; Doylestown, PA Health Club, The Solebury Club, Offers A 5 Day Guest Pass For Potential Members
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Doylestown, PA Health Club, The Solebury Club, Offers A 5 Day Guest Pass For Potential Members


The Solebury Club, Doylestown PA health club, offers a free 5-day pass as a guest member to the facility and its activities. Learning more about the equipment and classes is expected to make full membership more attractive.

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									Doylestown, PA Health Club, The Solebury Club, Offers A 5 Day Guest Pass
For Potential Members

Doylestown, PA, 25-JAN-2013 - The Solebury Club, Doylestown PA health
club is happy to offer a guest pass to the facilities good for five days
of activities and fitness training. The Club is sure that this offer will
encourage new members to sign up for the full membership packages. Once
they see all the benefits, such as fitness, health, and other activities,
they will want to make the facility an important location in their

The facility is located conveniently to service the Bucks County area,
including Solebury, Doylestown, New Hope and Buckingham. Professional
staff has the experience to make your guest visit as pleasant and
informative as possible. Visitors to the facility will find various
classes and activities. All experience levels are welcomed. Some of the
specific classes include karate, spinning, fitness and yoga. Members can
use the services of a personal trainer to receive one-on-one fitness
enhancement. The Cafe is open with nutritious and top quality cuisine
before the fitness course or for a family meal. For that pampered
feeling, schedule a day spa experience.

Prospective members can use the pass to watch or participate in the
various classes and activities, such as using the equipment. Yoga classes
can help to remove stress, while fitness and health classes help to
improve the wellness level. Members can use the various facilities of the
club to make smart lifestyle changes.

The professional staff is happy to help with designing a program to meet
individual fitness goals. Parents can feel comfortable leaving children
in the well-staffed Kids Room, while working out or taking an exercise
class with a group. The trainers and instructors are able to shine in a
particular activity, but also have the certification to deal with health

Learn more regarding the details of a five-day guest pass to the
Doylestown PA health club by visiting the website at
http://www.thesoleburyclub.com here. Members of the press corps and
others who have additional questions about the content of this press
notice are invited to utilize the contact information described below.

Company Name: The Solebury Club

Address: 4612 Hughesian Drive, Buckingham, Pennsylvania 18912

Contact Telephone Number: (215) 794-3494

Email: info@thesoleburyclub.com

Website: http://www.thesoleburyclub.com

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