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									                       Bachelor of Business Administration Program                                                    Dr. Susan J. Ott, Director
                                 Bryant & Stratton College                                              Professor Marc LoGrasso, Administrator
                                  Personal Education. Lifetime Success.                                      Mr. Robert Kociecki, Financial Aid
                           2350 North Forest Rd. Ste. 10A Getzville NY 14068
                                                                                                            Mr. Chris L. Yuen, Academic Advisor
                                  Tel: 716.691.0012 Fax: 716.689.6467                               Ms. Serena D’Amato, Administrative Assistant

                                 BBA WINTER 2008 COURSE SELECTION WORKSHEET

           Name:__________________________________                                    Student Number:_________________________

                      Street                      Apt #         City             State    Zip

           Phone:___________________ Email:
                                                                               LAST                   FIRST

           2nd Phone:________________ Other Email:______________________________________________
           Contact Info Needs Update? Yes _____ _____ 1st Time Online? Yes     No    Tech Req:
BN / ON    CRN                   Course & Title                                       Days               Time              Campus/Room
 /  ________                   _______________________                              ________           ________          ____________
 /  ________                   _______________________                              ________           ________          ____________
 /  ________                   _______________________                              ________           ________          ____________
 /  ________                   _______________________                              ________           ________          ____________
 /  ________                   _______________________                              ________           ________          ____________
 /  ________                   _______________________                              ________           ________          ____________
                 Check box to attend CBP leadership certification training Jan 4 & 5 (Fri & Sat) 8AM – 5 PM at the BBA Center
                 CBP Prerequisites: BUSS 350 & Concurrent BUSS 410                              **CBP Training is a requirement for graduation.
                 Check box to attend the Math Refresher Course Jan 8 (Tue) 6:30 – 8:00PM at the BBA Center
           Total number of credit hours student is registering for:__________
           Official Registration Process:
           Step 1. Please see the Financial Aid Office (i.e. Bob) ASAP to arrange funding for the term you are registering for
           and receive your financial aid award letter. You will need to clear financial aid BEFORE REGISTRATION IS
           COMPLETE.                                                FA Cleared. Date:__________ FAO Initial:__________
           Step 2. Meet with Academic Advising (i.e. Chris) after clearing financial aid. By signing this form and clearing
           financial aid, you have registered for the above classes for next semester. Any changes you wish to make, without
           financial obligation, must be made before the Drop/Add deadline (Jan 15, 2008). You will be held liable for tuition
           unless you officially withdraw from the above listed classes, pursuant to the terms listed in the academic catalog.

           Step 3. Purchase your textbooks ASAP (either online at or on your own). Call us
           if you need help.
           Student Signature:_____________________________________                                                Date:________________
           Academic Advisor’s Signature:___________________________                                               Date:________________
           Class begins Jan 9 and ends on Apr 19. Last day to withdraw courses with “W” grades is Feb 25.
           Online 1st Session begins Jan 9 and ends on Feb 25. Online 2nd Session begins Feb 27 and ends on Apr 14.
           *Course offering and availability are subjected to change based on enrollment.
                                                                          OFFICIAL USE ONLY
             SA:       ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______                 ______ ______           BANNER processing  ONLINE processing.
                       ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______                 ______ ______           Student received a final copy of registration.

             VERSION: 1/25/2013, 4:07:09 PM
                                 BBA WINTER 2008 Course Offerings
                                                                                                     Last Revised: 1/7/2008

    CRN              COURSE                    DAY, TIME, & LOCATION               INSTRUCTOR
       BBA Center: 2350 North Forest Road Suite 10A Getzville NY 14068 716-691-0012 (Bus #44)
    2003 BUSS320 MARKETING MGT         MON 6-9PM BBA CTR RM D                    CHILSOLM, L.
    2004 1BUSS450 STRATEGIC MGT        MON 6-9PM BBA CTR RM B                    LOGRASSO, M.
    2008 BUSS420 PROJECT MGT           TUE 6-9PM BBA CTR RM B                    KINGSLEY, H.
    2010 ECON325 MICROECONOMICS        TUE 6-9PM BBA CTR RM D                    SMITH, SHAUN
    2012 BUSS350 ORG BEHAVIOR          TU TH 415-530PM BBA CTR RM D              TBA
    2014 1BUSS460 BUS CAPSTONE PROJ    WED 6-9PM BBA CTR RM B                    SMITH, SHAUN
    2018 ENGL305 ADV WRIT & RESEARCH WED 6-9PM BBA CTR RM D                      DONELLI, S.
    2021 BUSS410 PERFORMANCE MGT       THU 6-9PM BBA CTR RM D                    WHITESIDE, D.
    2022 2SOSC318 ETHICS: TECH & MEDIA THU 6-9PM BBA CTR RM B                    BLUM, C.
    2024 3INFT310 INFO TECH III        FRI 830-1130AM BBA CTR RM F               LoGRASSO, M.
    2025 BUSS325 GLOBAL MGT            FRI 530-830PM BBA CTR RM D                BENNETT, T.
    2027 BUSS340 OPERATIONS MGT        SAT 830-1130AM BBA CTR RM B               KINGSLEY, H.
    2029 2HUMA315 WORLD CIV/EARLY      SAT 1230-330PM BBA CTR RM D               JOYCE, A.
              Buffalo Campus: 465 Main Street Suite 400 Buffalo NY 14203 716-884-9120
    2032 2ENGL120 INTRO TO LIT         MON 6-9PM BUFFALO RM 306                  ROTH, F.
    2034 BUSS410 PERFORMANCE MGT       TUE 6-9PM BUFFALO RM 308                  WHITESIDE, D.
            ENGL305 ADV WRIT & RESEARCH      TUE 6-9PM BUFFALO RM 306                          TBA
    2038 BUSS325 GLOBAL MGT               WED 6-9PM BUFFALO RM 306                             WHITESIDE, D.
    2039 MATH290 STATISTICS               THU 6-9PM BUFFALO RM 306                             YUEN, C.
    2040 BUSS320 MARKETING MGT            FRI 9-12NOON BUFFALO RM 313                          CHILSOLM, L.
    Southtowns Campus: Sterling Park 200 Redtail Orchard Park NY 14127 716-677-9500             (Buses #14 & #42)
    2042 BUSS340 OPERATIONS MGT           MON 6-9PM SOUTHTOWNS RM 108                          SMITH, SHAUN
    2043 BUSS325 GLOBAL MGT               TUE 6-9PM SOUTHTOWNS RM 108                          BANKS, S.
    2044 BUSS350 ORG BEHAVIOR             WED 6-9PM SOUTHTOWNS RM 108                          JANKOWSKI, J.
    2045 2HUMA316 WORLD CIV/LATE          WED 6-9PM SOUTHTOWNS RM 107                          SMITH, SUSAN
    2046 3BUSS305 ENTREPRENEURSHIP        THU 6-9PM SOUTHTOWNS RM 107                          LINDQUIST, L.
    2047 ENGL305 ADV WRIT & RESEARCH THU 6-9PM SOUTHTOWNS RM 108                               SMITH, SHAUN
    2048 BUSS420 PROJECT MGT              SAT 9-12NOON SOUTHTOWNS RM 104                       SCHUMACHER, A.

  Last semester course: you may enroll in this course if you are graduating.
  This course fulfils an arts & humanities requirement or an open elective requirement.
  This course fulfils a major elective requirement or an open elective requirement.
  This course fulfils a social science elective requirement or an open elective requirement.

Online and other campus associate courses will, in early November 2007, be published separately from
the WNY BBA course schedule. Please consult with the campus staff for those courses.

VERSION: 1/25/2013, 4:07:09 PM
                               Associate Level Course Offerings – Online
Topclass Login Information:
Username:          lastname.firstname                                 For example: doe.jane
Password:          am#### (last 4 digits of your social)              For example: am1234
Technical Support: 677-8800 ext 214 for Steven Reiter
*Please check your Bryant & Stratton College email account for online course information and announcements.
Bryant & Stratton College Email System:
Username:                     For example:
Password:         am#### (last 4 digits of your social)                For example: am1234
Email Address:
Online Attendance Policy:
**Attendance is taken through discussion contributions to the course no less than twice a week – one contribution between
Sunday and Wednesday, and one contribution between Thursday and Saturday.
***Students who are taking online course(s) through Bryant & Stratton College for the first time will be given an online
orientation so that they can familiarize themselves with the online course delivery and procedures.

Online Course Drop/Add:
Online division employs the same drop/add dates as regular courses. Last day to drop or add any online course (both sessions
1 & 2) is May 8. Last day to withdraw from any online course (both sessions 1 & 2) is June 19.

Minimum Technology Requirements:
As an Online student at Bryant & Stratton, there are specific technology requirements necessary to be successful in your
Online Associate Degree Program:

       Home computer with a Pentium III 450mhz processor or higher, 128 megs of RAM, 256 Meg of RAM
        recommended, and a CD ROM drive
       Windows XP or higher operating system
       Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher with Internet Service
       A Microphone, Sound Card and Speakers
       Personal email address
       Microsoft Office 2007 Professional to include: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher
       Updated anti-virus software
       Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.x or higher (Free download at
       Other software, including upgrades, or computer accessories may be required in the future
       A printer

                    SESSION 1 Jan 9 – Feb 25                              SESSION 2 Feb 27 – Apr 14
           ACCT        120   ACCOUNTING 2                          ACCT      130    TAX ACCOUNTING
             ACCT      210   ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS                  ACCT        220    FINANCIAL ANALYSIS
           BUSS        100   BUSINESS PRINCIPLES                   ACCT      230    COST ACCOUNTING
             BUSS      120   SALES PRINCIPLES                    BUSS        100    BUSINESS PRINCIPLES
           BUSS        130   BUSINESS LAW                        BUSS        110    MARKETING PRINCIPLES
           BUSS        215   MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES                 BUSS      225    HUMAN RESOURCE MGT
           ECON        220   MACROECONOMICS                      ECON        220    MACROECONOMICS
           ENGL        230   WRITING FOR BUS & TECH              ENGL        230    WRITING FOR BUS & TECH
           INFT        110   INFORMATION TECH II                 INFT        110    INFORMATION TECH II
           3                                                     5
             INFT      140   INTERNET & WEB DEVELO                 OFST      205    DESKTOP PUBLISHING
             OFST      205   DESKTOP PUBLISHING                  PHIL        201    CRITICAL THINKING
           PHIL        201   CRITICAL THINKING                     PSYC      101    PSYCHOLOGY
                                                                 MATH        290    STATISTICS

VERSION: 1/25/2013, 4:07:09 PM
Note: Please fill this out only if you are signing up for the CBP leadership. This form goes to Ms. Pat
Butcher at the front desk. Thank you.

                                                                                                _______ Banner Entry

                                                                                                _______ Registered in

                                                                                                _______ CRM Entry

                                                                                                _______ Confirmation
                                                                                                        Packet sent or
                                                                                                        Picked up

                                                                                                _______ Invoice

         Registration Form – CBP Leadership Seminar
               January 4 and 5 (Fri & Sat), 2008
                8:00 am – 5:00 pm (both days)
                         BBA Center
Date ________________

To enroll, please complete fully and mail or fax this form to: Bryant & Stratton College, HR Solutions, Professional
Skills Center, 2350 North Forest Road, Suite 10A, Getzville, NY 14068. To register in person, visit our location at
2350 North Forest Road, Suite 10A between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, PLEASE CALL FIRST.
Please call (716) 691-0012 Ext. 300 for additional information. Fax: (716) 689-6467.

Name _____________________________________________________________________________

Social Security Number ____________________________                     Date of Birth ____________________

Home Address ______________________________________________________________________

City _____________________________________________ State/Zip Code____________________

H Phone_______________________________                    E-mail ____________________________________

W Phone: ________________________________ Fax Number: ______________________________

   All participants must complete the DiSC Classic 2.0 prior to attendance at the seminar. This free
    “personal inventory” will prove helpful as you experience the leadership seminar. A Bryant & Stratton
    College Associate will email you the website soon after registration is complete. Please be prompt in
    logging onto the site! The assessment should take less than a half hour to complete and your results
    will be distributed to you during the seminar.

   All participants MUST be in attendance both days to receive credit (mandatory for graduation) and
    help ensure success on the exam.

   Lunch will be provided to you on both days.

    Bryant & Stratton College does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, creed, disability, marital status,
    veteran status, national origin or gender in the educational programs and activities which it operates.

VERSION: 1/25/2013, 4:07:09 PM

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