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					How To:
•The Concept of being social •Pick social networking sites •Get a plan together •Be social 40 minutes a month

The Concept of being “Social”
Most consumers do business with people that they like and have a relationship with. Don’t sell - help people you know. Be yourself Share successes and challenges Interact in the same way you would if you saw that person on the street Offer insight into your industry Help consumers make buying decisions Fun & engaging interaction Establish a trusting personal relationship, before asking for business *how you interact with family and friends is how you should interact on social networking sites

Top 100 Social Networking Sites uk.tribe.netcommunity.

Pick Social Networking Sites
• • • • • • Is the site primarily business or personal What can I do on this site? Who is the audience? Ease of Use Will you actually use it? Do you already have relationships on that site?

Your Social Marketing Plan
• • • • • • Pick 1 to 3 sites Establish relationships Determine what will you contribute Create ways can people interact with you Create or join communities of like interest Continue valuable interaction

Your Social Marketing Plan
Getting people to interact with you: • Tag your e-mails • Business cards • Phone book ad • Ask for reviews • Review other businesses • Recommend other businesses • Mention on other sites • Be social about your social marketing • Invite to join groups or events • Include in your current marketing – LaPlata Mailers *The content must be interesting and personal *You find them…don’t wait for them to find you

…in 40 minutes a month…what to do
• • • • • • • • • • Respond to comments, requests… Look for new friends Check what your friends are up to… Help people – write a review, become a fan Write an article – FAQ, SAQ, HOW TO Post a deal Recommend someone or a business Join groups Attend events Update your status

Other classes
• • • • • • • • • Social Marketing – DO IT RIGHT! Internet Marketing Strategies for local businesses How to make a viral video How to write a memorable & impressive blog or article How to get the most out of BuzzTown Synergistic marketing – amp your marketing w/ word-of-mouth The best images to take for your business How to use groups & events to expand your network How to write a good review

Get out and get social!