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Santa Monica Business Tax Application


                               CITY OF SANT MONICA                                                                                 • OFFICIAL USE ONLY •
                                       Business & Revenue Operations Division
                                        P.O. Box 2200, Santa Monica, CA 90407-2200                               BUSINESS LICENSE NO.
                                        Phone (310) 458-8745 • Fax (310) 451-3283
                                                                          TOTAL FEES PAID $
                                                                                                                 DATE PAID
                           BUSINESS LICENSE T AX APPLICATION
It is the business owner’s responsibility to notify the business license office immediately if there are any
changes to the business entity from the information submitted on this application. Business license tax is                           NEW APPLICATION/REACTIVATION
paid for the fiscal year July 1 through June 30. It is the business owner’s responsibility to renew the            Please            CHANGE OF OWNER
business license and pay tax each fiscal year by August 31, whether they receive a renewal form or not .           Check             CHANGE OF ADDRESS
                               • PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT CLEARL •                                                           →           CHANGE OF BUSINESS NAME
                                                                                                                                     CHANGE OF BUS. ACTIVITY
Business Name/DBA                                                                                                Enter Payment T ype:
Business Location                                                                                                  Cash      Check   Amex    Visa    Mastercard   Discover
(NOT P.O. Box)
                                                                                                                 Check No.
                        City                                      State               Zip                        Credit Card No.
Business Location is:                 Residential            OR                             Commercial           Expiration Date
                                                                                                                 Name on card
Mailing Address

                        City                                      State               Zip

Bus. Phone (        )                                                      Bus. Fax (          )
Website Address                                                            E-Mail Address
START DATE in Sant a Monica                             (month/day/year)        Does this business sell tobacco products?                           YES           NO

Ownership:     Corporation - State of Incorporation:                      LLC         LLP          Partnership      Sole Proprietor                   Trust
State Lic. No.                                    License Type                                              Expiration Date
Resale No.                                     Federal ID No.                                      State ID No.
If you DO NOT wish to have your business’ physical location in Sant a Monica listed on the City website’ s business directory, please check he re.

Owners, Partners, or Corporate Officers - Please enter a person’s name and all requested information - Use additional sheets as necessary
(Owner’s home address, phone, social security and driver’s license numbers are confidential information not available to the public).

Owner Name                                                                            Title                               Phone (       )
Home Address                                                                                                              Cell Phone (          )
            City                                                State                 Zip
Driver’s License No.                                  Social Security No.

Owner Name                                                                            Title                               Phone (       )
Home Address                                                                                                              Cell Phone (          )
            City                                                  State               Zip
Driver’s License No.                                  Social Security No.
In case of emergency, please contact:

Name                                                                                  Title                               Phone (        )
Address                                                                                                                   Cell Phone (          )
City                                                              State               Zip
                                                                                                                          • AMOUNT DUE •
 Please enter number of personnel working
 20 hours or more per week at this work site
                                                                                                          License Tax        $       75.00
 I declare, under penalty of making a false declaration, that I am authorized to complete          Zoning Review Fee         $       302.14
 this form and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is a true, correct, and complete
 statement, made in good faith. I understand and agree that the granting of this license           State Mandated Fee        $       1.00
 requires my compliance with all applicable Santa Monica Municipal Code provisions, state
 and federal laws, and all conditions set forth above. I also understand and I am familiar with           Police/Other
 such local, state and federal laws, and agree that any failure to fully comply with all such              Permit Fee
 local, state and federal laws and the conditions set forth above may result in revocation of
 this license.                                                                                      Fingerprinting Fee       $
 DATE:                            TITLE:

 NAME:                                                                                               Late Penalty Fee        $

                                                                                                      BID Assessment         $                        2
           MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO THE CITY OF SANTA MONICA                                                 TOTAL              $
                                                                                                     AMOUNT DUE
                   Thank you for doing business in the City of Santa Monica!
Thank you for submitting an application for a Santa Monica business license. Please note that you may
not operate your business until you have received the business license certificate. Acceptance by the
City of payment of fees and tax does not constitute approval of a business license application.

It is the business owner’s responsibility to notify the City if there are any changes to the business name,
ownership, business location or business activity from the information submitted on this form.

For businesses located in Santa Monica, before the business license is issued, your business operation
must be approved for compliance with all provisions of the City’s zoning code. Your license application
will be reviewed by the City’s Planning Division for zoning code compliance. This review will be based
on the information which you submitted on the license application form and the zoning conformance
review form (for commercial locations) or the application for a home occupation permit (for residential
locations). It is important that you not delay this review process by failing to respond promptly to any
request for additional information which you may receive from the Planning Division. For questions
regarding the zoning conformance review, please contact the Planning Division at 310-458-8341.

For businesses operating from the Santa Monica residence of the business owner, Section
of the Santa Monica Municipal Code mandates a two-week appeal period after approval of the application
before a business license can be issued. Therefore, home-based businesses should not expect to receive a
business license until at least 2 weeks after submitting the license application.

Operating a business without a current, valid business license is a criminal misdemeanor. All
business licenses expire on June 30th of each year. Business owners are responsible for renewing their
license and paying business tax annually, whether or not they receive a notice from the City.

If business taxes become delinquent, in addition to the penalty fees which will accrue, the City may
criminally prosecute businesses for operating without a valid business license. Once a criminal case is
filed, the City Prosecutor may not dismiss a case even though delinquent taxes and penalty fees are paid.
Additional fines, penalties and court costs for any criminal charge that has been filed may also be

SMMC Sections 6.04.120, 6.04.150, 6.04.160, 6.04.210

On September 19, 2012 Governor Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1186 which adds a state fee of $1 on
any applicant for a local business license, similar instrument or permit, or renewal. The purpose of this fee
is to increase disability access and compliance with construction-related accessibility requirements and to
develop education resources for businesses in order to facilitate compliance with federal and state
disability laws, as specified

Under federal and state law, compliance with disability access is a serious and significant
responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the
public. You may obtain information about your legal obligation and how to comply with the
disability access laws at the following agencies:

    o   The Division of the State Architect at
    o   The Department of Rehabilitation at
    o   The California Commission on Disability Access at
                                             CITY OF SANTA MONICA-PLANNING DIVISION
                                                 ZONING CODE COMPLIANCE REVIEW
                                              HOME OCCUPATION PERMIT APPLICATION
                                                SECTION A: ALL BUSINESSES LOCATED IN SANTA MONICA
Business Name/DBA: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
                 Street No                       Street Name                                   Unit/Suite #
Contact Name_________________________________________ Phone Number_____________________________________________

Describe IN AT LEAST 3 SENTENCES the nature of the operation and how the business will operate at this site:

Business is operated from (check one)            a commercial location within Santa Monica city limits
                                                COMPLETE ALL QUESTIONS IN SECTION B, BELOW. NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED
                                                 the owner’s residence within Santa Monica city limits
                                                COMPLETE ALL QUESTIONS IN SECTION C, REVERSE SIDE. SIGNATURE REQUIRED

                                          SECTION B: ALL COMMERCIAL LOCATIONS
1. How much of the space you lease is used for general office tasks (billing, correspondence, phone calls)?
   100%        76-100%       51-75%           50-26%             25-16%         1-15%           None

2. Does the use promote and allow for a walk-in clientele?
    NO           YES If No, please explain: _______________________________________________________________________

3. Does the proposed use involve film and entertainment production?                NO  YES
   If YES, submit a detailed, labeled floor plan drawn to scale which shows the distribution of space.

     _______ % space is purely film & entertainment production/post-production related use

     _______ % of space is purely general office use (accounting, marketing, clerical, etc.)

     _______ % of space is other use, describe: ________________________________________________________________________

4. Do you prepare or sell food at this location for on-site or off-site consumption by customers?  NO  YES
   If YES:
   Do you have customer seating?                                              NO  YES Total # of seats: _____________________
   Do customers purchase food at a walk-up counter?                           NO  YES
   Do wait staff take orders from the table?                                  NO  YES
   Describe the food sales:

5. Does this business involve the sale of alcohol?       NO  YES Alcohol License Type: _______________________________
 (If YES, an alcohol entitlement approval is required prior to any alcohol sales. Contact the Planning Division at 310-458-8341 to apply.)

6. What was the previous use of this space (e.g. general office, post-production, retail)? If unsure, contact the owner/leasing agent.

     Name of previous business: ____________________________________________________________________________________

     Date previous business vacated this space: _________________________________________________________(Month, Day, Year)
     If you share space/sublease, what is the name and business activity of the business with which you share this space?
      N/A Business Name: ______________________________________ Activity: ________________________________________

7.    On which floor is the business located?             First Floor      Second Floor        Other (specify which floor) ____________

8.    How much square footage does the business occupy (usable, not leased square footage)? __________________________________

9. Do you store products at this site:                  NO  YES        If YES:
   Describe product stored (list all hazardous materials): ________________________________________________________________
   Amount of product stored at this site: ______________________________________________________________________________
   Describe product pickup and delivery: _____________________________________________________________________________

10. Do you manufacture products at this site?        NO  YES
    If YES, describe manufacturing process and product pickup and delivery procedures: ______________________________________
                                             SECTION C: ALL RESIDENTIAL LOCATIONS

1.     I understand that the garage or carport will be maintained for vehicle parking, and I agree that the establishment of this
      business will in no way hinder this stated purpose.

2.  If the business entails delivery or shipment of goods to this residence, please describe the frequency of the shipments/deliveries,
    the nature of the goods being shipped, and where the goods will be stored.

3.     Check here if no vehicle larger than one 3/4 ton truck will be used in conjunction with the home business.

If you have a secondary vehicle that you use for your business enterprise in addition to your own personal vehicle, please identify by
Year: _____ Make: ______________ Model: ___________________ Parking Location: ___________________________________

4.     I understand that the premises will be maintained as a residence and that excessive or unsightly storage of materials or
      supplies within the premises, accessory building, or out of doors is not permitted.

5.     I agree that no persons other than myself and those who physically reside on the premises will work, gather or congregate on
      the premises in connection with the operation or practice of the business.

6. Does the home occupation involve use of the residence by a psychiatrist, speech therapist, or other professional with one-on-one
   counseling, therapy or treatment?                                                                YES              NO

     If YES, will the counseling, therapy or treatment exceed six (6) clients within a 24-hour period?  YES              NO

7. Describe any gardening or horticultural business activities to be conducting at the residence, the type of materials to be stored, and
   where the business will be conducted on the property.

8.  I understand it is my responsibility to check with the Santa Monica Fire Department (Hazardous Materials Division) at
(310) 458-8915 to determine if any change to the fire classification would occur with the establishment of the home business, or items
stored in the residence as part of the business. List all materials, equipment or activities which may involve hazardous materials.

8. If the nature of the business involves the production of a product, describe the product and the volume of production.

9. Will this product involve storage of material/mechanical equipment not recognized as being part of a normal household or hobby
   use?             YES  NO

10.  I agree to have no sales or customers at my residence and will not advertise with window signs, display of goods, or other
    methods that I am conducting a home enterprise.

11.  I agree that the home occupation will not be a source of annoyance by creating noise, dust, vibrations, odors, smoke, glare,
    electrical interference, or other hazards.

The home occupation permit shall be valid only for the person(s) to whom it is issued and shall be void when the person(s) moves from
the dwelling unit or discontinues the business. The business owner must apply for a new home occupation permit if they move to a
different residence within the City of Santa Monica and wish to continue to operate this business.

I hereby certify, under penalty of perjury, that this information is true and correct. I agree to conduct the home occupation in conformity
with the Municipal Code (Section as stated in response to the above questions. This home occupation must be in
conjunction with a valid business license, obtained through the City of Santa Monica Business & Revenue Operations Division.

NAME: _______________________________________ SIGNATURE:______________________________________ DATE: ______

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