU carillonneur Ray McLellan and discover the
                                                            carillon, a magnificent musical instrument of bells.
    Wharton Center for Performing Arts and the MSU          You will learn the history and the art of the carillon and
    Federal Credit Union Institute for Arts & Creativity    study the parts that make up the carillon, with special
    open their doors and invite you to learn about what     emphasis on the bells and bell casting. In addition to
    happens offstage at one of the nation’s largest         MSU’s Beaumont Tower carillon, you will learn about
    performing arts facilities. For each person on stage    other carillons located in Michigan and throughout
    there are at least ten others advertising the show,     the world. After the historical lecture, you will walk
    managing the house, operating the lights and sound,     over to Beaumont Tower to make the 72-step climb to
    raising money, selling tickets and communicating        the playing chamber of the Beaumont Tower carillon
    with the public. This course offers an inside look at   where Ray McLellan will demonstrate how to play the
    carillon. Participants will also have an opportunity to
    play a melody on the bells.                               Biking Enjoyment for Spring and Summer
    A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                               What better way to enjoy Michigan’s beautiful spring
    Monday, April 23, 7–9 p.m.                                season than taking leisurely bike rides on a bike that
    126 IM Circle, 1 session, $25                             fits you right and is well maintained! You will want to
    Instructor: Ray McLellan, MSU Carillonneur and            get your bike operating at peak performance for this
    Lecturer, MSU College of Music                            spring and summer riding season. Join Tim Potter,
                                                              manager of the MSU Bike Services Center, who will
                                                              introduce you to a proper and comfortable bike fit as
    Behind the Scenes at Potter Park with Zoo Veterinarian    well as the “how to” of simple bike maintenance that
    Have you ever wondered how animals are cared for          will improve your bike’s performance, reliability and
    at the zoo? This course will introduce you to the world   your enjoyment of the ride! In-class demonstrations
    of caring for exotic animals at our own Lansing Potter    will teach you how to properly set up your bike
    Park Zoo. What do the animals eat? What kind of           (old or new) for maximum comfort and show you
    equipment is used in their care? How are endangered       easy techniques for repairing flat tires and simple
    species paired together for breeding? Join Potter         maintenance tips for your wheels, drive train and
    Park Zoo’s veterinarian Dr. Harrison, and learn about     brakes. Demonstration only, no bikes allowed.
    these topics while enjoying a walking tour of the zoo     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
    with some behind-the-scenes visits. Children 13 and
                                                              Saturday, February 25, 10 a.m.–noon
    older are welcome to register with a registered adult.
                                                              Riverside Room, Kellogg Center, 1 session, $45
    Please dress for the weather.
                                                              Instructor: Tim Potter, Manager,
                                                              MSU Bike Services Center
    Saturday, May 19, 1–3 p.m.
    (Meet at the zoo entrance at 12:45 p.m.)                  Blogging 101
    Lansing Potter Park Zoo,* 1 session, $35
8                                                             Is everyone blogging but you? Do you need a blog?         9
    Instructor: Tara Myers Harrison, MSU D.V.M. ’00,
                                                              What are the different types of blogs? This course will
    Potter Park Zoo Veterinarian and
                                                              introduce you to what a blog is while providing hands-
    Evening College Lecturer
                                                              on lab experience for assisting you in getting started
    *Directions will be mailed with course confirmation.      in setting up your own blog. Learn how to start your
                                                              own free blog using Learn how to
    Better Golf in Four Days!                                 choose your tools, how to post, how to add pictures
                                                              and videos, how to personalize your blog, post links,
    This course covers the core mechanics of golf—how         change the way your blog looks and monitor blog
    to hold the club, stance, aim and alignment, putting,     statistics. Discover what makes a great blog post
    chipping, pitching, full swing with woods and irons,      and how to build your readership. You will leave this
    and practice systems designed to improve your skills.     course with a new working blog. Recommended:
    This course includes unlimited practice balls during      Basic PC and Internet browser skills.
    the course, equipment usage and video analysis. You       A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
    must provide your own set of clubs. Bring your entire
    set of clubs and golf or tennis shoes to all sessions.    Mondays, beginning March 12, 7–9 p.m.
    A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                               216 Bessey Hall, 6 sessions, $95
                                                              Instructor: Daniel J. Hogan, Media Production
    This course will meet Monday, April 23,                   Specialist, Professional Blogger and
    Tuesday, April 24, Wednesday, April 25,                   Evening College Lecturer
    and Thursday, April 26,* 5:30–7 p.m.
    The Golf Center, Forest Akers East Golf Course
                                                              Cabins to Castles: A Literary Tour of Michigan
    4 sessions, $125
    Instructor: MSU Professional Staff,                       Join Bill Castanier, literary journalist and founder of
    Forest Akers Golf Courses                                 the Michigan authors’ literary blog, for a book lover’s
                                                              tour of Michigan. Discover details and little-known
    *Rain make-up date is Friday, April 27, 5:30–7 p.m.
                                                              facts about more than 100 Michigan authors, poets
                                                              and playwrights. Did you know that one Michigan
     author was not only a member of Hemingway’s              Thursdays, beginning February 16,* 7–9:30 p.m.
     “Lost Generation” but was also a Communist spy?          C300 Wells Hall, 10 sessions, $85
     And that Carl Sandburg called Michigan home until        Instructor: Julie Jiang, MSU M.A. ’10,
     some goats made him move! During this classroom          LCC and Evening College Lecturer
     “tour,” you will travel from Niles to Calumet and back
     exploring authors who lived in Michigan, vacationed      *No class March 8
     in Michigan or when visiting Michigan took home
     memories that lasted a lifetime. You will learn what     Chinese Medicine: An Introduction
     triggered authors such as Mark Twain and Flannery
     O’Connor to write scathing letters back home about       This course will provide an introduction to the
     their visits to Michigan and which author first wrote    theory and application of Chinese medicine. You
     about Michigan mosquitoes! And last but not least        will be introduced to acupuncture, herbal medicine,
     you will discover the Michigan author who started        Tai Chi/Chi Gong and the latest scientific research
     out in a log cabin and what prompted another author      supporting these modalities. The last session will
     to build a castle for himself.                           allow time to learn and practice basic Tai Chi/Chi
                                                              Gong breathing and movements. Tai Chi is a Chinese
     Tuesday, April 17, 6:30–9 p.m.                           health-enhancing exercise with a recorded history of
     102 Kellogg Center, 1 session, $45                       over 5,000 years and is known for enhancing balance
     Instructor: Bill Castanier, MSU B.A.’73,                 control, flexibility and cardio-respiratory fitness.
     Literary journalist for Lansing City Pulse               A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     and Dome Magazine
                                                              Mondays, beginning February 20,* 7–9 p.m.
                                                              106 Kellogg Center, 5 sessions, $55
                                                              Instructor: Elizabeth Marazita, MSU B.A.’84,
     Learn to use the potter’s wheel and hand-building        Evening College Lecturer
     methods as you explore the use of clay as a
     creative medium. Areas to be covered include basic       *No class March 5
10                                                                                                                     11
     techniques for throwing, hand building, glazing and
     firing high-fire clay. Regular attendance is essential   Computer Tips and Tricks: Getting More Out of Your PC
     for completion of work. The fee includes clay and
     glaze materials. A supply list will be mailed to you     This course will introduce you to convenient and
     with your course confirmation. Additional lab time       useful PC tools that can make communication and
     will be available on Thursdays from 6–9 p.m.             sharing with friends and family easy and fun. You will
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                              get hands-on instruction using free web programs
                                                              along with periphery devices on a Windows-based
     Wednesdays, beginning February 15,* 7–10 p.m.            personal computer. Specific topics that will be
     19 Kresge Art Center, 8 sessions, $165                   covered include connecting and using printers,
     Instructor: Tomo Kobayashi, MSU M.F.A. ’12,              webcams, cameras and microphones on your PC;
     MSU Department of Art and Art History                    alternative storage devices such as USB flash drives;
                                                              and technical use and proper etiquette when using
     *No class March 7                                        free web applications for communication and sharing
                                                              (focus will be on Skype and Facebook). This course
     Chinese Conversation (Basic)                             is designed for anyone who wishes to become more
                                                              comfortable using their computer for tasks beyond
     This course is designed for busy adults who have         e-mail and web browsing. Please bring your own
     had no previous instruction in Chinese. You will         USB flash drive to class with you.
     learn common words, expressions and sentences
     that incorporate practical vocabulary for everyday       Wednesdays, beginning February 22,* 7–9 p.m.
     use when communicating with Chinese people in            143 Brody Complex, 4 sessions, $75
     different situations. You will explore the Chinese       Instructor: Pattie Banyas, MSU M.A. ’04 and Ph.D. ’12,
     pinyin system (phonetics), some sentence structure       Project Manager, MSU Virtual University Design
     and related grammar.                                     and Technology
                                                              *No class March 7
                                                                basics and fundamentals. Designed for nontechnical
     Creating Cell Phone Apps for Your Business:
                                                                managers, directors and others in the work place,
     Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)                             you will find out about threats and vulnerabilities,
     Cell phone apps are the latest way smart businesses are    safeguards, common attacks, viruses, malware
     reaching their customers. It seems that nearly everyone    and spyware, disaster recovery planning, intrusion
     is carrying and using a smartphone these days. Smart       detection/preventions, basic security architecture,
     organizations across the globe are investing in building   introductory forensics and cyber terrorism. At the end
     cell phone apps for their businesses. In this four-        of this course, you will have the knowledge needed to
     week course, we will provide you with step-by-step         practice safer computing and safeguard your business
     instructions on how non-technical users can build,         and work information. Once you register through
     deploy and market smartphone applications across           MSU’s Evening College, you will receive
     Android, iPhone and Blackberry platforms. The course       instructions from LERN. Participants should plan
     is ideal for business owners and executives who want       on four hours per week seat time for each of the four
     to understand how smartphone applications can be           weeks.
     inexpensively built and also for technical users who       One-month online course, March 5–March 30, $245
     want to understand how to quickly deploy smartphone        (Last day to register for this course is March 7.)
     applications. Once you register through MSU’s              LERN Instructor
     Evening College, you will receive instructions
     from LERN. Participants should plan on four hours per
                                                                Deck Design and Building
     week seat time for each of the four weeks.
                                                                Have you always wanted to build your own deck or is
     One-month online course, March 5–March 30, $245
                                                                it time to replace your deck and you have decided you
     (Last day to register for this course is March 7.)
                                                                would like to do it yourself? This course will begin
     LERN Instructor
                                                                by teaching you how to use deck design software
                                                                to build your own deck project. You will learn about
     Creative Writing                                           the newest materials and methods used in deck
12                                                                                                                       13
     This course is for the aspiring fiction writer as well     construction. Then with your classmates, you will
     as anyone interested in improving their writing—           get hands-on experience by actually building a deck
     whether it be for business communications,                 during class sessions, giving you the know-how and
     speeches, essays, e-mails, letters or memoirs.             knowledge to take home to your own deck project.
     Students will learn the basic tools of good fiction        A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     writing—description, voice, character, plot, point of      Tuesdays, beginning April 3, 7–9 p.m.
     view, flashback, dialogue, back-story and narration.       Okemos Home Depot, 4 sessions, $75
     All writers can benefit from learning the fiction          Instructor: Home Depot staff
     writer’s “tricks of the trade.” Course instruction will
     include writing exercises and discussion of student
                                                                Deer in our Suburbs: Ecology and Management
     writings as well as those of published authors.
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                                White-tailed deer have adapted well to suburban
                                                                environments from Montana to Maine. Prospering
     Thursdays, beginning February 16,* 7–9 p.m.
                                                                deer populations throughout southern Michigan
     102 Kellogg Center, 6 sessions, $85
                                                                are affecting residents in positive and negative
     Instructor: Raymond Thibeault, MSU M.A. ’93,
                                                                ways. Deer provide opportunities for viewing and
     Evening College Lecturer
                                                                learning about wildlife, but deer also create problems
     *No class March 8                                          associated with vehicle collisions, damage to
                                                                landscape plantings and native plant communities,
     Cyber Security:                                            and in some cases tick-borne human ailments such as
     Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)                             Lyme disease. The course will review the history and
                                                                ecology of deer to better understand how a species
     Cyber security issues are all around and reach nearly
     every part of your business and work, from online
     banking and education to Facebook and Wi-Fi. Finally,               Registration begins January 18, 2012.
     you can get up-to-date information about cyber security or phone (517) 355-4562
     normally associated with rural farm environs has         A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     prospered so well in human-developed landscapes.
     The course will also explore the costs and benefits      Saturday, March 24, 10:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.
     of options available to control deer populations and     403 Computer Center, 1 session, $65
     mitigate negative effects of deer. This course will      Instructor: Rebecca Lawson, MSU M.A. ’03,
     provide information that will be useful in managing      LCC and Evening College Lecturer
     deer-human interactions around your home and for
     participating in local governance of deer populations    Detroit Institute of Art: Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus
     in your community.                                       Enrich your Sunday with culture and creativity
     Wednesday, February 15, 7–9 p.m.                         at the new DIA and enjoy this special Rembrandt
     Willy Room, Kellogg Center, 1 session, $45               exhibit. This exhibit opened at the Musée du Louvre
     Instructor: Shawn Riley, Associate Professor,            in Paris and traveled to the Philadelphia Museum
     MSU Department of Fisheries & Wildlife and               of Art before coming to the Detroit Institute of Art.
     Partnership for Ecosystem Research and                   Rembrandt van Rijn was one of the greatest painters
     Management                                               of the 17th century’s Dutch Golden Age. This exhibit
                                                              will feature eight paintings from Rembrandt’s rare
                                                              series of portraits of Christ. Also included in the
     Designing Successful Webinars:
                                                              exhibit are more than 50 related paintings, prints and
     Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)
                                                              drawings that will examine the religious, historic and
     Webinars are a hot new meeting format that save          artistic significance of the core eight works. Enjoy
     money and reach more people than in-person               a self-guided tour of this special exhibition, time to
     meetings. Use them for customer education,               explore other collections and lunch on your own in
     staff meetings and training, presentations, virtual      the museum cafeteria. Bus transportation provided.
     seminars and much more. The technology is simple,        A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     but good webinar presentation techniques are critical.
                                                              Sunday, February 12, 10:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
14   Discover the power of successful webinars for                                                                        15
                                                              1 session, $59 (meals on your own)
     your business organization. Then learn the four key
                                                              Meet at the LCC East parking lot at 10:30 a.m.
     strategies to make your webinars more successful.
                                                              for bus departure at 10:45 a.m.
     Acquire techniques and tips that will make your
     webinars winners with your audiences. Once you           LCC East is located at 2827 Eyde Parkway in
     register through MSU’s Evening College, you              East Lansing, east of Hagadorn Road between
     will receive instructions from LERN. Participants        Grand River Avenue and Mt. Hope Road.
     should plan on four hours per week seat time for each    Parking is free in the LCC East parking lot.
     of the four weeks.
                                                              *The DIA visit is a joint initiative between
     One-month online course, March 5–March 30, $195          MSU Alumni Association’s Evening College
     (Last day to register for this course is March 7.)       and LCC. Bus transportation provided by LCC.
     LERN Instructor
                                                              eBay for Beginners
     Designing Web Pages
                                                              Most of us are collectors and at some point in our lives
     Do you have a small business that you would like to      we find ourselves trying to either amass or disburse a
     put online? Or perhaps you’ve thought about building     collection of items which we have found, purchased
     a website that focuses on your favorite hobby. This      or inherited. In the last few years, one indispensable
     course introduces the skills and strategies necessary    part of collecting has become the proficient use of
     to create Web pages for both fun and profit. You will    the world’s largest online auction—eBay. Join avid
     learn the ins and outs of using templates, images,       collector Professor James Perkins to explore the basic
     links and other design elements. You will explore free   skills necessary to understand the many aspects of
     hosting services and online storefronts. You will be     the online auction eBay. Learn how to navigate the
     introduced to maintaining and updating your website      auction for personal interest, fun and for potential
     as well as troubleshooting potential problems. This      profit. Demonstrations will be used for conducting
     course is designed for PC (not Mac) users who are        appraisals, asking and receiving questions, buying and
     comfortable using the Internet.
     selling, acquiring tickets for attending events, and for   from LERN. Participants should plan on four hours
     safely and efficiently making and receiving payments       per week seat time for each of the four weeks.
     for items bought and/or sold. Participant computers
                                                                One-month online course, April 2–April 27, $195
     are not necessary for this basic eBay course.
                                                                (Last day to register for this course is April 4.)
                                                                LERN Instructor
     Tuesdays, beginning February 21,* 6–9 p.m.
     61 Kellogg Center, 4 sessions, $65                         Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts
     Instructor: James C. Perkins, Professor Emeritus,
     LCC and Evening College Lecturer                           This popular seminar is taught by Michigan’s former
                                                                assistant attorney general for law who co-authored The
     *No class March 6                                          Handbook to Wills, Funerals and Probate, 3rd ed. (ISBN:
                                                                978-0-8160-6670-4) and The Executor’s Handbook
     Emergency Preparedness:                                    (ISBN: 0-8160-4427-9). The course will introduce you to
     Are YOU Ready?                                             the techniques used to plan one’s estate, preserve and
                                                                transfer property during lifetime and at death, protect
     Response to both large-and small-scale natural and         minor children, prepare for possible disability, avoid
     man-made disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes,          probate, and minimize estate taxes and legal expenses.
     earthquakes, floods, winter storms or chemical             Topics include the probate system, wills, trusts, powers
     spills is dependent on more than the fire, police and      of attorney, life insurance, joint ownership, gifts to
     other emergency first responders in the community.         minors, letters of instruction, living wills and medical
     Individuals, families and communities can develop          powers of attorney. Seminar format includes lecture,
     emergency preparedness plans that are not                  handout materials and open discussion.
     expensive or complicated. This course will introduce       A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     you to the principles of emergency management
     and address relevant issues such as learning about         Saturday, February 25, 9 a.m.–1 p.m.
     public emergency response mechanisms; staying              Willy Room, Kellogg Center, 1 session, $75
16   informed; preparing personal and family plans that         Instructor: Theodore E. Hughes, J.D.,                      17
     include travel, special needs for family members and       Evening College Lecturer
     pets; and the steps you can take for preparing for
     home, work and community emergencies. Resource             Extraordinary Customer Service:
     materials will be provided.                                Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)
     Thursdays, February 16 and February 23, 7–9 p.m.           Learning to build your customer service skills will
     Heritage Room, Kellogg Center, 2 sessions, $45             have a powerful impact on your career success as
     Instructor: Dean Ross, former MSU Extension                well as success in other areas of your life. Through
     Educator and Evening College Lecturer                      this course you will discover the direct relationship
                                                                between service skills and career achievement. You
     Entrepreneur Boot Camp:                                    will become skilled at being an exceptional service
     Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)                             provider. You can help your organization and your
                                                                career by translating your good service intentions
     Starting a business is something that all of us have       into a workable plan and gain knowledge of ways
     thought about at one time or another. Everyone wants       to consistently deliver great service. The payoff is
     to be his/her own boss. Yet statistics show that most      enormous! Once you register through MSU’s
     businesses fail within the first five years. This course   Evening College, you will receive instructions
     provides insights into the characteristics, knowledge      from LERN. Participants should plan on four hours
     and skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.     per week seat time for each of the four weeks.
     At the end of this course, you will be able to identify
     the abilities required of successful entrepreneurs and     One-month online course, April 2–April 27, $145
     how to acquire them, develop goals to help establish       (Last day to register for this course is April 4.)
     your business, develop an outline for your plan and        LERN Instructor
     take home techniques to successfully manage your
     new business. Once you register through MSU’s
                                                                   Register online at
     Evening College, you will receive instructions
                                                                develop programs that integrate food and farming
     Facebook for Business:                                     into larger community-building efforts; and (3) allow
     Advanced Skills for Businesses and Organizations           for economic, environmental, social and cultural
     Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)                             sustainability. Urbandale Farm, created in 2010, is
     Find out what goes on behind the scenes on Facebook        LUFP’s first agricultural enterprise. While dedicated
     pages and how to increase the chances that your            to raising food for Urbandale residents, it is as much
     message is seen and acted on. Discover new tools and       about place-making as it is about farming. In addition
     proven techniques to increase business and expand          to engaging children and adult neighbors in farm
     your reach. Discuss how to adapt your marketing            work and food distribution, the project also reinforces
     message for the Facebook platform and how to               local traditions and integrates art work, history and
     integrate Facebook across all marketing areas. This        story into its many activities. In this way, food and
     is an advanced class and assumes you have started          earthwork serve as tools for building social and
     a page on Facebook and have some basic knowledge           economic capacity and revitalizing the neighborhood.
     of the platform. Once you register through MSU’s           Participants of this session will receive an invitation
     Evening College, you will receive instructions             to Urbandale Farm’s special event later in the week!
     from LERN. Participants should plan on four hours          Thursday, June 14, 7–8:30 p.m.
     per week seat time for each of the four weeks.             102 Kellogg Center, 1 session, $25
     One-month online course, March 5–March 30, $245            Instructor: Laura B. DeLind, MSU Ph.D.’78,
     (Last day to register for this course is March 7.)         MSU Department of Anthropology and MSU
     LERN Instructor                                            Residential College in the Arts and Humanities

     Family Archivist: Caring for Family Treasures              Floral Design Workshop: The Basics

     Your family heritage and personal collections are          In this fun, hands-on course, you will learn florists’
     precious to you and to future generations. This course     secrets for making beautiful floral designs as you
     will help you to preserve your family treasures in the     work on floral arrangements every week. You will
18                                                                                                                        19
     best way possible. The first session of this course will   learn flower identification and how to make flowers
     teach you how to preserve different types of family        last longer and look great. You will also learn how
     materials including documents, newspapers, books,          to make centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres and
     photographs and scrapbooks. You will also learn how        bows. Tim Latimer, Michigan certified florist, will
     to preserve your digital photos and other electronic       teach you the principles, elements and mechanics
     formats. Discover the common dangers that impact           of color theory, harmony, rhythm, balance and
     the preservation of family treasures. During the           composition of floral design. You will learn about
     second session you will learn how to repair small          different traditional and contemporary design
     damage and recover materials after a disaster such         techniques including line and mass designs and
     as water damage or mold.                                   Oriental and European designs. You will leave
                                                                this workshop a better floral consumer and floral
     Wednesdays, March 14 and March 21, 7–9 p.m.                arranger than when you arrived. Every week you will
     Heritage Room, Kellogg Center, 2 sessions, $49             take home a new creation. No prior experience is
     Instructor: Portia Vescio,                                 needed. Past participants are welcome. All supplies
     MSU Public Services Archivist                              including floral tools will be provided. Your supply
                                                                fee is included in the course registration fee.
     Farming on Lansing’s Eastside:                             A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     Cultivating Food and Neighborhoods
                                                                Tuesdays, beginning February 14,* 6:30–9 p.m.
     Join MSU’s Laura DeLind, co-founder and co-                A290 Plant and Soil Sciences Bldg., 7 sessions, $155
     director of the Lansing Urban Farm Project (LUFP)          Instructor: Tim Latimer, MSU B.S. ’88,
     and learn how an urban neighborhood is becoming            Evening College Lecturer
     revitalized. The Lansing Urban Farm Project is a new
                                                                *No class March 6
     Michigan non-profit whose mission is to establish
     farms in urban Lansing neighborhoods that (1) make
     fresh, affordable produce available to residents; (2)         Register online at
                                                                  Instructor: Frederik Meijer Gardens
     Flower Gardening: Planning Your Space
                                                                  and Sculpture Park staff
     Want to have a garden that is the envy of your
                                                                  LCC East is located at 2827 Eyde Parkway in East
     neighbors? Join Tim Latimer, Michigan certified
                                                                  Lansing, east of Hagadorn Road between Grand
     florist and lifelong gardener, who will assist you in
                                                                  River Avenue and Mt. Hope Road. Parking is free in
     integrating your interest in floral design and gardening.
                                                                  the LCC East parking lot.
     Topics will include planning (including keeping a
     garden journal), site selection, bed preparation and         This is a joint initiative between MSU Alumni
     soil testing, watering and fertilizing, use of color and     Association’s Evening College and LCC.
     container plants. Learn to select plants for ease of         Bus transportation provided by LCC.
     care (including sun and shade selections), length of
     bloom, landscape color and beauty and usefulness             French Conversation (Basic)
     as cut flowers and/or floral designs for your home.
     The use of bulbs, annuals, perennials and shrubs             A practical approach to the mastery of everyday
     will be discussed. Regardless of size, your yard can         conversational French, this course is designed for
     become an impressive floral display.                         busy adults who have had no previous instruction in
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                                  French and for those who wish to brush up on their
                                                                  skill in speaking French at the beginning level.
     Saturday, April 21, 9 a.m.–1 p.m.                            A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     106 Kellogg Center, 1 session, $55
     Instructor: Tim Latimer, MSU B.S. ’88,                       Tuesdays, beginning February 14,* 7–9:30 p.m.
     Evening College Lecturer                                     C300 Wells Hall, 10 sessions, $85
                                                                  Instructor: Sandhya Shanker, Visiting Instructor,
                                                                  MSU Department of Romance and Classical Studies
     Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park:
     Butterflies are Blooming!
                                                                  *No class March 6
20   If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Frederik                                                            21
     Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids,           Genealogy 101: Who Are You?
     we invite you to join this guided group tour. People
                                                                  This course includes Internet and hard copy research
     come from all over the world to experience and enjoy
                                                                  instruction. Participants attend six sessions.
     the botanical garden, art and natural environment of
     the Meijer Gardens. A visitor favorite in its 17th year,     Mondays, beginning February 13, 7–9 p.m.
     Butterflies are Blooming will be showing and will feature    See session for location, date and time.
     butterflies from tropical regions around the world           6 sessions, $65
     flying freely in the five-story Tropical Conservatory. The   Instructor: Joanne Harvey, Genealogical and
     80-degree conditions make for a warm escape in West          Record Searcher
     Michigan. This is the largest temporary tropical butterfly
     exhibition in the nation with over 40 different species of   1. Home Resources: Interviewing, recording your
     butterflies and moths. The tour includes transportation,        information, object records, cemeteries.
     admission, inside/outside guided tours, free time to            Monday, February 13, 7–9 p.m.
     enjoy lunch on your own in the Meijer Gardens café and         110 Kellogg Center
     time to explore on your own.                                 2. Back to 1900: Vital records and the American
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                                     Federal Census since 1790.
     Sunday, April 15, 10:15 a.m.–6:00 p.m., 1 session, $49          Monday, February 20, 7–9 p.m.
                                                                     110 Kellogg Center
     10:15 a.m.   Meet at the LCC East parking lot
     10:30 a.m.   Bus departs from LCC East                       3. Follow the dollars: Land and probate records in
     12–1:00 p.m. Guided tour Meijer Gardens                         America since the early 1700s.
     1–1:50 p.m.  Lunch on your own, Meijer                          Monday, February 27, 7–9 p.m.
                  Gardens café                                       110 Kellogg Center
     1:50–3 p.m. Tram tour
     3–4:30 p.m. Time on your own                                    Register online at
     6:00 p.m.    Approximate arrival back to LCC East
     4. Back to 1776: America’s wars and your family.          Thursdays, beginning February 16,* 7–9:30 p.m.
        Find veterans and families since the early 1700s.      C305 Wells Hall, 10 sessions, $85
        Monday, March 12, 7–9 p.m.                             Instructor: Daniel Kline, MSU Department of
        110 Kellogg Center                                     Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and
                                                               African Languages
     5. Visit the Library of Michigan—home of America’s
        tenth largest genealogy collection.                    *No class March 8
        Date and time to be announced.
        Library of Michigan, W. Kalamazoo Street, Lansing
                                                               German Conversation (Advanced)
     6. Choose one session from those below and
                                                               This course is a continuation of German Conversation
        specify letter when registering.
                                                               (Intermediate). It is designed for adults who wish to
        Date and time to be arranged.
                                                               extend their skill in speaking German beyond the
        A. Back to Germany
                                                               intermediate level. The content will be as extensive,
        B. Back to Canada and England
                                                               and the progress as rapid, as the enthusiasm and
        C. Back to Ireland
                                                               commitment of the class permit.
                                                               A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     Geological Hazards on Earth:
     Policy and Protection Before and After                    Tuesdays, beginning February 14,* 7–9:30 p.m.
                                                               C308 Wells Hall, 10 sessions, $85
     “Civilization exists by geological consent, subject       Instructor: Caron Dvorak, MSU B.A. ’94,
     to change without notice” according to Will Durant,       MSU Department of Linguistics and Germanic,
     U.S. historian/philosopher (1885–1981) and so when        Slavic, Asian and African Languages
     the natural hazards/disasters strike on earth “without
     notice,” the cost in lives and treasury are enormous.     *No class March 6
     Join Professor Warren Wood who will raise pertinent
22   issues that surround our earth’s geological hazards/      Getting to Know your Digital SLR                         23
     disasters and discuss strategies for policy, protection
                                                               Digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras are more
     and assistance. With population growth, the adverse
                                                               affordable than ever but the array of controls can
     impact on daily lives increases with the occurrence of
                                                               be intimidating for someone graduating from a
     any natural hazard such as forest fires, earthquakes,
                                                               point-and-shoot pocket camera. Join us as we take
     landslides, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, droughts,
                                                               the mystery out of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
     floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, arsenic and sodium
                                                               Explore the basic rules of photography and the
     in our groundwater, or asbestos and chromium in
                                                               impact of each setting on your camera. You may
     the air. This course will explore such questions as
                                                               never use the “auto” setting again! There will be
     how should we protect ourselves, how do we assign
                                                               ample opportunity to shoot and share photos that
     risk, what role should the government play and who
                                                               demonstrate the concepts taught in this course.
     should pay?
                                                               A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     Tuesdays, beginning February 14, 7–8:30 p.m.
                                                               Thursdays, beginning February 16,* 7–9 p.m.
     110 Kellogg Center, 3 sessions, $45
                                                               Willy Room, Kellogg Center, 7 sessions, $75
     Instructor: Warren W. Wood, MSU Ph.D. ’69,
                                                               Instructor: Dane Robison, MSU B.A. ’91,
     Professor of Hydrogeology,
                                                               Evening College Lecturer
     MSU Department of Geosciences
                                                               *No class March 8
     German Conversation (Basic)
                                                               Google Analytics Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)
     A practical approach to the mastery of everyday
     conversational German, this course is designed            If you are not reviewing your website statistics, then
     for adults who have had no previous instruction in        you are missing several key opportunities to profit
     German and those who wish to brush up on their skill      from your website traffic. This course, aimed at
     in speaking German at the beginning level.                non-technical users, will take you through all the key
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                               techniques and how to use website analytics using
                                                               the world-standard Google analytics, a free online
     tool. You’ll understand your visitor traffic better,      3 sessions, $45
     learn how to calculate return on investment (ROI) for     Instructor: Zachary Huang, MSU
     your online advertising, and find out how to get more     Department of Entomology
     conversions and sales from your website visitors.
     This course is a must for anyone serious about            *Directions to Bee Biology building will be
     leveraging more success from their website. Once          mailed with your registration confirmation.
     you register through MSU’s Evening College,
     you will receive instructions from LERN.                  Horse Management Practices:
     Participants should plan on four hours per week seat      Up Close and Personal at MSU!
     time for each of the four weeks.
     One-month online course, March 5–March 30, $195           Join MSU’s Professor John Shelle who will give you
     (Last day to register for this course is March 7.)        an “up close and personal” learning experience on
     LERN Instructor                                           the foaling and care of the new arrivals at MSU’s
                                                               Horse Teaching and Research Center. You will learn
                                                               about the feeding and management of all the horses
     Grant-Seeking for Nonprofit Organizations
                                                               on the MSU farm with a particular emphasis on the
     This course is designed for administrators and            2012 foals. Information on the training techniques
     employees of nonprofit, public-service organizations      and the processes involved in the care and handling
     who are interested in learning how to locate relevant     of older horses will also be provided. This course is
     grant and funding information either in the MSU           limited to 16 participants.
     Libraries or via the Internet. Jon Harrison, Funding      A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     Center supervisor for the MSU Libraries, will provide
                                                               Saturdays, June 16 and June 23, 10 a.m.–1 p.m.
     an overview of potential funding, grant-writing and
                                                               MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center*
     grant-administration resources.
                                                               2 sessions, $75
                                                               Instructor: John Shelle, Professor, MSU M.S. ’80
24   Saturday, February 25, 10 a.m.–1 p.m.*                    MSU Department of Animal Science                             25
     MSU Main Library, 1 session, $49
                                                               *Directions to MSU’s Horse Teaching and Research
     (Library Instruction Room, Basement, East Wing)
                                                               Center will be mailed with your registration
     Instructor: Jon Harrison, Social Sciences Collections
     Coordinator and Funding Center Supervisor for the
     MSU Libraries
                                                               Hot Topics in Science
     *Library opens at 10 a.m.
                                                               With today’s intersection of science, public policy and
                                                               daily life, we hear many voices presenting multiple
     Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping
                                                               viewpoints on scientific research, its conclusions and
     Honey bees are fascinating organisms because of           the development of new technologies. How do we
     their highly structured society. They are also vitally    know what to believe? This course will provide non-
     important for agriculture because they pollinate the      scientists with current information on some “hot-
     majority of our fruits and vegetables. This course        button” topics that include evolution, stem cell research,
     will introduce you to the basics of honey bee biology     climate change and global warming, genetically
     (castes, metamorphosis and social behaviors) and          modified foods, the development of bacterial antibiotic
     the basics of beekeeping. You will also learn about the   resistance and the dangers of vaccines. You will gain
     mysterious honey bee phenomenon of “vanishing             a better understanding of the scientific method, the
     without a trace.” You will have an opportunity            science establishment and how scientific conclusions
     (optional) to tour the MSU Bee Biology Building and       are determined and/or distorted or falsified.
     have a “close encounter” with live bees.
                                                               Thursdays, beginning February 16,* 7–8:30 p.m.
                                                               110 Kellogg Center, 7 sessions, $55
     Wednesdays, February 29 and March 14, 7–9 p.m.            Instructor: Chris Waters, MSU Department of
     101 Kellogg Center and                                    Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
     Saturday, March 17, 10 a.m.–noon,
                                                               *No class March 8
     MSU Bee Biology Building*
     How to Meditate for Stress Reduction,                        country with an ancient civilization and settlements
                                                                  dating back 9,000 years. The birthplace of Hinduism,
     Good Health and Higher Awareness
                                                                  Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, India was also
     Doctors and psychologists recommend it—the                   the first country to have a woman as head of state.
     healing power of meditation for mind, body and soul.         India has one of the fastest-growing economies in
     Meditation has been clinically proven to reduce blood        the world with 16 scripted languages recognized
     pressure, relax deep tensions within the body and aid        by the government for conducting business. India
     the body in healing illness. This step-by-step, two-         is competing locally and globally in all arenas of
     week program is perfect for beginners or as a boost to       business, industry, technology, science and art.
     those already meditating. This course will teach you         Despite frequent terrorist attacks, individuals are
     simple, effective ways to calm and clear your mind,          flocking to the country for business and trade
     recharge yourself with fresh energy and ideas and            opportunities, medical treatments and research and
     enhance your spirit. You will learn a concise series         tourism. Professor Rajendra will also offer tips for
     of powerful stress management and meditation                 business visitors and tourists traveling to India.
     exercises and techniques. These techniques get to
                                                                  Wednesdays, beginning February 22,* 7–8:30 p.m.
     the root cause of stress and bring deep inner peace
                                                                  106 Kellogg Center, 4 sessions, $45
     very quickly.
                                                                  Instructor: Kunwar Rajendra, MSU Ph.D. ’80,
                                                                  Adjunct Professor, MSU Department of Electrical
     Tuesdays, April 17 and April 24, 6:30–8:30 p.m.              and Computer Engineering
     Corniche Room, Kellogg Center, 2 sessions, $49
                                                                  *No class March 7
     Instructor: Lorne C. Dekun, Evening College Lecturer

                                                                  Italian Conversation for Travelers (Basic)
     Ice Skating for Beginners
                                                                  Wouldn’t it be wonderful when visiting Italy to be
     This course will introduce the basic techniques of ice
                                                                  able to introduce yourself and communicate with the
26   skating for beginning or inexperienced adult skaters,                                                                   27
                                                                  locals? This course is designed for anyone traveling
     including basic balance on skates and forward and
                                                                  to Italy who would like practical communication
     backward motion. Participants will also learn about
                                                                  skills to carry on a basic conversation at a hotel,
     physical conditioning, technical skills and strategy of
                                                                  train station, restaurant, airport, rent-a-car office or
     skating. Instruction will provide pleasure and personal
                                                                  currency exchange office. No previous knowledge of
     improvement while teaching discipline, awareness of
                                                                  Italian is required.
     space and control of body motion on ice. Course fee
                                                                  A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     does not include skates. Rental skates are available
     at Munn Ice Arena at the cost of $2 for each session.        Tuesdays, beginning February 14,* 7–9:30 p.m.
     Students may pay the rental fee to Munn Ice Arena            C310 Wells Hall, 10 sessions, $95
     before each class session.                                   Instructor: Carmen De Lorenzo, MSU M.A. ’08,
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                                  MSU Department of Romance and Classical Studies
                                                                  and Evening College Lecturer
     Fridays, beginning March 16, 5:45–6:45 p.m.
     Munn Ice Arena, 6 sessions, $65                              *No class March 6
     Instructor: Sandy Nelson, MSU B.A. ’66,
     Evening College Lecturer                                     Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus

     Incredible India: An Emerging Global Giant                   Jesus grew up in the first century A.D. in an
                                                                  “ordinary” Jewish village—Nazareth—in Galilee, a
     Professor Kunwar Rajendra, who was born in India             region overseen by rulers who served as clients for
     but has spent more than half of his life in the U.S., will   the Roman Empire. Drawing on archaeology and text
     introduce you to the history, geography, economy,            study, this course will examine the way of life and
     art and culture of India. Truly “incredible,” India is       material culture of the common folk—villagers and city
     a fascinating country, the second most populated             dwellers—who lived in Jesus’ time and region. The
     country in the world with over one billion people. It        course will take you on a classroom “visit” to several
     is the largest democratic nation in the world having         archaeological sites that were occupied during Jesus’
     won its independence from British rule in 1947. It is a      time, including his home village, Nazareth, as well
          Map of the Michigan State Universit y Campus

     Evening College Office

28                                                       29

     as the capital city, Sepphoris, and a nearby pottery-   Professor of International Business Law,
     making village, Shikhin. The course will explore how    MSU Department of Finance, Eli Broad College of
     archaeological method can aid our understanding of      Business
     the New Testament and other literary texts bearing
     on this religiously formative period.                   Michigan Lighthouses: Summer Travel Guide
     Mondays, April 9 and 16, 7–9 p.m.                       Summer in Michigan offers you long days, warm
     110 Kellogg Center, 2 sessions, $45                     beaches and many lighthouses to visit. Whether you
     Instructor: Constance DeYoung Groh, MSU B.A.’70,        are taking a day trip to Lake Michigan or traveling to
     Evening College Lecturer                                Lake Huron or Northern Michigan, or embarking on a
                                                             more adventurous tour to Lake Superior and the Upper
     Korean Conversation (Basic)                             Peninsula, there is a scenic light house beckoning you.
                                                             Join Sandy Gmazel who will provide you with an
     This course is designed for busy adults who have had
                                                             overview of Michigan’s lighthouses. Take a classroom
     no previous instruction in Korean or for those who
                                                             tour and learn which lighthouses are open to the public
     wish to brush up on their skill in speaking Korean
                                                             and/or offer special events, those that have museums
     at the beginning level. You will learn the Korean
                                                             and where you can become a light keeper. You’ll even
     phonetic system (Hangul), everyday Korean words,
                                                             learn about a haunting or two!
     basic expressions and practical culture tips.
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                             Saturday, April 14, 9 a.m.–noon
                                                             Michigamme Room, Kellogg Center, 1 session, $45
     Wednesdays, beginning February 15,* 7–9:30 p.m.
                                                             Instructor: Sandy Gmazel,
     C216 Wells Hall, 10 sessions, $89
                                                             Evening College Lecturer
     Instructor: Yeon Heo, MSU M.A. 07,
     MSU Department of Second Language Studies
     and Evening College Lecturer
                                                             Michigan Microbreweries
                                                             Would you like to learn more about the brewing of
30   *No class March 7                                                                                                  31
                                                             craft beers right here in Michigan? Leave the driving to
                                                             us and visit four of Michigan’s finest micro breweries
     Making Sense of Sustainability: From Local to Global    in one day. You will travel to Grand Rapids to visit
     The words “sustainability,” “green,” “eco” and          the breweries including the Hideout, Schmohz, the
     “environmentally friendly” permeate our news and        B.O.B. and the Hopcat Breweries (locations subject to
     advertising. Do you know what these terms really        change). Bus transportation, tours, tasting, lunch and
     mean? Are you interested in promoting sustainability    dinner are included. You must be 21 years or older to
     in meaningful ways in your own personal life or at      participate in this class. Identification required.
     your business? Join Professor Paulette Stenzel who      A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     will explore answers to these questions and share
                                                             Saturday, February 18 or Saturday, June 9,
     stories on her work in Mexico, Nicaragua and Ecuador
                                                             9:30 a.m.–10 p.m.
     as well as the U.S. Learn about green-washing; the
                                                             (Please choose just one date and mark on your
     Triple Bottom Line of environment, social equity
                                                             registration form.)
     and economy; and the Global Reporting Initiative.
                                                             1 session, $99 (includes transportation, lunch, dinner)
     Discover how free trade thwarts sustainability; learn
     about tools for the conduct of sustainable business—    Meet at the LCC East parking lot at 9:30 a.m.
     microfinance, fair trade and innovative partnerships;   for bus departure at 10 a.m.
     and look at the connections between Chiapas,
                                                             LCC East is located at 2827 Eyde Parkway in East
     Mexico, and Michigan. Explore the history of Fair
                                                             Lansing, east of Hagadorn Road between Grand River
     Trade, mainstreaming Fair Trade, and Fair Trade
                                                             Avenue and Mt. Hope Road. Parking is free in the
     in Ecuador and Nicaragua; and the entry of major
                                                             LCC East parking lot.
     companies such as Walmart, KitKat and Starbucks
     into the world of Fair Trade.                           This course is a joint initiative between the MSU
                                                             Alumni Association’s Evening College and LCC.
     Thursdays, beginning March 22, 7–9 p.m.
                                                             Bus transportation provided by LCC.
     Heritage Room, Kellogg Center, 3 sessions, $45
     Instructor: Paulette L. Stenzel,
     MSU and the Cereal King: W.K. Kellogg                        Nanotechnology and G.R.I.N:
     Designated a Michigan Historic Landmark, the W.K.            Technology for the 21st Century
     Kellogg Estate on Gull Lake (near Hickory Corners)           Nanotechnology has had a 25-year climb from
     is a beautifully restored Tudor mansion with a lot of        utter obscurity to overnight success and has been
     history and character. Built by W.K. Kellogg in 1926,        defined as precision engineering at the molecular
     the house sits 110 feet above Gull Lake on a 32-acre         scale. It has also been described as the industrial
     estate which still has all of the original buildings         revolution of the 21st century. Mimicking biological
     including a carriage house, greenhouse, caretaker’s          systems such as DNA, researchers are engineering
     cottage, boathouse and a 200-year-old windmill.              new systems with specific characteristics and
     Inside treasures include Rookwood tile, oak-paneled          functions. Stronger and lighter materials can make
     rooms and original French tapestries. In 1952, the           cars nearly scratchproof; other materials are being
     estate was given to Michigan State University and            used in clothes, luggage, sports equipment, the
     is now part of the university’s Kellogg Biological           glass surface of your smart phone and in such fields
     Station. Participants will enjoy a tour of the estate        as art, architecture and spacecraft fabrication. New
     while learning about W.K. Kellogg—the man and                research promises lithium-ion batteries with ten
     his times, including his interest in the environment,        times the current charge capacity and the ability to
     education, philanthropy and of course the corn               recharge in 15 minutes. Nano-scale electronics make
     flake. Light refreshments will be served after the           smart phones and tablets more capable with easy-
     two-hour tour. Participants will provide their own           to-use apps. And inexpensive postage-stamp-sized
     transportation. Directions and maps will be mailed           paper-based sensors can diagnose selected diseases
     with registration confirmations.                             in minutes. This course will also introduce you to
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                                  G.R.I.N. (Genetics, Robotics, Information Technology
     Sunday, May 6, 1–3 p.m.                                      and Nanotechnology) and discuss how it may better
     W.K. Kellogg Manor House                                     describe 21st century technology.
32   1 session, $25                                               Tuesdays, beginning March 13, 7–9 p.m.                    33
     Instructor: W.K. Kellogg Manor House Staff                   Vista Room, Kellogg Center, 3 sessions, $45
                                                                  Instructor: Frank Dolinar, MSU B.S.’76,
     MSU Museum Quilt Collections: Behind the Scenes              Evening College Lecturer
     This course will allow you to take a peek behind
     the scenes of the MSU Museum’s Great Lakes Quilt             Our Global Future: Sustaining Prosperity
     Center. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of              About 2,500 years ago, it was indicated that human
     the Civil War, quilts from 1850–1870 will be featured.       prosperity (the condition of being successful or
     You will be able to view a portion of the museum’s           thriving) never abides long in the same place. Join
     quilt collections in their state-of-the-art rolled storage   Professor George Bird to investigate why prosperity
     systems, viewing 10 quilts on examination tables.            collapse has been repeated many times throughout
     You will also learn how to care for old textiles. There      history and if it is possible to sustain high quality
     will be a demonstration of the Michigan Quilt Project        life over long periods of time. While enhancing your
     database, the Quilt Index and an introduction to the         understanding of science, the course will review
     Great Lakes Quilt Center library. Optional: Participants     relationships between natural resources (soil, water,
     are allowed to bring a “show and tell” quilt to share.       air, energy and biological diversity) and society’s
     Saturday, March 17, 10 a.m.–noon,                            dominant worldview. Topics that will be explored
     201 Central Services Building,* 1 session, $45               include food security and famine (Irish Potato Famine),
     Instructor: Beth Donaldson,                                  human migrations (Moses to current legal and illegal
     Collections Assistant, MSU Museum                            immigration), environmental contamination and
                                                                  human health issues (Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring)
     *Directions will be mailed with course confirmation.         and resulting landmark environmental innovations.
                                                                  Alternate future models will be used to access the
                                                                  feasibility of a prosperous future. Recommended
              Registration begins January 18, 2012. or phone (517) 355-4562
     text: Tom Wessel’s The Myth of Progress: Toward a       Nonaccountant for this beginning personal finance
     Sustainable Future, (ISBN-10:1584654957).               course that will teach you the basics of money
                                                             management. Basic tips will be provided for paying
     Wednesdays, beginning March 14, 7–8:30 p.m.
                                                             bills, tax planning, keeping records for tax and
     61 Kellogg Center, 4 sessions, $45
                                                             personal reasons, owning a home versus renting,
     Instructor: George Bird, Professor Emeritus,
                                                             buying insurance and what and how much to buy,
     MSU Department of Entomology
                                                             saving for college and other family/personal goals,
                                                             investing and saving for retirement. Prior knowledge
     Patio and Landscape Construction                        of money management and investments is not
     Have you always wanted to build that dream              necessary. Recommended text: The Money Class by
     landscape but lacked the know-how? With a hands-        Suze Orman, 2011, ISBN 978-1-4000-6973-6.
     on approach this course will cover landscape design     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     and construction techniques. You will learn about       Saturday, April 14, 9 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
     paver patios, retaining walls, landscape lighting and   105A Kellogg Center, 1 session, $49
     water gardens. With new knowledge and hard work,        Instructor: Richard Child, MSU M.B.A.’75,
     your own landscape could be the envy of the block!      Michigan Senate Majority Policy Office
     Tuesdays, beginning May 1, 7–9 p.m.                     Personal Power Tools:
     Okemos Home Depot, 4 sessions, $75                      Conversation and Working a Room
     Instructor: Home Depot staff
                                                             Does the thought of walking into a room of strangers
                                                             fill you with dread? Learn the secrets of successfully
     Personal/Family Security for                            working a room to your personal advantage. Gain
     Travel and Everyday Activities                          the confidence to introduce yourself to strangers and
     Foreign and domestic travel increases your risk of      make the connections you want and need to make.
34   facing unusual or threatening situations. However,      This course will teach you how to prepare for such       35
     you do not have to be far from home as most             events, how to break into groups already engaged in
     incidents impacting your personal security happen in    conversation, how to introduce yourself and others
     locations you frequently visit. Do you know the risks   and how to meet your personal goals for every
     associated with parking lots, ATM machines, hotels,     social interaction. We’ll also explore the fine art of
     airports, driving and other everyday activities?        conversation: how to talk with anyone, how to start
     What do you need to know prior to business and/or       and end a conversation with finesse, what topics
     personal travel? How should you prepare or react if     never to discuss and appropriate follow-up practices.
     an incident occurs? This course will provide you with   Saturday, March 17, 10 a.m.–1 p.m.
     security awareness tips that when practiced become      Michigamme Room, Kellogg Center, 1 session, $45
     a routine way of conducting everyday personal and       Instructor: Julie Duke, Evening College Lecturer
     business activities. Join Rad Jones, a former U.S.
     Secret Service agent assigned to presidential, vice
                                                             Pet Nutrition: Dietary Basics for Dog and Cat Owners
     presidential and foreign dignitary protective details
     and a former Fortune 500 Company security manager       Have you ever wondered what the best food for
     who has taught this program to businesses and civic     your pet is as you wander the aisles of a grocery or
     groups around the country.                              pet specialty store? Trying to distinguish between
                                                             marketing hype and real nutrition information is a
     Wednesday, April 18, 6:30–9:30 p.m.
                                                             challenge for most dog and cat owners today. This
     Heritage Room, Kellogg Center, 1 session, $45
                                                             course will provide you with a basic guide to reading
     Instructor: Rad Jones, MSU B.S. ’62, Assistant
                                                             pet food labels, tips on pet food safety and learning
     Instructor, MSU School of Criminal Justice
                                                             how to select the best diet for your healthy dog or
                                                             cat. Participants will also learn how to perform body
     Personal Finance 101
     This introductory course will assist you in worrying
     less about managing your money! Join Rich Child,         Register online at
     Evening College instructor of Accounting for the
     conditioning scoring and to estimate their pet’s daily       properties. You will find out the purpose of each photo
     caloric needs. Children 13 and older are welcome to          editing tool and walk away with the skills to use them.
     attend for $25 if accompanied by a registered adult.         You will even learn what the pros know. Once you
     Sorry, no pets allowed in the course.                        register through MSU’s Evening College, you
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                                  will receive instructions from LERN. Participants
                                                                  should plan on four hours per week seat time for each
     Mondays, February 13 and February 20, 7–9 p.m.
                                                                  of the four weeks.
     102 Kellogg Center, 2 sessions, $45
     Instructor: Sarah Abood, MSU D.V.M.’88,
                                                                  One-month online course, April 2–April 27, $195
     Assistant Dean, Student Programs,
                                                                  (Last day to register for this course is April 4.)
     MSU College of Veterinary Medicine
                                                                  LERN Instructor

     Pewabic Pottery: Michigan’s Famous Historic Pottery          Publish Yourself with MSU’s Espresso Book Machine
     Designated a National Historic Landmark, the Pewabic
                                                                  The MSU Library’s Espresso Book Machine (EBM) is
     Pottery of Detroit is Michigan’s only historic pottery. It
                                                                  one of only a few of its kind in the world. The Espresso
     is one of three Arts and Crafts–era potteries still open
                                                                  Book Machine will enable you to “do it yourself” and
     in the United States. Founded in 1903 by Mary Chase
                                                                  self-publish. You will be able to create and publish your
     Perry (Stratton) and Horace Caulkins at the height of
                                                                  own book of your family’s history, a novel you have
     the Arts and Crafts movement in America, Pewabic
                                                                  written and have the rights to, a corporate research
     Pottery produced hundreds of nationally renowned
                                                                  project or a professional portfolio. The possibilities
     vessels, tiles and ornamentation for public and private
                                                                  are endless! The machine can print a 200 page book
     use and installation. Many sites in Michigan and the
                                                                  in fifteen minutes—it prints your pages and a full
     United States display the famous works of Pewabic
                                                                  color cover, binds them together and trims them all to
     Pottery including the Detroit Institute of Arts, the
                                                                  size within a matter of minutes, creating a bookstore-
     campus of Michigan State University and the Freer
                                                                  quality paperback. This workshop will show you how
     Gallery at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Learn
36                                                                to take a book from an idea to a finished product.           37
     about the history of the pottery and its founders,
                                                                  Learn how to format electronic files for use with
     its former link to MSU and the role of the pottery
                                                                  the EBM, as well as information on book covers and
     today. This course will be held at Pewabic Pottery
                                                                  copyright considerations. Following the presentation,
     in Detroit and will offer participants an opportunity
                                                                  participants will see a live demonstration of the
     to create their own ceramic tile. A guided tour of the
                                                                  Espresso Book Machine.
     buildings, galleries, studios, workshops and museum
                                                                  A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     store will also be included. Participants will provide
     their own transportation to Pewabic Pottery and will         Saturday, March 24, 10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
     receive a map and directions with their registration         MSU Main Library
     confirmation.                                                First Floor Reference Instruction Room,
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                                  1 session, $45
                                                                  Instructors: Holly Flynn, MSU Outreach Librarian
     Saturday, April 21, 10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
                                                                  and Kyle Pressley, MSU B.A.’11, MSU Espresso Book
     Pewabic Pottery in Detroit
                                                                  Machine coordinator
     1 session, $55 (includes all supplies, fees: including
     shipping fees for mailing completed tiles to
                                                                  Social Media: Connecting with Friends,
     Instructor: Pewabic Pottery Staff                            Family and the Global Community
                                                                  With people from all generations using social media
     Photoshop                                                    today, it is important to understand what it is, how it is
     Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)                               used and its impact on communication with friends,
                                                                  family and the global community. This session will
     Acquire the skills to navigate an extensive list of
                                                                  provide a basic overview of social media tools such
     Photoshop features. You will gain both a foundational
                                                                  as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and discuss the
     and advanced understanding of the popular software,
                                                                  impact of these tools on our communication culture
     and practice the most commonly used methods, such
                                                                  including grammar, spelling and etiquette as well
     as managing text, working with layers and image file
     as overall message delivery. The course will also          Tech Gadget Avalanche: Navigating the
     explore the power of social media as a political and       Ever-changing World of Portable Devices
     social force.
                                                                Join our MSU team of instructors and learn what to
     Tuesday, February 28, 7–9 p.m.                             consider when buying your next handheld device.
     101 Kellogg Center, 1 session, $25                         The course will look specifically at smart phones
     Instructor: Janet Lillie, MSU Ph.D. ’97,                   (ex: iPhone, Android), tablets (ex: iPad, iPod touch),
     Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education,                   and electronic book readers (ex: Kindle, Nook.) This
     MSU College of Communication Arts and Sciences             course will explore the range of possible activities
                                                                (email, reading, video conferencing, photo sharing,
     Spanish Conversation (Basic)                               time management and others) and explain the
     A practical approach to the mastery of everyday            differences in technology, applications and pricing.
     conversational Spanish, this course is designed for        You will also have an opportunity to take a special
     busy adults who have had no previous instruction in        “before-hours” field trip (participants will provide
     Spanish and for those who wish to brush up on their        own transportation) to Best Buy in Okemos to
     skill in speaking Spanish at the beginning level.          examine the latest technology and gain information
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                                from store employees and your course instructors for
                                                                assistance in choosing and/or purchasing your next
     Tuesdays, beginning February 14,* 7–9:30 p.m.              portable device. Instructors will provide additional
     C306 Wells Hall, 10 sessions, $85                          details on the field trip.
     Instructor: Tina Kosiorek, MSU Department
     of Romance and Classical Studies                           Thursdays, April 12 and April 19, 7–8 p.m.
                                                                1455A MSU BioMedical and Physical Sciences*
     *No class March 6                                          and Saturday April 21, 9–10 a.m., Best Buy in Okemos
                                                                3 sessions, $45
     Supernova and Nuclear Science at MSU:                      Instructors: Dirk Joel-Luchini Colbry, MSU Ph.D.’06,
38   Cyclotron and FRIB Labs                                    Research Specialist, MSU Institute for Cyber Enabled     39
                                                                Research (iCER) and MSU Department of Electrical
     Take a look behind the scenes at a world-class nuclear     and Computer Engineering and Katy Luchini Colbry,
     research facility. Learn what a cyclotron is and what it   MSU B.A.’99, Director/Graduate Recruiting/MSU
     does. At MSU’s National Superconducting Cyclotron          College of Engineering
     Laboratory (NSCL), scientists accelerate nuclei to half
     the speed of light before smashing them into a target      *Wilson and Farm Lane across the street from the
     and studying the exotic isotopes produced. These           MSU Dairy Store
     isotopes hold the key to why stars burn or explode
     and can help explain the origins of elements in our        Travelers: Classic Journeys in Literature
     universe and how the elements in your body are
                                                                Literature is full of stories of travel and travelers.
     formed. You will also get a preview of the $550-million
                                                                The journey is in fact the favorite metaphor for
     project that will soon transform NSCL into the Facility
                                                                life itself. This course will examine several stories
     for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB), a next-generation
                                                                of classic journeys beginning with the father of
     laboratory that will lead the world in rare isotope
                                                                them all, Homer’s ancient Greek epic poem The
     research. This course can enroll 15 participants.
                                                                Odyssey, written around 800 B.C. The course
                                                                will continue with the exploration of portions of
     Thursdays, February 16 and February 23, 7–9 p.m.           Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, John
     MSU Cyclotron Building,* 2 sessions, $45                   Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, and Jonathan Swift’s
     Instructor: Zachary Constan, MSU Ph.D. ’02,                Gulliver’s Travels. For more modern travel stories,
     Engineer, MSU Cyclotron                                    participants will look at Mark Twain’s Innocents
                                                                Abroad, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, John
     *The MSU Cyclotron Building is west of Wharton
      Center for Performing Arts. Please enter the Cyclotron
     Building from the front entrance across from the
     Chemistry Building. Parking is free in Ramp #1 across       Register online at
     the street from the Cyclotron on Shaw Lane.
     Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath and C.S. Lewis’s
                                                              Wind Power: Renewable Energy
     Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
                                                              Join MSU Professor Stephen Harsh and explore the
     Thursdays, beginning February 23, 3–5 p.m.
                                                              global trends of wind power and the reasons for its
     Burcham Hills Retirement Facility,* 8 sessions, $85
                                                              rapid growth. With a special focus on Michigan, you
     Instructor: D. Gordon Rohman, Professor Emeritus,
                                                              will examine key factors needed for the development
     MSU Department of English and Lifelong Education
                                                              of a utility-scale wind project for addressing future
     *All adults welcome, you do not need to be a             energy needs. You will also learn about small wind
     resident of Burcham Hills to participate in this         systems that can be installed by a homeowner or
     course.                                                  small business and the particular issues that need to
                                                              be addressed for proper installation. Discussion will
     Tudor Sisters: The First Queens of England               include information on the economics of alternative
                                                              small wind systems and available incentive programs.
     A tourist walking through London’s Westminster
     Abbey will come upon a single tomb shared by             Wednesdays, March 14 and March 21, 7–9 p.m.
     two royal sisters—the Tudor sisters—Queen Mary           Michigamme Room, Kellogg Center, 2 sessions, $45
     I (1516–1558) and Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603).         Instructor: Stephen Harsh, Professor,
     Daughters of King Henry VIII by different mothers,       MSU Agricultural, Food & Resource Economics
     these sisters, one Catholic, one Protestant, were
     the first two women ever to reign as queens of           Wine Country Tour: Paw Paw, Michigan
     England by inheritance rather than by marriage. In
                                                              Enjoy this delightful winery tour that will take you to
     life they were sometimes allies, but often enemies.
                                                              the heart of “Grape Country” and to Lake Michigan
     The course will examine Mary and Elizabeth’s
                                                              wineries. LCC and MSU have joined together to
     lives, reigns and legacies. Topics will include the
                                                              offer you a day-long bus tour to some of western
     special challenges facing female rulers during and
                                                              Michigan’s wineries. Visits to several Southwestern
     immediately prior to the era that is now named for
40                                                            Michigan wineries including Tabor Hill Winery are         41
     one of them—“Elizabethan England.” Participants
                                                              planned. The tour includes transportation, lunch and
     will also explore the different visions each queen
                                                              an experienced guide. There will be a stop prior to
     had for England’s church in the wake of their father’s
                                                              your journey back to East Lansing to pick up food-to-
                                                              go. You will receive guidelines, policies and a release
     Mondays beginning March 12, 7–9 p.m.                     form prior to departure.
     102 Kellogg Center, 3 sessions, $55                      A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     Instructor: Constance DeYoung Groh, MSU B.A.’70,
                                                              Sunday, April 22 or June 24, 8:45 a.m.–10 p.m.
     Evening College Lecturer
                                                              (Please choose one date and mark on your
                                                               registration form.)
     Twitter Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)                   1 session, $159 (lunch provided)
     Twitter is a hot social media platform these days—
     and everyone seems to be using it. Learn the best        Meet at the LCC East parking lot at 8:45 a.m.
     way to take advantage of the unique opportunities        for bus departure at 9 a.m. LCC East is located
     Twitter offers—and discover the best ways to             at 2827 Eyde Parkway in East Lansing, east of
     create relationships and network with your key           Hagadorn Road between Grand River Avenue
     constituents. You will find out the best—and             and Mt. Hope Road. Parking is free in the LCC
     easiest—techniques for successful interactions in        East parking lot.
     the Twitterverse. Once you register through
     MSU’s Evening College, you will receive                  This course is a joint initiative between the
     instructions from LERN. Participants should              MSU Alumni Association’s Evening College
     plan on four hours per week seat time for each of        and LCC. Bus transportation provided by LCC.
     the four weeks.
                                                              Wines of America and the New World
     One-month online course, March 5–March 30, $195
     (Last day to register for this course is March 7.)       Wines have been made wherever European culture
     LERN Instructor                                          has spread, from California to south Australia.
     Following a basic introduction to wines and wine            Tuesdays, beginning February 14,* 7–8:30 p.m.
     tasting, the wine regions of North and South                Willy Room, Kellogg Center, 6 sessions, $65
     America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa            Instructor: Roger L. Rosentreter, MSU Ph.D. ’83,
     will be toured through tasting and discussion in eight      MSU Department of History
     weekly sessions. California provides the major focus
                                                                 *No class March 6
     and model for wine types based on grape varieties,
     and Michigan’s own wines will be given special
     consideration. Lectures cover history, geography and        Writing Your Life: Your Memoir
     bargains of the current wine market. Participants           This course will assist you in creating a written family
     must be 21 or older.                                        keepsake that can be enjoyed by future generations.
     A LIMTED ENROLLMENT COURSE                                  During the course sessions you will explore the
     Mondays, beginning February 13,* 7–9 p.m.                   people and events that have shaped your life and
     Willy Room, Kellogg Center, 8 sessions, $155                write a unique and creative account using poetry
     Instructor Joel Lichty, Wine Consultant and                 and prose. Each week you will focus on one of the
     Evening College Lecturer                                    following: a vivid memory, an important person,
                                                                 a love story, a significant loss, a meaningful place
     *No class March 5                                           or object, a frightening event and more. These life
                                                                 experiences can be transformed into poems and
     Woodworking and Tool Basics                                 narratives. You will leave this course with a unique,
                                                                 self-published memoir.
     During these economic challenging times more of us
                                                                 A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     may be wishing we had the knowledge and skills to
     “do it ourselves!” Or we may want to explore a new          Tuesdays, beginning February 14,* 7–9 p.m.
     hobby or passion. This course will provide you with         Heritage Room, Kellogg Center, 8 sessions, $85
     an introduction to today’s most popular electric and        Instructor: Kathleen Veith,
     non-electric woodworking tools and while learning           Evening College Lecturer
42   about the types of tools, you will have an opportunity                                                                 43
                                                                 *No class March 6
     to construct an individual project such as a tool tote,
     bookcase or toy chest.
     A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE                                 Yoga Exercises

     Tuesdays, beginning February 14, 7–9 p.m.                   This course is for those who complain of sleeplessness,
     Okemos Home Depot, 4 sessions, $55                          nervousness, fatigue or general lack of energy, as well
     Instructors: Home Depot staff                               as for those who are on a regular program of health
                                                                 maintenance and physical fitness through jogging,
                                                                 swimming, tennis or other exercises. The approach
     WWI: The Great War in Fact and Film
                                                                 will be to view the body and mind as one interrelated
     World War I was a bloodletting so vast and                  system using a program of yogic exercises, postures,
     unprecedented that for a generation it was known            breathing exercises and meditation techniques. This
     simply as the Great War. Besides obsolescent and            program will help to reduce and regulate weight in
     blundering tactics, the terrible losses resulted from the   specific locations or in the total body, develop body
     introduction of modern technology to the battlefield.       flexibility, strengthen concentration and relax the
     Tanks, airplanes, machine guns and poison gas were          mind. Please bring a towel or small blanket and eat
     first used during World War I. Filmmakers, beginning        approximately two hours before the class. Wear
     in the 1920’s, have portrayed the war in a variety of       comfortable clothing.
     ways most notably producing movies reflecting an            A LIMITED ENROLLMENT COURSE
     antiwar message. This course will cover the heroic
                                                                 Tuesdays, beginning February 14,* 7–8:30 p.m.
     war, the air war, the American doughboy experience,
                                                                 103 Kellogg Center, 8 sessions, $85
     the war beyond northern France and the antiwar
                                                                 Instructor: Kunwar Rajendra, MSU Ph.D. ’80,
                                                                 Adjunct Professor, MSU Department of Electrical and
                                                                 Computer Engineering
      Register online at          *No class March 6
                                                                    Oxford online topics and courses:
     YouTube for Business
     Online Course (UGotClass/LERN)                                 Archaeology
                                                                     Archaeology of the Bible Lands
     Increase your business with YouTube, the online                 Exploring Roman Britain
     video site and now the second largest search engine.            Greek Mythology
     Discover the power of video for your organization,              Origins of Human Behavior: The Evidence from
     and how to use video as a marketing tool to reach and             Archaeology
     serve more people. Find out what types of video work            Ritual and Religion in Prehistory
     best on YouTube, how other business organizations               Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Settlers
     are using YouTube, how to create your own YouTube
     channel and the techniques for adding captions,                Art History
     annotations and other extra features. YouTube can               Indian Art: A History
     enhance your current marketing and communication                Islamic Art and Architecture
     strategy. After attending this course you will take back        Italian Renaissance Art: c.1400–c.1500
     proven strategies and techniques for making YouTube             Learning to Look at Modern Art
     work successfully for your organization. Once your              Learning to Look at the Visual Arts
     register through MSU’s Evening College, you                     Learning to Look at Western Architecture
     will receive instructions from LERN. Participants               Van Eyck to Memling: Northern Renaissance Art
     should plan on four hours per week seat time for each              c.1430–1480
     of the four weeks.                                             Creative Writing
     One-month online course, March 5–March 30, $195                 Getting Started in Creative Writing
     (Last day to register for this course is March 7.)              Writing Drama
     LERN Instructor                                                 Writing Fiction
                                                                     Writing Fiction for Young Adults
     University of Oxford Online Courses                             Writing Lives
44                                                                   Writing Poetry                                       45
     The University of Oxford’s Department for Continuing
     Education and the MSU Alumni Association’s Evening             Economics
     College are offering MSU alumni and friends access              Globalization
     to a selection of Oxford’s online courses. Courses run          Macroeconomics: An Introduction
     for 10 weeks (100 study hours) and cost approximately           New Economic Powers
     400–500 U.S. dollars depending on daily exchange               History
     rates. Participants will enroll in these noncredit              Age of Revolution
     personal enrichment courses choosing from topics in             Churchill: Soldier, Politician and Statesman
     archaeology, art history, creative writing, economics,          Elizabeth I
     English literature, history and philosophy.                     English Landscape Gardens: 1650 to the
     In a typical course, you will interact online with around 25       present day
     other students and your Oxford tutor. A wealth of graphic       Henry VIII
     and text material will be provided, complementing your          History of Medicine
     readings from one or more textbooks that you will              Literature
     purchase for the course. These stimulating courses will          Ancestral Voices: the Earliest English Literature
     give you an in-depth knowledge of the topics chosen.             Brontës
     Courses have limited enrollment with different start             Contemporary British Fiction
     dates throughout the year.                                       Critical Reading
     You can view full course descriptions and prices                 Jane Austen
     and register immediately for these courses on                    Literary Theory
     the University of Oxford’s website at www.conted.                The Modern American Novel Oxford is offering these courses to                Nineteenth Century European Literature
     MSU alumni and friends worldwide. All adults are                 Shakespeare
     welcome. MSU Alumni Association paid members                     Trollope, Eliot, Hardy and Dickens: Reading
     save 20 percent on their registration fees.                         Victorian Fiction
     Mathematics                                                LIFELONG EDUCATION ABROAD
      The Number Mysteries
     Philosophy                                                   odyssey to oxford
      Ethics: An Introduction
      Introduction to Philosophy
      Philosophy of Mind
      Philosophy of Religion
      Philosophy of Science
      Political Philosophy
      Reality, Being and Existence: An Introduction
         to Metaphysics
      Theory of Knowledge                                              August 25-September 8, 2012
                                                                            29th anniversary
     Burcham Hills Retirement Community
     The MSU Alumni Association’s Evening College pro-          Celebrating its 29th anniversary in 2012, this two-week
     vides a community outreach program offering Bur-           lifelong education program takes you on a rare adventure to
     cham Hills Retirement Community residents and              Oxford—“city of dreaming spires” and to the University of
     their family members plus all community members            Oxford, famous as a great center of learning since the 12th
     an opportunity to enjoy personal enrichment non-           century. Once England’s capital, Oxford is located in the heart
     credit courses. Taught by Evening College faculty          of England just 50 miles northwest of London.
     and instructors, courses are offered on site at the Bur-
     cham Hills Retirement Facility in East Lansing. The        Open to all adults, participants enroll in one noncredit
     2012 spring semester course offerings are: America’s       personal enrichment course choosing from (1) British Scientists
     Second Revolution: War of 1812 (p.4) and Travelers:        and Inventions: Two Centuries that Shaped the Modern World;
     Classic Journeys in Literature (p.39).                     (2) Paradise in an English Garden; (3) English Novels of
46                                                              Sensation: Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens or (4) British       47
                                                                Spies in Fact and Fiction: 1900–2012. A typical day’s schedule
                                                                includes courses taught by Oxford tutors with course-specific
                                                                field trips and general group excursions.
                                                                There will be ample time during the two weeks to enjoy
                                                                breathtaking architecture, art and gardens of many of the
                                                                university’s 38 colleges, explore the historic town of Oxford or
                                                                visit the surrounding countryside. The city of Oxford offers a
                                                                diversity of museums, bookshops, theatres, restaurants, pubs,
                                                                shops and natural settings to explore.
                                                                Participants stay in Oxford’s Department for Continuing
                                                                Education Residential Center in historic Oxford. Residential
                                                                Center buildings offer comfortable bedrooms (with private
                                                                bathrooms), dining rooms, common room, computer room,
                                                                lecture and reading rooms, bar and laundry facilities.

                                                                            For a detailed brochure, contact:
                                                                                 Alumni Lifelong Education
                                                                              Evening College/Odyssey to Oxford
                                                                         Michigan State University Alumni Association
                                                                                   University Advancement

                                                                                   Phone: (517) 432-3777
        Michigan State University Alumni Lifelong Education      Course Confirmations
                                                                 Evening College will mail registration confirmations
                   EVENING COLLEGE                               to all enrolled students.
                     MSU Alumni Association
                                                                 Cancelled Courses
         Louise Ellen Cooley        Brenda Haynes
          Evening College           Evening College              Register in advance to prevent cancellation of courses
              Director            Program Assistant              due to insufficient enrollment. If cancellations are
                                                                 made, registrants will be notified in most cases by
                       REGISTRATION                              phone 3 days prior to the start date. In these cases
       2nd Floor Spartan Way, Football Stadium Tower             either a full refund of fees paid will be made or credit
                    Phone: (517) 355-4562                        will be given toward the registration of another
           E-mail:                   course during the same semester.
                      General Information                        Enrollment in noncredit personal enrichment Evening
     The Evening College is a program of Alumni Lifelong         College courses does not constitute admission to
     Education, a division of the Michigan State University      Michigan State University.
     Alumni Association. Evening College provides a wide
     variety of noncredit personal enrichment courses for        Textbooks
     alumni and friends of MSU and community members             Textbooks, when recommended for Evening College
     in the Lansing area and surrounding regions. All adults     courses, are available at the International Center
     are welcome—you do not have to be affiliated with           bookstore on campus and in East Lansing bookstores.
     MSU to participate in Evening College courses.
     Michigan State University Alumni Association                Parking
     members receive Evening College course discounts.           Parking is available on campus for adult Evening
48   (See page 50).                                              College enrollees in areas reserved for campus             49
                                                                 visitors. Between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday
     Noncredit Programs
                                                                 through Friday, visitors may park at metered parking
     Noncredit programs are listed in this brochure. There are
                                                                 spaces or in gate-controlled lots. Visitors may also
     no grades, transcripts, credits or examinations. In a few
                                                                 purchase* a Visitor Parking Permit from the MSU
     courses, textbooks are recommended. Evening College
                                                                 Department of Police and Public Safety. Please visit
     courses are designed for men and women who desire
                                                                 MSU’s website at for
     timely, interesting and challenging learning experiences
                                                                 assistance in finding MSU campus buildings and
     at the university level and of university quality.
                                                                 visitor parking. Those attending courses at Kellogg
     Registration will begin January 18 and continues            Center may park in the Kellogg ramp. On evenings
     throughout the semester for Spring 2012 Evening             and weekends, when events are not being held at
     College noncredit courses.                                  Breslin or Munn Arenas, the lot next to and behind
                                                                 Jenison Fieldhouse is available at no charge.
         You may register by:
         Walk-in: MSU Alumni Association, 2nd floor,             *A campus parking discount is offered to paid
         room 242, Football Stadium Tower at these times         members of the MSU Alumni Association in selected
         and dates:                                              parking lots. Your current up-to-date membership
         Daytime Registration: 8 a.m.–noon and 1–5 p.m.,         card must be shown to the parking attendant to
         Monday through Friday beginning January 18.             receive a 50% discount in select commuter lots
                                                                 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Discount
         Mail: Use the registration form in the back of this
                                                                 rates do not apply for any special or athletic events.
                                                                 Designated lots are: Lot 79 on Shaw Lane, south side
         Phone: (517) 355-4562 with a Visa/MasterCard/           of Spartan Stadium; Lot 62W on Red Cedar road,
         American Express/Discover Card                          north side of Spartan Stadium; Wharton Center
         Web page:                 (Ramp 3) on Wilson Road next to the Wharton
         with a Visa/MasterCard/American Express/                Center; and Lot 100 on Service Road near the Clinical
         Discover Card                                           Center.
     Course Fees                                                     SPRING 2012 • REGISTRATION FORM
     Course fees for noncredit courses are published in
     this brochure. You must register with the Evening                           Open to all adults.
     College office and pay for courses before attending.              Mail to: Evening College Registration
                                                                             MSU Alumni Association
     Special Course Fees
                                                                             Michigan State University
     Michigan State University Alumni Association
                                                                   300 Spartan Way, East Lansing, MI 48824-1005
     Members with up-to-date paid memberships
     are entitled to Evening College discounts. Annual          *PLEASE write the 4 digit numerical code from the
     members will receive a $5 discount on face-to-face          back cover of your brochure here: ______________
     Evening College courses. Life members will receive a
     $10 discount on face-to-face Evening College courses.      ____________________________________________
     You must provide your membership card ID number            First Name           Middle Initial             Last Name
     and expiration date at the time of registration to be
     eligible for the member discounts on Evening College       _________________________________________________
                                                                First Name        Middle Initial       Last Name
     courses. If you would like to become a member of the
     MSU Alumni Association, please call (877) 678-2586         _________________________________________________
     or visit Membership             Home Address                                 Apt#
     in the MSU Alumni Association is open to MSU               _________________________________________________
     graduates, alumni, friends and community members.          City                            ZIP

     Cancellations and Refunds                                  _________________________________________________
     Vacancies created by cancellations are difficult to fill   (Area Code)       Work Phone
     even when there are wait-lists. For this reason, we        _________________________________________________
     must have cancellation fees to offset the cost of an       (Area Code)       Home Phone
     unfilled place in the course.
50                                                              _________________________________________________            51
     Cancellation requests must be received three days          (Area Code)       Cell Phone
     prior to the first day of class in order to receive
     a refund. All cancellations will be charged a $15          _________________________________________________
     cancellation fee. Your requests for refunds should be      E-mail Address
     made directly to the Evening College Office, Michigan
     State University Alumni Association, between 8 a.m.        _________________________________________________
     and 12 noon or 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. (Phone: 517-355-          (course)                              (fee)
     4562) Monday-Friday.
                                                                (course)                              (fee)

                                                                Method of payment: ❏ cash ❏ check ❏ credit card
                                                                Please make check(s) payable to Michigan State University

                                                                (Circle one below)
                                                                ❏ Please charge my VISA/MasterCard/American Express/
                                                                   Discover Card

                                                                No.                                   Exp. date


                                                                ❏ Check box if eligible for Special Course Fee and
                                                                complete information on back of this registration
                                                                form. If eligible for Special Course Fees, you must
                                                                complete information at time of registration.
                                                                                                             (over please)
     Request for Special Course Fee

     I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I qualify for
     the special course fee, as described in the Evening                                      INVEST IN
     College brochure under General Information, since I                                 LIFELONG LEARNING
     am (NOTE: Check one of the following that applies.)
                                                                                             Evening College
     ❏   MSUAA current paid annual member                                                    Endowment Fund
         Membership ID number            exp. date:*

     ❏   MSUAA paid Life Member                                 Since 1951, Evening College has provided intellectual,
                                                                social, and cultural learning experiences for all adults
                                                                in our community. Your support of the Evening
         Membership ID number
                                                                College Endowment Fund will help us continue the
     *Please note:                                              legacy of Evening College for future generations of adult
     We need your MSUAA membership ID number and                learners. Once fully funded, only a portion of the
     expiration date at the time of registration to honor       endowment’s earned income is spent while the
     your MSUAA member discount. Please adjust your             remainder adds to principal growth. Please help us
     check $ amount accordingly at time of registration.        continue to be a strong community asset, offering
     DISCOUNT REFUNDS CANNOT BE MADE AT A LATER                 personal enrichment learning opportunities for all adults.
     DATE.                                                      Your gift to the endowment is truly a gift of the future!
                                                                Your gift will help Evening College continue to:
     Signature                         Date                     • offer university level and university quality adult
52                                                                personal enrichment programs;                              53
     Course Fee Assistance:                                     • develop and expand the diverse selection of adult
     1. MSU employees having 12 FTE (full-time equivalent)        courses and programs meeting the personal
     service months may be reimbursed through the                 enrichment needs of adults;
     Educational Assistance program for Evening College         • maintain competitive pricing for programs; and
     courses that are job-related. Please call the Evening      • extend outreach to a larger audience.
     College office at (517) 355-4562 for registration
     procedures.                                                  Yes, I would like to support the Evening College
                                                                  Endowment Fund with my gift of :
     2. If you are a non-MSU employee and your company
     wishes to pay for your Evening College course(s),            $25    $50     $100    $500     $1,000    other $ _____
     payment from your company/organization must
     accompany your Evening College course registration.
     Are you a graduate of MSU?          ❏   Yes       ❏   No
     Are you a paid member of                                   State:________________________Zip:____________
     the MSU Alumni Association?         ❏   Yes       ❏   No
                                                                Office phone: (_____)___________________________
     Year of Birth __________________________________           Home phone: (_____)___________________________
                                                                Cell phone: (_____)_____________________________
     Is this your first time enrolling                          E-mail:______________________________________
     in an Evening College course?       ❏   Yes   ❏   No
                                                                My gift will be paid as indicated: (check one below)
     How did you hear about Evening College?                      Check payable to Michigan State University
     ❏   catalog                 ❏   web                          Please write Evening College Endowment Fund or
     ❏   print ad                ❏   social media                 code AB1331 on the memo line of your check.
     ❏   radio                   ❏   word-of-mouth                Credit card charge: (check one below)
                                                                                                           (over please)
       VISA     MasterCard       AMEX     Discover
     Credit Card number: ________________ ____________
     Expiration date: _______________________________
                                                            Michigan State University
     Name on card: _______________________________             Alumni Association
        Pledge of the following duration: ______________
                                           (max 5 years)
       Enclosed is my first payment of $_______________
       Send pledge reminders: (please check one below)
       Annually      Quarterly    Semi-annually
     Beginning: month ____________ year _____________                            Reunion
       This is a joint gift with my spouse/partner.                                DAys
       My (or my spouse’s/partner’s) employer will match
     my gift. Matching gift company: __________________

         I will pick up an employee matching gift form
         from my company’s personnel office and send it
         to Evening College.

54   MSU Faculty/Staff only:                                    Save the Date!                          55
       I would like to make a payroll deduction pledge of
     $___________________________________________.           Alumni Reunion Days
       Deduct my pledge in equal monthly installments.                 June 7 & 8, 2012
       12 months      24 months    36 months
       8 months (academic year faculty)
                                                                  Celebrating Graduates
       Deduct my pledge in one lump sum from my
     paycheck for the month of _____________________.            of the 1960s and earlier
     Zpid: ________________________________________
     Pay Group:    Salary   Labor    Grad                     All Michigan State University Spartans
                                                              from the 1960s are invited to return to
     Signature: ____________________________________
                    (required)                                  campus for Alumni Reunion Days,
     All donations are tax deductible.                                   sponsored by the
     Please mail this form to:                                      MSU Alumni Association.
     Alumni Lifelong Education/Evening College
     MSU Alumni Association
     Michigan State University                               Members of the Class of 1962 celebrating
     300 Spartan Way
     East Lansing, MI 48824-1005                               their 50th reunion will be recognized.
     Phone: 517-355-4562
     THANK YOU for your gift to
     the Evening College Endowment Fund!
     Yes, I am interested in Evening College
     courses. Please keep me on your mailing list.

     Noncredit course ideas (circle all that interest you):
     Accounting,                  Horticulture, Gardening,
      Financial Planning           Floral Design
     Antiques, Collectibles       Identity Theft
     Archaeology, Anthropology    International issues,
     Art, Art History,             current events
      Art Appreciation            Languages
     Astronomy                    Legal Issues
     Blogging                     Library resources
     Business Strategies          Literature
     Career Development           Music appreciation, piano,
56   Career Resources             guitar, voice
     Communication/               Nature, wildlife
      Relationships/Family Life   Photography, Photoshop
     Computers, Apps Creation     Physical Fitness, Swimming,
     Culinary Arts                 Yoga, Weight Training
     Dance                        Politics
     Environment                  Professional Development
     Estate Planning,             Recreation, Hiking, Kayaking
      Retirement Planning         Religion, Spirituality
     Genealogy                    Science topics
     Global Warming               Social Media: Facebook,
     Health, Nutrition,            Twitter, YouTube, etc
      First Aid/CPR               Sustainability
     History                      Theater
     Home Repairs, Home           Travel
      Decorating                  Urban Farming
     Homeland Security            Wine making, tasting, and tours

     Other topics: _________________________________________
     Thank You. Please mail survey to:
     Evening College, MSUAA, 300 Spartan Way
     East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1005

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