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					                                   With Allah’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

                   M O H A M M E D S C H O O L S O F A T L A N TA
                                 S U M M E R N E W S L ET T E R 2 0 1 2
                                                                                                        Inside this
Seriously Committed and Ready for the Business of
Educating Our Own                                                                                       Principally Speaking.…..1

   Having spent the first year as principal in     serious process; and it will require the             Project-Based Learning...2
an assessment mode, gathering data and             hands, minds, prayers, and support of every
information about our students, parents,           single stakeholder. That means you if you
teachers, school culture and traditions, I am      are reading this publication. You are a              The Bridge Program……3
ready to get busy delivering the quality pro-      stakeholder. This school is yours and de-
gram I know we are highly qualified to de-         serves your earnest investment.                      The New School Year…..4
liver. There are a number of challenges that          The theme for this school year is R.I.S.E.
confront us as some very important aspects         (responsibility, improvement, standards,
of the Mohammed Schools’ system have               efficacy) is in keeping with the Qur’anic            School Supply List….Insert
eroded over time.                                  prescription, “Let there arise out of you a
   While this is a cause for concern, it is not    band of people enjoining what is right and           TUITION INFORMATION..11
an “all is lost” case. There are many won-         forbidding what is wrong.” R.I.S.E. We
derful aspects about the Mohammed                  will share in this steady progression. Let’s
Schools that makes it a school well worth its      talk more about the theme at another time.           “Ramadhan” (month of Fast-
weight in gold and well worth the invest-             Look at the school’s calendar and plan to         ing) ……...................6
ment of parents, students, teachers, alumni,       be at all events to show your support and
community members, and business support-           interest in the success of OUR “little big
ers. The cure or rise from the ashes will          school on the hill.”
                                                                                                        Registration and Volunteer
take time and setting of realistic goals.             As we rise, please join me in welcoming           Hours…..…8
   We are getting back to the vision of Sister     an exciting and energetic team of teachers
Clara Mohammed. With this in mind, our             and staff to the 2012-2013 school year. A            School Calendar Insert
overarching theme is “Get Clara-fied.” To          special selection process brings them to our
                                                                                                        (please post at home)
get “Clara –fied,” all of us must R.I.S.E.         school. First, there was screening of dozens
This will be the theme to guide each quarter.      of applications; then the best were granted
These acronyms mean something: R for               interviews before an interview panel. If they        Parent Tuition Contract
responsibility, I for improvement, S for           passed that 15-question, one hour interview,         (please return)
standards, and E for efficacy.                     then they were offered the opportunity to do
   Getting “Clara-fied, the first focus will be    a lesson demonstration before students, vet-
on academics. We will take responsibility          eran teachers, re-                                   Summer Reading (insert)
work on constant improvement, have high            tired principals,        Continue inside on page 3
standards, and believe with the efficacy in
our academic excellence. This focus comes           IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER                         IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO
after reviewing a number of things —
concerns from parents, teacher observations,                                                             Email your email address to
                                                       July 16-19 – Summer Bridge Program        
review of lesson plans, student achievement             for incoming 9th graders
and a long and hard look at standardized test                                                              Call Anju of Sanriq Stylz to order
results —not just one year, but the last three         July 20 - Ramadan begins (tentatively)              your daughter’s school uniform
years. We can do better!                               July 30-Aug 3– Staff Pre-Planning Week
   The well-earned title “The Little Big               August 4 - Get “Clara-fied” Orientation
School on the Hill” has significant meaning             Day!
as this little school has big things to offer to       August 6 - First Day of School
those who are looking to make a difference.
Getting back on track will be a steady and
      CLASS OF 2012
 Shakoora Sabree– Agnes
                              What is it, and what does it mean for
    Scott College
    Taajwar Bashir–           your student?
   Ayan Warsama– Georgia       Looking at the 2012-2013 school year, Principal Qur’an Shakir has shared that the
    Perimeter College         focus will be on project based learning. Teachers are engaging themselves in being
   Aquil Rasheed– Georgia    able to deliver a quality hands-on, rigorous academic program that includes at least
    Gwinnett Technical Col-   one project per semester. Here are some facts that may help you to understand and
    lege                      appreciate project based learning.
   Muhammad Jihad– Wal-        Project-Based Learning is an individual or group activity that goes on over a pe-
    lace State College        riod of time, resulting in a product, presentation, or performance. It typically has a
   Ida Boonmalert– Back to   time line and milestones, and other aspects of formative evaluation as the project
    school in Thailand        proceeds.
   Sabirah Muhammad–
    Georgia Perimeter Col-                3 Significant Fact-checks about Project-Based Learning (PBL):
   Jihad Abdur-Rahman–       PBL is the same as "making something," "hands-on learning" or "doing an activity."
    Wallace Community
    College                      Fact Check: PBL is often focused on creating physical artifacts, but the artifacts are not as important as the
   Khalil Hameen – Geor-         intellectually challenging tasks that led to them. For example, it's not truly PBL if students are simply mak-
                                  ing a collage about a story, constructing a model of the Egyptian pyramids, or analyzing water samples
    gia Perimeter College         from a lake. These artifacts and activities could be part of a rigorous project if they help students meet a
   Jalal Abdul-Aziz-             complex challenge and address a Driving Question. And not all "projects" involve creating a physical prod-
       Wesleyan College           uct. A broad definition of PBL includes projects in which students solve a complex problem and defend
                                  their solution in an oral presentation or in writing.
Congratulations to all of
the 2012 graduates, and       PBL isn't standards-based. It focuses on "soft skills" like critical thinking and collaboration, but doesn't
                              teach enough content knowledge and academic skills.
may Allah continue to
bless you in all of your         Fact Check: Some projects in the past may have been guilty of being "content-lite" but PBL models today
endeavors!                        are different. In well-designed projects students gain content knowledge and academic skills as well as
                                  learn how to solve problems, work in teams, think creatively, and communicate their ideas. When planning
                                  a project, teachers should align the Driving Question, student products and tasks with important standards,
                                  and use rigorous assessment practices to document evidence of achievement. PBL marries the teaching of
                                  critical thinking skills with rich content, because students need something to think critically about -- it can-
                                  not be taught independent of content.

                              PBL is only for older students . . . or fluent English speakers . . . or those who don't have learning disabili-

                                 Fact Check: Elementary-age students benefit from engaging, authentic projects just as much as high
                                  school students. Teachers might have to manage a project differently with young children, but PBL can and
                                  is being done successfully in many K-5 schools today. To those who think young children are not ready for
                                  rich content, point out that knowledge plays an important role in early literacy. Content-rich projects, often
    GRADUATE AQUIL                based in science or social studies, build background knowledge that influences comprehension. Literacy
                                  skills can be taught in the context of the project. Projects can increase student motivation to read, write, and
    RASHEED READY TO              learn mathematics because they are engaged by the topic and have an immediate, meaningful reason to
                                  apply these skills.
    WORLD!                    For more information about Project-Based Learning, just type it into google or try logging on to these
                              sites for more detailed information:

Page 2
  Keeping Ramadan special for younger children who don’t fast
                                                 prayer and fasting. But, what about children
   Insha-Allah (G’d willing), we anticipate
                                                 who are younger? How can they celebrate
                                                                                                  Arts and Crafts
   the glorious month of Ramadan to
   begin July 19 or 20. As you know, this        and learn more about Ramadan without fast-           Another activity that the children take
   29-30 day fast is a wonderful prescrip-       ing? Below are recommendation from parents       a lot of pride and enjoyment in is coloring.
   tion from Allah (swt), directing the          of young children.                               Young children enjoy being creative and
   worshipper to abstain from food, drink                                                         can have fun coloring pictures that Mom
   and relations with one’s mate during          Ramadan Reading                                  and Dad can hang on the refrigerator or
   the daylight hours. This year, because                                                         on the wall at the office. Crayola offers a
                                                 During Ramadan, read more to your children.
   the fast begins before school starts, we                                                       wide array of Ramadan coloring sheets on
                                                 You can read books to help them in their
   anticipate celebrating less than 10 days                                                       their website that can be printed at home.
                                                 understanding of the holiday and of the Is-
   of the fast with our students. We nor-                                                         You can color with them and share in the
                                                 lamic religion. Some recommended books
   mally use Ramadan as a month-long                                                              fun.
   opportunity to engage students in dis-
                                                 My First Ramadan by Karen Katz: This book
   cussions about the Qur’an, about the
   fast, and ways to build their own
                                                 is an easy read and explores the basics of the       Try decorating your home with har-
                                                 Ramadan at the level of understanding of a       vest fresh designs created by your children.
   strength as believers. Since we won’t
                                                 small child.                                     Check out the www.soundvision website
   have this precious time with the stu-
   dents, we are reminding parents and                                                            to get lots of decorating ideas for the
   family to make this time memorable            The Night of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday          home.
   and beneficial for the young fasters.         Story: This is a perfect reader for school age
                                                 children. It is a story about an American        You can make Ramadan a much antici-
                                                 Muslim child observing Ramadan with her          pated and exciting time for your children
   It is recommended that during Rama-
                                                 family. Muslim American children can relate      by creating family traditions that, insha-
   dan adolescents who have reached
                                                 very easily to a book like this because they     Allah, they will share with their children in
   puberty (about 12 -13 years of age) to
                                                 can place themselves into the story.             years to come.
   take part in Ramadan traditions like

                                                                                                                 …(continued on page 6)
Principally Speaking                          (continued from front page)

alumni, parents, and Consultative Board           skills in reading and math proficiency,         committed and assured to continue or
members. The last phase was a one-on-             Towanda Roberts, a middle school sci-           improve the rigors of high school. Wel-
one meeting with the principal. Welcome           ence guru, and Vonshilla Black, former          come back Sisters Bayyinah Bahar-
them aboard.                                      Title I teacher with skills in advancing        Nashid, Zarinah Abdur-Rahman, Aliyah
  There is a new media and technology             reading and language arts skills. Negotia-      Kai, Lynn Salah, and Brothers I. Yusef
specialist —Ms. Attiyya Mujahid, who              tions are still in process for the other        Roberts, Haazim Sabree, Dr. J., Rev.
brings a wealth of information that will          teachers, but rest assured, they are skilled    Henra Chennault, and Imam Plemon T. El
help us get on track with the use of tech-        at improving student proficiency in math        -Amin. No, I won’t be teaching.
nology and expanded literacy. There are           and reading.                                      Teachers and staff will be in ongoing
two new academic deans for the middle                Welcome back Hajja Rasheedah Sham-           mentoring, professional development, and
and high school students —one a former            sid-Deen, the lead teacher for elementary       support groups to insure the success. My
member of our team —Bro. Siddiq                   and middle school, Sisters Jamilah              big challenge now is making sure we
Madyun and one a retired college adviser          Bouchta, advanced Arabic instructor,            don’t go over budget with bringing on
—Sis. Marjorie Cowan. These academic              Hajja Ameenah Sabree-Saleem, pre-K              such skilled and highly qualified profes-
deans will offer guidance and counseling          teacher, Takiya Farmer-Akbar, third             sionals as we work to R.I.S.E., rise, rise.
to our students to help them R.I.S.E. and         grade teacher, Bakerah Mohammed, dean             Please note, we intend to honor the ayat
achieve for college and career success.           of students for middle school and art in-       of the Qur’an that says commit those im-
  The new elementary and middle school            structor, S. Aisha Squire, Islamic studies      portant agreements to writing (2:188).
teachers are all hands-on teachers who            teacher, Janatun Alwakeel, the interven-        Every parent, student, teacher and staff
have experience igniting student achieve-         tion specialist, Kathy Najeeullah, speech       member will sign contracts for the school
ment for struggling learners and for high         therapist, and Brother Imam Khayree             year.
achievers. They promise to make school            Akbar, beginning Arabic instructor.               We are serious, each and every one of
fun and challenging. We are excited to               Returning, but not yet placed are            us. We are going to show this commit-
have some of the elementary and middle            Dieynaba Sene-Saleem and Najwa                  ment through our words, thoughts, and
school teachers and staff returning with          Ahmad.                                          deeds. Spread the word. We need to fill
renewed spirit or new positions on the               There will be a few new high school          the seats of Mohammed Schools with lots
team.                                             teachers. We are still interviewing for         of committed beings. Your help is
  We welcome our new teachers Sakinah             those positions. The high school teachers       needed. Let’s get busy!
Beyah, the new first grade teacher with           that are remaining on staff have re-
                                                                                                                                           Page 3
 Our School Structure                                                All students will learn
                                                                     through hands-on
      After careful review of the struc-    foreign language of      approaches, doing pr          to help
    ture of our school and best prac-       Arabic as they learn to                        ojects them be
    tices, for the 2012-2013 school         sing songs and recite   and activities that allo      successful
    year, we will officially declare that   Qur'an. Being pre-      them to think, plan,          in high
    we have four school programs --         pared for the rigors of implement and be in           school and
    early childhood education, elemen-      the Kindergarten pro-                                 beyond.
    tary school, middle school, and         gram will begin in pre  charge of their learnin
                                                                                             g. They will
    high school. Each will have its own     -K 3 and 4 where the                                             study,
    distinct focus and objective. While     children learn through play. The      memorize and               learn
    all of the school programs will         excellence of the Early Childhood     Qur’an as a prescriptive measure to
    teach appreciation of our history       program is best realized when one     help them combat the challenges
    and heritage as Muslims and peo-        witnesses a kindergarten gradua-      they experience in this emerging
    ple of African descent, they each       tion where students have memo-        adolescent stage of development.
    will have an emphasis on under-         rized entire speeches and speaking      On the high school level, grades
    standing the skills needed to be        parts and present a well organized    9-12, teachers are pushing students
    successful leaders and contributors     and edutaining program. The Early to take leadership. This college-
                            to society.     Childhood teachers are nurturers
...a program com-                                                                 preparatory program will empha-
                            All students    who have studied the best ways to
                                                                                  size the scholarly approach to
mitted to building will learn               teach through play.
strong readers and through                    The elementary program for stu- learning. Students are expected to
                            hands-on        dents in first through fifth grades   be thinkers and doers.
mathematically              approaches,     will be a program committed to
proficient and con- doing pro-                                                      As leaders of the 21st century,
                                            building strong readers and mathe-
fident, disciplined jects and ac-           matically proficient and confident, they will be required to develop life
                            tivities that   disciplined learners. The Reading     plans to help them focus on their
                            allow them      First program that builds strong      careers and goals far beyond the
                            to think,       reading skills will be emphasized     high school and college years. This
    plan, implement and be in charge        and used. This program begins in      kind of thinking propels them to be
    of their learning. They will be         Kindergarten and will continue        committed to accepting responsi-
    pushed as academicians and schol-       through elementary school. The
                                                                                  bility for making their own reali-
    ars in their own right.                 clay-like minds of these students
      The Early Childhood program for       will be shaped through a study of     ties. Students study the basics of
    three, four, and five year olds will    the Qur’an and their own natural      reading, writing, mathematics, his-
    focus on laying a foundation of         inclinations to know and under-       tory, science, and memorization of
    moral character, good behavior,         stand. Students will learn the basics Qur’an. They will be able to dis-
    love and appreciation of self, G'd,     and they will learn how to excel as cuss and explain the principles of
    family, and community, literacy,        learners who take charge of their
                                                                                  the Qur’an and revelations of G’d
    numbers and counting, and explor-       learning.
    ing the nature of things through          The middle school for students in to guide their thinking and
    science. Students that complete this    grades sixth through eighth will be actions.                        ize
                                                                                                          emor re-
    rich program will be self-assured,      a school designed to promote Is-                        dy, m        p
    concerned, beginning readers, able      lamic adaab and proficiency in all           w   ill stu r’an as a lp
    to count, add and subtract, well-       of the core subjects, especially      They arn Qu re to he es
                                                                                          e                         g
    rounded and able to interact confi-     math and reading. The middle           and l ive measu e challen
    dently and civilly with people of       years can be a challenging time,        scrip combat th in this
                                                                                                                      e of
    varied backgrounds. Students begin      but our students will learn the          t hem perience cent stag
                                                                                              ex           s
    the strong reading program at the       beauty of their developing minds           they ing adole
    Kindergarten level. Kindergarten        and bodies at this tender age, and          emer pment.
    students also begin a study of the      will, insha-Allah, set tangible goals
                                                                                        d evelo
   “The Bridge Program”: A way to welcome 9th
   Graders to Mohammed High School
   Graduation from middle school was a great mile-
stone for students of the 8th grade. Now, they are
ready for the challenges of high school. Or are they?
   Did you know that “Ninth-graders have the lowest
grade point average, the most missed classes, the majority of
failing grades, and more misbehavior referrals than any other
high school grade level(Fritzer & Herbst, 1996)? The ninth
grade also has the highest enrollment rate in high schools.
This is mainly due to the fact that approximately 22% of
students repeat ninth-grade classes” (Fritzer & Herbst,
    In an effort to make student’s transition into the
high school arena more successful, Mohammed
Schools hosts an annual a four-day intensive “Summer
Bridge Program”. This year’s program runs July 16-19,
2012. Each day’s agenda begins at 8 a.m. sharp!
    This program is designed to help “bridge” the gap
between middle school and high school by orienting
incoming students to what it takes to be successful in
our high school system.
    During this week, participants will learn the ins and outs     students, alumni, and teachers plan an engaging and
of a high school college prep curriculum, the value of a plan-     worthwhile program for the new high school students.
ner, acquaint themselves with the necessary skills of organi-         For any questions, email the high school level leader
zation, time management, and Islamic Adab, and they will be        Sis. Bayyinah Bahar-Nashid at
introduced to the high school staff and teachers.        
         Parents should attend the first day of the program,          We’ll meet you at the
     Monday, July 16, with their new high schooler. The other      “Bridge”!!
     three days are reserved just for the students as current

                                                      Expand your options. Get more
                                                          from your education
                                                     Students interested in dual enroll-
                                                                                                  R         esponsibility

                                                     ment, online classes, additional AP
                                                     courses, or enrollment in specialized
                                                     programs like Fernbank Science
                                                     Center should schedule a meeting
                                                                                                       I   mprovement

                                                     with the academic deans and the

       Enroll and Re-Enroll                          principal.
     Mohammed Schools of Atlanta:
          The best choice
                                                     Now, you may be able to take the
            for the Muslim Voice
                                                     AP course you’ve wanted, or the ad-
       Open Enrollment Campaign
                Friday, July 13,
             after salatul-Jumah
                                                     ditional foreign language course
                                                     like Japanese or Chinese, or some
                                                     other expanded opportunities. Let’s
                                                                                                          E    fficacy
                                                     talk about it.
Page 6

 5 Things you should know about Mohammed Schools’
 2012/2013 Tuition Contract:

  1. Tuition is due on the 1st of every           2. Tuition can be paid over        3. The Ten-Month Tuition
     month and is late after the 5th of              the phone or in person             Plan stipulates that all
     each month.                                     via check, money order,            tuition payments must
                                                     credit or debit card.              be complete by May 1,
   4. Refer to the inserted Tuition
      Scale for questions regarding
      possible changes in your
      tuition rates.                        5. Each family must review, commit
                                            to , and sign the new 2012-2013 Tui-
                                            tion Contract before students can be-
                                            gin classes.

 Keeping Ramadan special… (continued from page 3)
                                        Arts and crafts are
                                                              So, as you can see, there are a number of activities
                                        a fun way for you
                                                              you can do engage your children in whether they are
                                        and your child to
                                                              fasting or not. Building community life inside your
                                        spend time to-
                                                              family is important and rewarding. And you don’t
                                        gether learning
                                                              have to stop when Ramadan is over. Here are a few
                                        about Ramadan.
                                                              more tips to help you continue
                                        There are many
                                                              receiving the blessings of Ramadan throughout the
                                        different projects
                                                              year. Enjoy!
                                        children can cre-
                                        ate with basic
items such as construction paper, crayons, and glue.             Stay on schedule. Continue to rise a little while offers many Ramadan arts and crafts                before Fajr and make this special time, your
that children will have a blast creating for Ramadan.             time.
                                                               While your body is still used to it, make up your
Moon and Star Gazing                                              missed fasts right away. Shaytan is sneaky! It
                                                                  may seem like a more lucrative deal to wait until
The moon and stars are an integral part of Ramadan. A             winter and cash in on the short days but there
great way to bond with your children is to go into your           no guarantee that it will happen, so do it now!
backyard or local park and introduce your children to          (a) Watching the Hajj online with your kids.
the stars. Stargazing is a great way to truly witness             (b) Planning activities or workshops around it.
amazement in your kids eyes. Depending on your loca-              (c) Try making a “Hajj map” where you can
tion something and quiet and as serene as laying under        have
the stars with your children will create memories that               your kids chart the
will last forever.                                            Haji’s progress as they fulfill
                                                                     the various rights of
Cook with Your Children                                       the Hajj.
Finally, as you probably could have guessed, my favorite
activity is cooking. Spending time in the kitchen cook-
                                                              Ramadan Mubarak!
ing and showing my children "the ropes" while getting
ready to feast in the evening is a wonderful experience.
They will feel a sense of accomplishment when they see
what a delicious feast they have helped to prepare to
  Stay updated about
  what is going on in
 your Atlanta Masjid
 The next community
 business meeting is
       Sunday,                        Meet the teachers and staff for the 2012-2013 school year.
                                      Trade and swap textbooks and materials.
      July 22nd                       Get the facts about the new school uniforms.
        2 p.m.                        Sign your contract for the school year.
                                      Get answers to your questions.
Mohammed Schools is a                 Offer suggestions, help and support.
part of the Atlanta Masjid            Earn tuition credit hours.

                                                                             1. Read Books

                                                            2. Write the title, author and a brief description
                                                        about the book you read in your reading log .

                                                    3. Prepare an oral presentation with a visual (poster,
                                                       powerpoint, etc.) of one of the books you read to pre-
Who read the most books? Who read the                  sent at the book expo.
most hours? Ms. Attiyya, our new media and          4. Bring your reading log to the media center on the first
technology specialist, will be checking. Bring         day of school to get 100 points for class credit.
in your proof.
                                                High school students should follow the guide-
All students of Mohammed Schools should be lines of the teachers for reading specific litera-
reading, reading, reading. Your proof of read- ture. (see enclosed)
ing will be one of the first grades earned for
the first quarter of the new school year.

Sign up with the local library.
Honoring Director Safiyyah Shahid as she retires from Mohammed Schools after
                   over 40 years of service to the community.

                                                            First there was Sis.Clara. Then there was Sis.Safiyyah. Two
                                                            Muslims. Two Women. One Vision: Islamic Independent
                                                            Education. For decades, Director Safiyyah Shahid has car-
                                                            ried on the legacy set forth by Sister Clara as Sister Captain
                                                            Hazel 2X in the Nation of Islam, then on to Principal and
                                                            then Director of Mohammed Schools of Atlanta.

                                                            After over 30 years of service, the national Muslim commu-
                                                            nity will celebrate Sis.Safiyyah’s Legacy, Service, and Lead-
                                                            ership at the retirement event of the decade on Sunday, Sep-
                                                            tember 30, 2012. Save the Date!! This event will be hosted
                                                            by the Atlanta Masjid and Mohammed Schools at beautiful
                                                            Atlanta History Center in Buckhead. Doors will open at
                                                            6:30p.m. for private tours of the Center’s famous exhibits,
                                                            and the main event will premiere at 7:30 p.m.

                                                            In commemoration of her long and dedicated years of ser-
                                                            vice, the community would like to gift Sis.Safiyyah with a
                                                            $50,000 retirement package, start a scholarship in her name
                                                            for Mohammed Schools students, and establish the Legacy
                                                            Fund for future retirees of Mohammed Schools. While this
                                                            goal certainly is achievable, it will take the efforts of every
                                                            parent, student, alumni, community member, and business to
                                                            bring this well-deserved gift into fruition.

                                                            Tickets for this event are only $75 per person and $100
                                                            for VIP. Matured Youth and Alumni tickets are $65, and
The Alumni/Online Campaign                     encour-
                                                            seating is first-come-first-served for the event unless VIP
ages alumni and the entire community to give at least $25
to signify your support of Islamic Independent Education!   For more information on the event and how you can get in-
                                                            volved, email

                              Safiyyah Shahid’s Journey Journal
    The Muslim community is creating a journal to chronicle Sis. Safiyyah’s life, success, accomplishments,
challenges, and sacrifices over the last 30-plus years. As one who has seen, experienced or appreciates the
works of our dear director, you can purchase “journey space” in the journal to share your pictures, thoughts,
memories, well wishes, etc. . Although this journal will include your pictures, short stories, well-wishes, and
personal thoughts, Sis.Safiyyah will also be able to write on the pages of the journal as she peruses through
your personalized thoughts to her.
    While only one journal will actually be printed for her personal gift, cd’s will be available at the live event
in September for all patrons who purchase “journey space” in the journal. Space is open to students, staff,
parents, alumni parents, alumni, community members, businesses, and organizations.
    The financial goal for the Journey Journal is $15,000 and purchasing space will open up on Friday July 20,
2012 when tickets go on sale. Gather your thoughts, your pictures, your congratulations, and all your old sto-
ries for Sis.Safiyyah’s Journal. Let’s make it a gift she will never forget!
                     “FYI CORNER”
                          Book Swap!!!!! Happening on Orientation Day at Mohammed Schools, August 4, 2012.
                           Bring all of your children’s old hardback textbooks and exchange them with other parents
                           who need books just like you! Send an email to
                          Mohammed Schools will participate in the National School Lunch Program again this year,
                           In-sha-Allah. Lunch applications will be available at the August 4th Get Clara-fied Orien-
                           tation, but the lunch program will not be operational until after Ramadan.
                          If you have a student who plans on participating in sports this year, your student’s $35
                           Booster Club fees should be paid no later than September 5, 2012. Fees can be paid at
                           the Registration table at Orientation on August 4th or to Sis.Zahporrah in the Finance Of-
                          Café Caliphs Eid Breakfast will be hosted at the Atlanta Masjid. Tickets will go on sale
                           during Ramadan! The breakfast is the first day of the Eid. Eid is anticipated August 20th.
                          Start preparing for the Road Race for Education!!! Walk/Run the 5K Race sponsored by
                           Mohammed Schools October 20, 2012!

“Help Beautify Mohammed Schools!”                           Mohammed                       We need your
We especially need fathers, sons, and
                                                           Schools Lunch
                                                             Program                           Proposal!
brothers, but we will take all the help                                                   Mohammed Schools is seeking
we can get! The Mohammed Schools                                                          a vendor for its daily lunch pro-
needs volunteers every day from July                    Hot Lunches                      gram. For more details, con-
9-31, 9a.m.– noon.                                      Chocolate Milk                   tact
Come help us prepare for the upcom-
                                                        Daily Breakfast                  Shahid. All
ing school year. Get your volunteer                     Nutritious                       interested
hours in at the same time! Contact                       Snacks                           vendors should apply ASAP!
Bro. Nazeeh Rasheed at the Atlanta                    Mohammed                            Crystal Shahid
                                                                                          Mohammed Schools of Atlanta
Masjid or Sis. Earlene Shahid-                        Schools of Atlanta                  404-378-4219 phone
Ramadan at Mohammed Schools to                        Mohammed Schools of Atlanta is
find out what you can do to help!                     part of the National School Lunch
                                                      Program and must follow strict
                                                      guidelines and regulations as
We’ll see you very soon!                              mandated by the U.S. Government.
            Mohammed Schools of Atlanta’s 2012/2013 School Supply List
Pre-Kindergarten                            Kindergarten                                 1st/2nd Grade
Jumbo Pencils (2)                           1 pk Transitional Pencil (slightly smaller   *Crayons (8 count 1st grade only
Jumbo Crayons (2 packs)                     than a jumbo pencil)                         please)
Elmer’s Glue                                1 pk Large sized glue sticks                 #2 pencils (1 pack / Eraser Caps)
Construction Paper (2 packs                 1 pair of scissors                           Jumbo glue sticks (2 packs)
Water color set/ Play Dough                 1 8pk regular size crayons                   Scissors
Bottle of Bubbles                           2 pks construction paper                     Construction Paper (1 pack)
Kleenex Tissues (2 Boxes)                   Hand sanitizer (large bottle)                 Play dough
Liquid Soap                                 2 boxes Kleenex tissues/Paper Towel          McGrawHill 2nd Grade Dictionary
Wet Wipes (1 pack)                          1 pk plastic spoons                          Pencil Box
Ziploc Bags (Gallon Size)                   1 pk play dough                              Small hand sharpener
Plastic Spoons (1 package)                  1 seat sack (found @ School Box)             Seat Sack
Paper Towels (2 rolls)                      Ziploc Bags (1 Gallon/ 1 Quart)              Marbled Composition Books
1-Case of Bottled Water (8 oz. Size         Complete Change of Clothes (Place in         (1st Grade- 4) (2nd Grade-6)
Sleeping Mat/ Small Pillow/ Small Blanket   large Ziploc bag and label)                  Kleenex Tissues (2 boxes)
Complete Change of Clothing                 Laminated pocket folders (red, yellow,       Disinfectant Wipes (1 pack of 3)
1 Box of Disposable Gloves                  green, blue)                                 Ziploc Bags (gallon and sandwich)
Disinfectant Wipes (1 Pack of 3)            1 Handwriting Tablet (to be used at          6 Laminated Pocket folders (red, yel-
                                            home)                                        low, blue, green, orange purple)
                                            2 Primary Journal Tablets (school)           *Crayons / Markers (8 count or more
                                                                                         2nd grade ONLY)

3rd Grade                                   4th & 5th Grade                              Middle School (6th – 8th Grades)
Qur’an                                      Qur’an                                       Qur’an
Marbled Composition Books (8)               Dictionary (Webster’s)                       1 inch Binders (6)’Notebook Paper /
#2 pencils (1 pack)                         # 2 Pencil (1 Pack)                          Dividers
Small hand pencil sharpener                 Small hand pencil sharpener                  Construction Paper (I package)
Crayons/ Markers                            Crayons / markers                            2 –Tablets for Journal Writing
Notebook / Paper / Dividers                 Ruler / Protractor                           Graphing Paper (1 pack)
Children’s Dictionary                       Notebook / Paper / Dividers                  5 x 7 index cards (3 Packs)
Scissors / 2 Glue Sticks                    Scissors / Glue Sticks                       Pack of Pencils
Construction Paper (1 Pack)                 Construction Paper (1 Pack)                  Small personal pencil sharpener
Kleenex Tissues / Hand sanitizer            Kleenex Tissue / Hand sanitizer              Crayons/ Markers / Colored pencils
Disinfectant Wipes (1 pack of 3)            Disinfectant Wipes ( 1 pack of three)        Report Covers (1 package)
Blank CD’s                                  Marbled Composition Tablets (3)              Ruler / Protractor / Calculator
Water Color Set / Play dough                Pencil Box                                   Kleenex Tissues / Hand Sanitizer
Ruler Protractor                            Atlas                                        Disinfectant Wipes (1 pack of 3)
Pencil Box                                  Library Card                                 USB DRIVE
Library Card                                School Planner (Purchase from school)        Combination lock
School Planner (Purchase from School)                                                    Library Card
                                                                                         School Planner (Purchase from school)

High School (9th – 12th)                    High School (Continued)                      High School (continued)
Holy Qur’an                                 Highlighters                                 Scotch Tape
School Planner (Purchase from School)       Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils              Glue sticks / Elmer’s glue
Library Card                                3 subject notebooks (3)                      Scissors (Keep in locker)
Dictionary /Thesaurus                       Marbled note books (4)                       Report Covers
3 ring binder with subject dividers         Calculator (Scientific)                      Safety pins/rubber bands
Index cards/ loose- leaf paper              Stapler/staples                              Flash Drives
Pens (black/blue only) Pencils #2           Ruler/Compass/Protractor                     Combination lock
Small personal pencil sharpener             Graph Paper                                  Disinfectant Wipes (1 pack of 3)
                                  2012/2013 Tuition Schedule

  No. of       Registration      Monthly       Yearly      Annual Tuition       Semi-Annual       Semi-Annual
 Students          Fee           Tuition       Tuition      5% Discount             (1)               (2)

     1             $125            $550         $5,500         $5,225.00          $2,612.50         $2,612.50

     2             $150            $990         $9,900         $9,405.00          $4,702.50         $4,702.50

     3             $175           $1,485       $14,850        $14,107.50          $7,053.75         $7,053.75

     4             $200           $1,980       $19,800        $18,810.00          $9,405.00         $9,405.00

     5             $225           $2,338       $23,375        $22,206.25          $11,103.13        $11,103.13

NOTE: Mohammed Schools Parents must complete the standard "MONTHLY" 6 hours of volunteer
time or pay an additional $100 (PER MONTH). ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS PAY AN ADDI-

The Monthly Tuition is due in Ten (10) equal installments payable on the 1st of each month beginning in
August. An additional late fee of $50.00 will be applied to all all tuition payment paid after the 5th day of the

The Registration Fee is a onetime, non-refundable fee of $125 and $25 for each additional student. This fee
must accompany the student's application when applying.

                                                             Student Insurance Per Grade
      Activity Fee Per Grade Level

PreK-K            $50.00                                   PreK-K                    $3.50
                                                           1st - 8th                 $8.00
1st - 4th         $75.00
5th - 8th        $100.00                                   9th - 12th               $24.00

9th- 12th        $125.00

Registration, Student Insurance, and Activity Fees are one time fees paid each year and are all due at
the time of registration for each student.

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