John Amicucci: Scholarship Foundation Aids Italian-American Students by john_amicucci


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									John Amicucci: Scholarship Foundation
   Aids Italian-American Students

•Construction executive John Amicucci supports a number of education
programs in his community.

Among these is the Columbus Citizens Foundation, which offers a scholarship
program that grew out of long-held Italian-American values: pursuing success
through education, establishing a secure home, and providing for their
families and the community.
•More than 4 million Italians immigrated to the United States in the late 1800s
and early 1900s. Now, more than 20 million people of Italian heritage live in
the United States.

The Columbus Citizens Foundation believes that everyone should have access
to a good education, regardless of his or her ability to pay for it.
•The foundation, which has about 600 members, gives scholarships to all levels
of students, including elementary and college-bound.

Many students who apply for scholarships will be the first in their families to
attend college.

The scholarships are funded by donations from members and friends, as well
as sponsorship of such events as the foundation's Columbus Celebration.

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