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									World Sound Healing Day - February 14, 2013

Become a sonic co-creator for the Earth! Join with more than 1 Million people sounding for a
resonant-enhanced peaceful, healthy planet. World Sound Healing Day, is Thursday, February 14,
2013 at 12 pm your time.

Boulder, CO, January 25, 2013 --( Send a Healing Sound to the planet with your voice.
"Become a Sonic Co-Creator," says Jonathan Goldman ( Attend or plan a local
World Sound Healing Day event, join with online participants at or from
wherever you are.

Help co-create planetary and personal transformation during World Sound Healing Day 2013. Share and
view the World Sound Healing Day 2013 You Tube video at for
additional details. The website offers a special new free mp3 download, that enhances people's ability to
participate in and co-create World Sound Healing Day.

On World Sound Healing Day, tone AH on your heart chakra for 5 minutes at noon your time, created
and projected with the energy of compassion and love. Blend your heart tones with others into a healing
wave of love for Mother Earth. Visit to enhance the vibratory effect as we
sound together for planetary peace and harmony. Participants may also choose to sound with a group or
attend/create an event.

What is the purpose of World Sound Healing Day?

To heal our planet
To heal our waters
To raise our consciousness

Anyone with a positive intention to enhance the consciousness of our planet can help co-create World
Sound Healing Day. You don't need to be a singer or have any musical ability to take part in this event.

Can people making sound together help create peace on the planet?

Healing Sound pioneer Jonathan Goldman thinks so. On Thursday, February 14, 2013, Goldman, his wife
Andi and other like-minded individuals around the world, will co-create and send a Valentine frequency
of love to the Earth as they sound AH for peace and love.

The "AH" is a universal, non-denominational heart sound that, when projected with focused energy, is
extremely powerful and effective," says Goldman. He's found that creating a global sound such as the
World Sound Healing Day "AH" creates a transformational wave of energy that can positively affect the
Earth. He ads: "We heal the planet, we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves, we heal the planet."

For pre-global toning on February 14, 2013, 11 AM EST (US), tune in to Jonathan and Andi Goldman on

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Healing Sounds Radio at Healthy Life Radio ( or call into the show at
1-800-555-5453 |310-371-5444.

Sound pioneer Jonathan Goldman, is an award-winning author and Grammy-nominated musician. ("The
Divine Name" - Hay House 2010; the award-winning "Chakra Frequencies" by Jonathan and Andi
Goldman (Destiny Books 2011), both endorsed by Deepak Chopra and Gregg Braden.

His latest release, Cosmic Hum, is nominated for a Grammy. Dr. Wayne Dyer notes and endorses
Goldman's discovery of the Moses Codes frequencies in his book and on his PBS show, "Wishes

Andi Goldman is a holistic psychologist, sound healer, musician and award-winning author.

The synchronized waveforms of World Sound Healing Day have been measured by the Global
Consciousness Project at Princeton University. The event is a Sonic Valentine for the Earth using an
intentionalized AH sound as a medium for peace, global and personal transformation.

The AH sound is the tone of the heart energy center known as a chakra in holistic healing modalities. It
has been said for several years that sound is the new yoga, benefiting body/spirit/mind and sending
healing energies to the planet.

Mystic Edgar Cayce predicted sound "will be the medicine of the future." Goldman's music is a favorite
of holistic practitioners including massage therapists, RN's, yoga and relaxation teachers and many others
including Lynn Mc Taggart of IONS (Institute for Noetic Sciences). He and Andi are global presenters
who will present at Omega Institute in New York this spring. They recently presented at the Uplift
Festival with Barbara Marx Hubbard and a host of teachers including indigenous teachers/musicians.
Their summer intensives draw people from around the world in July of each year. (

Jonathan and Andi Goldman are available for interviews.

Contact: Joan Vann, | 520-358-0575

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Contact Information:
Healing Sounds
Jonathan Goldman, Andi Goldman
800.246.9764 or 303.443.8181
Contact via Email
Joan Vann 520.358.0575

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