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									America Secedes from the
  Read Paine’s Crisis quote
   May 10,1775 Second CC
Conservative element-appeals sent
     but preparations made
Congress Drafts George
•Perhaps one of the most significant
   decisions was to appoint GW
    •Check excesses of masses
 •Olive Branch Petition-July 1775
•April 1775-July 1776-period
        of inconsistency
•May1775 Ethan Allen and BA
  •June 1775 Bunker’s Hill
The Abortive Conquest of
 •October 1775-Falmouth burned
•Arnold and Montgomery-Quebec
•January 1776-Norfolk Va. Burned
      •Thomas Paine Preaches
          Common Sense
• Why was Independence not openly spoken
• Illegal-consequences? Irish rebels..
• Toasting the king..
• Burning of towns-Hessians hiring-shock us
  into reality
• Common Sense-
         Paine and The Idea of
• All Government officials should derive their
  power from the consent of the governed
• Not new-ancient Greece practiced this, even
  England itself-King-House of Lords heriditary but
  Commons was just that-elected from common
• Many in England championed such opinions-
• Civic Virtue is key-Town meetings and C ofC
  fostered this. Supress your own self interest for
  good of the whole
 Not All Embraced Paine’s Ideas
• What Patriots did not favor Paine’s views
  on Republicanism?
• Natural aristocracy vs. Heriditary
• Leveling mechanism must be kept in check
      Jefferson’s Explanation
• June 7 1776-RHL-these united colonies are,
  and of right ought to be free and
  independent states
• Motion adopted July 2nd
        Patriots v. Loyalists
• Role of militia
• Tragic figures?
• Makers of America-read-p150
        The Loyalist Exodus
• Persecution mild- What is meant by this?
• 80,000 fled- several times that stayed
• 50,000 took up arms- effective?
   George Washington at ‘Bay’
• March 1776 evacuation of Boston
• Summer of 1776-Aug.27 Battle of BH/Lg I
• Fall 1776 White Plains 10/28-Nov.19-
  Closter/Fort Lee
• Trenton-Princeton-Morristown 1776
Burgoyne’s Blundering Invasion
• General Burgoyne-Whig-will invade from Lake’s
  route-Arnold’s retreat a year earlier means the
• Howe was to assist from NY-and meet him in
  Albany ‘if’ needed
• Barry St. Leger was to come from Mohawk River
  Valley and swing in from the west
• Burgoyne is doomed-ill timing-ill use of support
  determined opponent
    Strange French Bedfellows
• Revenge-
• Open aid replaced secret aid
• American cause becomes a fad- liberal
  French thinkers like Rousseau aroused the
  bored spirits of french- Big mistake
• Declaration and now Saratoga change
  things-Franklin is difference maker
 Colonial War Becomes a world
• Holland/Spain declare war on England-Sp.
  Wants Gilbralter back
• Sp/Fr fleets when combined outnumber
  even the British
• Catherine the Great-Armed Neutrality-
  maritime neutral states who were at the
  mercy of Britain and her mercantilist
  policies-become passive aggressive
     France is Difference Maker
• British strategy is altered-leave Phil.>NYC
• 1778-1781-Washington, except for Battle of
  Monmouth Court House will keep British hemmed
• French aid supplies- powder guns money
  equipment advice half of our armed forces
  Rochambeau Navy however proves to be the
  difference maker-goal is to protect Fr. West Indies
       Blow and Counter Blow
• French army in Conn.-tensions plan-NYC
• “Whom can we trust now”
• Britain tries in vain to attack southern colonies
  hoping to ‘roll’ them up
• Ga. Attacked 1778-1779
• Charleston S.C. 1780-single largest loss-5000
  men and 400 cannon-worse than Saratoga for
• King’s Mt. And Cowpens-2 Am. Victories
• Greenes strategy works
    The Land And Sea Frontier
• Most native side with Britain-Why?
• Joseph Brant- schooled in England adopted
  by well known American tory-Guy
  Johnson/william Johnson
              Treaty Of Paris
• War Weariness settling in-inflation-job losses-
  taxes on the rise
• Whigs gaining seats in Parliament
• Losses in India-West Indies-Island of Minorca fell
• Adams-Franklin-Jay assemble in Paris
• Congress instructs them to follow lead of France
• Our negotiators believe otherwise-they feel Fr. Is
  out for themselves first , us 2nd-
          John Jay-acts out
• He believes the trans Alleghanny region
  might be ‘given’ to a third party-probably
  Spain-weak America is easier to manipulate
• Sends overtures to English diplomats
• France is stabbed in the back-BUT they are
  secretly happy

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