Will Rhode Island or Illinois be the 10th State to Allow Marriage Equality_ Pat Brady and Kenneth Mehlman Back up the Illinois Bill

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					Will Rhode Island or Illinois
be the 10 th State to Allow

    Marriage Equality?
    Same-Sex Marriage Background
9 states have legalized same-sex marriage.

•   Washington
•   New York
•   Massachusetts
•   Connecticut
•   Iowa
•   Vermont,
•   New Hampshire
•   Maine
•   Maryland
    Same-Sex Marriage Background
Some states have granted legal unions for same-sex couples which
offer different subsets of marriage rights. These states are:

•   California
•   Colorado
•   Delaware
•   Oregon
•   Rhode Island
•   Wisconsin
•   Hawaii
•   Illinois
•   Nevada
         Illinois or Rhode Island?
• As of January 2013, Illinois and Rhode Island are in
  the process of trying to pass a marriage equality bill.
  Both currently allow civil unions.
• Maryland brought a same-sex marriage vote to the
  ballots on November 6, 2012. It is now the 9th state
  to allow same-sex marriage, was the first to pass in
  2013, on January 1st.
                  Rhode Island
• On January 24th, the House voted on the gay marriage
  bill. It is expected to pass easily in the House, but it
  may have a harder time in the Senate.
• Governor Lincoln Chafee, commented on the
  committee vote as ‘‘another significant step forward
  toward marriage equality.’’
• “We began planning for that by reaching out to pro-
  equality candidates and working with pro-equality
  incumbents,” said Ray Sullivan, who is the campaign
  director for Rhode Islanders United for Marriage.
• Rhode Island is getting lots of positive support,
  however it is still unknown if the law will pass.
• The Senate Executive Committee passed the legislation in
  January, and now is being sent to the Senate. Illinois has
  had a lot of press regarding the same-sex marriage bill. A
  lot of this is due to two republicans, Pat Brady and Ken
  Mehlman backing up the Illinois bill.
• “More and more Americans understand that if two people
  want to make a lifelong commitment to each other,
  government should not stand in their way,” Pat Brady
• Ken Mehlman joined Brady at the Illinois General Assembly
  to pass the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act
  and spoke out in support of marriage equality.

Description: As of January 2013, Rhode Island and Illinois are in the process of passing a law that will allow same-sex marriage. Illinois is being backed up by two republicans; Pat Brady and Kenneth Mehlman. Rhode Island is being backed up as well, by Governor Lincoln Chafee and Ray Sullivan.