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									How to Sell Your MLM Business

You’re selling a great MLM business opportunity and you’re having a tough time
selling the concept. You could take a marketing course? This may help with your
marketing skills. This is what I have realized when trying to sell a MLM business
opportunity like the Big Idea Mastermind is that people join people. People don’t
join MLM business opportunities. How do you market your MLM business

Do you have websites you maybe put an ad up or a header designed ad for your
website to promote your MLM business opportunity? One thing I
do is when I advertise I collect the leads in my autoresponder that
way I can work the list to get them motivated in joining me in my
MLM business opportunity.

Best way to do this is have some good content that you can give
them. Videos work great. You need to brand yourself in your websites you social
site and your emails. You should have a picture of yourself to personalize your
emails, social sites and websites. Remember you are the one that they join. Tell
them something about yourself like your great accomplishments or even some of
your failures or even interest that you have anything that will help them bond with
you and like you.

How to Sell You MLM Business Opportunity

You could start with the products that your MLM sells if it is good content like
training course for network marketing training or something that will help someone
out they will buy and when they see you have a great product then you can present
them with the MLM business opportunity and they will trust you even more now.
The next thing you could try is to sell yourself and you have to build trust this will
work best in the email or webinar approach. Here’s how start get advertising send
them to a squeeze page and get them to your autoresponder then set up the follow
up emails. When talking to the email list remember that you need to set the
approach that it is about them and what is in it for them not what the MLM
business opportunity is and the benefit of the product.

If you can get them one on one maybe call them you will find out more about their
needs and if this will work for them. What there goals our and even if they have
the desire to join your MLM business opportunity. Most people don’t really have
what it takes to join a business opportunity. I have talked to people and the first
word out of the mouth is I don’t think I can do that. Or I can’t do that. The wrong
kind of mind set they are right they will never get anywhere it a dream for them
and that’s it a dream and they will never take action. Watch for those kinds of
Getting the Right People for Your MLM Business Opportunity

Your finally have a customer to call now what do you do? You have to call them
and ask them a series of question that you prepare before you call. This will tell
you if they are worthy for your business. The fact of the matter is that anyone can
do this stuff but they need the desire and the drive to do it. Getting someone into
your MLM business opportunity is important but getting the right person in your
business is even more important. There is a lot of want to bees on the internet. I see
chats on Skype and I can tell their mine set is still in the (I can’t mode) or they are
stopping their success. Maybe you have the same problem if you are a person that
says that I will do get my business going when I go thru all the courses or I will
really hit the business after you do something, you are sacrificing yourself from
being successful in your subconscious mind. These are excuses you keep telling
yourself. Take action and get what you want or deserve.

You are looking for someone that is teachable and is excited full of energy and will
be happy to join you and learn from you. This will make a leader and make you
more money and fewer headaches. But like I said before anyone can do this
marketing stuff. Nobody was born with the know how to do what it takes. We all
learned the same way that successful people learned. I was terrible in school and
take god for Microsoft word I surly couldn’t do this without it. One person I know
was a drug addicts and they pick their butts up and are millionaires now all in a
matter of a few years. If I told you could make x amount of dollars in a certain time
would you do it. Would you take action or would you sacrifice your success.
My name is Glenn Byers you can Google me I have a lot of content out on the net
and if you could put your trust in me enough to check out what I am doing. I think
you will be very surprised in the next few months. I will show you how to position
yourself to make more income for yourself. Take a look now.

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