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Website Hospital


Are anyone using your search phrases in each of the tags , subject , description and search phrases.

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									Website Hospital
Website Hospital

By Clare Lawrence 18th september 2004

Are anyone let down using your website traffic ? purchases are certainly not everything you acquired
expected ? this information suggests approaches to increase.


What would be the search phrases you might be aimed towards ?

i.elizabeth. Just what phrases are generally your clients stepping into the major search engines ?

Do these people be visible on the website pages , if that's the case is the denseness way too high or
even too low ?

For the majority of websites the denseness involving five 7% can be disireable. Ie. The search term
should look five 6 periods elizabeth.g. Hundred phrases.

Too lower your pages are certainly not adequately relevant.

Too large and you might always be tripping unsolicited mail filtration systems.
Meta Tags

Are anyone using your search phrases in each of the tags , subject , description and search phrases.

Remember which shorter tags tend to be more concentrated when compared with longer versions.


Links and search phrases in them (anchor-text backlinks ) would be the most critical aspects
forGoogle to obtain a excellent rating.

How numerous are there ? exactly where could they be ? work with a hyperlink recognition instrument
to aid course all of them.

Links about relevant websites less complicated far more useful when compared with none-related

Listing in directories

There are generally 100's involving totally free websites online. The particular increase benefit for the
directory can be primary site visitors as well as the benefit for wording backlinks. (especially
pertaining to google ).

The critical websites are generally :






MSN more compact business Directory


Pay for each click

Pay for each just click can be successful , particularly if test google unfavorable and Overture.

Poor Navigation

Adding the sitemap is an efficient approach to aid engines like google get the approach around your

sitemap creator

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